Open Thread: Clay Bellinger


More World Series rings than Ty Cobb, Ted Williams, Barry Bonds, and Honus Wagner. Combined. (AP Photo/Bill Kostroun)

One the best and worst things about baseball is the way we romanticize the game. It’s amazing how we end up remember events as more important than they actually were or players as being better than they were. Clay Bellinger is a perfect example, I remember him being a pretty damn good bench piece during the dynasty years. But you know what? He stunk, hitting just .194/.258/.365 in parts of three seasons with the Yankees while playing pretty much every position besides pitcher and catcher. He was also pretty old (in baseball terms). The Giants drafted Bellinger in 1989 before letting him leave as a minor league free agent, and he even made a stop in the Orioles’ minor league system before joining the Yanks. He spent two years in Triple-A before making his big league debut, and by that time he was already 30. The Yankees released Bellinger nine years ago today, and you know what? I’m still going to remember his as being awesome for no other reason than because I can.

And here’s your open thread for the evening. The Devils, Isles, Knicks, and Nets all played today already, so you’re left with no local sports tonight. I’m sure you’ll figure something out. Enjoy.

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  1. Is the number 12 the symbol for mediocre bench players on the Yanks? Other than Fons, we’ve had Nunez, Bellinger, and I’m sure a whole cast of others wear the number.

    The number 24 is a different story, though.

  2. Steve H says:

    As much as I don’t look forward to Nova and Mitre both being in the rotation, I still the expect the Yankees to make the playoffs. With a move for a starting pitcher and a lockdown bullpen, this team is built for the playoffs. If you can head into the playoffs with CC/Hughes/Pitcher X/AJ, a great lineup and a stellar bullpen, that’s a tough matchup. As much as I want Pettitte to come back, I don’t think the #5 start needs to be addressed until closer to the deadline. I’d still like them to take a flier on an arm (Duchsherer my favorite), but if they can get to Ocotber (and TB will be worse), they’re built for success.

  3. kenthadley says:

    Gorzelanny just went to the Nats. Cash didn’t seem particularly interested, but there isn’t anything better available (Freddie G, Millwood, headline the list of weak available arms). I think Gorz would have been better than most, particularly being lefty. OK, he’s not David Price, but compared to what’s out there, I think we should’ve taken a shot. Is there anything better left?

    • Steve H says:

      Gorzelanny costs more than just money though. If he is better than what’s out there, is it a big enough difference to give up prospects? I’d rather just a take a flier on someone who’s out there now and trade at the deadline if necessary, for more of a sure thing than Gorzellany is.

    • Mike Axisa says:

      I’m not sure I would have matched what the Nats gave up. Morris and Burgess are damn fine prospects. It’s like …Adam Warren and Melky Mesa. Plus they threw in a third guy.

      • kenthadley says:

        Well, it might be academic, but Warren and Mesa for somebody who slots into a 3/4 for a playoff contending team seems a reasonable price to pay. The third guy was a throw in from what I can tell. Warren is what, our 5-6 rated starting pitcher in the minors, and Mesa might aspire to be Willy Mo as a ceiling. It just seems like we just don’t want to make a trade. Now, it’s a different story if we think Warren can be something for us, but from what I’ve read here, folks aren’t even sure he’s a starting pitcher in the majors. Just trying to figure out what we are doing going this late with Nova-Mitre, neither of which is Gorzelanny.

        • whozat says:

          Gorzelanny would, in all likelihood NOT slot into the 3/4 hole effectively. There odds are that he’d be a disaster.

          • MikeD says:

            Agreed. I think that’s probably what Cash thinks, too. He’s not giving up a young arm for someone he thinks won’t work.

            I’m still not seeing any names come up who I think will be better than what Joba has given us as a starter. Even a reduced-expectations Joba has more value than most of these guys.

      • NJYankeeFan says:

        That would have been too much to give up for a 4th/5th pitcher type like Gorzellany. I think there is a pretty decent chance Warren will be at least as good as him in a year or two, plus he’s not exactly an innings eater.

      • MikeD says:

        The Nats did give up more than I thought it would take.

