Food For Thought: AL East Attendance

Calcaterra: 'Very strong possibility' Pettitte pitches in 2011
Open Thread: Greg Golson

That graphic comes courtesy of Beyond The Box Scores’ Justin Bopp, and it shows AL East attendance figures over the last ten seasons. The Yankees have dominated in this department, accounting for no less than 25% of the division’s total attendance during the last decade. Keep in mind that Fenway Park has a capacity of 37,000 (give or take), while the new Yankee Stadium can accommodate just over 50,000. The ballpark in the Bronx at 85.2% capacity still boasts more people than a sold out Fenway.

Attendance is the root of the money making machine known as the Yankees, because it allows them to sell ad space at ridiculous prices and reap the benefits of the YES Network cash cow. As long as the team remains competitive, attendance will be strong and so will the revenue streams.

Calcaterra: 'Very strong possibility' Pettitte pitches in 2011
Open Thread: Greg Golson
  • Kiersten

    The only reason the Orioles are third is because of all the Yankee and Red Sox fans who go down there for 18 games a year.

    • radnom

      Baltimore is a decent baseball city. I think even when they suck they should be able to beat out Tampa and Toronto without our help. And that sucks for the Rays.

      • Zack

        I can’t blame fans for not sitting in hot/humid weather in July-Aug for a last place team.

        • radnom

          Me neither, but their attendance during their WS year was as low as the worst years for the Jays or Orioles.

        • JCK

          Isn’t the Trop a dome? I assume it’s air conditioned…

  • Benjamin Kabak

    The “Yearly Totals” graph is missing a key point: The dip between 2008 and 2009 occurred because capacity at the new stadium — and thus total attendance — is significantly lower than it was at the old. Percentage-wise, the Yanks are meeting or exceeding attendance figures from the old House that Ruth Built.

  • CS Yankee

    Baltimore goes from over 3M fans to around 1.75M…wow!

    It is one of the best ballparks to attend, but Boog’s BBQ alone isn’t enough to make up for the suckie infield product they place and that stupid lawyer that owns the team.

    • Billion$Bullpen

      With the O’s even that number they are at now is really a bs number. Tons of those “sold” seats are free bee business seats that they trade off when people buy advertising all their major advertisers get HUGE blocks of seats. They do a TON of this and most of those seats are empty at most non Yankee or Red Sox games (even a good number are empty on Sox games) and when the seats are empty nobody is buying food and merch.

      Sucks for them, great place to enjoy a ball game. Might be my favorite.

  • Abe

    they missed the 03 WS appearance in yearly totals for the yanks

  • Hannah Ehrlich

    The Rays are a great team. They deserve more people showing up to watch them. :|

    • Jerome S.

      agreed. Florida seems like such a great baseball state, but the people fail to rally around a team… :'(

      • Kiersten

        It’s hard cause so many people are from up north and if they’re not, they’re parents are. There are a lot of baseball fans in Florida, but many of them are Yankees/Mets/Sox fans.
        Also, Miami just sucks for pro sports in general, combined with Marlins ownership sucking, and Tampa’s stadium is horrible.

        • Billion$Bullpen

          The stadium in Miami sucks, and its HORRIBLY located. Not that Yankee Stadium is not also horribly located (the Bronx), but its horribly located within an hour or less of tens of millions of baseball fans in a place that is more historic than any for baseball.

          Miami needs an indoor baseball only park, not sure how you do that well but I am sure its possible. Too damn humid, and the location really sucks because nobody in the city of Miami is trying to drive out to that dump. A die hard football fan goes to 8 or 10 games a year. A die hard baseball fan in Miami might go to around to 5 games there.

          • Kiersten

            Don’t have to preach it to me. I went to UM, I know how much driving to that stadium sucks.

            However, I don’t think their new stadium is going to help attendance much. It’s IN Miami, but it’s still in a sucky location. Again, I went to UM, so I know how much talking the metro and the bus to the Orange Bowl sucked.

          • Benjamin Kabak

            It’s hard to say Yankee Stadium is “horribly located” when it is literally a 15-minute subway ride from Grand Central. You can’t get too much more convenient than that.

    • Brian in NH

      Seems like there are just too many distractions in places like Miami for people to care about anything. Tampa is a Buccaneers town through and through. College FB is obviously huge down there. And when it comes to baseball, I think Kiersten is right. Big transplant populations there from the NY, Boston, or Philly regions. People already had allegiances to those teams when they moved, and you tend to keep those in the family. The reason why i’m a Yanks fan even though I grew up in New England was my parents.

  • Juke Early

    You left out the stat in which 90.2% of Boston fans have the special short yellow bus ticket plan.

    • Billion$Bullpen

      Many of those fans have been replaced with the same sorts of non fans that sit in the Yanks moat section. That place turned really mellow. Two summers ago I went to some games with a Yanks shirt and hat on and not ONE person said ONE word to me, and I found some cash laying on the ground. These were non Yanks games. So maybe your right with your short bus idea.

      Sweet pickles bus riders.

  • Billion$Bullpen

    The O’s also sell seats for a max of $48 per seat for season ticket holders and $58 for single game seats. At that price they will never compete even if they fill that place. They have a cheap, greedy, dirt bag of an owner. But if the O’s were any good people would fill that place. O’s dies hards are every year giving up on baseball and getting more into the Ravens and they are always solid if not great some years.

    Tampa has different problems. Their fan base sucks and is mostly broke. Combine that with what appears to be a god awful place to watch a game, never been there but on TV looks to be almost as bad as Olympic Stadium which I have been to a few times which is like going to a hockey rink to watch a baseball game that nobody is at.

    Toronto needs a new place and they wont get that anytime soon.

    Sox, have maxed out on the extra seats they can fit in that dump. They have done a great job of redoing what they can do and fitting in seats wherever they make sense. But the new Stadium should keep us in position to outspend them for a long long time. I am not mad at that, I know some are, but I am not.