Cashman: Pettitte won’t pitch in 2011

Open Thread: Nova turns 24
Late-night rumors: Rays, Yanks battling for 4th OFers
"Y'all waiting on me?" (AP Photo/Kathy Willens)

Update (9:27 p.m.): By now, this news can hardly come as a shock. We’ve heard for weeks that Andy Pettitte hadn’t yet ramped up his pre-season workout routines and that he wasn’t close to coming to a decision on his immediate baseball future. He told the Yanks not to count on him, today, Brian Cashman confirmed that the Yanks are not counting on him this season in the Bronx.

“I don’t think he’s determined if he’s officially finished or not, but he’s chosen at this stage at least not to start in 2011,” the Yanks’ GM said today at the owners’ meetings in Arizona. “If that ever changes he’ll call us. We’re not going to hound him or bother him.”

He later clarified his comments. As Tyler Kepner reported, Cashman said he meant to say that Pettitte has chosen “not to pitch” at all in 2011. It’s unclear if Andy is officially retired, but he is right now “not in play.”

As the Daily News reported, Pettitte made the decision to skip the season in order to be with his family. “Andy’s been very communicative on these issues and right now he’s not in play, and if he does decide to play he’ll play for us. He’s a Yankee from start to finish,” he said. “These are personal decisions and they’re based on him wanting to be home and every year it’s been something tugging at him, and it’s been tugging at him even more, and that’s understandable, and so right now he’s not someone we can focus on.”

So the Yankees will have to look elsewhere for pitching help. They’re kicking the tires on Justin Duchscherer, for one, and may take a low-risk flyer on Freddy Garcia. But if the team’s pitching sags in the early going, Cashman, who’s definitely challenging Pettitte a bit here, may just rethink his stance on hounding his long-time lefty.

Open Thread: Nova turns 24
Late-night rumors: Rays, Yanks battling for 4th OFers
  • Accent Shallow

    You knew this was coming, but ugh. The rotation looks thin.

    • AndrewYF

      Not nearly as thin as it was from 2004 through 2008. I’d say they did okay those years.

    • Gerald Williams

      Ummmm, so how about another starter now Mr. Ca$hman?

  • Jake H

    I was hoping that Andy would play 1 more year. Gives the farm time to get more innings for the killer B’s

  • bexarama

    brb chugging cyanide

    Come back over the All-Star Break, Andy.

  • Slappy White

    Im sorry to say this because I love Andy Pettitte, but it looks like he learned something besides steroids from Ole Roger.
    If youre gonna retire, do it. Dont be a Diva

    /waiting for the hate replys
    /sorry Bex

    • Benjamin Kabak

      Please explain to me how he’s being a diva. Since the season ended, he said he wasn’t sure if he was going to come back and nothing has changed. Being harassed at home in his pajamas by reporters doesn’t make him a diva. Give me a break.

      • Slappy White

        Im not saying he’s being a Diva now. Im saying , dont be one and come back mid year like Clemens. Thats all

        • Benjamin Kabak

          There’s a tasteful way to come back mid-season that doesn’t involve histrionics at the stadium. Plenty of pitchers have done it. I doubt Pettitte’s going to be a diva about it.

          • JGS

            Not gonna lie, another OH MY GOODNESS GRACIOUS Suzyn Waldman reaction would be kinda hilarious.

            • MikeD

              “Oh my goodnes gracious, there’s Andy Pettitte in George Steinbrenner’s box. And, what’s this, OH MY GOD, there’s Geore Steinbrenner in George Steinbrenner’s box.”

              Waldman collapses in convulsions.

              Yeah, I’d like to see that. All of it.

          • Slappy White

            I Hope youre right. Thats all I was saying. Andys been all Class, and I hope he doesnt go all “Farve-Clemens” on us

        • bexarama

          What if the team’s doing well enough but it could clearly use one more starter for the front end, and Andy comes back for a reasonable deal?

          • Slappy White

            I hope it happens.’ but I also hope we’re doing well enough that we dont need it to

        • Jonathan

          so you’re ripping a guy for something that hasn’t even happened? The guy has a right to do anything he wants. We all want him back and this offseason has officially turned into close to a worst case scenario but it’s not over.

          I don’t know where i read this but I heard that his family was actually urging him and telling him it’s ok to go back and they want him to try for the HOF. I hope he comes back for about a billion reasons.

