Open Thread: Andy Phillips


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You guys remember Andy Phillips, right? He was the quintessential AAAA player, destroying Triple-A (.371 wOBA in over 1,800 plate appearances) but getting overmatched in the big leagues (.293 wOBA in 604 plate appearances). I can’t even come up with a signature Andy Phillips moment, can you? All I know is that after the Yankees released him in 2007 he bounced from the Reds to the Mets to the Pirates to the White Sox to the Hiroshima Carp before signing with the Rakuten Golden Eagles for the 2010 season. Phillips hit .198/.283/.296 in 92 plate appearances this year, so who knows what his next move is. Whatever it is, I wish him luck.

Anyway, here is tonight’s open thread. The Rangers already lost, but the Isles, Devils, and Knicks are all in action tonight. I’m sure there’s some college something or other on as well. The thread’s yours, treat it as you wish.

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  1. bexarama says:

    The clearly inferior Andy P.

  2. Evan says:

    I guess his signature moment would have to be this: First PA, first pitch HR. The only other thing I remember was when he struck out five times in one game against Tampa Bay.

  3. Tom Zig says:

    Didn’t someone try to impersonate Andy Phillips and do stuff with a porn star?

  4. Eddy says:

    My favorite moment from Andy Phillips is from May 20th, 2006. He got the game winning hit in the 11th inning after the Yankees scored 4 in the ninth against the Mets. Only remember that because I was there!

    • YankeesJunkie says:

      Yeah that is the game that I remember from Phillips, I thought he was the one that beat out throw to first too tie the game in the ninth but that Damon. Phillips was never good in the majors, but his mom had cancer and he had a few tough breaks, but playing in the majors let alone the Yankees is a dream that the rest of us will not live.

      • randym77 says:

        It was his wife that had cancer. Pregnancy-related, but she’s fine now, and they have a daughter, Isaiah Jewel.

        His mother was in a car accident; her car was t-boned by an 18-wheeler. Andy lost his spot on the roster to Josh Phelps because he left the team to be with his mom.

        He really did have terrible luck. After winning back his roster spot, he was HBP on his wrist. Broken hamate, IIRC – an injury that saps your power for a year. He’d been playing well before then, and was surprised when the Yanks nontendered him.

        Never mind the porn star thing. I mean, accused of impersonating Carl Pavano, of all people.

  5. Granderslam says:

    So what does everyone think about Nolasco as a possibility for the rotation? Yay or Nay? I was thinking that if it’s possible, it would be great to obtain both Nolasco and Leo Nunez in a package, barring any significant demand of course.

    • bexarama says:

      I think I’d only be interested if he’s really cheap… he’s one of those guys who seems to always underperform their peripherals by quite a bit. One year is a fluke but he’s been doing this for a few years now, so I am wary. I feel like coming to the AL East cannot help him either, obviously.

      • Granderslam says:

        I agree. I would like to obtain someone reliable who can easily fit in the #2 hole, but the trade market seems so thin in that aspect. I wonder if Andy returns, would Cash be looking to fill the spot behind CC still or focus more on a #5. I personally think the #2 rotation spot needs to be filled no matter what. It is just a matter of who can fill that void.

      • Jimmy McNulty says:

        Facing powerhitters like Evan Longoria, Adrian Gonzalez, David Ortiz, Jose Bautista, on a regular basis isn’t going to help his HR issues. Oddly enough, he gets most of his grounders against LHH and RHH do the most damage against him. Weird. So perhaps that will alleviate a few of the issues The Stadium presents. I wouldn’t consider dealing a prospect better or equal Romine for him. I know that’s a typical homer take on this, but Nolasco’s HR issues make him an awful fit for the team.

      • pete says:


  6. YankeesJunkie says:

    There are a couple things that scare me about Nolasco and that is durability and HR rate. His HR/FB percentage is over 10 at Florida cannot get better at Yankee Stadium and he has only surpassed 200 IP in one of the last three years. However, Nolasco has the peripherals to be a solid pitcher in the AL East.

