The Black Hole Yankees, Mel Hall, and Me

Reevaluating Johan Santana: part 2 of 2
Yanks Looking to Fill DL Spot - Chavez Interested

As most of you already know, Mel Hall was a loathsome human being, a gutless bully, and a rotten apple with a stunning dearth of decency.

But flashback to the late-80s, and Hall was one of my favorite Yankees. It’s not easy to admit this now, and I wince when I think that I spent several years of my boyhood admiring a disgraceful cancer of a person. He was part of the haphazard collection of futility masquerading as the New York Yankees on WPIX 11 Alive! At seven-thirty each night, I sat riveted as the buoyancy of Scooter Rizutto’s commentary was tested by a relentless parade of cast-offs, has-beens, and over-the-hill prima donnas. It was a franchise whose blueprint for success consisted of chasing after aging superstars and overpaying them through their decline – an M.O. that had already become a vintage George Steinbrenner trait. Now, the excesses and inanity of the past decade had finally culminated in a series of atrociously bad teams and Seinfeld’s most memorable Frank Costanza moment.

The Steinbrenner dogma permeated all levels of the ballclub. As blown-out 35-year-old hamstrings, groins, and rotator cuffs forced an urgency for new blood, the hapless reinforcements brought up from a ravaged farm system quickly revealed their futility. (Which is generally what 7th-rounders are generally expected to reveal.) But that was okay, because there was always another 30-something former All-Star on the horizon that some second-division team was trying to unload. Until this time, the Yankees teams of this 80s weren’t so much bad as they were poorly constructed: while top-heavy with fading sluggers like Jack Clark and Ken Phelps, the pitching staffs were mostly populated by soft-tossing journeymen and AAA cannon fodder.

And yet, Mel Hall’s 1989 acquisition for spare parts represented, at least to some degree, a break from convention at the time. Still only 29, Hall had moderate lefty power – never a detriment at Yankee Stadium. He also possessed versatility in that he could play both corner outfield positions and even centerfield in a pinch – though, by all available measures, horrendously.

Hall’s role, however, was ill defined from the start. With a Yankees outfield that was already set going into the ’89 campaign, he would initially serve as an expensive, defensively challenged bench player whose splits suggested that most halfway decent pitchers could more or less have their way with him, irrespective of their handed-ness. More ominously, over his previous two seasons, he had posted a combined 1.1 WAR, and he hadn’t seen the fun side of 100 OPS+ since Reaganomics.

But after seeing him play, I didn’t care about any of that. Hall had actually been on my radar since the previous season, when I watched him uncoil one of the coolest homerun strokes I’d ever seen off Yankees ace-by-default Rick Rhoden. And as I write this now, I can’t think of any bigger indictment of teenage judgment than my believing that launching a bomb off the shell of Rick Rhoden was impressive.

Being a Wiffle Ball connoisseur of idiosyncratic batting stances was probably what got me on the Mel Hall bandwagon to begin with. Hall straddled the batter’s box with a wide-open lefty gait, his back leg crouched at a 90 degree angle and his front foot yawning to the right, all the way on the opposite side of the box. It was an impossible stance, one that couldn’t possibly allow for enough torque or drive to generate any power, and I pictured an exasperated high school coach pleading with an insufferably stubborn teenage version of Hall to bag it altogether. So in my mind, it was also a defiant stance, making it all the more appealing.

Regardless, normal people couldn’t hit like this. I know. I tried. And when my Babe Ruth coach caught my awkward rendition of the cocky leftfielder in a live game, he informed me that a.) I needed to pull my head out of my ass, and that b.) I had enough trouble hitting like myself, much less a freaking Yankee. Tough love.

At that point, it wasn’t about imitating a cool stance anymore. It was about being a rebel by association (or so I thought), about channeling another person’s cool confidence to help alleviate my own gnawing feelings of athletic ineptitude and utter dorkiness.

A few days after my first failed attempt at mimicking the Yankees fourth outfielder, I summoned up the nerve to give it another go. It happened in the late innings of a thumping at the hands of Kiwanis Club, and I was mired in one of my 0-for-infinity slumps. There was literally nothing to lose.

I waited until halfway through the at-bat before dropping into the inimitable crouch. The second I descended, I knew I’d nailed it: The gait, the crouch, the “Bring the heat, meat” bat waggle – all perfect. The kid on the mound paused before going into his windup, glancing at me as if to say, “Mel Hall? Really?”

Really. But two pitches later, I was a strikeout victim slogging my way back to the dugout under the glare of my coach and the simmering contempt of my teammates. As I descended the dugout steps, I overheard a grown woman in the stands mutter, “He thinks he’s black.”