          #1 strictly baseball reasons. he’s an amazing pitcher and competitor and as easy as it gets to like.

          #2 I don’t know Bex personally but it makes me sad when people kill themselves

          #3 I don’t have his autograph yet

          I look forward to Andy coming to a definite decision. Until then, we need at least 1 more SP. I have confidence Cash can do what is necessary.

          • Jeff

            One positive can come out of this: Casman has to really stretch to find SP, makes poor choices and pushes the young arms up waay early. Result – and I hate to say it – season sux. Oh yeah, the positive: the organization finally parts ways with Cash, even if its 11 years too late.

            • Benjamin Kabak

              Really? Really?

            • bexarama

              You can’t hide from us, Mr. Lombardi

            • Nebkreb

              Dude, I agree with everything you say, but you lose all credibility when you write ‘sux’

              • Nebkreb

                whoops forgot the /lolwhatevs/ tag

            • JGS

              11 years too late? You would have fired him after 2000?


              • bexarama

                Obviously a threepeat and four championships in five years is unacceptable and merits firing.

                • nymalcontent

                  Cashman has made more bad decisions than good. Let’s not forget that he inherited a great team from Bill White!

            • Joe R

              Yes, let’s fire Cashman after two of the most successful season in the franchise’s history (1998 and 1999, in case you couldn’t count).

              • nymalcontent

                Cashman gets no props for those seasons.

      • MikeD

        …and he also may never come back, so he’s hardly being a diva.

        I still wonder if the whole pending Clemens trial is impacting his thought process here.

        I don’t know when, but my guess is Andy will pitch for the Yankees again at some point in 2011. There is only so much time a man can spend with his family. : -)

  • PaulF

    Andy Pettitte will be in Steinbrenner’s box?

    • Yankeefan91 Arod Fan

      exactly what i was picturing on my mind.

    • Slappy White

      “This is the most dramatic thing Ive evaah seen”

  • Brian

    IMO… I think we see Andy come back after he testifies at Roger Clemens perjury trial… He doesn’t want to be a distraction to the team when that media circus gets ramped up.

    And if I’m wrong, I hope to get tickets to Andy Pettite Day.

    • Westcoastyankfan

      Can’t help but think that upcoming trial played a bigger part in his decision than we realize.

  • Tony

    George Steinbrenner died six months ago. After his death, the Yanks went 39-35 in the regular season before being demolished in the ALCS. In the off-season, the organization hasn’t come close to meeting its pitching needs, and will start 2011 with a weaker rotation than the team had for most of last year. It’s like 1972 all over again in the Bronx.

    • Benjamin Kabak

      Do you honestly believe that (a) George Steinbrenner’s death had anything to do with Cliff Lee’s decision to go to Philadelphia and (b) that he was at all involved in running the team over the last 5-7 years? He wasn’t.

      • nymalcontent

        Stupid fans spitting on Cliff Lee’s wife during the playoffs is why he went back to Philly! Whoever those fans are can take the blame. I’d LOVE to know who it was!

    • Eeexe

      1972 better than 1990

    • The Fallen Phoenix

      I bet we can find at least 18 teams in the majors who wished they had a rotation as thin as the Yankees’.

    • bexarama

      We’re doooooooooooomed

    • Adam

      Seriously, this is so nuts…

      Clearly it is Ralph Houk’s ghost that is ruining 2011 for the Yankees.

      • James d.

        So does Bob Feller dying and not being around baseball mean it’s now 1935, and the Babe’s gone and Joe D.’s not there (coincidentally, a down year for Gehrig) and Earle Combs falls apart and Lefty Gomez has a losing record?

        Annnnnyways, Ben’s right that it’s not a surprise, and I’ve no problem with the long wait. Pettitte’s had a lot more to weigh. The family, supportive or not, appears to clearly be a big factor in any decision he makes. Plus, he had an excellent year (go out near the top?), got hurt (time to hang it up?) and the Yankees fell short (come back for redemption?).

        That’s a lot of factors to consider if you’re thinking about re-signing Pettitte in a video game, much less if you’re actually him.

        Maybe I’m just mellow living in D.C., where the 2011 season ended last August when the phenom blew out his arm.

        • James d.

          Sorry, Adam, meant to reply to the thread, not make it look like I was picking on you or Ralph Houk.