  7. bexarama says:

    lol. I almost never read WW any more because uh what is the point but I found this:

    He really wants the Yankees to fail so he can be right about Cashman’s eternal suckitude, doesn’t he?

    • China Joe says:

      WW is a facinating window into an alternate universe that only Yankees fans can enter, where you can virulently despise your team’s GM even on the heels of two straight LCS appearances.

      • bexarama says:

        WW is a facinating window into an alternate universe that only Yankees fans can enter, where you can virulently despise your team’s GM even on the heels of two straight LCS appearances.


        (Not trying to be rude, since I know some people find this pretty rude… wasn’t trying to be so.)

      • Avi says:

        I think Cashman is a pretty poor GM. It’s pretty clear he’s made more bad decisions than good ones especially in regard to the pitching rotation, over the last ten years. The fact he’s NEVER criticized by the overly critical NY media (just ask arod), amazes me.

        • bexarama says:

          The fact he’s NEVER criticized by the overly critical NY media

          you have to be kidding me

          • Avi says:

            I don’t see or hear him criticized anywhere. His only criticism comes from crazies like me in the blogosphere.

            • bexarama says:

              He gets criticized quite often. Not to the extent of A-Rod or Girardi but a lot. And he certainly never gets ~!!!!!MASTERSTROKE!!!!! articles written about him like the media writes for Theo; no one claimed his 2008-2009 offseason was great, it was just “they tossed money at those guys.”

        • Mike Axisa says:

          Every single GM makes pitching mistakes. Every last one. Cashman just makes more because he’s been on the job longer.

          • Jimmy McNulty says:

            WHAT ABOUT THEO!!!?!?!!??!?!??!?!!?!??!?!?!?!

          • Avi says:

            Since ’00 and ’01 we haven’t had one really strong pitching rotation. While we’ve had Rolls Royce offenses scoring 900 and even 1,000 runs Cashman has failed to put together strong rotations despite many attempts. He’s literally burnt HUNDREDS of MILLIONS of dollars on bad pitching contracts such as Kei Igawa, Jaret Wright, Kevin Brown, Randy Johnson, AJ Burnett, Carl Pavano and Vazquez twice. These are all moves that I amongst others second guessed (in ’04 Vazquez seemed like a decent acquisition but I felt strongly they should’ve gone after Schilling instead of him: I even called FAN to voice my opinion on this only to have the host Steve Summers disagree saying Vazquez was the better option due to his age. I called him after ’04 to rub it in his face).
            Just last year he spent $20M without improving the team at all (Vazquez, Nick Johnson, Winn/Chan Ho, again all moves I HATED). Had he brought in just one competent starter instead of Vazquez who was already a massive disappointment as a yank, he would’ve improved their chances of winning another championship exponentially.
            Other than trading for Nick Swisher I don’t see one acquisition you can point to that you say, wow this is a smart guy.

            • Mike Axisa says:

              A-Rod? David Justice? Not trading for Santana?

              • Avi says:

                I give him credit for A-rod. Justice was a perfect fit. I don’t know how he would know Johan would get hurt, I was livid the Yanks refused to give Kennedy or Hughes for him. The Mets are cursed (Beltran, Bay, Roberto Alomar even K-rod)so who knows how Johan turns out as a Yank. But you pick good one Mike, no question. The bad decisions far outweigh the good ones though.

                • It'sATrap says:

                  i’d like to see you list of good and bad deals made by cashman. i feel like there is some selection bias here.

                • Rob NY says:

                  Because Johan’s velocity was down and he had all but shelved his slider to avoid the stress on his elbow? That non-trade was amazing and I was elated we didn’t include Hughes or IPK just to “get it done.”

                  • Avi says:

                    I wasn’t aware he “had shelved his slider”. Is this true, can you substantiate it?

                    • Zack says:

                      Fangraphs has his last four years in Minnesota as: 19%-16.9%-16.5%-11.16%

                    • Rob NY says:

                      Well I overstated the drop in his use of the slider but he did use it over 5% less his last year as a twin. His HRs were up ERA Was up gb% down etc. My main point was Cash likely looked at the data and had discussions with his scouts and recognized a big risk. One that I’m glad he didn’t take.