I didn’t know this, but my dad had seen everything from the stands. He’d left work early enough to catch the last few innings of the game and to give me a ride home. Afterwards, in the parking lot, he polished off a concession stand hot dog as I shoved my 10-speed into his trunk. He knew I was smack in my Mel Hall phase but couldn’t for the life of him understand why. Breaking the uncomfortable silence, he said, “Jim Rice is who you should be looking at: balanced stance; smooth, level swing; quiet bat.” He loved Jim Rice and the Red Sox, which made for a bumpy ride between us at times. He was also right, of course, but I’d be damned if I’d ever emulate a Red Sock, future Hall of Famer or not.

On the drive home my dad offered a more palatable solution: “What about Mattingly? Why not try to hit like him?”

It was a fair point. I did love Donnie Baseball, but so did everyone else. Mattingly was the Yankees. In contrast, Mel Hall was a placeholder on a downtrodden team, a semi-talented nobody. To my adolescent eyes, he was an outlaw, a mercenary, and a rogue hell bent on proving everyone wrong.

As we pulled up to my house, I grudgingly ended my seven-minute vow of silence. “Mel Hall’s cool,” I blurted. They were the most misguided words I’d ever spoken.

Reevaluating Johan Santana: part 2 of 2
Yanks Looking to Fill DL Spot - Chavez Interested
  • Adam

    Have no fear, as a fan of the same generation, I too remember enjoying Mel Hall (this was before knowing how much of a douche he was). In fact I remember him hitting a walk off homer against the Red Sox (umm, ’91?) as one of my happiest Yankee moments of that time. If nothing else I always think about how bad those years were to give me a good dose of appreciation for where we are now.

    Also, I think of Paul Zuvella and then feel really fortunate for the current state of the team.


      Ha. I was at that game. I’m not positive but I’m PRETTY sure it was memorial day. It was definately a day game.

      I used to do the Mel Hall stance for fun too. THough my experience that is similar was playing for the LI Cardinals I decided in the middle of hte season that I was going to use Eric Davis’ stance. I somehow homered the first time I did it and then slogged through about a 1-19 with about 9 k’s before switching back to my natural molitor esque, quiet no stride stance.

      But it’s funny talking to younger fans who just can’t even conciece of what it was like back then. After about 87 it turned nearly catastrophic. I mena there was a time that Claudell freakin Washington was my favorite non Mattingly yankee.

      Hall was a guy who always seemed to be better than he was. He could do alot of things marginally well. ALso when fans complain about overhyped yankee prospects these days as it concerned IPK, JOba, and Hughes????!!! I would have murdered for them back then.

      Our comparable 3 were Clay Parker, Jeff Johnson and Scott Kamienicki. Sam Milletello. . . .Pat Kelly. . . .etc etc etc.

      Also the stadium was EMPTY back then. We went to about 60 games a year (and we were straight up middle class imagine that) and you could always move down to the front rows by the 3rd inning. THe stadium was a mauseleoum. We used to have a game and guess by how many thousands they would inflate the attendance over the PA lol

      • Jorge

        The great Jeff Johnson – couple of years in the Yankee rotation, couldn’t even get a roster spot anywhere else. I love those crappy early-90’s teams.

      • brockdc

        “Hall was a guy who always seemed to be better than he was.”

        You nailed it. Was it the cockiness? I still can’t figure it out.

        • Dr.Franco

          Hi Brock,

          I’m happy to see some good emails on Mel Hall he had a bad RAP from his Fans. Yes he was cocky at times and within reason. People don’t speak about when he use to go to the Children’s hospital on holiday’s to bring them a Smile and gift,plus donate money when he got letters from his Young Fans!I have one wish to meet with you in person,(He Did).He never boosted about it what he did. It was the Action the he took. I see that there are some common sense people out there and I want to thank you for this. I Met Mr.Hall on a occasion on one to one level and he is a wonderful person,he does have a soft side to him and a Kind one! Liked him as a Player, played Hard and a Team player always Positive about things. But I Really liked him as a Person The one I Know “The Mel Hall” He was under estimated, ….

          • Simon Gression

            He was under estimated, He did good for the sick children at the Childrens hospitals for many years brought unwrapped gifts and bats and glove autographed.. That was so kind, this was never mentioned in the blogs just how he is a dirt bag….

            People need not to be judgemental and look at them self before they pass jugdement. Mel was great with the donation and helping the sick children when Holidays were coming!

        • Terry Frenchy

          Brock your a our a piece of Myarda!!!!! You old man. Go brush teeth it stinks & Why don;t you go to my dentist in NewYork on 5th Ave and 61st, go get a bleach. It’s on me!

          Let the sunshine on you! Hope this crap doesn’t happen to you or your close ones!

          Mel Hall Supporter.

      • Simon Moore

        Mel Hall, that was the Yankees !!! I loved being at the Ball Park watching him . He was entertaining. I followed him from AAA Ball like the player .

    • Say What?

      Hey Adam, a Douche oh sorry your a follower” You don’t read properly and put 2 & 2 together…..Mel Hall did nothing wrong, if you have read the transcript that is public. Then you would of NOT talked your Shit! Like the rest of the Dumb Asses! What happens when the “Real truth comes out. What your going to say OMG!!!!!!

