The calming influence of Brian Cashman

Open Thread: Mike Lowell
A quick look at Oscar Salazar

The past few months have not been the most kind to Brian Cashman. After watching the Yanks get dispatched in the ALCS by the Rangers, he was powerless to stop his his prime off-season target from heading back to Philadelphia. Meanwhile, he took gruff from the unscrupulous among us for his charity work which included scaling a building in December and tending bar in Midtown for three hours last week and heat for putting together a “Best of the Early 2000s” slate of back-end rotation candidates.

Meanwhile, as Andy Pettitte stews — and in a certain sense, holds the short-term fate of a few key organizational cogs in his hands — Cashman has had to defend himself from New York columnists as well. Bill Madden’s baseless speculation that Cashman wanted to test his hand at team-building with a budget earned a sharp rebuke from the Yanks’ GM who denied the entire story.

Lately, then, the Yankees owners have taken to publicly defending the team official often viewed as the ultimate scapegoat in New York. Anything that goes wrong is Cashman’s fault, and anything that goes right is a result of the Yanks’ fiscal might.

A few hours ago,’s Peter Gammons issued a different take on Cashman and his role with the Yanks. As Gammons sees it, Cashman isn’t a divisive figure in the club’s hierarchy. Rather, he is the calming influence amidst a Front Office. He writes:

Hal is private, and we all think he is tough. He also knows what his father once told me, that, in the end, Brian will do what’s in the Yankees’ best interest, not just his own. Cashman proved it in 2005 when his contract was up and, in the best long-term interest of the organization, would not do a back-page cosmetic deal in the pennant race. He proved it again in 2006 when the Yankees lost in the playoffs to the Tigers, when George Steinbrenner and Levine wanted to fire Joe Torre and were well down the line toward hiring Lou Piniella, and Cashman stood his ground, talked his bosses off the ledge and saved Torre’s job…

When Hal Steinbrenner admitted to Sherman that he orchestrated part of Cashman’s response in the Jeter negotiations, it was evident that even with Levine’s occasional imitation of the organ at St. Patrick’s Cathedral, there is a sense of stability around the Yankees that will remain in place as long as Cashman is in charge of the baseball operations.

It is also very clear that if Cashman were to leave, Hal Steinbrenner can see the rush for power that would take place below him, which, with the contracts for some of their older players outstanding, might send the Yankees into the kind of chaos Cashman has been able to avoid. Had Torre been fired in 2006, would the Yankees have won a World Series championship three years later? My point, precisely.

As the Hot Stove League has worn on, Cashman has opened his mouth more frequently than ever before this year. Some of that is in response to his critics, and some of his comments have been about the need to keep the organization focused on its player development path. It makes reporters used to silence from the normally tight-lipped GM uncomfortable, but it’s not a sign of his weariness of being a Yankee. After all, it’s the only organization and work place he has ever known.

I don’t think Brian Cashman is the best GM out there. I’ve been critical of his bench-building skills, and I find that he doesn’t use the Yanks’ financial might to improve the team around the edges. The signings of Andruw Jones and, to a lesser extent, Russell Martin could change that this year, and the bullpen certainly won’t suffer from having Rafael Soriano around. Right now, though, Cashman’s the best guy for the job, and as long as he wants to stay, I believe Hal Steinbrenner will keep him.

Open Thread: Mike Lowell
A quick look at Oscar Salazar
  • YankeesJunkie

    Very nice article. The Yankees would be in a state of flux if Cashman were to leave with no “heir” simply put.

    • mike c

      cashman should stay, but the yankees would be fine if he left

    • mbonzo

      I don’t think he’d end up the GM but Oppenheimer kicks ass.

      • Ted Nelson

        Yeah, he’d be an obvious candidate. They might ultimately go with someone higher profile, but Oppenheimer might be just as good a candidate.

        • jsbrendog (returns)

          i dunno, think about it, cashman wasn’t high profile when they made him gm. hell, not many people knew who he was. and that worked out. and torre, when they hired him as manager, he wasnt a marquee name, and that worked out. and to some degree girardi as well wasnt a big marquee name, in fact he came with a stigma of authority issues after his marlins fiasco.