          • Adam

            haha, no worries. Though be careful, we need to avoid disturbing Houk’s ghost any further.

  • Brian

    Maybe I’m crazy but I’m not ready to freak out about this…there is still hope (could be slim but it’s there) that he returns mid year. Who knows maybe the new pitching coach helps AJ rebound big time, Hughes keeps progressing, and Nova has a solid rookie year. Plus they still have CC at the top. Not ideal but not the end of the world.

  • AJ

    I love Andy but this is very frustrating.

    • Benjamin Kabak

      From a baseball standpoint, it sure is. I don’t begrudge him making the decision. He’s away from his family for months on end during the year and has been for basically the entire lives of his children.

      • AJ

        I don’t hold it against him, but after weeks of hearing stories that the Yankees are waiting for Andy to make a decision before deciding on other options, this indecisiveness is frustrating. But now that he’s out for 2011, I hope the Yankees prepare themselves to move on without him.

        • Benjamin Kabak

          Which stories are those? Almost every story for the past month has been about how the Yanks are not waiting for Andy to make a decision and are moving ahead without him.

          • Aj

            Check the Andy pettitte posts on mlbtraderumors

  • Mike HC

    This was getting increasingly obvious. If he wants to come back during the year I would welcome him with open arms. Until then, to the bargain bin.

  • Elvin

    Yankees are still a good team without pettitte, we are better than most teams in the majors, we can still make playoffs, there is no panic button in the bx, but he definitely helps if he returns, so we are not doomed!!

    • nymalcontent

      The Yankees are still a good team, but I’d be surprised if they make the playoffs this year. If they do it’ll only be because the rays can’t get over their losses and the jays keep trading their pitching. I despise the red sox, but that is a scary good team if they stay healthy, and cashman has done absolutely nothing this off season to improve the team.

  • Bryan L

    Good for Andy. He gave NY countless great seasons, if he wants to take some time off, so be it.

  • Granderslam

    Let’s hope for a decent trade at this point.

    • whozat

      We were hoping for that anyway, though there’s no way that anyone trades the Yanks ANYTHING decent for less than Montero+ right now. Everyone knows they’re looking, and there are no motivated sellers.

      Patience is the only answer.

  • Tom Zig

    This was to be expected.

  • Jimmy

    Greatest Yankee pitcher since Whitey Ford. Sorry the Bronx didn’t get a chance to send him off properly. Thanks for all the memories, Andy! That 1996 game against Maddox will go down in history.

    Fair winds and following seas. God Bless.

    • The Three Amigos

      That’s what I am upset about, Andy not getting a proper send off like Paulie O. did.

    • Jerome S.

      Greatest Yankee pitcher since Whitey Ford?

      That’s Mo, IMO.

      But he’s almost certainly the best starter.

    • Slappy White

      I agree that Pettittes body of work was great, but when you think about it, how many seasons was he our Best pitcher ?

      • JGS

        Probably just 1996-7

      • James d.

        There’s probably an argument that he was the most reliable Yankees starter since Ford, having more years of good pitching (essentially 12 full seasons and the injury-shortened ’02 and ’10) than Guidry (really, 9 full years) and Stottlemyre (11 seasons total, albeit 9 huge innings years).

        But it’s tough to knock Guidry: 154-67, 123 ERA+, 39.5 WAR plus some nice old-time stats from 1977-85.

        • Jimmy

          I did think of Gator before posting this, but if you look at the entire career, Andy doesn’t take a back seat to anyone since Whitey. He’s the guy I’ll be boring future generations about like my old man bored me about Whitey.

          Think of the legend we are losing and it will begin to sink in. Easily the greatest Yankee pitcher for a generation.

        • Zack

          As long as you don’t mention 01, where he didn’t realize he was tipping off his pitches and allowed the $#!! Diamondbacks to force a game 7

      • Jerome S.

        The idea is that, minus the stint with the ‘Stros, he’s been a consistent starter for the Yanks since what? 96?

        No other non-Mo pitcher, and certainly no starter since Whitey Ford has done that.

        • AJ

          I’d say Guidry and Stottlemyre are in the conversation with Andy. But Andy has more longevity.

    • steve s

      Just to set the record straight the 1996 game you mention was against Smoltz.

  • Reggie C.

    Thanks for the memories Andy! I absolutely expected this result after Lee signed elsewhere. I can’t blame Andy for not wanting to come back to this mess.