    • Tim Winfield

      My #1 favorite Yankee moment in person It was 1991 and we were struggling (as we usually did back then) but I made my Dad stay as he kept saying “Its over, they stink it’s 4-1” Well fast forward to the bottom of the ninth, and the Red Sox brought in Jeff Reardon to nail down the save and I think he was an all star that year just mowing everybody down but occasionally he hada control problem and this was one of those days! I think he got the first guy to ground out. He then went on to walk the bases loaded! Then I think there was a pop out behind 2n base, 2 outs Mel Hall came off the bench to pinch hit and just like a bunch of you guys I did everyones stance an Mel’s was one of my favs. So anyway he worked a 3-2 count (my recollection I could be wrong) and seemed to foul off a bunch. And then sooo soo fast he turned on a fastball and lined it! off the facade in the upper deck for a Grand Slam! and a walkoff Yankees 5, Red Sox 4 Happy Memorial Day!! ;-)

  • Chris in Maine

    Excellent read, thanks for sharing.

  • The Honorable Congressman Mondesi

    For me it was the Winfield stance that got me in trouble. My dad actually got me a few sessions with Roy White at the local batting cages and he put me into a more effective (and more Mattingly-ish) stance. That Winfield stance… Not so good, unless you’re Dave Winfield.

    (Really enjoyed this post, by the way.)

    • brockdc

      The Winfield stance was a flat-out conundrum. He had that last-second power-hitch that I just could not seem to master while still making decent contact.

  • JGS

    Mel Hall will always have a fond spot in my memory as 1992 was the first year I can remember vaguely following a baseball season. I was all of six years old, so my memory here is spotty at best, but oddly enough it wasn’t Mattingly that I focused on, but Hall, Tartabull, Matt Nokes, and Kevin Maas.

  • The Three Amigos

    Brock, you are one fine writer. Keep mixing it up, it is perfect for the weekend edition. Thanks!

  • Accent Shallow

    Have any pictures of his stance? GIS turns up this, which looks relatively orthodox.

    • brockdc

      Man, that’s TAME. George must’ve just told him to trim the curl. Also, I wonder if he’s just stepping into the box in that pic

  • jjjj

    self-indulgent, idealized, placeholder for any meaningful yankee related item. i believe half of the recounting of the recollection as it plays out like a disney film

    • whozat

      I know! Brock is such an asshole for coming to your house an forcing you to read it! How DARE he waste your time like this! Clearly, you have important things to do, and don’t have time to read stuff like this and then fill out a commenting form to explain to world just how much of your time was wasted. You are entitled to better than this, sir. Please, PLEASE accept my personal apology.

    • brockdc

      Mea Culpa: I conveniently left out the part where I was raised by MS-13s inside a meth trailer.

      • Pounder

        Joh Gotti,yes,(that John Gotti)his neice was living with Hall,and trust me on this,the big guy was not happy about that.

    • The209

      self-indulgent, idealized, placeholder for any meaningful comment.

    • My Pet Goat

      Boo!!! Hiss!!! Stuff your valid opinions in a sack!

  • My Pet Goat

    I haven’t posted here in years, but I read RAB every day. I’m sure this type of content can find a following on the interwebs, but please don’t make it here. I love this site in the Stephen’s-Johan-Santana breakdown kinda way. So, more of that from the weekend crew, and none of this.

    • Esteban

      But you’re getting the Santana breakdown anyway. Some people like this, so it’s win-win for all parties, right?

    • I Voted for Kodos

      I don’t reply to other’s comments very often, but I read them every day. I’m sure this type of comment will have some sort of following on other websites, but please don’t make it here. I love these comments, but more in the The Honorable Congressman Mondesi constructive comment kinda way. So, more of that from the commenters, and less of this.

      • Joey

        +1. Great read Brock, way too young to remember Mel Hall besides stat lines and news articles, but still very interesting, thanks!

    • whozat

      If only there was some way you could have closed your browser window and gone to do something else!

      • My Pet Goat

        I get that I’m the mean guy here, and apologies to Brock. You’re right I can just choose to not read it. But seems to me that RAB has a certain style from the posts of Ben, Mike, and Joe to the discussion amongst the venerable commenters. I like that style and it’s why I love the blog. Sure the boys can try to be everything to everyone (and I have a less than favorable opinion of that approach), but at that point it stops being RAB. God forbid people have unenthusiastic responses to one of the new weekend writers.

    • charley

      Brock has the most annoying posts.

  • MikeD

    I never knew about the bad side Mel Hall until after he left the Yankees. He’ll be 72 (at the earliest) before he’ll ever have a free day on this earth again. The real Mr. Zero.

    • John Baley

      Hi Mikey May you Rot in Hell! You must be a Bitter Son-O-A-B–h !who are you to Judge what Really Happened to Mel Hall!!! Nobody really knows and these Accusation Are Really Suspicous! to many of us. If you really read about it! Mr BIG ZERO…..Hurry Ran to the Bathroom Diarrea is coming out!

