Yankees maintaining interest in Freddy Garcia

Open Thread: Clay Bellinger
Five biggest hits of the 2010 season
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Aside from making Rafael Soriano the highest paid middle reliever in baseball history, it’s been a pretty uneventful offseason for the Yankees on the pitching front. That’s bad news, because they really needed to add at least one quality starter this offseason, and so far they’ve added zero. Jon Heyman says the Yankees are still considering Freddy Garcia, who is unlikely to solve many problems, if any. This comes after we heard the Yanks reviewed the righty’s medicals last month.

Garcia, now 34, managed to throw 157 innings for the White Sox last year. His ERA (4.64), FIP (4.77), and xFIP (4.59) were all close enough to each other that we can assume he didn’t benefit or suffer from any luck, and it was the first time he managed to eclipse even 60 innings pitched since 2006. His strikeout (5.10 K/9), walk (2.29 uIBB/9), and homerun (1.32 HR/9) rates in 2010 weren’t much better than Sergio Mitre‘s (4.83, 2.67, 1.17 respectively) at all. It’s just hard to find this even remotely appetizing after watching Jeff Francis sign for half the guaranteed money the Yanks will pay Pedro Feliciano this year.

Freddy Garcia? Really? There’s no harm in reviewing medicals, but it’s been a month and they’re still considering the guy. Do the Yankees really think they’d be better off with this guy starting every five days than Joba Chamberlain? I usually expect common sense to win out in the end, but the decision-makers seem hellbent on minimizing Joba’s value as much as possible. Pffft, Freddy Garcia. If you’re going to stoop that low, just throw Hector Noesi or David Phelps out there and hope for the best.

Open Thread: Clay Bellinger
Five biggest hits of the 2010 season
  • NJYankeeFan

    Out of the reclamation project bunch, I’m hoping for Duchsherer who as least has been effective when he’s been healthy. Maybe they could get lucky and get 100 decent innings out of him until he breaks down which would at least buy them time to bring in a better solution.

    • mbonzo

      I agree that he’s not the best guy to rely on for innings, but he’s probably the best gamble on health. He had shoulder surgery in 2009, but showed he could still pitch after it in 2010, and in that short stint he did very well. He’s no gotta show he can come back from hip surgery. Most of the other guys that are health dangers are coming back from shoulder surgery, which is a lot harder to come back from than hip surgery. Duchscherer’s stuff is also dependent on control, which means he’s that much less likely to not throw his arm out trying to throw 100. The problem with him, is that he’s yet to prove he can start regularly without getting injured. Otherwise he’s been incredible. IMO he was the best question mark starter all season.

    • Ultimate Yankee Warrior (James)

      And with all of the kids, 100 innings from him could be a very good fit.

  • mike c

    I’m not sure what this has to do with “minimizing joba’s value”… not every decision the team makes has to do with joba. hopefully you’ll get your wish though, he is our best option at the moment unfortunately

    • mustang

      Agree and thank you.

    • whozat

      That was obviously hyperbole. I don’t think anyone is under the impression that the front office sat down and thought “how can we screw Joba Chamberlain.”

  • Gordon

    What about Bonderman?

    • whozat

      just as bad, if not worse.

  • Jess

    A) You’re still bitter about the Soriano signing. Get over it. It makes us better. B) You’re still bitter about the Feliciano signing. Get over it. It makes us better. C) You wanted the Yankees to spend NO money on the bullpen even with a 41 year old closer. D) You wanted the Yanks to pulls a quality starter out of their butt. Except there weren’t any. Only garbage like Francis and Chris Young. E) You’re still whining about Joba. Get over it.

    Your rants are becoming tiresome. You are close to becoming a wanabee GM like Steve Lombardi. And no one wants to be that.

    • http://www.twitter.com/ngoral Jake LaMotta’s Left Hook

      Seriously? Soriano’s contract is just baddddddd.

      3 years for a reliever = risky
      $10 million+ per year = risky
      Possible injury = risky
      2 opt out clauses = risky
      Type A FA = risky
      Dollar Imposed NTC = risky

      I have no problem with the Feliciano deal, I like Feliciano, but the Yankees were totally bent over by Boras in the Soriano deal.

      • Jerkface

        Feliciano is cool but in light of the fuentes deal it sucks. He got more money and an extra guaranteed year over Fuentes who is just as good against lefties and better vs righties.

