Touching base with Mark Newman

KLaw's Top Impact Prospects for 2011
Open Thread: Mike Lowell

Less than a week after nabbing Brian Cashman, Josh Norris managed to find some time with VP of Baseball Ops Mark Newman. They discussed all sorts of minor league topics, including pitching rotations at the higher levels, the infield situation at Double-A Trenton, who impressed at fall instructional league and a whole lot more. Make sure you check it out, lots of great info in there.

KLaw's Top Impact Prospects for 2011
Open Thread: Mike Lowell
  • Tom Zig

    Solid work, Norris.

  • Jerome S.



  • Reggie C.

    Looks like MN is trying to remain coy but if the org is taking a flexible defensive approach with JR Murphy’s development then i would think its all but assured that Murphy is switching.

    If catching is the most difficult defensive craft to hone, then getting Murphy reps at 3B and the OF is a sign that the org really likes the bat AND really likes the prospect of Sanchez staying at catcher.

  • AndrewYF

    Interesting that Newman hedged on Betances and Banuelos even starting the year in AA. Looks like they’re really interested in fast-tracking at least one of them by having them basically skip AA.

    • radnom

      Nice catch, but I’m guessing they just haven’t worked out the logjam yet and really, honestly just don’t know who is going to be where. Notice he sidestepped the Warren question as well and took that opportunity to say that all the rotations are still TBA at this point.

      That being said, if one of the two was starting at AAA who would you choose? I think I would go with Banuelos.

    • Plank

      He may have been playing politics a bit. If he told ManBan and Betances at the beginning of the offseason that if they worked their butts off they may start in AAA, he can’t confirm in an interview that they are starting in AA.

  • CS Yankee

    What I found unusual is that they are moving their coaches/instructors to match the level of the desired prospect…not sure if this has been done before but it sounds like a great way to get the cream to the top faster.

    • http://RAB Nuke LaDoosh

      Sort of like when Crash Davis was brought in to coach/mentor my cousin Nuke LaLoosh :)

      • CS Yankee

        Why do you and your cousin share the same name?

        I’ll refrain from all the southern jokes/references for now.

        Of couse, when talking about minor leagues one can never have enough Bull Durham references.

  • king of fruitless hypotheticals

    That was a pretty cool interview for being as short as it was–lots of good tidbits there. The best part for me was him having to reiterate ‘big ceiling’ for Brett Marshall. Of course, having a stocked farm for the rotation at AAA and AA was nice too! If we can make it through this year (or maybe even first half) it sounds like there can be some pitching salary relief on the way. Same thing with Jorge leaving and catchers/DH.

    Still looking for a SS…besides Nunez that is… (unless its him!)