    Now its time for Cashman to earn his money and find those diamonds in the rough. Any upgrade over Mitre would be preferable , so its not like I want Cashman to accomplish the a tough feat.

  • Russ

    Maybe he just wants to skip spring training (as in the Strahan Training Camp Plan), work out at home, get 6 more weeks with his family then join the team in mid-May or June 1.

    It could be that simple. Let’s hope.

  • The Big City of Dreams

    Not so fast

    Cashman: “It’s a misunderstanding”

    Scratch that.

    Just got off the phone with Brian Cashman who said The Daily News story about Andy Pettitte’s decision is not accurate. ”It’s a misunderstanding,” Cashman said.

    This was Cashman’s quote, as relayed by The Daily News: “I don’t think he’s determined if he’s officially finished or not, but he’s chosen at this stage at least not to start in 2011.”

    Cashman said you could basically substitute the word “pitch” for the word “start.” What Cashman meant was, at this stage, Pettitte is choosing not to pitch in 2011, but the Yankees are — as they’ve been all winter — waiting for Pettitte to let them know something official. He’s leaning toward retirement, and he’ll let them know if that situation changes.

    “Nothing new or different,” Cashman said. “Exactly what I’ve been saying for the past month or two months.”

  • Xstar7

    So he’s not going to pitch in 2011 but hasn’t officially retired? He might as well retire now because if he doesn’t want to pitch in 2011 why would he want to pitch in 2012?

    • The Big City of Dreams

      He’s pretty much in the same space he has been for a while. Leaning towards retirement but not at the point where he is 100% sure.

      • Xstar7

        Then why is cashman making this announcement?

        • The Big City of Dreams

          Because the way it came out made it seem like it was a definitive answer. Cashman misspoke and had to clear things up. If not it would have been a topic in NY. There would have been non stop talk ranging from the Yankees being in trouble to is Andy a HOF

  • bakekrukow412


  • CS Yankee

    I wonder if he called Moose and ask him if he regrets calling it quits after a great year?

    Pettitte, have fun & thanks for all the great memories and success that you help bring to the Yankees.

  • Pasqua

    I know this is a bizarre connection, but bear with me: With all the Clemens chaos that’s going to go down later this year, do you think Pettitte might actually be HESITANT to come back midyear, partly because he will immediately be compared to Clemens for doing so? Pettitte’s been steering clear of the Clemens saga for a while now, and though he’ll be caught up in it again because of the trial, I wonder if he’ll be sure to avoid following Roger’s path for fear of being linked to him even more. (I know this sounds weird.)

    • Mike HC

      Pettitte does not strike me as the type of guy who is going to make decisions based on how he will be perceived. As long as he is comfortable with his decision and able to sleep at night, I don’t think outside perception will play a role.

  • Kiko Jones

    Pettite has every right to do what he feels best for him and his family. But I just can’t wrap my head around why he doesn’t make a concrete decision one way or the other. (Especially if the family is allegedly cool with him playing again.) How much time to weigh things does he need? Regardless, every off-season it’s the same story. I appreciate everything he’s done but this yearly drama has become quite tiring and has just claimed my last ounce of patience in this matter. Ugh.

    • Mike HC

      If he decides he wants to come back at the all star break, wouldn’t you want him back? Obviously, if he needed to make a concrete decision right now, he would decide to retire. Luckily we have more freedom than that in this world, and he can even decide to skip this upcoming season all together and come back next year maybe. I don’t really see the problem with this.

      • Kiko Jones

        I want him back, absolutely. But that’s not my point. What I’m getting at is that many would probably be more receptive to and better understand his level of deliberation if it didn’t happen every single off-season. Man! Has Pettite become the boy who cried wolf or what?

        Also, is it physically viable or even smart for a guy pushing 40 to take a year off and remain at a competitive level? I truly don’t know.

    • The Big City of Dreams

      Yea it’s frustrating because many of us would like an answer. What’s the hold up?? Well the hold up could be the grind of baseball. Players get to the point where they love to compete but everything in between starts to weigh on them. It doesn’t matter what sport it is they all have aspects that players get tired of whether it’s ST or training camp. At this age it takes longer to recover from injuries, more work needs to be done just to play the game, the skills begin to decline, aligning body parts need to be worked on hours in advance to make sure they don’t flare up during the game, etc. So someone might say well if that’s the case why not just walk away. Many athletes think about it but then realize they are walking away from a sport they played since they were kids and retiring means apart of their life is over forever.

