Fan Confidence Poll: February 14th, 2011

When the new house almost had a roof
CC not sounding as decisive about not opting out

Season Record: 95-67 (859 RS, 693 RA, 98-64 Pythag. record), finished one game back in AL East, won Wild Card, lost in ALCS

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Given the team's current roster construction, farm system, management, etc., how confident are you in the Yankees' overall future?
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When the new house almost had a roof
CC not sounding as decisive about not opting out
  • jon

    @wallacematthews CC on opt-out; I dont wanna talk about that all yr. Im here to help the team win

    changing his tune from “no im not going to opt out”

    Confidence went from a 7 to a 5

    • Dream of Electric Sheeps

      ? He is on the team this year…

    • pat

      Probably because he’s talked about it 100x already.

  • Dream of Electric Sheeps

    To continue with last year’s tradition, I voted 1 in confidence.

  • Monteroisdinero

    7 until June if that’s when Jesus who is tearing up AAA comes up.

    9 if we get Liriano without trading Montero or Banuelos.

    8 overall

    • Jimmy McNulty

      He has an injury history longer than War and Peace, I don’t want to trade top flight talent for him.

  • Ty

    I hate him as much as everyone else but this made me laugh…via twitter

    SI_JonHeyman Jon Heyman
    not saying jobas fat, but he looks like he may have swallowed one of the clubhouse kids

    • Frank

      Joba putting on all this weight is probably not a good thing, even if it is muscle.

      • Mike Axisa

        It’s not a guaranteed bad thing just like losing weight isn’t a guaranteed good thing.

      • Chris

        Have you seen him step on a scale to prove that he’s gained weight?

    • Monteroisdinero

      It will add to the challenge of his mechanics and shoulder issues. Good pitching coach project.

  • MattG

    I’m happy with the patient approach, but at this point and time, I would not agree with any rationale for passing on Kevin Millwood at 1 year and 4 million. If you’re going to through spaghetti at the wall, it makes sense to throw one strand that was edible in the recent past.

    • Monteroisdinero

      The guy had some impressive outings in the second half last year. I agree.

      • Mike Axisa

        Pitcher A: 5.89 K/9, 3.14 BB/9, 1.29 HR/9, 39.8 GB%

        Pitcher B: 5.25 K/9, 2.84 BB/9, 0.98 HR/9, ~56 GB%

        • Dream of Electric Sheeps

          need more info. which are the teams did both pitchers respectively face. The weather conditions of the game, The lineup for the say specific games. team records at the time. The field condition,available arms in bp for the say game, managerial tendencies etc,etc…

          • OldYanksFan

            Not to mention boxers or briefs….

        • MattG

          Please correct me if I am wrong, but I believe if you simply replace his 2010 Camden home run rate with his 2010 road home run rate, Millwood’s 2010 looks just like his 2008 and 2009. I’d say a 2.0 WAR season is a pessimistic prediction, while 1.0 WAR for Mitre/Garcia/Colon would have to be optimistic. $4 million is the going rate for a win.

    • OldYanksFan

      through spaghetti?
      threw spaghetti?
      long toss spaghetti?

  • OldYanksFan

    I voted 7.6316

    CC makes $97m for the remaining 4 years, so while he might get a better offer, it ain’t a slam dunk. We might end up giving him another 2 yrs for $49m.

    Looking at Cots, our payroll is at $200m. Next year, with arb raises to Joba, DRob and Phil, we are over $160m.

    While many bemoan not getting Lee (which does hurt in the short run), I thought that with him, we would be extremely ‘bound up’ over the next 3-5 years.

    I guess the Steinettes just bit the bullet, but we really wasted $20m+ on Jeter.

    While many are concerned with our pitching, I think ARod and Teix are key to how successful we are this year. We really need serious bounce back years from those two.

    • ChrisS

      I agree that Teixeira and Arod hold the keys to this offense. I don’t think you can reasonably expect a bounceback year from Jeter or another great year from Swisher. It’ll be interesting to see if Grandy can continue his offensive recovery from the last couple of months of 2010 and how much of Gardner’s drop in production was due to the wrist.

      This has the makings of a very good season or, if the pitching staff stumbles and the offense sputters, a season of heavy drinking.

      • Yank the Frank

        Either way, it’s a win-win

  • Reggie C.


    I am however going to be an optimist this week. The Chavez and Jones additions sit well with me. Im starting to get the feeling that analysts think Arose is going to drop off a cliff and turn onto Michael Young. I’ll bet on Arod having a better 2011.

  • Jimmy McNulty

    Four. I was at a three earlier, but I’m starting to get excited about baseball again. If Gardner maintains his production he had last year until the wrist injury all season I think this team can be damn good. Maybe Cameron Diaz will give Alex that magic that Kate gave him, though after watching her movies I somehow doubt that. The rotation blows, but everyone knows that. I personally don’t think Cashman should wait until midseason to improve it for a number of reasons:

    1.) Teams may over perform their talent level and get tricked into thinking that they can compete. It’s happened before teams that everyone thought would be sellers end up buyers, the teams that people think would be buyers that end up sellers usually don’t end up selling anything worthwhile.

    2.) Right now the team has several good prospects in Graham Stoneburner, Adam Warren, Hector Noesi, and David Phelps that likely won’t help the Yankees in any tangible manner, but could help several other teams. If they prove that they’re nothing but AAAA arms like Z-Mac did a few seasons ago, those trade chips become useless. Granted there’s the chance that they surprise or a guy like David Adams comes back healthy and has a huge season, but I wouldn’t bet on it. With minor leaguers it’s always better to be pessamistic than optimistic.

    3.) The buy low guys might end up being sell high guys, which raises the price.

    All and all I think they should inquire on Billingsley with the Dodgers, while Ned Colletti seems to have an aging average-ish veteran fetish perhaps with the new manager the philosophy will change.

  • mike_h

    I’d feel better with atleast another starting option like Kevin Millwood in the rotation