    • Pitcher A (career): 4.68 ERA, 9.3 H/9, 1.0 HR/9, 4.1 BB/9, 6.6 K/9, 1.60 K/BB
      Pitcher B: 4.63 ERA, 8.2 H/9, 1.4 HR/9, 5.1 BB/9, 9.1 K/9, 1.79 K/BB

      Pitcher A is Gorzelanny. Pitcher B is Oliver Perez. The similarities are too great to make Gorzelanny a reliable asset.

      • kenthadley says:

        Yes, but one is trending up and the other is obviously trending to oblivion. I don’t buy the comparison, but I don’t think Gorz was THE answer, just an answer.

      • MikeD says:

        OMG, Oliver Perez. I hadn’t even thought about him. I mean, if the Mets just flat out relase him, do the Yankees invite the lefty to camp? I think they have to, just as a look-see. Just the slight chance he might contribute will drive Met-dom crazy.

    • mustang says:


  4. long time listener says:

    I believe he’s now a firefighter in Arizona. His Wikipedia page mentions that he was the assistant coach of an Arizona Little League team that went to the 2007 LLWS. His real first name is “Clayton,” which makes him sound like someone who wears a white suit and hangs out with Colonel Sanders and Foghorn Leghorn. “I say I say I say, I won two WORLD SERIES RINGS!”

  5. bexarama says:

    Oh man, remember the Curse of Clay Bellinger?

  6. Jake H says:

    I can’t wait for baseball.

  7. I came to an epiphany earlier today: I don’t hate the Angels nearly as much as I did last year. Maybe it’s my soft spot for a mediocre team, I don’t know. All I know is that the Angels could be considered my second AL team now.

    Since the opening of YSIII, the Angels are (including playoffs) 9-13. Maybe I like them because we can suddenly handle “ANGELS BASEBALL” now.

    • Jose the Satirist says:

      Weren’t the Angels the only team with a record above .500 against the Torre Yankees? I always felt like they were a thorn and I still dislike them. If we keep winning against them maybe that will dissipate. But not quite yet.

    • bexarama says:

      All I know is that the Angels could be considered my second AL team now.


      It’s not even that they beat the Yankees, it’s all the stupid Scioscia heavy-breathing and that.

  8. Squishy Jello Person says:

    The knowledge that I cannot take the Jeopardy audition test because I am technically a Disney/ABC employee is soul crushing.

    And I LOVE my job.

  9. ZZ says:

    Just curious. Do RAB posters think that Joba would be a better starter than Nova in 2011?

  10. Monteroisdinero says:

    I’m with the unpopular opinion as well. Nova over Joba. I’m a sucker for a good changeup and good mechanics. Also like Nova’s mellow/cool attitude out there.

    • Nova has no strikeout pitch or deception in his delivery. Sure he may throw 95+, but without a strikeout pitch it means nothing. It just means he’s going to get torched by the sixth inning.

      • ZZ says:


        Nova is not a strikeout pitcher. He can certainly get by the 6th inning without getting torched without a knockout strikeout pitch if he emphasizes groundballs and by mixing his pitches.

        • Steve H says:

          Emphasizing groundballs is easier said than done though. If it was easy, everyone would do it. I like Nova and think he’ll be a decent backend guy, but nothing more unless he can miss more bats. Hopefully Rothschild’s reputation as a strikeout pitching coach is legit, and not just a coincidence of having strikeout pitchers.

        • MannyGee says:

          sorry, going to the tape on this one.

          he pitched 6 innings only ONCE last season, got into the 6th only 3 other times. so he could not get through 6IP in half his starts last season; that is a concern if he is earning himself a spot in the rotation, no?

      • Monteroisdinero says:

        Nova has excellent deception-same smooth delivery on all pitches. It ain’t all about strikeouts pitching and home runs hitting. Nova has 3 pitches. Joba has two. His offspeed curve/change is not as advanced as Nova’s.

        Joba has a longer history and a ring but I like Nova.