          • Ted Nelson

            I mostly agree. There is a chance they’d go for someone proven if someone proven to be good were out there, though. That’s all I was saying.

            Cashman is the best example, to me. And maybe not letting him talk to Arizona last offseason was a signal that they feel similarly about Opp as George did about Cashman.

            Torre was a 9 time All-Star player with 15 seasons of MLB managerial experience dating back to 1977 when the Yankees hired him. He was very well known and a veteran manager.

            Girardi was the NL Manager of the Year his only season in Florida, so there was the good with the bad.

    • YankeesJunkie

      The only bad thing is the Yankees don’t have anyone with experience. Obviously Oppenheimer has been there doing drafts, but there is quite of difference between drafts and running baseball operations.

      • Ted Nelson

        I think experience gets overrated in these cases. Not saying this would happen in this case, but teams often recycle failed GMs because they have experience. Even if that experience involved being an awful GM. (Same with coaches often.)

        There is certainly skill as well as luck involved, but this is not rocket science. The best candidate could just as easily be a first-timer as a veteran.

        They could bring in someone to lighten an Oppenheimer type’s load if necessary. Make him the GM in charge of personnel decisions with a President of Baseball Operations above him.

        • jsbrendog (returns)

          exactly. take a look at some gms who are still there and have long tenure. cashman and theo come to mind and they had no experience and they;re both very good in their own ways. and look at what that guy in toronto has done. he wasn’t experienced and he has the jays in a better place financially and for the future then ricciardi did his whole tenure

    • Ted Nelson

      It would certainly create some uncertainty and could degenerate into a negative. However, while I like Cashman (a lot even) I would not say he’s irreplaceable. Just as easily as it might hurt the team to lose him, they also might replace him with someone comparable or better immediately.

  • Danimal

    we’d best be careful or he’ll follow in Torre’s footsteps

  • Jerome S.

    I love Cash. He’s been a real ninja in the past.

  • Daveinmd

    To say that Torre not being fired after the Detroit debacle was a factor in the Yankees winning with Girardi in 09 is just silly.

    • A.D.

      Well if you imply Pinella would have been hired and thus nothing really would have changed.

    • JohnnyC

      Well, for Gammons’ sake, it was a factor in the Red Sox winning in 2007. Even money Piniella pulls his team off the field during the midge attack on Joba.

      • Bob Stone

        Excellent point. I agree completely. I couldn’t understand Torre’s reticence in that situation.

  • James

    I noticed on the blog today that the Garcia signing really angered people because although, his risk is low with the minor league deal, his potential upside is not great enough to appease Yankee fans. All i kept reading was “hey Cashman, it’s about making a trade” as if he’s purposely signing D level options to spite someone. I’m aware the Red Sox are a potential juggernaut, but let’s be patient guys. I’d say right this very moment we’re a 88-92 win team (considering we won 89 in 2008 with less pitching than now). Cashman won’t act desperately (Soriano signing wasn’t his) and when something comes along he’ll pull off a monster like he always does. How many other GMs can claim they have 4 WS rings to their credit right now? We’re still one of the four best teams in the American League at the moment.

    • Jerome S.

      Ok seriously the pitching was absolutely fine in 2008, and in 2010 the team had the fewest RA since 1998. Offense has been what’s fluctuating. I will pencil in 95 wins, right now.

    • Ted Nelson

      I don’t know that Soriano was really a desperation move. They weren’t desperate for a reliever, but for a starter. I have no idea what their motivations or decision making process was, but I look at Soriano more as a gluttonous/excess move. One they might have made even with Lee on board. A luxury no other team could afford, but the Yankees could. While Cashman wasn’t involved, he did say afterwards that any other GM would love to have Soriano jammed down their throat. It’s not that teams don’t want another Soriano-level reliever, it’s that they don’t want to pay 3 years $35 mill for one. They also don’t want to/can’t pay $200+ mill in major league payroll. The Yankees do.