                      The pitch info is all available on fangraphs.

            • Gonzo says:

              IIRC, the Yanks wanted Schilling, but the GM or owner wanted much more from George than anyone else. They wanted so much from the Yanks in the trade that everyone knew it was much more than just business.

              • Avi says:

                It seemed the Yanks liked Vazquez over Schilling which was foolish to me given Schilling’s level of dominance (much higher K rate than Vazquez) and postseason success. It was pretty clear watching Schilling that he was a premier competitor. The Yanks gave far more for Vazquez (Nick Johnson, Juan RIvera and I think Randy Choate) than what Boston gave for Schilling (Casey Flotsam, I mean Fossum and Jorge De La Rosa who wasn’t near the prospect Johnson or even Rivera was at the time). Also giving Vazquez a 4 year $45M contract coming from Montreal before throwing a pitch for the Yanks bothered me. A contract they later had to eat part of unload (in the Randy Johnson deal).

                • It'sATrap says:

                  give guys an extension after a trade in the offseason is pretty much usually a given. Blaming cashman for that is stupid. Plus the fact another team likes X team’s prospects over Y’s prospects is no fault of the Y team. Ex: Mariners taking Smoak over montero for Lee. It’s not like Cashman didn’t try.

                  • Avi says:

                    I have a hard time believing Arizona preferred Fossum and De La Rosa to Nick Johnson and Rivera. Nick Johnson was a top 10 prospect at the time (maybe top 5) and Juan Rivera was ranked ahead of De La Rosa. Smoak and Montero is at least debatable, especially considering Jesus was batting about .240 with no power at the time of the Lee trade.
                    Also when else have the Yankees given an contract extension to a guy before hitting free agency (excluding guys like Cano who have played for them)?

                    • Gonzo says:

                      Read below, they wanted Fonsy too. Just a point of having two seperate prices. One for the Yanks and one for everyone else.

                    • Tom Zig says:

                      The higher price demanded for Schilling came as a result of the Yankees stealing away David Wells after he already had a handshake deal with Arizona.

                    • Gonzo says:

                      I linked it below. The Jerry Colangelo v. George Steinbrenner fued goes deeper than that even.

                      I don’t think Avi is going to give up though.

                • Gonzo says:

                  Sounds to me you are revising history. Yanks wanted Schilling. They had to move to Javy because of demands.



                  I hope this doesn’t mess with your narrative though.

                  • Avi says:

                    Meh. Just because a team asks for a certain package at a certain point doesn’t mean they won’t take a whole lot less eventually (every trade discussion goes like this). It’s possible Arizona was pissed at the Yanks and would never have trade him here. But again, I have a hard time believing they wouldn’t take Johnson (ranked #10 and #13 by in Baseball America’s top 100 prior to ’01 and ’02) and Rivera (ranked #55 prior to ’03) over Fossum and De La Rosa (neither of which ranked in the top 100 at all).

  8. randym77 says:

    I guess I’d have to go with his first at-bat, where he hit a home run. (He almost became the first player to hit a home run in his first at-bat in both MLB and NPB. He hit a home run in his first game in Japan, but I think it was his second at-bat, not the first.)

    Andy spent most of last season on the Japanese equivalent of the DL and the minors. He had a knee injury, I think.

    He reportedly really likes it in Japan. Dunno if any Japanese team will give him another shot. He hit pretty well when he was healthy, though. .265 / .500 / .339, with 15 home runs in 2009 (in half a season with the Carp). (The Japanese media apparently found him good-looking. They called him a “foreign player studmuffin” and argued about whether he looked more like Tom Cruise or Brad Pitt.)

    Aaron Guiel has stuck with Tokyo Swallows. He was their power hitter last season, with 16 home runs.

  9. AJ says:

    So how about that congress passing the overturn of don’t ask don’t tell….God I miss baseball…

  10. Fun fact: Andy Phillips and I share the same birthday.

  11. Matt DiBari says:

    I remember Torre skewered by the internet fans for not playing Phillips more. Than he played Andy alot and it was awful.

  12. AJ says:

    Why does everyone hate Brian Fuentes so much?