      • You don’t necessarily need either a swing and miss pitch or deception to be successful in the bigs. His upside is limited, but he could be a nice pitcher who eats innings eater and wins loads of games on a team like the Yanks. Chien Ming Wang never had a swing and miss pitch or any deception, and he was our #2 at one point.

    • mustang says:

      “like Nova’s mellow/cool attitude out there”

      Me too.

      • whozat says:

        I love this. Sterling and Waldman decided this was the Nova meme after his first start, because he wiggled out of some jam. As more teams saw him, a few guys would get on base and he’d start to implode because he had trouble from the stretch — but the meme was already set in stone, DAMN the evidence!

        • mustang says:

          Nothing set in stone because of the small sample its an observation from the few time I seen him pitch. What does Sterling and Waldman have to do with it? Maybe if you stop following the “Sterling and Waldman” mashing herd you realize that they have nothing to do with it but of course that would be asking too much.

          • whozat says:

            What they have to do with it is being the folks who manufactured that narrative, because it certainly didn’t come from reality. I listen to most games on the (internet) radio because I live on the west coast. So I heard them call most of his starts last season and, despite him struggling whenever he put guys on base, they’d decided that he had Grace Under Pressure the first time they saw him.

            SO, since you’re parroting that narrative…

            • mustang says:

              So you didn’t SEE him pitch, but you can criticize the observation of people who have. Ok then that’s reality based right there argument over.

    • Xstar7 says:

      “Nova’s mellow/cool attitude out there.”

      Except when he pounds his glove furiously after a big out or the pouty faces he makes after Girardi pulls him.

  11. NJYankeeFan says:

    Pretty nice signings by the A’s adding Fuentes and Balfour on 2 year deals. They could be a tough matchup in the playoffs with a good bullpen and a good starting rotation, sort of like a poor man’s SF Giants from last year.

  12. Steve H says:

    I just took a look at Gorzelanny’s career stats and there is nothing there that would make me want the Yankees to trade for him. Doesn’t strike out enough guys (though it has been increasing), walks too many and doesn’t eat many innings. All of that in the NL.

  13. I’m not sure if the question should be would Joba be better than Nova (I think he would); I think the question should be whether he’d be better than Mitre, and I think we can all agree on that one. I’ve got no real problem with giving Nova a shot at the rotation, but I do have one with giving Mitre (another) chance to shit the bed.

    • Jose the Satirist says:

      Does anyone think Mitre would be better than Joba in 2010?

    • Xstar7 says:

      Try telling that to Brian Cashman who’s convinced Joba should stay in the pen.
      (FREE JOBA!)

    • NJYankeeFan says:

      That’s hilarious.

    • ZZ says:

      My question wasn’t mean to have any functional purpose as to the Yankee staff. I was just curious really how confident people are in Joba and to a lesser degree how little faith they have in Nova.

      If Pettitte does not return, I think Joba should get a chance to compete for a spot in the rotation, but it is just difficult for me to understand the level of optimism they have in him after watching him pitch last year.

      Joba would have to come to camp in shape and throwing the ball downhill consistently for me to think he would be better than Nova or worth moving him out of the bullpen again.

      • but it is just difficult for me to understand the level of optimism they have in him after watching him pitch last year.

        His peripherals were good, and that’s definitely encouraging. He’s still young enough, too, that there’s upside left. It’s more than worth a shot. Even if Pettitte does return, he should still be given a shot at the rotation.

    • Yeah, I agree completely. One sinkerballer on the staff is plenty, two and you could have some pretty rough stretches. At least Joba has swing and miss stuff, so his ceiling is higher.

    • mustang says:

      “I think the question should be whether he’d be better than Mitre, and I think we can all agree on that one”

      Agree and worth repeating.

  14. Avi says:

    According to Fangraphs Nova’s average fastball velocity was 93.1 MPH last year, good for 17th best among all starters. All 16 pitchers ahead of him are really good. Nova also has sink on the pitch, good control and at least a serviceable curve ball. Are we selling him a bit short?

    • NJYankeeFan says:

      I think he has some potential but he never really missed a lot of bats even in the minors and you have to think that’s only going to get worse in the majors.

    • Steve H says:

      Velocity is just one of many facets of pitching.

