Sabathia shedding pounds this offseason

The idea of re-acquiring Johnny Damon
A quick look at Chad Durbin

Via Janie McAuley, CC Sabathia has dropped 15 pounds through a combination of cardio workouts and weight training this offseason and is aiming to drop 15 more before Spring Training begins. “I’m turning 30 this year, getting a little older,” he joked. “Hopefully [the weight loss] will take some pressure off my knee and extend my career.” Sabathia had surgery to repair a partially torn meniscus in his right knee after the season, but his rehab was complete in less than a month and he’s well into his offseason routine and playing some light catch.

CC’s always going to be a big guy, that’s just his body type and it’s part of the reason why he’s so insanely durable. Shedding some pounds to reduce the general wear and tear is a great move though, it can only help.

The idea of re-acquiring Johnny Damon
A quick look at Chad Durbin
  • A.D.

    Good to see that he acknowledges it

  • Tom T

    I work on Mike and Mike in the morning and CC Sabathia will be a guest on the show at 9:45 am (ESPN 2 TV and espn radio).

    I’ll see if I can get the hosts (the guys are out today) to ask about this.

    • nathan

      Nice !

  • Tom T

    Also taking this opportunity at the top of the thread to push more for a Jeff Francis post. Swinging strike rate higher than Beckett. Lefty for the stadium and to combat the lefty sox. Last year he had a sub 4 fip, xfip. Great stop gap for the kids. Should only require 1 year deal.

    • Ross in Jersey

      No offense, but there’s an off-topic thread, or a Submit a Tip thingy right over there ->

    • Mike Axisa

      If you had bothered to search the site, you’ve have seen that we’ve already covered Francis:

      Stopping a) posting off-topic, and b) doing it in every thread. We don’t ask for much, just be courteous.

      • Tom T

        Noooo, i’m a troll!!

        I actually saw the post you mentioned, but seeing as it’s a slow off-season, I thought he would be worth his own post. Apologies for breaking RAB rules…

  • Ross in Jersey

    But who will the trolls call a fat pig now? I guess Joba is next in line.

    Seriously though, you could cut and paste this story and use it every year. Someone always comes into spring training “in the best shape of his life” and we speculate if it’ll translate into results. Couple years ago it was Bruney… last year it was Alphalabeto… this year it’s CC!

    • joe lefko

      Last year it was Swish, and fwiw, he had a great year and his game was notably different than it had been in the past.

      But I agree, these reports are overblown.

      • The Three Amigos

        And when Bruney lost all that weight he did have the best season of his life. Short lived of course. And Cano this past season. Sometimes it does pay off.

        • The Real JobaWockeeZ

          Prove the connection. There can literally be 352236523523423 different reasons why Cano improved.

          • The Three Amigos

            I am not making that argument, why don’t you read the words. I said “sometimes it pays off” as in, I don’t know… working your butt off probably leads to a correlation with having a good season. Sometimes it doesn’t work out like that. Why don’t you make the argument that sitting on your fat ass will lead to a great year?

      • OldYanksFan

        Nope. Losing 30lbs is ALWAYS a seriously good thing. I don’t know how it translates to his game, but it certainly is better for his overall health. Plus, just the action and disipline on CC’s part is good news.

        I expect it will also say the Yanks a ton of money on the after-game buffets.

        • bexarama

          Losing 30lbs is ALWAYS a seriously good thing.

          No it’s not. In this case it might be, though.

    • MikeD

      BIG difference (no pun intended)between someone of talent, like CC, and someone of non-talent, like Bruney, undertaking better training. It does pay off sometimes.

  • Hobbes

    “CC’s always going to be a big guy, that’s just his body type and it’s part of the reason why he’s so insanely durable.

    Are you sure that’s causality and not coincidentality?

  • CS Yankee

    A fit CC will be a beast out of the gate.

    …those extra pounds that players lose during the late summer months, one would think, wouldn’t affect CC as much (due to his extreme size).

    Cy Young in 2011…Price will regress somewhat, Lester, Verlander & King Felix will be runnersup to CC’s 25 win-2.45 fip season.

  • Yea I said it !

    An outstanding year for CC = 2011 opt out !!

    • Peter R

      And the Yankees will just resign him no biggie.

      Though someone should mention every time when CC is asked he says he wont opt out…for whatever that is worth.

      • Mike Myers

        he says he is staying in NY….he will opt out and garuntee the last year…at least thats what everyone expects.

        • OldYanksFan

          He’s got 4 young kids, I’ll guess 2 in school. Moving kids around is not fun. CC stays in NY.

  • Mike44

    Signature Rock Raines Yankee moment: After the huge Benitez/Tino/Yankees/Orioles brawl, Raines was the next batter and homered (perhaps on the first pitch) from O’s reliever Allan Mills, if memory serves. Good stuff.

    Forgot to post this last night

    • jsbrendog (returns)

      so go post it in the off topic thread because it is irrelevant here

  • Mike Myers

    I wonder what a 6’7” 300 pounder looks like on a treadmill. The machine must shed a tear every step he takes.

  • Short Porch aka Master of the Obvious

    None of this ‘he’s just big boned’ stuff. CC was expanding during the course of the season. Small wonder his knee needed surgery.

    How much is this guy being paid to be a professional athlete? Rule One should be ‘stay in shape.’ Glad he got with the program.

    • Ross in Jersey

      I would love provide anything close to proof that CC was “expanding” during the course of the season. Were you tracking his weight every day? Also, he had this same knee surgery in 2006 and gee, he seems to have done alright since then.

      He’s not getting paid to be a professional athlete. He’s paid to be a profession pitcher. I don’t care what he looks like or how much he weighs, as long as he throws the ball like he did in 2010. Are you ignorant of the fact he put up a Cy Young caliber season?

      Rule One is “repeat your delivery and be effective” by the way.

      • Short Porch aka Master of the Obvious

        Oh great, two surgeries. At least CC is concerned about the extra weight, whereas you don’t see a problem here because he pitched well after the first surgery. I, like CC, am interested in how he does after 30, when the body starts needing better care.

        If you are carrying too much extra weight, the balance and the legs start to go, as we are already seeing, and it becomes that much harder to repeat a motion.

        If you want to see the weight gain, go to the tape as they say.

        Perhaps he went from 290 to 315. He’s gotten 15 off, which is great. I doubt he can remain an elite pitcher at 300+ for the next five years. I think he agrees with me.

  • Mike HC

    15 pounds? Really. At his weight, 15 pounds is like 3 days of eating extremely well. Gimme a break.

    • All Star Carl

      Said he plans on dropping 15 more before spring.

      I bet you’re just as fat as CC. 5’5 290.

      • Mike HC

        And then what? 30 pounds is barely more than a drop in the bucket. He needs to plan on losing a lot more than that. He could probably gain 40 pounds back on after a good two weeks of eating.

        I guess it is a good start, but the way he made it sound was that 30 pounds was enough. And CC definitely has me by a couple of pounds.

        • All Star Carl

          That’s before the season. He’s gonna lose some during the season like all players do.

  • John H

    What’s really kind of crazy about CC’s weight is that he was never a fat kid. If you see the video of him when the Indians drafted him when he was 19, he was in shape.

    So, some time in his 20s, he became grossly obese which is truly odd.

  • wow

    Easily the best offseason move so far.