      • Coach

        I knew both Mel and the 12 year old victim. I knew them both very well. I even testified at the trial so I have most of the inside knowledge. I understand that there are always going to be people who will love Mel because of who he was as an athlete and his larger-than-life personality. I even got sucked in for a short while. Although I was always uncomfortable around him, I thought he was great and spent quite a bit of time with him. The closer I became, the more I saw that I didn’t like. He was very pushy about getting what he wanted and he knew how to use his money and status to get his way. I am fortunate not to have allowed myself to get to the point that he could try to push me into anything. As the 12 year old got older, I noticed many changes in her. I was one of the teachers who testified. I started with her in junior high, right after Mel met her. He was VERY possessive of her. Abnormally so. After the young lady was in college, she told me much of what I had suspected for years (and had previously reported). Because I only had suspicions, nothing was ever done. Before any of you scream at me, when she told me, she was over 18. I told her mother, but no authorities. I was no longer required to, so I convinced the child to go to the authorities. She was terrified. It took another incident with another child to get her to finally speak up.
        With all of that said… Yes, Mel did a lot for communities. So did the Notre Dame fb coaches. Does that make someone less guilty? Mel had a great personality, but so did Ted Bundy. The bottom line is that there are quite a few victims from Mel’s abuse. He is not a good guy. He is a sick individual. My prayers will continue for his victims and the pain he caused them.

        • Terry franklie

          Coach really? your not a coach your one a Liar that pretends to be a coach . Why don’t you leave him alone I think you idiots did enough damage. The coaches that were at the court were testifying against the “Girl” that made up the story because I was one of the 2 coaches that were that for Mel!

          Solely for Mel. Stop pretending your a Coach !

          • Franklie ful of it….

            Over 20 years ago, Mel Hall, when he was about 29, did the same thing to a 15 year old girl in CT. In fact, he moved into her house with her and her parents. Regardless of the poor judgement of the parents, she was 15 and yes they were having sex. This went on until he moved them down to FL when she was a Sr. in high school. 45 years is an excessive prison term, yes, but please don’t tell me this man is innocent.

            • Commandor

              Shut Up Chasidy Cunning, you Fat Bitter Bitch that got DUMPED!!! See you in Jail.

              Can’t wait! Your name matches YOU!!! Big Diaper…..Big Man….

  • Steve H

    I was always a fan of emulating Juilo Franco and Mickey Tettleton and, even though he was a Red Sox player, Dewey Evans. Tettleton’s was the best though.

    • The Honorable Congressman Mondesi

      Good call, Tettleton’s stance was awesome.

      • Gonzo

        Give me Balboni’s stance any day! Wally Joiner had a cool lefty stance too.

    • FIPster Doofus

      I mimicked Tettleton’s stance for one game and didn’t get a hit. That was the end of my Tettleton impression.

    • brockdc

      Man, Franco’s stance was epic. Was it two fingers or three off the nob?

  • Brian Paul

    Much improved Brock! The WPIX commercial certainly brought me back. Well written, and interesting reflection on a player from my childhood who I now only remember in name. He never made a great impression on me, as I fully subscribed to the Mattingly doctrine. It is interesting to recollect what influenced us as kids. Although I didn’t know what it even did, I’d be damned if I stepped out onto the little league field without eye black.

  • J. Scott

    I, too, remember Hall’s walk-off HR versus the Red Sox. Tony Pena was catching for the Sox that day, and I remembering him slamming his mask on the ground in disgust as soon as the ball left Hall’s bat.

    • Billion$Bullpen

      I too loved that moment. Watched it on TV and I was an out of area Yankees fan so it was special just to see the game itself. I do think some of the Mel punking Bernie is taken the wrong way I think he was trying to get the kid to tuffin’ up some.

      Hope Mel rots in jail and gets 4 or 5 beatin’s a day minimum for what he did to that kid.

      • Ron Halter

        By the way he had an interview and was upset at the Fans getting on Mel Hall’s case about him aiming at Bernie they were having fun!. He said Mel was just kidding around and they were joking with other. The media likes to make things Big so it could make News!!!!Negative always sells!

        What happened to Mel could happen to any of you! So beware follow coaches or Teachers. 12 Years Later 2 girls from the same year ,Same team! Best “Friends” decided to go 12 years later to say they got “Molested” Oh they woke up at the same time WOW!!!! That’s amazing!!!

        When he was on the web and investigaters said if anyone had this done to you from Mel Hall, please come forth. It was on the sites for 2 years…No one else came forth… Mel was a coach for a while! Only these 2 girls from Texas “Best Friends” they both decided at the same time lets do it!!!! ??? Then it said that the girls said Yes I still played on the team,and when Mel made another team She followed him to the other team..????? Hummmmmmmmm think about it…Texas is a backwards prejudice town… No evidence. No forensic doctors. Just what they said ….They say a black man!
        “Guilty…Hope he has an appeal and gets good attorney’s and his Family by him…I liked him when he was with the Cub’s I liked his style and still like him today! I hope people will get out of his Jocks and leave the guy alone!!!! Who are we to Judge him to what happened when there was No evidence ! Just hearsay..OMG!.