      • Avi says:

        But based on what is everyone saying this guy is no more than a back end starter? Nova is much more than a finesse type. Also with the deception I remember reading last year when he came up how he was very deceptive because his delivery was so effortless. Funny.

        • Steve H says:

          Yeah, he’s probably nothing more than a backend starter, 93 MPH fastball or not. RHP’s right around Nova in velocity last year include Jason Hammell, Kyle Davies, Jeremy Guthrie. Others include Oswalt, Gallardo and Hughes. Nova has a much better chance to end up in the first group due to the whole repertoire of pitches. Again, velocity is not everything.

          • Avi says:

            So the rankings are an indictment on his secondary pitches?

            • Steve H says:

              That, and despite good velocity on his fastball, it doesn’t necessarily make a a good pitch. A 96 MPH fastball, if straight and not consistently located properly, is not a good pitch.

              • Avi says:

                Well he has good control, it’s also not a straight FB, it’s a sinker. His curveball looked to me liked it had sharp break many times last year. Obviously he’ll need to work to be consistent with it but which rookie doesn’t need to work on consistency with their breaking stuff. I don’t see how someone can rank Nova as a back end guy based on a concern over control or location.

                • Steve H says:

                  Considering every talent evaluator* considers him nothing more than a backend guy, I’m sure there’s enough to go on in both scouting reports and stats that peg him as a #4 or #5 guy going forward.

                  *hyperbole, but I haven’t seen anyone too high on Nova

                  • Avi says:

                    I know they all peg him as a back end guy, I read the same evaluators you do. I’m trying to understand why though? I’m wondering if Nova has had a recent spike in velocity and all the reports were based on lower readings.

              • RiddlemeThis says:

                “A straight, not consistently located fb”

                don’t we have a guy like that…..(cough)JOBA!!!(cough….cough)

          • Avi says:

            Other starters right around Nova’s velocity are CC, Greinke and Lester. There are a lot more good and great starters in the 93.1 range than the ok guys you mentioned.

            • Steve H says:

              Yeah, and they are good because they have a lot more than a fastball with good velocity. They have good to great secondary pitches and not all 93 MPH fastballs are created equally.

              • Monteroisdinero says:

                and Nova (not even one full season in the bigs and just turned 24) has excellent secondary pitches-curve and change.

                What was Halladay doing at age 23/24? The same pitcher he has been from 28-33? Not saying Nova will be that good but the jury is still out. He’s a big guy with good health, good mechanics and a full repertoire. Confidence and experience takes some time.

                • Steve H says:

                  Not that prospect rankings are gospel, but Halladay was a big time prospect, loved by talent evaluators. Nova is not. There’s a reason for that.

                  • Monteroisdinero says:

                    True enough. Nova was the triple A pitcher of the year-there is some potential there. Then again, Nunez was the allstar triple A SS and we all know nobody here likes him. A career utility guy-so deemed at age 23 by all the experts. This is all tough to predict but if Clay can get a few world series rings-anything is possible.

    • Yeah, this gets overlooked. I’m not sure if its because he was in mid-season form, or overthrowing the ball because he was so amped to get a big league call up. But his scouting reports said he sits in the low 90s, but when I watched him pitch the radar gun seemed to be 95-97 consistently. If his added velocity is for real, his upside could be close to that of Wang.

    • MannyGee says:

      not selling him short, would really love to see him get through a lineup 3 times without falling apart is all… didn’t see it much in 2010, hoping for more in 2011

  15. Russ says:

    I was a Clay Bellinger fan, but then I’m a sucker for those types of utility guys. Granted he was certainly no Andy Fox or Homer Bush but he is missed because we really could use a multi-positional bench guy right now.

  16. bonestock94 says:

    Dodgers gonna sign Thames here. I’m really hoping for a Colletti overpay here, I can use some basball lols.