      • MikeD

        Yet you have your answer. He’s not pitching.

        What I think is fustrating for some is he won’t say he’ll never pitch again. He’s leaving the door open because he himself doesn’t know what the future holds. Would you rather he clearly say he’s retired, only to then return in mid-2011, or even 2012? Or would you rather he say exactly what he’s feeling?

        I still think he’s coming back at some point, even if he doesn’t know he’s coming back. Yet I also thought he’d start the season with the Yankees, so my opinion is no differnt than anyone else’s. Just one man’s opinion.

        • The Big City of Dreams

          Yea I thought he would start the season with the Yankees too. I never thought we would get to this point I assumed he would be back by now.

        • Midland TX

          He never said he was hanging it up because he lost his competitive drive, or because he felt he couldn’t at an acceptably high level. His family may be a more important priority to him at the moment, but that in itself doesn’t necessarily mean he should retire permanently.

          Taking a hiatus or sabbatical to pursue other interests does not equal hanging it up because you don’t enjoy playing anymore, or just can’t.

  • Teh Comp Pick

    Garcia throws BP…go hard after the Duke, even if that means a couple mil in guarantees, looks like they will have it to burn at this point….and the Knicks are getting manhandled yeeesh.

  • Griffey’s Grotesquely Swollen Jaw
  • hogan

    Oh Andy…

    Let’s not forget the awful playoff starts – dude had some real stinkers.

    And the exodus to Houston – Prolly cost the yanks a world series.

    • FIPster Doofus


    • bexarama

      Yeah that asshole never did anything for the Yankees

  • Mike

    Look at the bright side. Our pitching prospects get a head start in their big league development.

  • Tony

    Best option seems to be to wait and see what’s available at midseason. Maybe Larry Rothschild can connect with AJ Burnett. If he does, the need isn’t as glaring anymore.

    Either way, the price now versus later isn’t likely to be all that different (in regards to a big name starter). No need to aggressively pursue a trade. However, a gamble on say, a guy like Tom Gorzelanny, someone the Cubs are shopping, might be worth it. I can’t think of any FA’s that are really intriguing, and someone like Gorzelanny may be cheap enough in a trade to be worth the look.

  • Nebkreb

    Jon Heyman talked some shit about our very own Ben Kabak – said he had less than a HS reading level. Then the RAB Twitter people got on his ass.

    • bexarama

      Other things Heyman said that are actually relevant to this post (you know I’m not trying to be snippy here): Andy’s apparently working out now. Who knows what that means.

      • Nebkreb

        It’s an open thread Bexy! :-)
        And I don’t trust any Andy news until he comes out and says what he is doing.

      • The Big City of Dreams

        The thing about Andy working out is it goes against the reports stating that Andy is not working out/behind schedule.

    • Poopy Pants

      Off topic?

  • DareBear

    Thanks for 14 great seasons.

  • Chas

    the yanks are a mess this season, they hedged everything on Lee..

  • theyankeewarrior


  • Klemy

    Nancy Kerrigan: WHY?!? WHY?!? WHY?!?

    Michael Corleone: You broke my heart. You broke my heart.

    Seriously, thanks for many awesome years of great pitching Andy. It’s been a real pleasure watching your whole career. I’m going to hold out hope you wish to come back during the season though.

  • rek4gehrig


  • Pedro

    Ok, how can the Yankees with a 200MM payroll enter the season with Nova and Mitre pitching every 5 days? common, its ridiculous, great job Cashman

  • David

    Most bizarre was his only interview, with the New York Post. Paraphrasing – “Just hanging out. Don’t really know what is going on”. Really? The only person that does know what is going on doesn’t know what is going on? What a bunch of baloney. It could mean that he is waiting for more $ to be offered. It could mean that he won’t start the season, but wants to leave open the possibility of returning later. As long as he doesn’t publicly say “I have decided to retire”, I am assuming that he will be back.

    • Kiko Jones


      • Dave the Ox

        This no doubt has been said but I’m thinking the Clemens trial is the sticking point. If, say, in the next eight weeks, there’s an announcement of the trial being postponed til November, he comes back.

  • Wil Nieves #1 Fan

    I would like to announce that I will not be pitching in the 2011 season either.