The RAB Radio Show: February 15, 2011

Awww Schlit: Brian's gone
Food For Thought: BA's Top 100 Prospects Lists

The story of the day is A.J. Burnett, so we start off with a conversation about his 2010 season and what can change in 2011. There are plenty of baffling aspects of Burnett.

Then we’re onto some other baseball matters. The Pirates come up for a bit, but we spend most of the non-Yanks time talking about Albert Pujols. The premise is Ken Rosenthal’s article, in which he proposes the Yanks trade Mark Teixeira for Pujols. We don’t so much talk about that as we talk about the Cardinals’ dealings with their star and why they have to re-sign him.

(And yeah, we do spend a few minutes on the Teixeira issue.)

Podcast run time 35:27

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Awww Schlit: Brian's gone
Food For Thought: BA's Top 100 Prospects Lists
  • Roba the Hut

    First podcast I’ve listened to, and it was definitely worth it.
    Loved the discussion about Pujols and Tex. Great job guys

  • mike_h

    I would not trade Pujols for Teixiera cause its gonna cost you atleast another 8 year/$255 million dollar contract.

    I think the Mets, Blue Jays, Cubs, and Braves would all be looking to sign Pujols

  • Slu

    I like the show guys. This is the 3rd or 4th one I’ve listened to and it is getting better each time out. But you guys need some better mics, especially Joe. Joe sounds like he is talking on a speaker phone.