        Feliciano is a LOOGY, Fuentes is a viable middle-reliever

        • NJYankeeFan

          I agree I’d rather have Fuentes at 2/10 than Feliciano at 2/8. At least you could let Fuentes face a righty unlike Feliciano who is just brutal against them.

        • crawdaddie

          Feliciano didn’t get an extra guaranteed year and more money than Fuentes.

      • http://www.twitter.com/ngoral Jake LaMotta’s Left Hook

        and it isn’t just Mike, it’s most of the baseball world that thinks this is a bad contract.

        • Ted Nelson

          To me there is a difference between thinking this is a bad/excessive contract–where I agree–and pointing out every possible negative, contradictions and logical leaps be damned, while avoiding any possible positive besides he’s a good pitcher. Exaggerating hypothetical and conjecture-driven negatives and dismissing potential positives as hypothetical.

          Basically, as you say, this was a bad contract. It’s a really easy case to make. Mike doesn’t have to go out of his way to ignore reality to prove it was a bad contract. He could have simply written a well thought out piece exploring the ins-and-outs of the deal and concluded that the Yankees overpaid. Instead it’s “the chances this works out are microscopic” “the organization is falling apart” “Cashman is an idiot for Joba, but how dare they go over his head” “I don’t want him for 3 years and he has no trade value, but I am pissed he has the chance to opt out to get a bigger contract elsewhere” “there is no such thing as a come-from-behind victory in baseball and having a great bullpen does not take pressure off a weak rotation by improving the pitching staff overall” “he’s just a middle reliever even though that’s just a made up term with no meaning” “I can’t believe they gave up an all-mighty #31 pick, which I’m not going to bother defining the value of, but I’m not going to mention that they might actually double that pick.”

          As upset as Mike might be with the Soriano signing, I am more upset about the irrational RAB response.

      • Ted Nelson

        For every negative you list there is also a positive.

        Locking in a top performer for 3 years = good
        $10 mill per = the price of acquiring a top relief pitcher (not really a positive, just neutral)
        Possible health = good
        2 opt out clauses = hard to be upset about 3 years and also upset he might leave before 3 years
        Type A FA = chance of turning one draft pick into two, plus if the contract acts as a no-trade clause who is going to sign him for more?
        Very good closer = trade chip… you’re worried he might opt out and get paid more by another team but you’re also worried no one will trade to pay him?

        I’m honestly not sure if I prefer overpaying for a very good reliever in Soriano or overpaying for a decent one in Feliciano…

        • king of fruitless hypotheticals

          The Yanks didn’t lock in a top performer for three years…if he ends up pitching to his value next year, he can opt out and get paid more (and not necessarily somewhere else either). If he gets hurt, or randomly starts to not be one of the best relievers in baseball, he becomes grossly overpaid very quickly.

          Its not hypocritical or hard to be upset about a guy getting a 3 year contract while simultaneously spending a huge amount of money on a guy that may or may not be on the team next year–one of the reasons you sign long term contracts is for stability. There’s none of that here.

          And as a trade chip, to whom would we want to trade a quality closer halfway through the year that would not only return a quality player that the Yankees needed but also be able to pay $10,000,000.00?

          The draft picks is a ninja move that will turn out to start the third Yankee dynasty of my life…

          • Ted Nelson

            “if he ends up pitching to his value next year, he can opt out and get paid more (and not necessarily somewhere else either).”

            And then it was a one year deal and downsides of a 3 year deal also evaporated. I understand that the Yankees are assuming the downside risk of Soriano underperforming while also allowing Soriano to capture the upside of performing and leaving. If he leaves, though, it becomes a one year or two year deal and the Yankees are no worse off for it. One could argue they are better off because they didn’t have to see the deal all the way through, assuming the risk of an injury or fall-off later in the deal.

            If he opts out and goes nowhere he doesn’t necessarily have more leverage next offseason. Between major league relievers and prospects in AA and AAA the Yankees don’t need a really high “batting average” to have more leverage on Soriano next offseason or in two offseasons.

            “one of the reasons you sign long term contracts is for stability.”

            He’s a relief pitcher. Do the Yankees really need a stable bullpen year-to-year?

            “And as a trade chip, to whom would we want to trade a quality closer halfway through the year that would not only return a quality player that the Yankees needed but also be able to pay $10,000,000.00?”