  17. PaulF says:

    I decided to tally up the 2010 WAR totals of the players that the Yankees have added and lost this offseason:
    Pettitte 2.3 WAR
    Thames 0.6
    Wood 0.4
    Kearns 0.3
    Johnson 0.1
    Berkman 0.0
    Vazquez -0.2
    Total : 3.5

    Martin 2.1
    Soriano 1.6
    Feliciano 0.8
    Jones* 1.8
    Total: 6.3

    Net gain of 2.8 WAR

    This is obviously very rough and doesn’t account for changes in playing time, but it does suggest that this offseason might not be going as badly as it seems. Thoughts? Anyone I missed?

    • Steve H says:

      It really hasn’t been bad. The perception of “losing” Lee, along with the Sox picking up Crawford and Gonzalez gets the headlines, but it has not been a disaster offseason for the Yankees. If Pettitte comes back, that’s even better.

    • NJYankeeFan says:

      I think you have to knock off 1 WAR from Andruw Jones to be realistic but they would still come out ahead of last year.

    • Avi says:

      I think the Yanks will add a strong starter sooner or later (might be Pettitte) and they’re then set up to have a ridiculous team. One starter is the last piece to the puzzle. That’s why I keep voting a 9 in the fan confidence poll. If the Yanks add Pettitte or a starter like him, is there any doubt they’re at least one of the top two teams in baseball on paper?

    • Jimmy McNulty says:

      It’s kinda unfair talk about the WAR added. There’s a good chance that Cano, Swisher, and Gardner decline. Hell it’s not out of the question that A-Rod and Jeter take another dip in production too. The Red Sox just had an incredible offseason, not to mention they’re likely to see a rebound from Beckett and Lackey and not to mention full seasons of Pedroia and Youkilis.

    • NJYankeeFan says:

      I saw him play a couple of games as a SI Yankee. He seems fairly agile behind the plate and made consistently hard contact especially compared to another young prospect on that team, Kelvin DeLeon.

    • Avi says:

      Well he’s top 25 right now according to most. If he destroys low class A pitching (at 18) and proves himself as a legit catcher he might be the best prospect in the game.

      • mbonzo says:

        If he destroys low A, I’m sure they’ll move him up quicker to a level he’ll struggle at. His slugging is ridiculous for a 17 year old, so I don’t know how confident we can be that he’s actually his age.

        • Avi says:

          Yeah I could see Sanchez finishing next season at high class A, ready to advance to double A in 2012. That would be sick. He looks young, almost baby faced in his pictures. Is there any test to tell someone’s age? it’s gotta be in the blood/DNA..

      • mbonzo says:

        Also, if he repeats what he did last year, I could definitely see him being ranked above Mike Trout. But the odds are very slim.

    • MannyGee says:




  18. Dale Mohorcic says:

    Sure hope starting Sergio meat tray turns out to be a bunch of baloney.

  19. mbonzo says:

    Fun Fact
    Nova, through the first 2 innings this year in the majors had a 0.64 ERA. He had a 2.57 ERA through the first 4 innings, and through the fifth he had a 4.76 ERA.

    • Avi says:

      I think that has more to do with focus and composure than anything. You don’t go to from that unhittable to that hittable because it’s the second time guys are seeing your stuff.

      • whozat says:

        Yeah, you do. That’s why guys get consigned to the bullpen for being two-pitch pitchers. You need that third pitch to turn the lineup over more than once or twice.

        • Steve H says:

          To add on to what you said, it also has to do with this being a 14 inning sample size, with BABIP’s of .235 in the 1st and .150 in the 2nd.

          • mbonzo says:

            Oh sweet didn’t see the BABIPs. Thats pretty scary. Its .417 in the 5th innings too which is good news. I wish they had splits for his minor league games.

        • Avi says:

          There are and have been a ton of starters that had a lot of success with just two pitches. Clemens and Burnett are two guys that come to mind immediately (throwing a slider for Clemens or changeup for Burnett 5 times a game had very little to do with their success). Also Nova does throw a change-up.

    • Monteroisdinero says:

      So the answer is CC/Hughes/AJ and Nova 4/5 innings with Joba 2/3 innings. Our 4th starter is Novajoba. 5th starter hopefully if Andy comes back.

    • MikeD says:

      Nova to the pen!

