Sherman: Cone to return to YES booth

Open Thread: "It was there, and it was gone"
What future for Joba's past shoulder injury?

Joel Sherman is at the BAT dinner tonight, and he ran into the Yanks’ old pal David Cone who shared some good news with The Post reporter. Coney will be returning to the YES booth for 25 games this season. We don’t yet know which member of the Yanks’ broadcast team Cone will be replacing, but my money’s on Tino taking his talents elsewhere. I’ve always enjoyed Cone’s contributions to the telecasts, and it’ll be good to hear him on the air again. I wonder if he’s finally figured out his dance yet.

Open Thread: "It was there, and it was gone"
What future for Joba's past shoulder injury?
  • Richard Iurilli

    Best news of the offseason? Best news of the offseason.

    • Simon B.

      Definitely! I’m as happy about this as almost any player acquisition.

      Maybe they got rid of the YES exec that gave Cone such a hard time for not being a complete homer.

      • steve (different one)

        Maybe they got rid of the YES exec that gave Cone such a hard time for not being a complete homer.


    • Jimmy McNulty

      It’s not like it has a whole lot of competition.

  • Icxe

    Forget the broadcast booth, as it stands he would be an improve the rotation.

    • MikeD


  • mike c


  • Rafael

    Can he still pitch?

  • Brooklyn Ed

    I wonder if he will expose his number again? lol…

    • Simon

      He’s an upgrade over Nova and Mitre, i wouldnt mind.

  • Poopy Pants

    Awesome news.

  • Xstar7

    I’d rather see Flaherty leave than Tino. Flaherty’s broadcasts are so bland.

  • EK Yanks

    Cone will be fine if he stays away from analysing pitches by saying “it was kind of a curveball” It either is or it isn’t! He gets really annoying with it. Listen this year, he’ll say it at least 3 times any at bat! Make a decisive statement, that’s what they pay you for!

    • ShuutoHeat

      What if the pitch was a slurve?

  • EK Yanks

    Doesn’t matter what kind of pitch it is, he’s never decisive with his assessment of it.

    • whozat

      I think the thing you’re missing is that there’s really a continuum of pitches, and that one guy’s hard curve might move similarly to another guy’s slider, one guy’s cutter might move like another guy’s two-seamer. It kinda doesn’t matter what exactly it is, it matters more what the pitcher was trying to do with the pitch (change eye-level, change speeds, move hitter off the plate, etc) and Cone excels at that.

    • Poopy Pants

      To me, that’s the sign of an intelligent person. He obviously knows pitching. Definitive statements are often based in ignorance.

      • the Other Steve S.

        Ask Tim McCarver

  • Matt

    Maybe Cashman’s master plan is to solidify the booth so that on days when Mitre is pitching, the TV viewers will become distracted from what’s going happening down on the field.

  • mike

    awesome news!!!!!!!!

  • JimmieFoxx

    YES!! (No pun intended) This just made my year!!

  • Kearns Mustard

    this is great news, Cone talked about FANGRAPHS before his Hiatus. Hes probly been reading and thinking about it some more. Cone/Singleton once again becomes the best combo on the network. Hopefully we get it for at least a couple series’

  • Lucas Apostoleris

    I AM PUMPED! I’m looking forward to the Fangraphs and PITCHf/x references.

  • JeffG

    Great news. Glad he is back.

  • Blaise

    My favoite Cone moment has to be when he said IPK was getting “jerked off” (meaning jerked around) in the bullpen. And apparently he said the same thing about Joba once lol. I can’t find the video, just this link. Anyone remember that?

  • Mike G

    Hey Coney, Why don’t you have a dance???

  • Dale Mohorcic

    This is great news. Cone has the potential to turn into another Scooter type. He’s far more entertaining than anyone they’ve got.

  • FIPster Doofus
  • mike hc

    Cone and paul are my favorite announcers with ken close behind. Very glad to see cone coming back

  • The Captain

    Coney is the best color guy on YES. This is great news for all Yankee fans who have access to the YES network.

    Being stuck out here in Wisconsin, I am once again left jealous of everybody who has that access.

    • Howie

      Do what I did when I moved to California: subscribe to MLB.TV

      • Sean C

        Do what I do by living in Illinois: subscribe to MLB.TV and convince your dad to get crazy DIRECTV packages that include YES and MLB Extra Innings and go enjoy baseball and beer with your dad. Or, you know, just get MLB.TV or something…

        • Mister D

          Screw that. Move back to New York.

        • BavarianYankee

          do what I do since 2007: subscribe so MLB.TV. I live in Germany and I wouldn’t be able to see 1 second of baseball in my life if I wouldn’t subscribe to MLB.TV.

          btw: will be great to have Coney in the booth again :)

    • Matt23

      I would definitely recommend trying MLB Extra Innings (on DirectTV) or MLB.TV (on the computer or number of devices) if you have the ability to do so. I live in Idaho and am able to watch all of the games on YES.

  • Matt

    Glad to hear Cone will be back. If I was able to choose who he would be replacing it would be Singleton, he drives me absolutely crazy.

    • Matt

      Hi Benjamin, I noticed that I was referenced in a tweet that you wrote for this post, that I “hate Kenny Singleton on the air”. I just want to follow up and say that’s absolutely not the case, and a bit extreme. Although I mentioned that he drives me crazy, I may have exaggerated a bit and feel that he is still better than the majority of announcers out there. He just gets too repetitive at times to me as an example. Just wanted to clear this up, I guess I’ve just become somewhat spoiled since YES is much better than your typical broadcast team.

      I love the site by the way, appreciate all that you guys do to bring news to Yankee fans.

      • Benjamin Kabak

        Thanks for taking the time to respond. I was quite surprised to hear your strident view because most people I’ve spoken with find Singleton to be the best at color commentary and the more knowledgeable of the Yanks’ broadcasters. That said, everyone is certainly entitled to his or her own opinion, and after 140 games of Singleton, I can see how he could get repetitive. Apologies for conflating your opinion.

        • Matt

          Thanks, not a problem. I was just kind of surprised when I saw the tweet. I suppose I should have chosen my words more careful when writing the post, and perhaps expanded with some reasoning. I like Kenny, he seems like a good guy and is very knowledgeable. I think that it is just a repetition thing, as I do watch every game (at least try to) on YES throughout the season. Thank you for the response.

  • MikeD

    Good news. I wasn’t a huge fan of Cone when he first started doing Yankee games, but he made tremendous progress, and I remember thinking later in his last season on YES that he had become one of the strongest members of the team. I also greatly appreciated his mentions and use of sites such as B-R and Fangraphs. He clearly was doing his homework and was open to new ideas.

    Welcome back, Coney.

  • Zack

    As long as its not Paul that will be gone, I can handle whoever will leave. Welcome back Cone!

  • Jackstrawelf

    Cone and Paul are the best, I dont even listen when I have to put up with Joe BUck and Tim McCarver on fox and in the playoffs, they need people like these two who actually have some personality that is entertaining

  • Michael R.

    Although the ultimate goal is for Singleton to replace Kay as the PBP, I hope Cone replaces Tino. He’s a good guy, but he sounds like he has a grape stuck in his nose whenever he talks and we hear more about his career than the game itself.