            You can’t say both that he will opt out AND that he will have no trade value. If he has no trade value, he probably won’t opt out because there’ll be no market for him at that money. If he opts out, it stands to reason he pitched well and had some trade value. And the trade value doesn’t have to be huge. Could be a prospect with better odds of making an impact than 2 picks, or could be an overpaid but decent starter.

    • http://kierstenschmidt.com Kiersten

      Here’s an idea – if you don’t like Mike’s posts, don’t read them.

      • Ted Nelson

        Here’s an idea – if you want to discuss the Yankees with other fans this is about the best place I know of to do so on the internet.

        Another one – if you disagree with the author’s points, a blog is a great forum to state your opinion or contradictory facts.

    • http://youcantpredictbaseball.wordpress.com/ bexarama

      You are close to becoming a wanabee GM like Steve Lombardi.

      He is not anywhere close to that even in more negative posts like this one

      • bpdelia

        I’ve got no problem with the post, but the first sentence is gratuitous. How about “aside from the controversial SOriano signing”.

        I don’t know. It is time to move on with the Soriano contract until there is data taht can prove wheter the contract is simply bad, or if it is disastrous.

        As a player I have the utmost confidence though

      • Ted Nelson

        I don’t even know who Steve Lombardi is, but I have had a real problem with Mike’s incessant bashing of every aspect of the Soriano deal while creating a strawman out of the positives and often contradicting himself just to point out negatives.

        • Jorge

          Steve Lombardi is 1) A really negativistic Yankee blogger no one should read, and 2) The Brooklyn Brawler.

    • Big Apple

      good post…i swear there are people that aren’t happy with any move. good lord, there is risk with all moves..some things don’t work out, some do.

      stop anaylzing things to death and enjoy the game more.

  • http://www.twitter.com/ngoral Jake LaMotta’s Left Hook

    The only good thing Garcia has ever done for a team is help convince a young stud pitcher from Venezuela to sign with them. If only the Yankees had Garcia then, we wouldn’t be seeing this article on RAB now.

    • Jerkface

      Maybe we should sign Garcia so that Felix will demand a trade to the yankees?

  • http://www.twitter.com/tomzig Tom Zig

    Freddy Garcia throws a mean nothingball

    • YankeesJunkie

      Still better than Mitre and at this point that is the only qualification to get signed as the Yankees #5 starter IMO.

  • BigBlueAL

    I love it when an irritated Axisa goes off on mini-rants in one of his posts :-)

    • Mike HC

      Axisa has been all fired up since the Soriano signing.

  • http://kierstenschmidt.com Kiersten

    I know the Joba thing is beating a dead horse, but I just really don’t understand. The Yankees are the most successful franchise in baseball, they have some smart people running the team. How, how, can they keep Joba in the bullpen this year? When we had five starters last year, fine, great, whatever. Even when he was going to be our “eight inning guy,” OK well, he still had a role. But now there is just no justification for it. Do the Yankees really think an above-average middle reliever is more valuable than an even replacement level starter (which is probably the worst Joba would be), especially given the situation? And sure, I guess they don’t owe us an explanation, but you know what? I, and a lot of other people, watch this team every damn day, live and die with this team, and we have a right to know why our 4th or 5th best pitcher is being wasted in the 6th and 7th innings.

    /end rant

    • Squishy Jello Person

      The only *remotely* plausible explanation is that there’s something in his medicals they really don’t like–and I actually think this is the probable scenario

      • Mike HC

        So why allow him to even pretend to compete for a starting job last year? Why start him in 2009 at all then? I’m not buying into this whole the Yanks know about some mystery injury that allows him to relieve and pitch multiple times a week but not start thing.

        • Squishy Jello Person

          I think it could be a question of endurance-he’d have to throw that many more pitches as a starter and a reliever. Maybe they’re afraid his shoulder can’t take a 100-pitch outing.

          • http://twitter.com/JoeRo23 The Honorable Congressman Mondesi

            But if they had such a strong fear about his shoulder not being able to take a 100-pitch outing, why would he have been a starter in 2009 and then competed for a starting job in 2010?