        • Robert Knight

          Ron: Your blog really touched a spot I had tears in my eyes because,I’m putting myself in Mr Hall’s shoes and I do feel so bad for him. I really don’t believe these accusation, they got him good and his personality that they betrayed him to be (The Media) did not help for many years of bad press. I believe he is innocent! Especially the court, allowed his X- Fiance Chasidy, that they were engaged to be married, she attended all the Yankee games, gone to the wives room for 2 years smiling away and going to the outting the Yankee familys were going to! Best part she lied under oath that she was 16 years old when she was 17 1/2 when she was involved with him,and Mel 28 years old.She drove herself to the Yankee games and madly inlove with Melor his money that she got spoiled with. Then had the gaul in court to testifiy Lies that he molested her! What a Liar,and a Bitch! I guess it made her day to be in court. Revenge for him leaving her and Shame on the procecutor’s for making her come in,because they needed her . They had no case on him.How could the courts allow someone of 20 years ago that was his Fiance and the Yankees would Not allow her in the wives room if they thought was inappropriate! I applaud the media they did Not interview this jokester, with her red dress waiting to get interviewed. like she is going to a Prom!

          • knight full of it….

            wrong – she was 15 when they first met, 16 when they started dating and he moved in with her and her parents, and 17 1/2 when he moved the family to FL and they got engaged. I was great friends with her sister and was over that house all the time. Her mother was the one who encouraged that relationship, basically pimping out her daughter so the family did not have to struggle, sad it ever came to this.

  • Golson’s Rocket Arm

    I am so happy I was not alive for that era of yankees baseball

    • Kiersten


      Well, I was alive for part of it, but didn’t start watching baseball till I was 8, in ’97.

  • Monteroisdinero

    My children:

    My favorite childhood Yankee was Ron Blomberg.

    • Kiersten

      My mom at bat day once traded her Thurman Munson bat for a Ron Blomberg bat.


    • nsalem

      Hung on the wall of the Yankee clubhouse in the early seventies was a metal pizza pan folded in half. Written on the bottom it
      was “Ron Blomberg’s Glove”

  • nsalem

    I have a vague memory of Hall hitting a line drive walk off that actually landed in the loge (a very rare feat) of the old stadium.
    Does anyone remember the specifics of the one against the Red Sox and whether I am right or wrong? Also that was a very nice post and I detect hints of jealousy from the negative comments of those who are panning it. Get a life jjjj and goat

    • Adam

      I agree, this was a really excellent post (especially for us…gulp…Old Timers). If I remember the walk-off against the Sox it was an upper decker, but I will admit this is really hazy. What I also remember about that home run is that MSG used it to promote its Yankees coverage ad nauseum that year (another sure sign of just how few exciting moments there were).

      Another memory from vaguely around the same time (a game that I was at). The Yanks blew a late game lead against the Orioles (Mike Boddicker was pitching?), an Oriole had hit a home run that a fan threw back. Jesse Barfield picked it up from about 50 feet away from the wall and tossed it with all his might onto the subway tracks behind the stadium. Good times, good times.

  • Brian Cronin

    Wow, I must say that I am a bit stunned that there was ANY negative reaction to a well-written, charming piece like this, let alone more than one commenter.

    Great story, Brock.

    • Rivera Venue Blues

      Love the story but not a huge fan of writing in cliched phrases. A few here and there would be okay but it just impedes the message of the story, IMO. Good read overall though.

    • brockdc

      Thanks, Brian. I’m glad you enjoyed.

    • Doug

      More RAB/Knickerblogger crossover!

  • dalelama

    For the older crowd Dick’s McAuliffe’s stance was the one everybody thought was the coolest. He was a pretty decent player who had the balls to kick the shit of Tommy John when John went headhunting after him.

    • Monteroisdinero

      Hit a grandslam off Dooley Womack who was no Mariano!

  • Horace Clarke

    what i recall of Mel Hall during his yankee years, was him rounding third base and blowing out his hamstring halfway to home, hopping on one leg, falling short of the plate and getting tagged out. Not sure why I remembered that one play, but it always stuck with all these years later.

    • Steveblaumberg

      I was a fan of Mel hall since a teenager and followed him throughout his Career. I met him at an airport What a cool guy! I don’t buy any of the Crap they put out there about him and young girls he got convicted of heresay, and People believe the Story’s because of his personality, kind of an outgoing person.

      I loved the way he waved his gloves,one of a kind and great player with personality!!!!! Mel Hall Rocks!

  • Kiko Jones

    Donna Hanover, Bon Jovi, a writer by the name of Brock Cohen…a bit on the surreal side, huh? Anyway, nice piece.

    BC: You thought Mel Hall was cool at the time, don’t let later developments rewrite your personal history. And kudos for not attempting the Jim Rice stance.