      I agree that the Yankees are fine, though. In fact, I’d go so far as to say that they’re as likely to be a juggernaut as the Red Sox. The Sox should be better this season, but they did lose 2 of their top 3 position players from 2010 and have plenty of question marks themselves.

  • MikeD

    Cashman isn’t perfect, but no GM is, and as Kevin Towers pointed out, anyone coming in from the outside has no understanding of what it takes to run the Yankees.

    Since Cash took over control heading into 2006, he’s built a younger, most cost-effective OF; the Yankees have the strongerst farm system in years; they’ve greatly improved the bullpen’s efficiency and results, extending it down to the minor leagues; they’ve held line of the payroll as the luxury tax line creeps closer and closer; and, oh yeah, we’ve won a World Series, and came within two wins of making the World Series again thos year.

    I’m really not sure another GM would be doing a better job, and most would be doing worse.

    What has been interesting is Cashman’s increased public comments and appearances. I don’t think it’s an accident. My guess is Hal wants him to be more of the public face of the Yankees, since George is now gone, and Hal is clearly a private man.

    • ColoYank

      Cashman’s candor this offseason is a function of keeping his credibility with player agents and other GMs. He said repeatedly, in public and private, that he didn’t want to give up the first-round pick on a reliever. And when he was forced to do it, he had to let everybody know he was overruled.

      Credibility is a precious thing; once lost, it’s nearly impossible to regain.

      • MikeD

        I wasn’t talking so much about the Soriano, which was a different issue.

  • Carlosologist

    I wonder if people calling for Cashman’s head realize that if we had a GM like Dayton Moore or Tony Reagins we’d be in much worse shape than we are now. Cash has stayed firm in his position on these matters and hasn’t made a knee-jerk move or made a move for the sake of making a move.

    • YankeesJunkie

      Nope, that is what Levine is there for.

      • Carlosologist

        He and Hank are both locked up in a cage in Tampa, let out to rip a dumbass a new one every so often.

  • Mike HC

    Cashman’s greatest strength is probably his patience, which in New York, might be one of the most important skills for a GM to have. I think his past two off seasons have been mediocre at best, and pretty crappy at worst, but for the most part, he makes smart, defensible long term decisions. And maybe most importantly, has never made any panic moves.

    Tough to give credit to Cashman for shoring up the pen with Soriano when he was so publicly against the signing. Although, maybe that again was Hal telling Cashman what the say.

    • mike hc

      I don’t think “shoring” is the right spelling there. Suring? Remind me to stay away from that expression in the future, ha.

      • Jerome S.


      • FIPster Doofus

        “Shoring” is correct.

    • Sean C

      Should the Yankees go after every high dollar, best free agent available EVERY offseason? Do they have to make a splash EVERY year? OR should they address their most pressing needs to the the best of their abilities (namely financial might)? Seriously, picking up Javy was great at the time, picking up Grandy at the time were completely defensible ideas. The fact that Javy did not pan out sucks, but we have the benefit of retrospect. Grandy is still a great move in my opinion. Stellar defense and improving offense? I’m in on that. Cliff Lee was the best available solution to pitching this offseason, but his decision was outside of Cashman’s control. Should we have pulled in Crawford or Werth as a short term solution (and long term problem) to missing out on Lee? Our offense is fine, it’s the pitching we need. Cashman’s trying to solve the pitching problem, and he has not failed to mention that nor acknowledge that.

      • CS Yankee


        The only thing I don’t get 100% is the Lee thing, whereas he didn’t make the trip, break bread, etc. like he did with CC. He instead had dinner with the other CC to drive his price higher. Maybe Lee’s camp gave him the cold shoulder, but I liked his “CC” approach moreso.

        Disclaimer: I think missing out on Lee will make sense in 2-3 years.

        • bexarama

          He definitely visited his (as in Lee’s) house – maybe even twice.

  • Joe DiMaggio’s Ego-Ghost

    The popular “trade deadline” solution that everyone’s been proposing isn’t something I want to happen and Brian isn’t going to give up prospects for a 2-month rental unless they’re junk. That being said it would be pretty sick if we managed to get a Chris Carpenter or Gavin Floyd at the deadline…

  • icebird753

    This is off topic, but you didn’t post about it yet. new York has agreed to a deal with Freddy Garcia. That’s crazy, Freddy should be considered a prophet now.