            Mike HC makes a good point… If they had some sort of medical information we don’t have that leads them to believe he’d break down as a starter but not as a reliever, then it would be strange that he was a starter in ’09 and, as far as we know, competed for a rotation spot in 2010. He’s been healthy through all that time, it’s not like they had him starting in ’09 and then let him compete for a starting job in ’10 and he broke down during any of that time. As far as we know, he just lost the competition for the last rotation spot in 2010, the ‘demotion’ to the ‘pen wasn’t health-related.

            Given what we know, I think it does seem unlikely that the Yanks have some sort of medical info that we don’t have that shows that he’s just not able to be a starter. I think they really just wanted Hughes in the rotation last year, and at the moment at least, they just don’t want Joba there.

            • bpdelia

              The main argument against the “mystery injury” is that there is zero, let me repeat that ZERO!, proof that starting is more stressful on the shoulder than relieving.

              Boston actually moved Paps to the ROTATION TO SAVE HIS SHOULDER.

              Many people think relieving is actually more stressful on the arm so tis argument doesn’t make sense to me.

              • The Big City of Dreams

                Ppl always bring up Pap but they forget that at least every yr he’s been a closer the Red Sox give him time off at the end of season due to fatigue.

            • brockdc

              Either way, it was very sloppily done on the part of the organization.

    • the Other Steve S.

      So, this Cashman guy that says Joba won’t ever start, is he the same guy that said we wouldn’t let our #1 draft pick go for a FA? Sounds like he may not be completely truthful in his public pronouncements.

  • Kyle

    What about taking a risk on Homer Baily? He is out of options and if Leake is healthy then Homwer will probably be the odd man out of the Reds rotation.

    Also I believe Paul Maholm could be had, he is at least better than Mitre.

  • Avi

    I totally agree with Mike. I’d rather have Noesi or Phelps in the rotation than Garcia. There’s no reason to sign him unless it’s a minor league deal for organizational depth.

  • NJYankeeFan

    Best case scenario for me is Andy comes back, Nova looks good in spring training and locks down the 5 th spot and the Yanks sign Duchsherer for the long relief/spot starter role and Mitre goes back to Scranton or is released.

  • Mike HC

    “Aside from making Rafael Soriano the highest paid middle reliever in baseball history,”

    I thought most people here were basically on board that high leverage situations in the 7th and 8th innings can be just as important as the 9th inning. If the Yanks think Soriano can pitch a dominant 70 innings, does it really matter if it is the 9th or 8th or 7th? A reliever is a reliever, non mop up division, whether they close or pitch the middle innings. In fact, some teams use, and/or have used their best reliever in the middle innings and save a solid guy for the 9th. Was Mo less valuable in 1996 because he was only a “middle reliever?”

    • Ted Nelson

      Axisa is just looking for every single reason to bash the signing, even when it stands in direct contrast to his other points. There are other departures from his general take on things besides the one you point out about middle relief.

      Right here in this article he’s bashing Cashman for his handling of Joba, but then bashing ownership for not trusting Cashman’s omnipotence with Soriano. A guy cannot make “egregious” mistakes that you write 500 articles bashing and also be beyond reproach from his bosses.

      It’s a disaster because he might opt out to sign a bigger deal elsewhere, but it’s also a disaster because he has no trade value… Tough for both of those to be true.

      Mike covers the minors, yet makes no attempt to point out what the actual value of a #31 pick is or the probabilities of the Yankees getting one or two picks when Soriano leaves. Just, “OMG they gave up a draft pick for a reliever… what a disaster” and “they might not get those picks and there may be a new CBA so I’m not even going to mention them.”

      I’m still waiting on the article about how Soriano might be taking steroids and may sink his $35 mill into narco-terrorism and the axis of evil. Or how he might really be a Tampa Bay spy… Got to cover every possible negative while only mentioning that he’s a good pitcher as a positive.

      • Mike HC

        Wait … we don’t want him taking steroids?

  • FIPster Doofus

    More garbage. I’d like to wring Cliff Lee’s neck right now.

    • Ted Nelson

      At least you can admit that this is what you’re really upset about, unlike some people who instead take to bashing every individual in the front office and every new player acquired or even mentioned in the MSM because they’re really upset about Lee.

      • Big Apple

        ditto…and I’m not even that upset about Lee b/c of two things.

        One, its clear he didn’t want to come to NY and its not good to have high priced players on the team that do not want to be there.

        Second…the second half of that proposed 6-7 yr deal was going to come back to haunt us.

