Yankees checked in on Harden

The Clifton and Carsten comparison
Feinsand: Nats to offer Lee seven-year contract

Via Jon Paul Morosi, the Yankees are one of several teams that have checked in a free agent righty Rich Harden. Harden’s talent is obvious, but at this point it’s pretty clear that he won’t ever reach the ceiling so many projected. He’s been on the disabled list eight times in the last five seasons, dealing with everything from shoulder and elbow and hip strains to back soreness to a sore glute. Even beyond that though, Harden’s walked five guys for every nine innings pitched, and he’s an extreme fly ball guy (close to 50% over the last three years). The Yanks might be looking at a reliever, but still, pass. Just doesn’t fit.

The Clifton and Carsten comparison
Feinsand: Nats to offer Lee seven-year contract
  • FIPster Doofus

    God, no.

  • http://mystiqueandaura.com Steve H

    On a minor league deal to put him in the pen I’d take a look. Otherwise, no thanks. You never know, he could have a Kerry Wood like transition to the pen.

  • zs190

    Isn’t his walk total higher because he couldn’t throw sliders the last few years due to injury? As a starter, it’s hard to be a 2-pitch pitcher but might be much better as a reliever. He’s got really good stuff still. Flyball tendency might not be as important if he strikes out 10+/9 and it’s not unthinkable for him to pull it off.

    Still, probably wouldn’t offer him anything guaranteed probably so he should be able to find something better elsewhere.

  • Ted Nelson

    The Rothschild connection might have something to do with it…

    Obviously the injuries are a HUGE concern, but I think you underplay his stuff Mike. Across the 2 seasons when he spent time with the Cubs his xFIP was lower than CC’s 2010 xFIP both seasons… There is a sizable potential reward to go with the substantial risk. If the Yankees feel like he’s undervalued or even fairly valued (a big if for a free agent pitcher) then I might go for it.

    • Ted Nelson

      Mostly if Andy retires and/or he’s on board with coming out of the pen…

    • tomaconda

      If my aunt had balls she’d be my uncle. No way the Yankees consider harden as a starter and no way they get him as a releiver.

  • JimmieFoxx

    I’d love to land him on a very incentive laden deal (as a starter); especially if Pettitte doesn’t come back.

  • Bill O.

    He’s a nice low risk, high reward signing. That said there’s little chance of success with him. I’d certainly sign him on an cheap deal and see what he has. He has the ability to make Kerry Wood like move to the bullpen. He also has the ability to give us a partial season in the rotation should we need him there.

    He also seemed to do pretty well in Chicago with Rothschild.