Freddy Garcia wants to pitch in New York


Via MLBTR, free agent right-hander Freddy Garcia recently told a Venezuelan newspaper that he wants to pitch for the Yankees in 2011. “My preference is to be with the New York Yankees, and it’s not unreasonable to have that in mind, because I’ve demonstrated that I can be useful,” said Fred. “A team like New York would be ideal for my age, [as would] playing in a successful, media-heavy, demanding division. Without doubt it would be an inspiration.”

I’m glad he’s inspired by playing in New York, because his 5.10 K/9 and 1.32 HR/9 from a year ago doesn’t inspire any confidence in me. I have a feeling Bartolo Colon might be the only free agent pitching signing for the time being, but once Spring Training starts and the season gets away, it’ll be open season on the trade market.

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  • Danimal

    I am fearful that we are 1 big injury away from rotation chaos. I also think that Colon and Prior will not contribute significantly this year. If Colon somehow is magically transformed into a great pitcher again, wonderful. Freddy is by far the most likely option to at least trot out there every 5th day, compared with all the rest of these options (save Millwood)

    • http://www.twitter.com/jordansmed JGS

      Freddy is by far the most likely option to at least trot out there every 5th day

      Since 2007, he has thrown just 30 more innings than Mitre.

      • hogsmog

        In 2010, Garcia threw more innings then Mitre ever has in a single season.

        I’m not endorsing Garcia, but I think he’d be better than Mitre (but not by enough to be worth it).

    • TheTruth

      Garcia making the defending AL champs look silly today: awesome
      The looks on all of your faces right now after your bashing him: Priceless
      But I’m sure you’ll all do your best Mike Francesa impersonations and still act like you were right…

  • http://twitter.com/kschmidt2 Kiersten

    I, too, want to pitch in New York.

    • Will (the other one)

      Are you sure? Is it ideal for your age?

  • http://www.secondavenuesagas.com Benjamin Kabak

    New York does not want Freddy Garcia to pitch in, um, New York.

    Tough to say if he passes the “Better than Mitre” test.

    • Frigidevil

      I’d love to see Garcia in New York! So long as he stays in Queens.

    • http://twitter.com/steveh_MandAura Steve H

      Tough to say if he passes the “Better than Mitre” test.

      I don’t know that he does, but unless they think one of the guys in the minors is ready to jump in, in case of injury or ineffectiveness, I wouldn’t mind bringing in Garcia for depth. I definitely wouldn’t expect much from him, but as a bridge to some of the guys in the minors being ready, it could be worse. I think.

  • http://www.facebook.com/pages/Bring-Melvin-To-America/193013541601?ref=sgm Andy In Sunny Daytona

    I’d rather the Yankees sign his doppelganger, The Rock.

  • Retire 21

    I’d rather the Yankees sign his doppelganger, The Rock.

    Mixed with that weird, totem pole looking dude from the Black Eyed Peas…

  • FIPster Doofus

    Great attitude, Freddy. Too bad you’re terrible at pitching.

  • bobby

    That is great Freddy. I want King Felix for Ramiro Pena straight up, just like what you want, it ain’t gonna happen.

  • Craig

    My poor-alternative-to-Pettitte sense is tingling

    • SteveD

      Seriously!!!!! No shit Freddy, I bet you want to pitch in NY. You and every has been, injured or any sort of a come back guy wants to play for the Yankees.

  • Reggie C.

    These reports on these has-beens make me yearn for AJ Burnett of old. I’d seriously feel much better of the team’s chances if I could rely on AJ to come in at near career averages.

  • http://youcantpredictbaseball.wordpress.com/ bexarama

    And I want a pony and Andy Pettitte but we can’t all get what we want in life, Freddy.

    • Accent Shallow

      Andy on a pony, perhaps?

      • Andy in NYC

        I’m on a horse.


  • CS Yankee

    Of the three has-beens, the best were;
    1) Duch…getting over 5M$ from the O’s
    2) Millwood…the O’s don’t even want him
    3) Freddie…he would be worse than Nightmare On Elm St part IV

    In not overpaying for the high gamble Duch, there is no way Cash give anything more than a non cost invite (like Colon)…but Levine, all odds are off (though I doubt he would take such a gamble in trumping Cash).

  • Sean C

    Am I the only one hoping to “catch lightning in a bottle” with one of these retreads/rejects? Also, one of the young guys might be able to make a splash this season (Noesi, Nova, etc)…

    Man, my optimism is seriously interfering with my grasp on reality.

  • LarryM.,Fl.

    I mean no disrespect to Mr. Garcia but his inspiration by pitching in the heavy media of NY with the Yankees. Does not bring a smile to my face. I can just see him rocking back and sending his 86 mph fastball on the black for a couple of innings every fifth day. Followed by missiles hitting the OF seats, kids thinking its ball day at the big ball park in the Bronx.

    If Andy doesn’t come back than go with Nova or some other AAA during the season and a trade during Spring Training but my money is on Andy coming back with the smell of 12/13.5 million in his checking account.

  • Victoria

    A team like New York would be ideal for my age

    Because everyone else on the team is around that age too…?