  • oh hell

    Mike A. Thought the signing of Vizcaino was a good gamble after a 11 inning stint in the DSL. Why oppose Garcia on a similar no risk contract? Sounds hypocrtitical.

    • mbonzo

      Garcia would cost more money and most likely be looking for a major league job. You could of course cut him, but the chances he even stick on the team are probably around 25%. Thats not a good gamble. Vizcaino was cheaper and didn’t require a major league contract. There are many other younger pitchers out there with more upside than Garcia, and they would most likely require less demanding contracts, so there is no reason Garcia should be signed.

  • RobC

    This Joba situation i really weird.
    If it is a case of them thinking he cannot physically handle being a starter would they really be able to keep that quiet? I would think something would leak. If not from the Yanks from scouts or analysts.

  • Sal

    @ Mike HC.. Good post Mike, exactly. Apparently our GM doesn’t want to see Chamberlain stumbling through innings 1-3 where he picks up most of his BB’s and inflated PC, only to get whacked around in innings 4-6 second time around the line-up. Chamberlain’s velocity has increased but his FB is still as straight as a clothes line. With young Pitching a premium commodity the Yanks would love nothing more than to have faith in #62, why they don’t is very puzzling, if reclamation projects are projected higher than Chamberlain, my how the mighty have fallen. Or maybe they believe he’s a key element in their lock down bull pen, and his stuff no longer translates to more then 20 pitches per outing. Find some team that thinks they can fix him and bring back something of value for him, he’s been hyped enough to yield something good perhaps.

  • LarryM.,Fl.

    What an insult to Joba and every AAA guy on the 40 man roster. They might as well pray for a trade to another organization. I’m one of the fans who would prefer at this time a rookie/Joba given a shot over Freddie Garcia.

    You have to wonder with all the stats that Cashman and his group review plus scouting of the minors our 6 rated farm system must really $uck.

    If we have reduced the game to 6 innings, why not give Joba a shot. The kid has been jerked around enough by the org. that he deserves one more chance.

    • Brian in NH

      Joba had a tough time getting past 6 innings anyways. Considering he’s never really a high innings limit he could benefit from only going 5-6 each time out because we’ve “shortened” the game with the Greatest Bullpen Ever(TM)

    • Ted Nelson

      Bringing in competition is not really an insult, but a challenge. If any of the AAA guys are actually ready to pitch in the majors out of spring training, they can beat out Garcia. If they’re not a Garcia type guy buys you some time. (As far as Joba… I have no idea.)

      Cashman sucks, the rest of the FO sucks for not listening to Cashman on Soriano… man the Yankees really suck for a team that wins 95 games per season consistently for a decade and a half… What a terrible, horrible organization.

      “The kid has been jerked around enough by the org. that he deserves one more chance.”

      I really wish people would jerk me around more if that means paying me hundreds of thousands of dollars and letting me play major league baseball… Must me really rough.

  • Wil Nieves #1 Fan

    UGH Freddy Garcia…

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7_KIzbktgJk (SFW)

  • bpdelia

    I’m not anti Garcia, this is a move not to replace Nova, it’s a move to get Mitre into the bullpen.

    One SP signing does not mean much.
    I don’t LIKE garcia but he pitched ok last year.

    THe 5th spot would then be an open competition amongst rookies.

    I’d have preferred Jeff Francis though.

    And of course we are all in agreement (aside from a very few who seem to trust the yankees on this one) that not starting Joba is probably the stupidest decision the team has made in a long time.

    I was all for Soriano because I thought it meant Joba would definitely get a shot at the rotation. IF he doesn’t the deal has less value for me.

  • bpdelia

    You know the more I think about it hte moe I like his offseason.

    IF the yankees sign Jones I will grade it a B.

    If they add Duchsherer I’ll call it a B+.

    Although I wanted Cliff Lee I was extremely uncomfortable with that contract. I don’t see how Cliff Lee will be a top rotation pitcher a 50 so I was suprisingy ok with missing out on him.

    B) the actual signings, while I think Feliciano and Soriano are overpaid, are very good and fill needs. WE got a starting catcherto keep he seat warm, we got another LOOGY who is INSANELY durable and consistent, we got an elite late inning reliever, and we picked uyp a few intriguing depth guys (Mark Prior etc.)
    I dunno, I’m pleased. Get me Andruw JOnes and a pitcher and I’m set. Plus now I have my two rotation spots open for this and next year which is exactly what I wanted.

