Kevin Long planning to work with Jeter before camp

Open Thread: Jake Westbrook & Ted Lilly
Yankees interested in Jeremy Bonderman?

Via Pete Caldera, hitting coach Kevin Long is planning to work with Derek Jeter before Spring Training officially gets underway. K-Long’s done some great things in recent years, but I’m not sure if even he knows the cure for “36-year-old shortstop.” Meanwhile, Long mentioned that the team is not married to a batting order for 2011, saying that the team will instead “toy with it.” I like it.

Open Thread: Jake Westbrook & Ted Lilly
Yankees interested in Jeremy Bonderman?
  • Yyzz

    Can’t Long just bat for Jeter?

    • Pcny

      That’s an odd thing to say seeing how Jeter hit well over .300 since working with Long at the end of last year.

  • CP

    K-Long’s done some great things in recent years, but I’m not sure if even he knows the cure for “36-year-old shortstop.”

    Well, 35-year-old shortstop was pretty darn good, so it’s not like it’s impossible.

    • LarryM.,Fl.

      Quiet Jeter’s hands down and shorten the swing and I agree he dropped .61 points in a year. He can be fixed if he allows it.

  • Carlosologist

    2011 lineup (my dream will never die):

    CF Granderson
    SS Jeter
    3B Rodriguez
    2B Cano
    1B Teixeira
    RF Swisher
    DH Posada
    C Martin/Montero
    LF Gardner

    • Yankeefan91 Arod Fan

      i love this lineup the only thing i wish jeter stops grounding into so many double plays.

    • FIPster Doofus

      I don’t like Granderson leading off. With the exception of 2007-08, he has never been that adept at getting on base. Unless last season’s .383 OBP proves to be a giant fluke, Gardner should lead off. I’d hit Swisher second, but that’s a pipe dream. Jeter has the No. 2 spot locked down.

      • Carlosologist

        I like the idea of Granderson batting first considering his power (leadoff dingers!!) and the chance he might regress to that 07-09 form. That late season resurgence gave me a lot of hope for Grandy in 2011.

        • Marcos

          Wouldn’t you rather he hit those dingers with men on base?

    • The Real JobaWockeeZ

      Our 2nd worst hitter will hit in the most important spot?

    • Mattchu12

      My only tweak is that if we’re getting second half Granderson, I’d bat him seventh and swap him with Posada against left handed starters.

      If it’s first half Granderson, I bat him ninth and Gardner leads off.

      • Mattchu12

        Gardner leads off in both lineups I mean.

        • scooter10

          Against righties, I would like to see Gardner/Granderson in the 1-2 spot. Against lefties, Jeter/Swisher.

          • Mattchu12

            While that is probably a good idea, I’m not sure we’ll ever see Jeter not in the 1 or 2 spot. I used to hope and hope for a Gardner-Swisher-Teixeira-Cano situation last year, can you imagine that OBP set-up for Robbie? But Jeter will never bat 7, 8, or 9.

    • Cuso

      Cano is the prototypical #3 hitter. If Girardi moves him out of the #5 spot, it will absolutely only be to the #3 spot. Trying to make Cano into a clean-up hitter where singles are not whats expected of him would mess with his game. He’ll get his 30hrs if he stays with his approach – that being his ability to just line some singles through 3b/ss hole when opposing pitchers decide to stay out of his happy zone. A-Rod is still the cleanup hitter….period.

      That said, I bet Girardi goes with tex at 3, Cano at 5 for one more year. The change I’d expect to see is Gardner getting more time at leadoff, and moving Jeter back to the 2-hole.

  • Peedlum

    Jeter’s not getting any younger, but no one ever seems to bring up that his BAbip last year was 49 points below his career average and the lowest of his career. Probably related to his line drive percentage falling and his ground ball/fly ball percentage increasing, but he’s always been heavy on the ground balls so there’s hope.

  • Dan

    Are we trying to win or not?

    Unless Jeter stumbles into the fountain of youth at spring training he bats 8 or 9. We need to score runs and keep rallies going. Ego be damned. His skills of last year are not top of the order skills. If he is really the captain, he should have no trouble doing what is right for the team, not what is right for him.
    We have potentially the best leadoff hitter in the league in Gardner. He has to lead off until he proves he cannot.