  • dan

    levine is right when u charge the fans a fortune u must do everything, including overpay for sorino………….

  • LarryM.,Fl.

    In my opinion Brian Cashman does a fabulous job as GM. He has a unique position being the GM of the Yankees. Probably the most viewed through many media markets in this country. This scrutiny will bring about many opinions of his leadership some pro some con.

    Cashman has revamped the OF with a reasonable cost and competive WAR in the league. He has shored up first base and second base. The catching position is in good hands with Martin and Montero, Romine and Sanchez soon to follow or traded away for whatever we need. Nunez and Jones should not hurt us. The bullpen seems to be one of the best in MLB to assist the fragile rotation.

    Now the all important rotation. He secured CC and AJ,he’s can’t be worse than last year, young Mr. Hughes. We need two more pitchers. These will come from trades or developed AAA guys. What he needs is our patience. If Andy comes back and I believe that he will. The puzzle will be closer to finishing. He seems relaxed and assured because he knows what he’s doing. He’s patient and pieces of the puzzle will be found.

    Arod and Jeter contracts in my opinion were not totally his body of work. They are more about the theatrical appeal of the team as opposed to the athletic appeal of the team orchestrated by Hank of Hal.

  • camilo

    “Had Torre been fired in 2006, would the Yankees have won a World Series championship three years later? My point, precisely.”

    We probably win it one year later

    • camilo

      Here’s to our guys beating out Meatray, garcia and colon

      • jsbrendog

        Because it was obv torre’s fault joba and wang blew it in the alds bs cleveland. Yup. Why didnt i think of that. Oh wait. Cause it’s nonsense

        • camilo

          You are nonsense.

          • jsbrendog (returns)

            go ahead and provide some evidence showing the yankees wouldve won the world series in 07 if torre had been fired and that joba wouldnt have tanked cause of midges and wang wouldnt have gotten shellacked.

            go ahead, ill wait.

            • JohnnyC

              Even Torre admitted he should have pulled the team off the field until the midges left the vicinity.

  • Pat D

    I’m just imagining the venom dripping from Steve Lombardi’s lips at reading a post like this that largely defends Cashman.

    Also because for some reason I just really feel like constantly piling on that guy right now.

    • bexarama

      Didn’t you hear? Fitness and health are much more important.

  • bpdelia

    Sigh. In my opinion this is on topic so here i go.

    I’m watching sportscenter and there is a thing about the ynakees signing Garcia. The “headline” on the left? “Too Little Too Late?”

    It then goes on to show Garcia, Colon, and Priors stats from 2003-05. ANd claims that “all three will try and crack the Yankees rotation this year.”

    I’m just sick of it. Every team does this but Cashman signs a back of rotation guy who threw 150 ip last year of about league average ball and it’s a disaster?
    This team is better than last years team.
    In my opinion right now without Pettite the team is an 89-93 win team.
    Add pettite and it is a 91-95 win team. A year after missing teh WS by 2 games. A YEAR before that they won the WS.
    Jesus what more do people want. THere is nothing more he could have done this year.

    • Monteroisdinero

      People want more Jesus.


    • theyankeewarrior

      This is why you shouldn’t watch sportscenter

      • bpdelia

        exactly. I haven’t in about a week. The hyperbole is outrageous.
        Is it too much to ask for reasonable analysis from highly paid professional journalists?

        THese people saying things like “the yankees window is now” are idiots.
        YEah if we trade our best prospects for aging veterans? Yeah the window is now. IF we are satisfied with what we have (i.e a contending team that is obviously a playoff contender) we can extend that window out indefinitely.

        I’m a conservative guy on projections but in my opinion you can probably pencil in the following:

        Jeter 285/345/400
        Arod 279/365/535
        Tex 280/379/510
        Grandy 260/338/450
        Swish 270/360/500
        Cano 320/380/500
        MArtin 260/330/395
        Posada 269/360/410
        Gardner 265/389/390

        Sabathia 21-9 3.55 era
        Hughes 15-12 3.98 era
        Burnett 13-10 4.77 era
        Garcia 9-9 5.10 era (in 15 starts
        Nova 7-7 5.25 era
        Pettie 13-8 4.24 era (in 25 starts)

        Sorry but in my opinion this team if we get pettite is a 90-95 win team.