  13. Basil says:

    Signature Andy Phillips moment: (actually involved both Andy Ps)
    a few years ago, i’m pretty sure it was when the indians were good, so maybe 2007? Anyway, I believe it was Sizemore on first base back when he was a constant threat to steal and like TEH GREATEST CF EVURRR, Phillips and Pettitte had this play where Phillips wasn’t holding the runner on w/ a runner also on 2nd, then he snuck up behind Sizemore and Pettitte absolutely caught Sizemore napping, and it was epic. More of a pettitte moment, but it was still good fun.

  14. pat says:

    Why did the Magic trade Rashard Lewis for Gilbert Arenas?

    • Esteban says:

      Well, earlier in the day, they had traded for Turkoglu and J Richardson earlier in the day, so Lewis was expendable and I guess they figured he was an upgrade over their other guard options.

  15. pat says:

    Hindsight is 20/20 but it now looks like offering Wood arbitration would have been a good idea. Oh well.

  16. cranky says:

    Will Brandon Laird be the new Andy Phillips?

    • whozat says:

      a) his defense won’t be as good as Phillips, and
      b) Laird got to AAA three years younger than Phillips, so it seems odd to try to manufacture this comparison at this stage.

  17. Tyme says:

    I’ve been kinda middle of the road with regards to acquiring greinke but after reading Joe Posnanskis article on him I think I’m starting to warm up to that idea..


  18. All Star Carl says:

    Don’t know if you all remember this. Back in 2007 when A-Rod hit a walk off home run against the Indians, Andy Phillips hit a 2 out solo home run to keep the rally going.

  19. Sal says:

    Cashman better sign either Soriano or Fuentes.

    • candyforstalin says:

      tell them, sal.

      • Sal says:

        We are getting our asses kicked by the Red Sox this off season.

        • Gonzo says:

          What are the Powerball #’s for the next drawing?

        • FIPster Doofus says:

          And the Yankees kicked the Red Sox’s asses in the standings last season. As a result, the pressure was on Boston to improve this offseason, and it has. That doesn’t mean New York, after losing out on its prime offseason target, should just throw money around haphazardly.

          Fuentes wouldn’t have a role on the Yankees. Feliciano and Logan can both do what he does – get lefties out and fail miserably vs. righties.

          Soriano is too much of an injury risk; plus, multiyear, big-money deals for relievers not named Mo Rivera never seem to work out.

          If you’d have said that Cashman needs to find a starting pitcher via trade regardless of what Pettitte does, I’d endorse that argument. But throwing away money on relievers just for the sake of doing it is no way to run a successful franchise.

        • Sean C says:

          You do realize we’re entering the next season with just about the same team that won 95 games last season, right? And it probably seems that the Red Sox are “kicking our asses” (though, I don’t really know what that actually means) but remember they NEEDED to make these upgrades. Soriano and Fuentes won’t magically make us better than the Red Sox, or anyone else for that matter. Our roster is pretty effing good, in case you haven’t noticed (sure, adding Pettitte or another house-name starter would go a long way towards instilling confidence, but seriously this team is good enough to make the playoffs again). When will certain people understand this?

    • FIPster Doofus says:

      He better do neither of those things.

  20. Brian getting Gready Ca$hman says:

    Heh this has to be fake!/BerniesCrew

  21. It'sATrap says:

    lol what?

    if that’s true (doubt it)..then KC is ran by bigger morons than i expected.

    • FIPster Doofus says:

      That better not happen.

    • Xstar7 says:

      Holy Shite.

    • DJH says:

      I have felt all offseason Greinke would get traded for a million times less then expected, like all players seem to, so I expect this to be true. If this is true though I will be really dissapointed in Cashman for not just saying screw it let’s go get Greinke and top that low ball offer.

    • DJH says:

      That package btw would probaly be considered less then:Gardner, Nunez and Nova. If I was a KC fan and that deal actually happens, I would riot against Moore.

    • DJH says:

      I have been in the Greinke can handle NY camp so the only way for me to not get upset with this deal is if Greinke told NY flat out he wouldn’t waive his no trade. Otherwise there is no excuse to not top that offer.