  • Brian Cronin

    By the way, speaking of Hall, I remember there was a bit on TV (SportsCenter, maybe?) at the time on one of Hall’s many “I’m a total jerk” home run trots that took ages that took the piss by showing a Deion Sanders inside-the-park home run from the same day and showed how many times Sanders could round the bases in the time it took Hall to do it once (I think it was roughly 2 and a half times).

  • bonestock94

    That was awesome.

  • Dale Mohorcic

    I really enjoyed this article having cut my teeth on those terrible 80’s teams. Thanks for the mention of the horrible spending and trades that I will remember as the truest George Steinbrenner experience. The best thing that ever happened to the Yankees was george’s suspension for paying howie spira to dig up dirt on Winfield.

  • nyyankfan7

    Didn’t Mel Hall once go hitless in something like 45 at-bats in the early 90’s?

    Kevin Maas and Hensley “Bam-Bam” Muelens were my wiffle ball stances. And of course Mattingly, but what Yankee fan didn’t want to bat like Donnie Baseball….

    • Samuel king

      Mel Hall is a legend in my book!!!! He was always great in signing balls,after a bad game he was always smiling! and kind to my boys of signing their hat and ball.

      I wish him good luck with his appeal,I remember those groupies at the park always trying to get his attention…Girls are dangerous especially these tenagers….Shame on them…

  • Matt Imbrogno

    For Wiffle Ball, I used to rock out the whole lineup, in order. Did Knoblauch, followed by Jeter, followed by Paulie*, followed by Bernie, followed by Tino*…

    *the right handed equivalents.

    My real stance was closest to Bernie’s though.

  • Monteroisdinero

    Reggie Smith, Yaz, Youk. Great Sox hitters with unusual stances.

    • brockdc

      Yaz – awesome stance as much as it pains me to admit. When he was in his prime with the Sox, I used to do a pretty good Mike Easler – with the blinds drawn and the door locked, of course.

  • er

    Mel is from my hometown, he came back one summer and played in a softball tournament with us. He borrowed $1000 from me then skipped town. Great memories……

    • Lee chang

      ER: RRRRRRUUUUUUUFFFFFFFF To you!!!!! Mel came to your “HIS” home town and Played SOFT BAll HAHAHA-HAHAHA-HAHAHA You SISSY…..Mel Hall is a MAN not a sissy Trying to bring him Down,Your A LIAR!!!
      He has not been in his “hometown” Since 14yrs old No one lives there of his People that he would Visit. I showed this write up you did Sisss Go pee somewhere else….
      He would borrow 1000 from you “Righ” Big Sissy…That’s what you are! Go pick up your cans and sell them to make your money! Great Memories! You wish you would have Mel Hall playing with you go ran after the Ball make sure you don’t shake it to much while running…Ha-Ha-Ha

  • nateb

    So check this out! I was born in New York, but grew up in Des Moines, Iowa. The closest thing to pro baseball was the AAA Iowa Cubs, which, as everyone knows, Mell Hall came up through the Cubs system. You wrote a story that I could have written in the same way. Scarey!! Thankfully, I didn’t have the guts to try his stance in high school baseball. I was bad enough without it. Thanks for a trip down memory lane.

    • brockdc

      I was pretty bad in H.S. baseball, too. I was a super-utility guy, which is cool if you play for an AL powerhouse but not so much if you’re playing for a mediocre high school team. The way I saw it, Mel Hall stance or not, I was going to hit about .240 anyway.

      Did you get to see Gracey or any of those other guys play in person?

  • Russ

    In one of the worst “Where Are They Now” tidbits in history, I believe Mel Hall is now in prison for raping his own daughter. Right?

    • Clever at it’s best

      Hi Russ,
      Your sooo Clever! Mel hall raped his Daughter ??? You ignorat B—-d ….Did he rape any???? Or your listening what you hear in the Media???? I would sugest to go back too school!

    • Albert O’connor

      Shame on You Russ, I hope his daughter’s don’t see your Stupid comment! No Mel Hall did not Rape his Daughter! Your a Disgusting human being….RUSS….Right?

  • Texas Coach

    Hey Brock,
    Great you have this blog on Mel Hall & Me! I was coaching with him in the 90dees . I played golf with him been around him lot’s. I went to visit with him and showed him this blog…. It’s always the same old same old about Bernie. Always Negative story’s about One Thing! Bernie…It’s sad to here this all the time, because as team mates they were kidding with each other Not Maliciously. Mel’s sorry that his Fans feel that he attacked Bernie but not the case….He was happy Bernie did Very well for him self!!!! As to Mel Hall he had lot’s of quality’s that people did not published Oh Course Not!!!! I believe with many others Mel is innocent about what he got convicted of! Sorry that people are followers of the Media.It would be nice to see a Blog of Positive things about Hall because you would only be the Same as the others All Negative! Nothing New!!! He gave 16 years in the Majors with 18 Arthroscopic surgery’s that he Never complained about he loved the game and he loved his FANS!!!! He even loved to go see his Fan’s at the hospital the ones in critical condition when he had time! No one mentions that! No one mention that he gave plenty of scholarships for his students to attend College great believer in education. His students still stand by his side and Know the Truth! I hope these accusations don’t happen to any of you or your Family then you will be in his Shoes!!!! Not Fun.