        WIth a great bullpen. Probably the BEST offensive prospect in the league.

        3 front rotation prospects.
        and easily 5 legit back rotation prospects.

        THe team upgraded EVERY PLACE it could aside from the rotation.

        ANd in fact if Pettite comes back Garcia is an upgrade over last years #5 slot.

        This is going to be a good season and next year should be really fun when Montero is out DH/ backup catcher.

        The only problem next year is we will have to carry Cervelli as a third catcher for a bit.

        • CS Yankee

          Whose that Pettie guy?

          It looks like he could be ROY in 2011 with a 13-8 record?

        • king of fruitless hypotheticals

          9-9 w/a 5 ERA?


    • Ted Nelson

      “Every team does this but Cashman signs a back of rotation guy who threw 150 ip last year of about league average ball and it’s a disaster?”

      And not even to a major league deal…

      • jsbrendog (returns)

        and for basically the same they signed CHoP for last year and when he ddnt work out they had no problem cutting his diarhea having bum ass

    • FIPster Doofus

      This team is not better than last year’s team. Pettitte has to come back for that to have any chance of being true.

  • Opus

    He proved it again in 2006 when the Yankees lost in the playoffs to the Tigers, when George Steinbrenner and Levine wanted to fire Joe Torre and were well down the line toward hiring Lou Piniella, and Cashman stood his ground, talked his bosses off the ledge and saved Torre’s job…

    Cashman: “… well Joe, I’ll be waiting over here when you’re ready to apologize again.”

    • JohnnyC

      I’d love to see Gammons’ backup for this claim. He does know that Torre was in the middle of a 4 year deal paying him more than $24 million, doesn’t he? I find it hard to believe that even Steinbrenner would have fired Torre 2 years after re-signing him to a $24 million deal(add in that he had the opportunity to get rid of Torre after the 2004 ALCS debacle and…wait for it…gave him a new contract). It’s just Gammons’ version of responsible journalism I suppose.

  • David

    He has done a fabulous job. It is a contending team, and the strong farm system has been kept completely intact. He isn’t done yet, but changes will only happen when he has more leverage.

  • Fair Weather Freddy

    Cashman has done a very good job. People love to bash him cause he didn’t get Cliff lee and supposedly ‘allowed’ Crawford to go to Boston. Problem is, unless its King Felix or Josh Johnson walking through that door, alot of Yankee fans are going bash any move he makes

  • bpdelia

    From the group of Bettances, Banueolos and Montero there are probably less than 10 pitchers I would trade those guys for.

    Look if we can get a legit #3 type guy and that deal includes Brackman or any of the Phelps,mitchell, warren, noesi group. Or Romine or HEathcott or mesa Laird etc I’m cool with that.

    But of the top 3 guys we have I wouldn’t move them unless you were getting

    Hernandez, Lincecum, Johnson, Jiminez, Kershaw.

    AND THOSE GUYS ARE NOT AVAILABLE FOR US. To pry those guys away you’d have to do Montero, Bettances, banuelos, Brackman.

    I mean you’d have to utterly strip the system.

    It’s just not smart business. If your average NY tabloid columnist was GM of the yankees we would be a team like we were when I was growing up. Slowly fading to irrelevance after watching panic move after panic move.

    I give Cashman a B+ for this offseason. I was leery of signing Lee for 7 years.

    I did want Soriano.
    I did want Feliciano
    I did want JOnes
    I did want Garcia
    I did want Duch
    I have considered Millwood
    and I am pleased with the Martin signing. Martin is a good chip and i fully expect a bounce back to league average offensive production from him. He’s not the star he was but he’s a good defender who takes his walk, runs well for his position and can hit enough to be super useful.