    • Dave says:

      Ugh! It’s always the catch-22 in which the Yanks find themselves. The pricetag for them to trade would have been much steeper. KC would have demanded Montero & Banuelos to be involved.

      And since Escobar is the Brew-crew’s jewel (although I’m not entirely certain why), KC probably makes the deal with a somewhat clean conscience. Because, let’s face it, any rival GM that dares make a trade that the Yankees look like they come out better in would be crucified by their fan base.

    • randym77 says:

      Holy cow.

      The article says the Brewers were told they had no chance…until Greinke made that public demand to be traded.

      I’m not going to blame Cashman for not topping the offer. The Yanks were supposedly on Greinke’s no trade list, so the Royals’ hands may have been tied.

      Of course, the Brewers were on Greinke’s no-trade list, too, so either he agreed to the trade, or this is just a rumor.

  22. All Star Carl says:

    Jeremy Jeffress is a beast. Was hitting 103 in the AZL. The other 2 though :(

  23. DJH says:

    It sounds like the Greinke trade is true plus one more prospect. Other people are hearing the same thing now.

    • candyforstalin says:

      odorizzi is good.

    • It'sATrap says:

      Greinke goes from a losing team to a slightly less losing team

      • It'sATrap says:

        on a side note…maybe the yanks didn’t really need to give up montero

      • FIPster Doofus says:

        Greinke-Gallardo-Marcum is no joke.

      • DJH says:

        Yeah that was my reaction to. I thought Zack wanted a consistent Winner? I do think the Brewers could make a run next year with, Greinke, Marcum, Gallardo and a good lineup but they will lose Prince next year and probaly can’t afford to extend Zack.

        • I think Milwaukee is the PERFECT place for Greinke. With him and Marcum added, they will definitely compete. I’m sure he will welcome an extension.

          • DJH says:

            I really wanted to see Greinke in a bigger market though even if not NY at least a real popular team that’s been to the playoffs a lot in the last decade, like the Dodgers or something, they aren’t as serious about baseball but are still popular. People are always gonna say Zack can only have success in small places from now on and I was hoping he would get traded somewhere he could prove people wrong.

            He will never be given the chance to prove anyone wrong in MIL so from now on people will always still doubt him which as someone who is a Greinke fan is dissapointing.

    • FIPster Doofus says:

      This trade makes me want to punch things.

  24. I get it now…

    Escobar’s OBP is worse than Nunez’s, therefore Escobar is more valuable to DM. The Yankees didn’t have one low OBP player they could have thrown in the deal?

    • DJH says:

      Moore is insane with his low OBP guys. He must hate Brett Gardner.

      BTW that guy with a fan blog really made a name for himself wiith this.

  25. Avi says:

    I just have to laugh at all the people who speculate about trades and say the Yanks NEED to give up Hughes, Montero and Banuelos. Can we do away with the “your trade proposal sucks!” once and for all?

  26. Hughesus Christo says:

    Lorenzo Cain >>>> Heathcott
    Escobar >>>> Nunez

    The Yankees don’t have up the middle prospects for KC, so they would get fleeced elsewhere.

  27. Doug says:

    Realize people, that this trade has not been substantiated ANYWHERE outside of Milwaukee.

  28. Gonzo says:

    Crazy thought but what if Gardner’s wrist surgery kept this deal from happening? Would you beat Kerhsaw on sight?

    Not true, but just a thought.

    • DJH says:

      That would be disappointing, no doubt. If this trade goes down I can’t wait to here what other teams were in on this and hopefully hear what other teams were offering.

  29. Jerome S. says:

    If your team doesn’t get a top-of-the-line pitcher, the next best thing is for him to go to a non-contending team in the other league.

    • DJH says:

      I kinda thought he would end up in TOR and with their core plus Grinke they would scare me so yeah if Grinke isn’t going to the Yanks I’m glad it’s MIL.

  30. T.J. says:

    The only prospect I like in this deal is Cain.

  31. Gonzo says:

    I haven’t seen any national reporter confirm this yet. Anyone else have a confirmation?

