Nunez hurt in winter ball


Via Enrique Rojas, Eduardo Nunez was “beaten in the face by a foul trying a bunt against Bartolo Colon” in a Dominican Winter League game tonight. I assume it’s a translation issue and Nunez just fouled a ball into his face trying to bunt, but Rojas’ description is pretty hilarious.

In all seriousness though, let’s all hope Nunez is okay. He could have taken it to the jaw or nose and broken something. Even worse, he could have gotten hit in the eye socket, when damage to his vision becomes a concern. Hopefully it’s nothing like that he can be back out there in a few days after walking it off.

Update (10:33pm): Apparently there is no fracture, which is good news (link in Spanish).

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  • Jimmy McNulty

    The bench needs him.

    • Pounder

      I always called him ‘Nose Cone’ due to his nose…..oh wait, was that Golson?

  • bexarama

    I really do hope he’s okay but the poor translation of what was probably golpear into “beat” instead of “hit” just cracked me up.

    • radnom

      I thought golpear actually would correctly translate to ‘beat’? (warning, not a native speaker but google seems to confirm)

      Seeing as how Rojas probably speaks english as a second language it probably wasn’t a mistranslation but he probably just didn’t know the correct word in English. Still pretty funny.

      • Dax J.

        It is “hit” as Bexy said. It is rather funny to read that Nunez got beaten in the face by a baseball.

  • Plank

    Quick, trade him before other teams find out!!!

  • Eric Young

    Think the Mariners will still take him?

    • Granderslam

      Only if we can get King Felix in return. A black-eyed Nunez for King Felix straight up. Boom.

  • Stratman9652

    No comments about this being what you get for bunting yet? Must have hurt like hell though, hope he’s alright.

  • JGS

    Thank you for the image of the night

  • icebird753

    This bastard was the reason they didn’t get LEE! Nunez>Smoak

    • mbonzo

      Color me unimpressed with Smoak.
      He’s young but 348 ABs in the majors and he should have some better numbers. The way Montero and Smoak hit after that trade the Mariners have to be kicking themselves so far. Too early to tell so far but Smoak may be one of those guy that just can’t do it in the majors.

      • Jimmy McNulty

        Seems like a pre-breakout Justin Morneau. Like a .290/.360/.480 type bat. Solid first basemen, nothing special. Good patience but not the type of minors performance I’d expect from a college first basemen.

    • bexarama

      We should actually all be really thankful for Nunez because if he really was the straw that broke the camel’s back, the Yankees probably give up Montero for just a Lee rental.

      • Jimmy McNulty

        ….You really think Lee leaves if he spends three months here? Wow, and I thought I was a pessimist. If they get Lee they probably lock up the division and rest the bats so they’re ready for October.

        • bexarama

          We can’t say, really, but isn’t that pretty much what happened with Texas? And he wanted to be back in Philly after that anyway.

          • Jimmy McNulty

            Yeah, but Texas fucking sucks. If I owned hell and Texas, I’d rent Texas and live in hell.

            • camilo Gerardo

              ..are you an inmate?

  • radnom

    Whoa. I initially scanned that and read

    “Nunez was beaten in the face by Bartolo Colon”.

    That would’ve been a much more interesting story. haha

  • Granderslam

    Can we assume that Nunez is trade bait with Jeter signing a 3/4-year contract? By that time, Cito Culver should be in the final stages of development and I am sure there will be other appealing external options at SS as well. Nunez only has a Bench role, which is useful, but if he can bring back decent SP in return (along with a package of course), then I don’t think he will be on the roster come Opening Day.

    • Jimmy McNulty

      I’m sure there’s teams lining up around the block to acquire a fringe starter.

      • Granderslam

        If he was the make it or break it of the Lee deal, then he does have some value. Minimal, but in the right package, Nunez might be able to bring someone in the rotation. Not someone of Greinke’s caliber, but someone…anyone, who is better than Mitre.

        • Jimmy McNulty

          Nunez himself might be better than Mitre.

          • pete

            tony pena junior says hello

    • Plank

      Minor quibble, but in 4 years Cito Culver will be between AA and AAA if he progresses a level a year. If everything breaks right, he’ll probably get a cup of coffee in 2014 and ready to play in 2015. Again, that is if his progress is everything that could be hoped for.

  • YanksFan77

    Pretty insensitive post considering we don’t know the extent of his injuries. We all know you don’t like the guy (for whatever reason), but this is a bit over the top, huh?

    I’d imagine the tone of this post would sound much different if Jeter or Montero got hit in the head with a baseball.

    • AndrewYF

      Well, the tone of the piece would be considerably different if it were Jeter, because the tone would be surprise that Jeter is playing in a winter league.

      And Montero? Doubt it would be much different, because the description is in fact hilarious.

      • YanksFan77

        I just hope in the future, the word “hilarious” doesn’t make it into posts about possible career/life threatening injuries.

        • Stratman9652

          He didn’t call the injury hilarious just the way it was worded in the report. No true Yankee fan would ever make fun of someone in the organization getting hurt regardless of thier personal feelings about the player, especially not the writers around here.

        • Jimmy McNulty

          “CC Sabathia tripped in the dugout and accidentely headbutted Kevin Youkilis in the groin”

          Would likely be career threatening but definitely hilarious.

        • Sleepykarl

          It’s not hilarious because a guy got hit in the face, it is hilarious because of how the awkwardly it is translated. Get that chip off your shoulder, dayum.

          • YanksFan77

            Wow, the sycophants to the rescue.

  • Ghost

    Anyone sure Mike wasn’t the one on the mound firing a heater toward the plate? Can anyone get confirmation on this…

  • AJ

    Wow beaten in the face trying to bunt against Bartolo Colon.

    • radnom

      Apparently Colon had a no hitter going and didn’t take to kindly to the bunt attempt.

  • Jorge

    Good think Russell Martin can play shortstop in a snap.

    • Jorge

      wait…..good think Mark Prior can play shortstop in a snap…..slightly better joke.

  • Meh

    We all know you hate Nunez.