    My opinion of this offseason is apparently drastically out of touch with the mainstream fan because quite frankly I think it’
    s been pretty damn good

    • Mike Myers

      agree what most of that…..except Martin.

      I really dont think he is going to bounce back. 2 reasons.
      1)bad hips seem to get worse over time
      2)LA dumped him for nothing. What do they know we dont?

      • jsbrendog (returns)

        fairf enough on point 1 but point 2 the dodgers owner is in a messy divorce. that team is a mess and did everything to cut costs. hell, mccourt owns the stadium and charged his OWN TEAM exorbitant rent in order to move it legally somewhere his wife couldnt get at it.

        reson number 2 doesn’t fit as it stands currently

      • Ed

        The Dodgers dumped him over salary concerns. They didn’t want to go to arbitration with him. They tried to resign him with a minimal raise over last season, but he wouldn’t agree to it, so they non-tendered him.

        • James

          Also I think Martin will bounce back because he’ll have more protection in the Yankees lineup than he did in the Dodgers. He’ll see more fastballs batting 8th or 9th than he did hitting 6th or 7th in the Dodgers lineup.

      • Ted Nelson

        Along with the financial concerns of the Dodgers, plenty of teams have given up on guys who did bounce back. I think you’re right that it’s a red flag, but it’s conclusive proof of nothing. If the Dodgers were such sages, they’d have won more than 80 games last season.

        Even if he doesn’t bounce back Martin is a strong back-up C.

        • jsbrendog (returns)

          seriously, this is the team that has marcus thames penciled in for starting lf for ~80-100 games

    • Big Bertha

      Cashman was against signing Soriano. The Steinbrenners made that deal. If it were up to Cashman we never would have solidified out bullpen with a great reliever like Soriano. Cashman probably would have signed Trevor Hoffman and considered that a fix.

    • Bob Stone

      I agree on all of your analysis.

  • Big Bertha

    Cashman just isn’t getting the job done anymore. He lost out on Cliff Lee twice to better GMs. It cost us the WS last year and possibly again this year. Boston’s GM has done a remarkable job and that’s what our GM should be doing with more resources at his disposal. The Steinbrenners need to say goodbye to Cashman and start running things themselves. If it wasn’t for them we never would have solidified our bullpen with Soriano.

    • Dr. O

      Exactly what was Cashman supposed to do? Convince Seattle they’d rather have Montero than the 1B they had coveted long before any trade talks? Or in free agency perhaps invest in some sort of brain washing device that would make Cliff Lee not want to return to Philly?

    • Benjamin Kabak

      Did you read the post? I think you’ve completely missed the point, and you’re totally wrong about losing out on Lee to “better” GMs. We’ve gone over this too many times to count. But here goes: Once Texas made their offer with Smoak, no amount of anything would convince the Mariners to change their minds. And Lee himself wanted to and chose to go back to Philly. Unless Cashman can perform the Jedi mind trick, no reasonable amount of money was going to change his mind. Please.

    • Fair Weather Freddy

      Yeah. good idea. Let Levine run the show. Yanks would be in worse shape than the 80s,when they traded the Jay Buhners and Fred McGriffs for the likes of Ken Phelps and Dale Murray

      • Dr. O

        Hal: Randy we want to congratulate you on your first day as GM of The Yankees. Now we need to discuss team strategy.

        Randy: Yes of course! Well I have already pitched & green-lit “Yankeeography: Randy Levine”.

        Hal: Huh?

        Randy: Ok maybe that’s not big enough for you. So I was looking over the list of free agents and some of the rumored trade targets…

        Hal: Ok, tell me what you’re thinking.

        Randy: I think I wanna take over The Tonight Show.

        Hal: What?

        Hal: No…mayor. I wanna be mayor.

    • jsbrendog (returns)


      • king of fruitless hypotheticals

        heh. haven’t seen that in a while. i don’t think we use that enough anymore…

    • Jerome S.

      Absolutely. I recall those dynastic Yankees from the eighties, with Steinbrenner at the helm. They won series after series, didn’t they?

  • Dr. O

    Funny my reaction to this post was I think I’d trade the playoffs for one year if in return we were given the removal of Randy Levine from the organization.