  20. Oh and just in case you weren’t aware: Kemba Walker. That is all.

  21. Chief says:

    Clay Bellinger – the only thing I can remember about him is making a catch at the top of the left field fence off the bat of Todd Zeile in the 2000 World Series, game 2 I think?

  22. YankeesJunkie says:

    Man I just reading the NoMass live chat…scary scary stuff and not in a good way.

  23. Adam says:

    This site is f’n nerd central. Clay? WTF? If there’s no news, go out and do something. You f’n nerds.

  24. Xstar7 says:

    Does anyone else think the Knicks are a tad overrated?

  25. OldYanksFan says:

    Any guesses on what Pujols signbs with the Cards for?
    I say 8/$224m

  26. Joba For Pelfrey

    In the case of Pelfrey, the Yankees would receive a pitcher who just turned 27, is remarkably durable and consistent, and would immediately solidify the back end of the team’s rotation. With the 2011 plan clearly to get through six innings and turn it over to the bullpen, having a pitcher like Pelfrey- whose last three seasons are comparable to what the team received from Chien-Ming Wang- would provide a huge boost. And Pelfrey’s durability means the Yankees have a bulwark against injuries/ineffectiveness by everyone in the rotation not named CC Sabathia or Phil Hughes.

    As for Chamberlain, the new Yankee plan calls for him to pitch extraordinarily low leverage innings. Why not turn that spot into a strong rotation option instead? Furthermore, Pelfrey’s age allows him to slot in with Hughes and Sabathia over the longer term, and puts that much less pressure on the talented trio of Manny Banuelos, Dellin Betances and Andrew Brackman. If all three pan out, great- the Yankees can deal Pelfrey. But that’s asking a lot of pitching prospects- more likely, at least one will not.


    Ummmm…no. I’m not trading mediocre production with good peripherals for mediocre production with bad peripherals. Try again, Howard.

    • Xstar7 says:

      That’s not going happen since Pelfrey is going to be a big part of the Mets rotation with Santana’s injury and all.

      • Meh, the Met’s know they’re dead this year, and probably for 2-3 more years. Best thing they can do is rebuild and pray for a WC.

        • Jimmy McNulty says:

          Best thing they can do is rebuild and pray for a WC.

          Oddly enough, that sounds similar to the Yankees’ plan.

        • Reggie C. says:


          The Mets need:
          1. Johan Santana to pick up where he left off and re-establish his ace-hood,
          2. Jon Niese to turn into Andy Pettitte,
          3. RA Dickey to regress but match one of those not-so-terrible Tim Wakefield campaigns,
          4. Jason Bay’s to re-discover his 30 homer power,
          5. Jenry Mejia to spend a full-season in the minors without interruption.

          I think the Mets will be able to scap together just enough offense in Reyes, Wright, Beltran, and yes … Bay. The huge question marks are with its rotation, and at the end of the day, the team is probably 2 years away.

  27. Anthony says:

    When I was younger he used to be my favorite player. I would call him Clutch Bellinger. (turns out he wasn’t clutch at all)

  28. Jimmy McNulty says:

    I think I hate Joba more than anyone here. Move that asshole to the fucking rotation.

    Yes, I know this is a dead horse, and no I don’t care. I’m a fan and goddamnit I’m going to bitch about dumb shit my favorite team does.

  29. Pat D says:

    I just want to let everyone know this: if you’re having a problem with your cell phone, and the screen of your phone is cracked, it DOESN’T MATTER if that’s the problem with your phone.

    You broke your phone, your carrier ain’t gonna send you a new one unless you have insurance. And if you don’t want to pay the insurance fee, that’s your problem.

    • Xstar7 says:

      That happened to me. It sucked and my phones warranty didn’t cover it.

      • Pat D says:

        That’s right. No warranty of any kind will cover physical damage.

        • Xstar7 says:

          It’s ridiculous. They just called it “neglect of merchandise” and wouldn’t repair or send me a new one even though I generally took good care of my phone but accidentally dropped it on it’s screen and cracked it. I eventually just bought a new one but it still pisses me off.

