The $62,125 World Series tickets


Outgoing New York Gov. David Paterson must pay a fine of $62,125 for accepting five complimentary World Series tickets in 2009, the New York State Commission on Public Integrity announced earlier this week. Paterson, the commission found, knew he had violated state law and then refused to admit it under oath. “The moral and ethical tone of any organization is set at the top. Unfortunately the Governor set a totally inappropriate tone by his dishonest and unethical conduct. Such conduct cannot be tolerated by any New York State employee, particularly our Governor,” Michael Cherkasky, chair of the commission, said.

Since the Yankees are an entity that has “myriad and continuing business and financial interests that relate to New York State government,” Paterson would have had to perform a public function at the game to escape ethics scrutiny. He admittedly did not and later tried to both pay for the tickets and claim that he didn’t actually want those tickets. “By his own admission, the Governor did not speak at the opening ceremonies of Game One and was not even recognized by name during the public address announcement recognizing the public officials who were present,” the Commission said in its findings.

Paterson’s lawyers of course refuted the claim, but it’s unclear if the governor will try to fight the charges. “The commission has wildly misrepresented the facts, exceeded its legal authority and generally confirmed what has long been obvious: that these proceedings were always about a political witch hunt and never about the truth,” lawyer Ted Wells said in statement. Based on the evidence compiled by the commission, it’s going to be an uphill battle for the beleaguered state pol, and Paterson may still be facing a state probe over perjury concerns.

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  • Ross in Jersey

    But Mike Francesa said he could get any job he wants and he is TEH AMAZING!

  • Mike HC

    So if he did some bullshit beauty queen hand wave, and smiled, then everything would have been on the up and up? These are some rules they got in place there.

  • Bulldozer

    He should have sent Fred Armisen there instead. At least he could watch the action.

    • Accent Shallow

      Or, you know, me.

      • Bulldozer

        How’s your impression?

  • Jorge

    it beats having to pay that much for tickets in……..NEW JEHHHHSEY!

  • The Three Amigos

    Since he has pretty much the best attorney on the planet I think he will be just fine.

    • The Three Amigos

      Was thinking of Ted Olson, not Wells, although he is pretty good too.

  • mark

    It is right for Paterson to be fined. Next up should be Giuliani who received World Series rings as I recall. It was mentioned briefly when he was running for president, but he should have been fined as well.

    • Kiko Jones

      Yeah, but I doubt “America’s mayor” sees any fallout from his perennial sniffing of Yankee butt. Which is why some see the Patterson issue as a political witch hunt.

      As for Patterson himself, I initially agreed with the fine but as Mike HC pointed out, if “some bullshit beauty queen hand wave” nonsense buys him a get-out-of-jail-free card, then he’s being penalized for being too arrogant and/or stupid to legally break the rules. What good are ethical guidelines/rules if they can be legally circumvented with ease? Bullshit either way, IMO.

      • Accent Shallow

        Because we tend to prosecute people for breaking the letter, not the spirit, of the laws.