    • 28 this year

      i think Levine just needs a muzzle and a cage to return to after doing his real job. He is good as a business man. Just have a restraining order to keep him away from any baseball operations location run by the Yankees.

    • jsbrendog (returns)


  • Dr. O

    With the stadium built all he has to do now is bitch in the papers and cry to ESPN about not including him in their Yankee docs.

  • bpdelia

    I agree that the Martin rebound is speculative and this is a blog that frowns on “gut” feelings. But I’ll be honest my gut feelings are usually pretty right on.

    I have a feeling Martin is goin to hit 260/330/395 ish. I know he is still a solid to plus defender and he throws well. Ideally i would like Montero worked in slowly at catcher and I cannot live with a Montero Cervelli split unless Cervelli suddenly morphs into more than he is (utterly unlikely).

    So I want Martin as the starting catcher until say June 1. At that point teh .190 hitting Cervelli is sent to SWB and MOntero is brought up to catch twice a week and Dh 3 times a week. THe only problem is Posada is going to be relegate to DHing only about 3 times a week. But I just can’t forsee a situation where Posada is outhitting Montero by July of next year.

    Players are replaced and this is the year for Posada.

    Ideally Posada will get an injury around June htat puts him out for a month or so. ANd by the time he comes back Montero will be firmly entrenched as the DH/C.

    Even if Montero only catches 50 games a year and DHs the other 100 it’s a huge win. If you can have MOntero as the backup catcher/Dh his value is greatly improved. If we can get him a bit of work at 1b and he can be a DH/C/1b super utility type guy his value would be enormous.

    ANyway the point is Cashman has done a damn fine job this offseason and I for one am thrilled we didn’t get Lee last year for MOntero.

    IF we had made that trade it’s at least a 50 percent chance he still signs with Philly in which case it would go down as one of the biggest disaster’s in history.

    I’m not down with trading 15 years of a sueperstar hitter for one WS title. I plan on continuing to be a fan for the next couple of decades and I’d rather a team that is always competitive rather than maximizing my playoff chances ONE year.

    It’s just a terrible mind set to have.

    It is basically akin to me telling you “Listen I will give you one hundred thousand dollars RIGHT NOW. OR I will give you 20,000 dollars a year for the next 20 years. If you take the 100 grand you’re an idiot.

    • jsbrendog (returns)

      ANyway the point is Cashman has done a damn fine job this offseason with what he has been given and the situations he has been put in


  • NJYankeeFan

    When did the writers at RAB become apologists for Cashman? He’s paid top dollar for his position, he has resources no other GM has and along with that comes tremendous pressure. He has always had a mandate from ownership that anything less than a world series victory is failure. No surprises. Please stop with the poor Cashman sentiment because it’s ridiculous.

    • Big Bertha

      I agree! And there is no tolerance for criticism of Brian Cashman here. Whenever you try to say he did a bad job this offseason people jump on you and say, Freddy Garcia is great signing! They say Cashman is doing the best he can with what he has, he has more than anyone else and he still failed! Boston outdid us this offseason and that’s just the truth.

      • jsbrendog (returns)

        hyperbole at it’s finest

      • Ted Nelson

        There is tolerance for criticism IMO, just not baseless, ignorant ranting.

        “Boston outdid us this offseason and that’s just the truth.”

        For whom? I missed the part where Cliff Lee signed with Boston. I also missed the part where the Yankees needed a 1B and $20 mill per LF. I must have also missed the part where Garcia’s contract was a guaranteed major league deal. And that other part where you have to sign multiple $20 mill per players every offseason to have a good season the next year.

        Apparently you missed the parts, though, where Boston also lost 2 of their 3 best position players from 2010. Where Crawford was coming off a career season he’s unlikely to repeat, while Tex is coming off a career worst season he’s likely to bounce back from. Where the Yankees won 95 games last season and Boston 89. Where Boston’s back-end of its rotation might be just as ineffective as the Yankees’.

        • jsbrendog (returns)

          this. thank you sir, I was just too lazy to type any of this.