          • Pat D says:

            Yea, that’s the way it works. I’m not trying to be un-sympathetic, but I’m speaking as someone who does tech support for a cell phone company and just had a call that really got on my nerves because the customer didn’t listen to me at all.

            The cell phone carrier is not the maker of the phone, but they’ll redeem the warranties because they move faster than the phone makers. But no phone warranty covers anything considered physical damage, which is basically cracked screen, broken pieces, obviously cracked plastic, etc. There’s no use arguing this point.

            Put it this way. If you call me, you have damage like that, but you don’t tell me and I replace your phone, you’re going to get an out of warranty charge that can be anywhere from about $80 to $300 depending on the phone you have.

    • MikeD says:

      I never buy insurance or the extended warranty on anything, with one exception: My Blackberry, which is now about four years old. I’ve had it fixed a number of times, so I’ll probably do it again when I finally replace this thing, which is rapidly approaching ancient technology by today’s standards.

      • Pat D says:

        I’d get it for a smartphone, considering the costs involved.

        Make sure you know if it’s just an extended warranty, an insurance option (which covers things a warranty doesn’t), or a combination of both, so you know exactly what coverage you have.

  30. Avi says:

    For the record I’m more concerned about Burnett than Nova. I have no faith that Burnett is gonna improve. I would take Nova over Burnett for this season at the same salary.
    (posted this above by accident)

    • Burnett is likely to improve, at least to 2009 form. He’s not going to be historically bad again.

    • Reggie C. says:

      Whether Burnett flames out again to the tune of a 1.50 WHIP. My memory of Burnett’s help in the 2009 post-season has already dimmed to a flicker, but for many its altogether extinguished after 2010. I won’t write him off just yet. Hopefully he can shave the WHIP down to ’09 levels.

  31. Jimmy McNulty says:

    Two things:

    The Cape, while nerdy as hell is awesome. Superheroes fucking rule.

    Pawn Stars is incredible, whereas Hardcore Pawn is just a couple of slimey sleezeballs taking advantage of poor people.

    Bonus Cantos:

    American Pickers gives me hope that no matter how hard I fuck up in life, if I’m willing to drive cross country with a guy who can’t negotiate his way out of a nutsack and root around through other people’s shit I have a viable future.

    • Pawn Stars is incredible, whereas Hardcore Pawn is just a couple of slimey sleezeballs taking advantage of poor people.

      I LOVE “Pawn Stars.” I watched “American Pickers” a few times, and wasn’t too impressed.

  32. http://img207.imageshack.us/im.....urtis5.png

    From the Nomaas chat, Curtis Granderson is supposedly a pervert. Who would have thought?

  33. Avi says:

    Jon Rauch for one year $3.5M with a 2012 club option of $3.75M seems like one of the best contracts given out this off season.

  34. yankees willing to include nova, mcallister and 2 prospects for dan haren, will not eat $ and give up joba. still talking.


    Would you make that deal (Joba, Nova+2 prospects) for Haren today? I would.

    • Jimmy McNulty says:

      Hell…that could have been 28 then. Sigh…

    • Xstar7 says:

      If this deal gets done and the Yankees sign Andruw Jones we can actually say the Yankees had a successful offseason. Who would have thought?

    • ZZ says:

      How can you answer that without knowing who the prospects were?

      • Since the headliners are named, the assumption is the other two would be lesser, b-level type prospects. Nobody in the top 5, maybe at most a Laird-type who breaks the top 10.

        • ZZ says:

          From what I remember Arizona wanted Banuelos. You also have to remember you are talking about these prospects from July. Top 5 guys now that the season is over were not necessarily well known guys then, especially to someone like Heyman who has no idea who these kids are.

          • Maybe it was either Joba or Banuelos? Both sounds a little rich, especially considering what they actually got for Haren.

            • ZZ says:

              It is hard to compare packages in a trade like that and say the Yankees could have beaten that.

              It was an ownership driven trade to dumb salary and when ownership gets involved you never know what they actually want. Saunders was more of a brand name to bring back to sell to fans. Or it is just possible that Byrnes is a terrible GM who really valued Saunders and judging from his quotes after the trade this could have very well been the case.