  • Terry NY

    That was a nice email, I know Mr Coach that something was off on these blogs . I really liked Hall and his aggressiveness & and his confidence on the field..Followed him for years,it was absurd when I read the paper about the girl of 20 years ago that he got engaged with in 1992 its was all over the paper she was 18 0r 17 then she lied in court saying she was 16 years of age so she could look like she was underage too ..I could’nt beleive that. where were his attorneys Sleeping? Now I know why the girl of 20 years ago went to court for ‘Revenge’ !!! because he left her after they( Her and the Family) “Raped Him” $784.000.00 of his money no one wanted to work and they were all eating popcorn on his account waiting to come home to bring the doe. She went there for Revenge because he left her ! Don’t forget he was engaged and his family was happy to have that “Sucker” feeding them. She was looking All happy at the games sporting her designer out fits and her Engagement ring ! and her fancy cars,Homes etc. He got raped!!!.. Then go to court and lie about her age to make it seem that he had a pattern…What a Good Girl!!!! Hey Guy’s! be careful out there especially you atheletes….Watch out for these Monsters.

    • bobcat

      Hey, Did the girl that was at the Yankees stadium his Fiance. Did she feel raped when he gave her the 2 homes for her and her family in Florida and ???gave her a mercedes and Diamond ring as big as her ????? OH then she married an older guy then Mel 4 feet tall Guess What with lot’s of money and No Hair……What a Chick!!!! btw she was 18 years old Not 16 like she lied in Court and had NO Business there except she went and lied for REVENGE” Because he dumbed her Ass for Raping him of Millions. She should be in Jail!

  • Mathew evens

    Hey Brock,

    Why would you talk so much????????? about Hall! What did he do to you? You called him A Cancerous Human Being!!!!! How discusting you are!! What are u trying to prove?

    Your not Cool Dude! Id like to look in your back yard..Could I Please.

  • ManoMano

    Hey Cohen,

    Would you please chose your words more dillegently! About Hall. There is no need to blast him so cruelly read your comments,hey the guy was a great athelte..Cocky attitude,Character lot’s of it thats why I liked coming to the Games and pleasant person always signing away. Did you need to say “A Disgraceful Cancer of a Person” Thats hard!It made me sick to my stomach! Are you an Angry Person, Charma is a Bitch!

    • Sarah Goodman

      What is going on here Ganging on Mr Hall. What a shame if his family see all this Cohen!!!! Of course you don’t give you just want to talk,talk, talk….I worked at the Stadium!!! Met Mel nice guy and Funny too!!!! So what if the Big BOys have Spatts!!! Stay off his Jocks!!! Idiot….

  • Bobcat

    I sent this blog to Mr. Hall where he is housing just got a letter from him, He gives his regards to Brock, and he said he has to do what he has to do. I got shocked at his reply! No anger or Mad just said he is a writer and that’s how he feels. People are not in my shoes and don’t know what happened & Media say’s one side and made me look like a Monster . He said he probably would react the same way.I applaud him.

    • sara moanch

      Wow very nice!!! I knew Mel from working at the Stadium, He was one of my favorite players always smiling and joking with us . My mom worked there for 20 years and I worked the Front Office…He was never arrogent or unprofessional…I’m very sad to here what happened!!!

    • AndrewFootball

      Class Act! Even in Jail WOW!!!! Thumbs up fpr Hall…..Sorry to here this !

      • Jasime Boulieur

        I like the Positive of this Blog! But it’s kinda negetive from the writer ……I was a hair dresser in Chicago,mel hall was a client what a greeat guy!

        I was shocked to hear this it took 12 years for the 2 Girls to come up front? Come on Now! When I got molested it took me a few months then, told my Mom…

        I would not keep it for ten years inside me , i went to theripy and All us girls spoke about it, No One in there was more then a few years.

        I read the girl Did not Tell anyone or go to therapy or go to the Doc (Gyno) What Bull S–T . I was a Victim and many others .

        Would diffently Not wait that long! I was reading lot’s of Blogs about this and the girls were laughing and giggling!
        Victims would not do that.! Plus would NOT wait ten years later!

        Very weird,and something or someone was ticked off maybe of Rejection, Not Molestion. Some one wanted Mel Hall hurt,and convicted of being just evil…..

        • Rhonda McDonald

          That is So True! Wait 10 Years ??? Then feel that you got Molested. Where were the Jury’s Heads @ Up their Behind.
          That Guy got RailRoaded! Period.

          What A system. 45 Years of What ? ? ? Why did the guy in New Orlean got 1 Year for Raping a 3 Year old With Evidence!