        • Ted Nelson

          Plus the Yankees actually outbid Boston on Russell Martin and that’s actually the truth.

      • Bob Stone

        Just absolutely ridiculous. Gonzalez and Crawford replacing Martinez and Beltre is “outdoing” the Yankees????? It was pretty much an even swap of two new players for two lost players. Stop believing the MSM hype.

        RAB has made many criticisms of Cashman. They are now merely commenting that Cashman is cathcing some unfair flack right now from Yankee fans and the MSM.

    • Ted Nelson

      Cashman has been GM since 1998. In that time he’s had the team in the playoffs all but one year, won 4 WS and made 2 other appearances… They won 95 games last season. Stop the ridiculous standards of judgement sentiment, because it’s ridiculous.

      • NJYankeeFan

        I agree if you look at Cash’s entire body of work, he’s done a good job overall but since the 2009 world series his moves have not worked out for whatever reason. Your ridiculous blind defense of Cashman makes you look like the worst kind of Yankee homer. No Cashman shouldn’t be vilified because he missed out on Lee but so far his plan B hasn’t exactly inspired confidence.

        • Ted Nelson

          “Your ridiculous blind defense of Cashman makes you look like the worst kind of Yankee homer.”

          I honestly have no idea where that’s coming from. I did nothing but state facts and comment on your implication that if the Yankees don’t win the WS every single season Cashman is not doing a good job. How stating irrefutable facts is a ridiculous blind defense… I have absolutely no idea. I think you are seriously mistaken there.

          “since the 2009 world series his moves have not worked out for whatever reason.”

          The team won 95 games last season and made it to Game 6 of the ALCS… Sounding the alarms because 2 moves–Javy and Nick Johson–didn’t work out “makes you look like the worst kind of Yankee fan.” Thames didn’t work out? Kerry Wood? Boone Logan? Moving Hughes into the rotation? Re-signing Andy Pettitte? And how can you say before they play a game in pinstripes how Russell Martin, Pedro Feliciano, Andruw Jones, Derek Jeter, Mo, even Soriano, Garcia, Colon, etc. have worked out?

          “so far his plan B hasn’t exactly inspired confidence.”

          So far not a single game has been played since he missed on Lee. They won 95 games last season with about 2.5 starters, and they still have plenty of time to re-sign Andy, trade for someone before the deadline, and/or bring up a hot prospect. I think the chances are about as good that the Yankees rotation will be BETTER this season as they are it will be worse. Hughes and Burnett have plenty of room for improvement. Replacing 2010 Javy is a joke. And there’s still tons of time to acquire someone.

          What did you want Cashman to do after Lee? Give Pavano 3 years? Trade Jesus and more for a #3 or #4 starter? Clone a pitcher? Or to be patient, make some low risk moves, see what’s available within the organization, and wait for his opportunity?

          • Ted Nelson

            “And how can you say before they play a game in pinstripes” … or on their new contracts…

          • Bob Stone

            I totally agree. NJYankeeFan was unfair in his criticism of your comment.

          • NJYankeeFan

            The year before the Yankees signed CC, they passed on a trade for Santana and it turned out to be a great move by Cashman for which he has gotten plenty of credit. Last year, Dan Haren was easily within the Yankees grasp and Cashman backed off likely in part because it was a “sure thing” that they would sign Cliff Lee in the offseason. A similar strategy didn’t work too well so just as Cashman received credit the first time around, he now deserves criticism. Had the Yanks traded for Haren last year, they may have won #28 instead of losing in the ALCS. He would have probably been the #2 starter behind CC in fact. This year, no one know’s if Cashman can acquire a good starting pitcher. So far speculation on potential available starters doesn’t look too hot so now a 2nd season could end up derailed by Cashman’s failure to upgrade his starting pitching. Cashman failed in 2010 to upgrade the rotation and so far in 2011 he’s on the same path. I’m more than willing to give credit where credit is due but in your eyes it seems it’s blasphemy to criticize Cashman.

  • Jess

    The Mets have become a three ring circus and are the town’s new butt monkey.

    Everyone should get on their knees thank whatever you want for being a Yankee fan and having Cash as a GM.