    • Big Apple

      me too. i’ll add that keeping the top prospects has also been a positive and nice change from the past.

      • Ted Nelson

        I’m with you guys. I was all for signing Lee, but the Yankees did everything they could on that front and have basically done alright since then.

        Martin was great. Takes pressure off Jesus and creates depth/competition at the C spot. Best case they got a borderline All-Star C for $4 mill per, worst (non-injury/etc.) case they paid $4 mill per for a good back-up C.

        Jones would be a great fit.

        Not crazy about all the money, but Feliciano and Soriano give the Yankees a potentially amazing bullpen.

        Starting pitching is obviously an issue… but at least they’ve got flexibility going forward and didn’t overreact by locking in mediocre starters to huge deals or trading half the farm for one (as Big Apple points out). And it’s hard to say it’s overstated looking at that rotation on paper, but it’s similar to last season’s rotation (2010 Javy < 2010 Garcia, and Pettitte could be made up for if a mid-season acquisition/call-up really finishes strong or a solid guy just has a solid, healthy season since Andy missed so much time last season anyway) and they won 95 games last season before taking the ALCS to 6 games.

        • Big Apple

          i can only think of two teams that don’t have issues with their starting rotations…the Phillies and the Giants.

  • bpdelia

    I meant Cliff Lee won’t be a top rotation starter at 40.

  • TopChuckie

    “The Yankees also are now looking at free agent right-hander Kevin Millwood, according to SI.com’s Jon Heyman.”

    I’d much prefer Millwood to Garcia. He put up a 3.64 ERA in ’09 and maybe playing for a contender will revitalize him. At the very least he’s a decent bet to eat innings.

    Millwood, J. Duchs, and the rooks, throw it all at the wall and see what sticks.

    • http://www.riveraveblues.com Mike Axisa

      Where do you see that? I can’t find it.

  • johnny

    I know no one here wants to believe it, but Freddy Garcia might be the best choice of whats left. They all have injury issues, but I think if one of the reclimation projects could build on last year, benefit from a team with a good bullpen and lineup and lastly be revitalized by being on a contender it would be Freddy Garcia.

  • Monteroisdinero

    I think Millwood wouldn’t be a bad option. The O’s were 40 games under .500 in early August so that qualifies as a bad team. Millwood threw 190 innings and had a few shutouts (7 innings) on the road against the Angels and Tampa in the second half. He was well thought of by Showalter and their pitching coach. Healthy, experienced, pitched in the post season…

    Best of the worst options?

  • Jorge

    I think every guy left out there is a crapshoot. Garcia, Millwood, Duscherer…..it’s all degrees of risk. Whoever they get is someone who can go into Spring Training and fight for a job in the rotation, barring the team making a bigger move, and someone everyone will have to cross their fingers on and hope they hold down the fort until greener pastures come along. There’s really nothing to be upset about here. If a better move is made between now and the start of the season, nothing is lost.

    I didn’t like the Soriano signing. I didn’t like the Feliciano signing. They are Yankees now. Go out there and root for them, although not now, since they aren’t playing and it is slushy as f*ck out there.

  • J.Beierle

    The Cashman bashing has reached entirely new levels of absurd over the course of this off season. It’s wayyyyy to early and borderline ignorant to criticize him (or the Yankees) for the Soriano or Feliciano signings consider neither have thrown a single pitch. If both put up #s similar to the ones they posted last year, then the Yankees will have an incredibly bullpen and will, perhaps, appear thoroughly justified.

    It’s like some of you people expect Cashman to be some sort of miralce worker or perhaps that other teams should just cave in to his any and every trade proposal. There were only two decent starters available this off season (sorry, Pavano doesn’t count): Lee and Greinke. Cashman did everything he could to get Lee; however, Lee simply had no desire to play in NY and Greinke is/was a possible head case with only one truly great season under his belt. If you consider the Yankees paying Soriano 30mil risky, what would you consider trading half our farm system away for a pitcher who has missed significant time due to social anxiety disorder?

    It’s simply too early to Monday Morning QB Cashman/his acquisitions. Let these guys actually log some game time before you jump all over these signings as if they are the sign of the apocalypse. The Yankees aren’t going to be able to get every single good/great player that is availabe, get over it.