    • Avi says:

      Assuming the prospects aren’t Montero or the B’s anyone would jump all over that deal. If it’s true it’s a bad job by Cashman for mis-evaluating Joba and not getting that deal done.

  35. Engelbert says:

    just noticed this: why does it say Jeter wore #42 in 2007?

    http://www.yankeenumbers.com/p.....=%3D%2C%2C (sfw)

    • Jackie Robinson Day. Every player in MLB wears #42 on that day to honor Jackie Robinson.

      • Pat D says:

        Well, it’s fluctuated. Some years a couple players did it and I remember some years where everyone did.

        Personally, I think it’s being overdone at this point. What’s the purpose of permanently retiring the number if you keep unretiring it for one day? Surely there are better ways to honor the man.

  36. ZZ says:

    One last thing about Nova.

    This idea that he can’t get through the lineup 3 times or pitch deep into games is very unfair given what actually happened last season. Putting aside that it was he first taste of the big leagues and it was only 7 starts, Girardi never gave Nova a chance to pitch deep into the game or get through the order again.

    His pitch counts were: 73, 88, 76, 91, 74, 74, 78, 81.

    Of course you are not going to pitch deep into games if your manager has that quick of a hook. The games were too important last year and at any sign of trouble Girardi would take Nova out.

    Give the kid 100+ pitches to work with and then it is fair to start making those kind of statements.

  37. Avi says:

    According to Heyman the Yanks are thinking about signing Damon. Would they sign Damon even if they have Andruw?

    • Jon’s had a great off season so far, but I’ll still weigh in with my snarky ‘Damon’s a Boras client’ reply to that one.

      • For those who haven’t noticed, Jon had the “mystery team” on Lee when nobody else did. He had Soriano to the Yanks when Cashman was flat out denying it, and stuck to his story.

        Credit where credit’s due, and I’m no fan of Heyman.

      • mustang says:

        Agree on Heyman,

        Nice to see someone giving him some credit instead of just bashing the guy at very turn.
        Don’t care for the guy one-way or the other but the bashing/ no credit thing gets crazy here sometimes.

    • Xstar7 says:

      The only reason I think the Yankees would get Johnny Damon is if they didn’t get Andruw Jones. And even that doesn’t make too much sense since the Yankees are looking for a fourth outfielder who’s right-handed. Maybe Heyman’s trying to tell us the Jones talks aren’t doing so well anymore.

      • Teh Comp Pick says:

        My first two thoughts are that 1. Heyman figures his tweet is more popular by throwing NYY into it and 2. The org trying to put a little pressure on Jones.

        That being said, Damon is a fit while a LHB himself, he hits LHP well

    • Steve H says:

      The only way that’s even remotely true is if they are going to trade one of their 3 starting OF’s and want to platoon Damon and Jones in LF.

    • MikeD says:

      Maybe another Levine move. Might explain what I saw earlier. I was driving by the Gateway Building in Stamford, and I’m pretty sure I saw Brian Cashman planning to repel down it again, but without any ropes.

    • MikeD says:

      Damon to the Angels would be interesting. They already have Abreu, so they’re rebuilding our poor defense OF. They also had Matsui last year. Wonder how longer before Bubba Crosy is their starting CFer?

  38. bonestock94 says:

    Uhhh is Prince Fielder really that skinny now???

  39. mustang says:

    Ugly list:

    Brian Bannister,Jeremy Bonderman, Doug Davis,Justin Duchscherer ,Freddy Garcia,Braden Looper,John Maine,Pedro Martinez,Kevin Millwood,Jamie Moyer,Nate Robertson,Carl Pavano,Jarrod Washburn,Todd Wellemeyer,Chris Young and Jeff Suppan

  40. NJYankeeFan says:

    That psychopath Larussa is still messing with Colby Rasmus. There’s no way that situation is going to end well for St Louis and the Yanks should keep their number on speed dial. We should be able to put together a pretty competitive package for that future superstar when he inevitably becomes available.

    • long time listener says:

      The key is to wait until the Cardinals lose faith in him and are willing to take a lousy package for him, but not so long that LaRussa does permanent damage.

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