Piniella set to consult for San Fran

'I wanna be where the fans are'
Open Thread: Johan Santana

When, in early 2009, it became clear that Lou Piniella was going to end his managerial career after the 2010 season, Hal Steinbrenner expressed his desire to bring Lou back to the Bronx in an advisory role. Piniella also had fond feelings for the Yanks and the Yanks for him. It is not a reunion to be, however. As John Shea of The San Francisco Chronicle reported this morning, Piniella will be joining the Giants instead. Piniella and Giants’ GM Brian Sabean are tight from their time together with the Yanks, and the former skipper will consult for the defending World Champions instead of the Yankees.

'I wanna be where the fans are'
Open Thread: Johan Santana
  • Jerome S.

    eh, I do wonder how much he would bring to the table. probably not much more than they already have.

    why did your post turn everything italicized…

  • CS Yankee

    He could of been Curly to the Yankees Larry (Levine) and Moe (Hank).

  • felixbanuelos

    Sweet Lou would have gone bananas if he knew how many question marks are in the rotation. I’m assuming that’s why he can’t come back here

    • JGS

      Piniella managed the Devil Rays for three years

  • Ultimate Yankee Warrior (James)

    Crazy that if not for Cashman, Pinella would likely still be the manager.

    • The Fallen Phoenix

      ??? How does that make sense?

      • felixbanuelos

        It’s like a Tim mccarver statement hahaha