The RAB Radio Show: January 6, 2011

Mailbag: Oakland Relievers
Yankees "in contact" with Rafael Soriano

We’re talking about pitching again, but this time it’s of the relief type. Mike and I both had posts today on the subject, so we dive into things that we didn’t get to in our posts. For instance, what aspect of a one-year deal for Soriano did I overlook? Also, we shoot down the idea of Soriano ever taking a one-year deal with New York.

We do hit on the idea of big time relievers signing late and still getting a multi-year deal. It’s happened before, and I’m willing to bet it happens again with Soriano this year.

Then we dive into the A’s relievers, since they could have something of a surplus. Where do the two match up? We look a bit closer at a couple of the guys and how they’d fit at Yankee Stadium.

Podcast run time 21:21

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Mailbag: Oakland Relievers
Yankees "in contact" with Rafael Soriano
  • Mike HC

    Do you guys record the show and then immediately post it? Or, how much lag in between recording the show and posting it? Just curious.

    • Joe Pawlikowski

      Usually there’s not much turnover time. Tops 20 minutes between stopping the recording and posting. I’ve got the mixing thing down to a science.

  • mbonzo

    I really hope the money the Yankees are not spending this year goes into an international signings fund. That $23m for Lee could sign some pretty good prospects.

    • Thomas

      Maybe a little will and they might get one or two more big name prospects than usual, but the Yankees are already heavily involved in the international market and $23M is way too much to spend on it.

      Throwing money around for the sake of doing it is bad practice.

      • Steve H

        Throwing money around for the sake of doing it is bad practice.

        Exactly. Bill Gates doesn’t pay $50 for a gallon of milk just because he can afford to. You don’t spend money because it’s burning a hole in your pocket. If you can spend it wisely, do so.

        • Bulasteve

          Please note source to the fact that he doesn’t spend $50.00 on a gallon of milk.

          • Steve H

            Source: The internet