          Mel Hall had Bad Attorney’s ! They don’t care just give me the “Money” Poor Guy!

          • Fred Hatcher

            Girls are wicked, they have an agenda, and a Weapon

            if you know what I Mean” Their Body” So they know that they could do a out cry” If they want to hurt you! 12 Years Later Right! Dont get it No Evidence No Forensic No Nothing!!!! I guess he got convicted on his ‘Personality” Out Going and Out Spoken What a society! Hey don’t forget he is Black in Texas Thats like “Lets’ Throw him to the Dogs!!! Don’t fool yourself they are still like KKK….

  • Robert Stanford

    I want to hear Mel Hall Side Why only one sided.! 45 Years of What????????????? So anyone could do an out cry!!! and you go in Jail!!!!! Just like that! Don’t trust the system very strange……

    I want to see Justice, If they lied, they need to taste Jail Time!!!!!

  • Carl Tompson

    Mel is the one that is the Victim, more to come! People have crap to talk about him only because he had a cocky attitude,and already judged him as gulity because of the spat with Bernie, Not cool guys!I hope it doesn’t happen to any of us,this is a Very easy conviction that could land us all in jail, Just by an “OutCry”Be Careful! Black Verse White Ouch! Look at what happened to the poor 17 year old boy in Florida eating hisskiddles and drinking his ice-tea :(. He got killed because of his Color! Mel got convicted in “TEXAS” about his color! 20 years later 2 girls from the same “Team” did an outcry” Hey! then went to join him at a New soft ball team he put together ???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  • Elizabeth Chayka Dunn

    Just found this site. Great to hear the positive remarks about Mel. He is a great guy. Don’t be fooled by the image portrayed by the media. I see him regularly and he is doing well. It’s tough, but he’s tougher! He has a great attitude and much hope and faith. He awaits the long and slow appeals process. Everyone will hear his side before too long. The only victims here are Mel and his children who have been without a father. Keep sending your positive thoughts and well wishes. He appreciates them all.

  • Justin Former

    Yah!Yah!YAh! I want the real criminal’s name on this blog Mel Hall this and Mel Hall that it’s getting old!!!! We all know Mel Hall didn’t committe this crime. When are we going to see the “Real Criminal that came up with this for once and for All!

  • William Mangete

    Will the real criminal Please stand up it’s time to do your Time! Don’t you think ….????? OK Mel Hall is doing Time for?????? What????? Really!!! He Molested someone???? Really?????? You know outthere!!!! He did not “Bitch”

    • Brett Brummer

      Very interesting! Very!

      Thanks BB

  • Mel Hall’s spokesman

    To whom it may be concerned,

    Mel Hall is a true hero… a man who was blamed for something he didn’t do. I know this for A FACT.

    Thank you,


    • bobcat full of it….

      Yes, she was 18 years old in 1992 when they were engaged. The problem is that she was 15 when they first started dating and 16 when they started having sexual encounters. I’m not saying he is a bad dude an I’m not saying he didn’t get taken advantage of, mostly by the mother of the girl, but he clearly has a problem with young girls.

    • bobcat full of it….

      I hope it all works out for him, 45 years in prison for having sex with underage girls is absurd and completely excessive. Don’t know anything about what happened in TX, but in CT 20 years ago, the mother of the girl that condoned and encouraged their relationship should be put in jail right along side him.

  • Janice Trudeau

    I’m wondering why is Mel Hall in for 45 years? When I hear all the time about people getting molested with 7 years old and they get 1 to 5 years. That Nuts 45 years and No Evidence just hearsay from two best friends.

    My sister played in his team for 5 years and is a beautiful girl She told me that he never would be un appropriate he would joke around laugh loud but was one of the best coaches my sister ever had and made it to the top.

    I will not disclose her name but she said its untrue what happened. one of the girls been saying stories like this from a young age accusing that she was touched from different people what a sick girl.

    The other went along with the same story as her friend, Watch out coaches out there be careful it could happen to anyone of you!

    For Mel Hall, I hope the girl that put him in will grow up, and come clean once and for all.

  • Rommie

    Hello There ,

    I do hope that she will wake up and say to herself and the truth that she lied.

    I know she did, Shame on you “S” you know you lied come clean , Please!
    Look what you did could you sleep at night? Do you still laugh of what you did .

    You know Melvin did not touch you ! Come on you know you get married have a kid take off to a different city because you couldn’t stay there for what you did.

    Are you serious who are you kidding ??? Differently yourself. You were obsessed with him and wanted to get him. Shame on you! “S ” Shame on you!

    Your little secret Remember ? remember who?

  • What goes around………..

    folks forget he did plead “guilty” to the charges/accusations and now he’s in a place where he may be experiencing unwanted sexual advances.

    • Ralph Suo

      Blah Blah Blah ! Plead This You Moron Stupid same bitch texting away.

  • Nicolish

    Hey You Brock What happenend to Mel Hall’s Blog?
    You hog you ate it.