    • Cuso

      Jeter batting 8th or 9th? No way in hell that happens this year. I’d bet my unborn grandkids’ eyes on it.

  • M

    If the 2010 Jeter wasn’t a product of nagging injuries and his hands have slowed slightly causing his base hits up the middle to be roll over grounders to short, then K-long will have a simple fix. However, having Jeter start his hands early will cause his Walk rate to decrease and his Strike out rate to increase… I think we have seen the last of Jeter being a .310+ hitter…I think Jeter will adjust and become a solid .280-.295, hitter with on OBP around .330, which does anyone have a problem with that production? I sure don’t

    • whozat

      I do, because having a leadoff hitter with a .330 OBP, little pop, and a tendency to ground into double plays is bad. If he was hitting eighth, it’d be fine. But he won’t

      • mike c

        if he’s going to GIDP that much, wouldn’t you want him batting leadoff so that he’s got less chances to hit with men on base?

        • whozat

          Not if you’re batting Gardner 9th. you want to put Jeter behind someone with power and a lesser OBP. It increases the changes of him batting without someone on first base.

          • mike c

            even if gardner steals 50 bases this season?

            • whozat

              …yes, because of all the times that he doesn’t steal bases, and all the times that Jeter grounds the first pitch to shortstop so Gardner can’t steal at all.

  • UYF1950

    As a long time Yankee fan I have to say my ideal batting order would be:
    Gardner – Lefty
    Swisher – Switch Hitter
    Cano – Lefty
    ARod – Righty
    Tex – Switch Hitter
    Granderson – Lefty
    Posada (DH) – Switch Hitter
    Martin/Montero – Both Righty
    Jeter – Righty

    But a previous poster was right. Jeter won’t be moved that far down in the line up at least not in 2011.

    • Monteroisdinero

      agree with this. The biggest thing to work on is Jeter’s pride which will be a non-starter. He should bat 9th now and Gardy should bat leadoff every game if for no other reason than he takes a ton of pitches and that helps other batters know what kind of stuff the opposing pitcher has on that day. I was in the minority throughout the Jeter contract talks but I didn’t want to sign him for the money and would have spent the money on Crawford (to bat 2nd) and DH Swish and bite the bullet on an aging Posada. Nunez bats 9th. Since none of that happened….we are back to KLong and reversing the aging process. Magic! I hope we are all proven wrong and the Captain rebounds.

  • OldYanksFan

    Holy shit! We pay Jeter $51m+ and yet he is STILL a thorn in our side?
    I would have given him a choice of 2 contracts.
    1) Bat in the 1-2 spot: 2/$18m
    2) Bat in the 8-9 spot: 3/$51m

    Let him pick.

    • Monteroisdinero

      Can’t do this when the inmates run the asylum. I am down on Jeter right now. Paying for the past is a bad business model.

  • Josh

    should work with tex. d00d loves his prolonged slumps.

  • jfajardo

    jeter-less doble play
    granderson hit n run
    cano-get more pitches to hit
    a.rod natural cleanup hitter
    tex-great protection
    posada-clutch hitter
    swish-no pressure
    catcher-what ever we get is good
    gardner-good speed at the end

  • YankeeEmpire

    I would have the following batting order:

    1. Gardner-speed
    2. Granderson-speed/some power
    3. Cano-average-power
    4. Rodriguez-some average and power
    5. Texiera-power
    6. Posada-power
    7. Swisher-some power
    8. Jeter-maybe average
    9. Martin-potential power average


  • Wadester

    I’m not sure if having him work with Kevin Long is gonna make much of a difference. Am I the only one that noticed the fact that every Yankee hitter except for Cano, hit below average last year? Sure, Swisher hit pretty good for a while, and Gardner had his moments. But the linup was stale, to say the least, for most of the year. I guess my point is, the hitting was awful, but the Yankees decided to fire the pitching coach, and pitching is all they had last year! Maybe it should have been the other way around?