    • bakekrukow says:

      It’s not on MLBTR, Jon Heyman, Tom Verducci, Ken Rosenthal, or Buster Olney’s Twitters yet either, if this was true one of them would have it. Until I hear from somewhere other than a Milwaukee site I call BS.

    • We’ve heard nothing yet. That’s why we haven’t posted on it. The sources aren’t known for breaking rumors or being reliable. That’s not to say it might not be true, but we’re waiting for better confirmation first.

  32. AJ says:

    The Brewers rotation next year:

    Zack Greinke
    Yovani Gallardo
    Shaun Marcum
    Randy Wolf
    Mark Rogers

    Not bad at all. I think they could compete.

    • Gonzo says:

      Imagine they beat the Phils in the playoffs? Riots in Philly.

    • Avi says:

      I guess they’re not trading Prince Fielder, unless of course they’re out of it by the deadline. He’s a free agent after the year.

      • It'sATrap says:

        If they happens i can see them trading Greinke too viva Cliff Lee style. i mean if they get rid of fielder and are losing…whats the point of keeping grienke?

        • Avi says:

          True, good point. They really only have a one year window here with Fielder being a free agent after 2011.
          No one else is reporting this trade..

  33. T.J. says:

    You’d think ESPN, SI, or someone would have woken Buster Olney or Jon Heyman up for this.

  34. For what it’s worth, Tom Haudricourt, one of the Brewers beat writers, has been unable to confirm the Greinke rumor.

  35. Dave says:

    My prediction?!


  36. gargoyle says:

    He hit a 3 run bomb to deep deep left off Beckett in The Stadium to blow open a game.

  37. nycsportzfan says:

    wow, the knicks go ahead and lose to the cavs… UGH! And amare miss’s another would be game winner.. All that energy and moving the ball has stopped and there not getting nearly the amount of underneath hoops like they had been over this 3game stretch… They gotta understand, that they are good when they play inside then kick out for the open shots…. Toney Douglas is just god awful, by the way..

    As for the Yanks, i hope cashman understands if he goes and brings in Andy and Soriano, with the all ready addition of Feliciano and martin, he’d of had a pretty stellar offseason… Thats why he really needs to make it happen, and pay the man.. So what, if Hes getting closer money to Set up.. Setting up is a huge huge thing, and he should think of it as having a closer for the 8th inn and 9th inn, ya know? Dosent he realize if u have a super closer for the 8th and 9th, your really in good shape when up after 7inn? I mean, come on, its common sense! No time to worry about 5-10 extra mill.. Go get em, and gain a Huge Advantage over the league…

  38. bonestock94 says:

    Crasnick just confirmed Greinke to Brewers.

    • Mark B. says:

      If Greinke pitches in ’11 like he did in ’08 and prior, the deal is a steal for Milwaukee. They gave up two marginal prospects in Escobar and Cain and one very long-shot prospect who is one substance abuse arrest away from banishment for life (Jeffress). Plus the Brewers are getting Betincourt. Well done deal by Doug Melvin.

      • Brian says:

        Who would the comps be from the Yankee system?

        • Dave says:

          Irrelevant. Yankees couldn’t have gotten for the same type deal. Price tag would’ve been higher. Plus, Escobar was centerpiece for the Royals. We don’t have any young SS to center a deal around (Nunez isn’t that caliber of a trdae chip).

        • Mark B. says:

          Escobar could be compared to Nunez. Escobar is a better fielder, but Nunez looks to be a better hitter. The Yanks don’t have comparables for Cain (a big-league read CF with a decent bat and speed, but no power) and Jeffress (Double AA starting pitcher who hasn’t pitched about the AA-level with the live fastball, but is one positive substance abuse test away from a life-time banishment)

      • bonestock94 says:

        I don’t know much about what the Royals got, but I don’t think anyone will be surprised that Dayton Moore has made a stupid decision.

        • Mark B. says:

          The more I look at this deal, it screams “fire sale” by the Royals. Escobar was supposedly Milwaukee’s #1 prospect going into 2010 and flopped at the big league level, hitting only .235. Cain looks like a #4 outfielder on many teams.

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