Trade Teixeira? You can forget about that

From Boomer to Betances
Gary Sanchez underwent heart surgery

With Albert Pujols failing to come to an agreement on a long-term contract extension with the Cardinals last week, speculation has run rampant about the Yankees potentially trading Mark Teixeira to St. Louis for their superstar first baseman. It was far fetched to begin with, but Tex put it all to rest today. He reported to camp this morning and told Joel Sherman: “I’m not going anywhere. I got that no-trade [clause] for a reason. I’m going to be buried in these pinstripes.” This shouldn’t be a surprise, Tex has no reason to accept a trade whatsoever.

As far as news that actually means something, Tex told Chad Jennings that he took a lot more swings that usual this offseason, hoping that they’ll help him avoid the early season slumps that have plagued his career. He is also trying to correct some issues with his lefty swing. Tex had just a .352 wOBA against right-handed pitching last season, well below his .382 career mark. We heard about some things Kevin Long wanted to correct in his first baseman’s swing last month.

From Boomer to Betances
Gary Sanchez underwent heart surgery
  • Tom Zig

    Obvious statement:

    getting tex back on track will go a long way

  • Beamish

    Sucks to be Albert. Only two teams can really pay him the kind of money he wants/deserves and neither have any need to do so.

    If he wanted max dollars he should have tried to force a trade to the Yankees or Red Sox 3-4 winters ago. Now he will have to “suffer” with $200 million instead of $300 million.

    • Urban

      History is clear on this. He’ll get his money.

      • Gonzo

        Werth got paid!

      • CS Yankee

        Johnny Damon has his fourth new favorite team/place to be.

        It worked for him the 1st time (NYY over BoSox) he changed…
        lost the 2nd time (Tigers over Cash & CO offer)…
        Now he is the 3rd/4th OFer, 2nd DH versus working with the team.

        Be careful for the what you wish for Albert as you can windup in the pit formally known as the motor city or with Goofy (Manny) and Sleepy (Maddon) at the retirement home known as Tampa.

        • Greg Golson’s Rocket Arm

          Implying that Damon is a comparable person for Pujols isn’t a great idea

          • Urban


            Pujols is the greatest hitter of this generation and one of the greatest hitters to ever play the game.

            He will get his money…plus a little bit more.

      • A.D.

        No one is debating he won’t, just how much

      • Beamish

        From whom? Texas showed everyone that one superstar chewing up an inordinate chunk of the annual budget does not bring you anything. Who else can really pay Albert $25-30MM/year and keep a supporting cast around him?

        • whozat

          Actually, someone over at (I think) fangraphs looked at this the other week, and it wasn’t that ARod didn’t live up to his deal (he did), and it wasn’t that they didn’t have the money to put good players around him. They actually had several other fairly highly paid guys, but they were all bad investments, like the shell of Juan Gonzalez and other big names that were no longer that good at baseball.

          A reasonably-run mid-market team can certainly pay one enormous star and still put other good guys around him. They just have to be careful not to pay Vlad Guerrero 8 mil to DH or Michael Young 48 mil to be the backup infielder for three years.

    • Poopy Pants

      The Sox will have plenty of money coming off the books, no?

      • hogsmog

        I mean, are they going to pay that kind of money for a DH? I guess Ortiz is up in 2012, but still, it goes against their ‘philosophy,’ and I get the feeling that if they don’t shore up pitching next offseason, with pujols, crawford, and agon eating a ton of money, they might turn into mid-2000 Yanks if they’re not careful.

      • A.D.

        Depends if A-Gone is coming off the books or signed at big money

        • Accent Shallow

          Gonzalez is absolutely signed to an extension, the Sox are just gaming the system by not making it official until after Opening Day.

  • Carlosologist

    I predicted 42 HR for Tex last year. That didn’t happen, so I’m hoping these new improvements get him back to his 2009 form.

  • Urban

    The Tex-to-be-traded-for-Pujols movement (a media fabrication that was then picked up by some fans) would acknowledge, yet still ignore, that both players can’t be traded without their permission, and neither player wants to be traded, nor is is to their advantage to be traded, which means they’re not going to be traded. Tex requested and got the no-trade so he can settle down on one team, and he loves playing for the Yankees. Pujols, despite not reaching an agreement with the Cardinals yet, almost assuredely wants to remain in St. Louis. Agreeing to a trade won’t exactly help him in remaining a Cardinal, and would disrupt him during his free-agent year.

    As for the Yankees, if they traded Tex, there is no guarantee they’ll sign Pujols (see: Lee, Cliff), which means they’ll have lost both Pujols and Tex, and will be in the market for yet another first baseman. Not to mention (which means I’m going to), it will cost the Yankees around $42 million per season to have King Albert’s services (approximately $30 million yearly base, with 40% luxury tax added on).

    • Ryan

      They can go after The Prince!

  • CS Yankee

    This means that Teix is a team player no matter what…even if the team wanted to trade him, he is on the team.

    This is sound IMHO, as a so-so or bad year it corrects a knee-jerk type of reaction.

    I think no trade clauses are generally good, but the opt-out should be a two way street. CC will and Soriano likely will…and i believe that Soriano gets money when he walks (2M$ opt-out); which is insane.

  • FIPster Doofus

    Fuck this rumor. Now if Tex gets off to a bad start this season, every moron will be on his case for blocking a potential Pujols trade.

    • bexarama

      It’s not even a rumor, at least rumors have some basis of truth. It’s more like something a bunch of people completely made up.

      • Tank the Frank

        It’s more like something a bunch of people completely made up.

        Not a bunch of people, only the dumbest of the dumb, Ken Rosenthal.

        • Urban

          I wouldn’t put Rosenthal in the Hall of the Dumbest of Dumb. It’s actually good on the rumor front, which is what makes this one so annoying. It isn’t even a rumor. He just made it up, so now other people are reporting it as real.

    • dalelama

      We can’t be that lucky.

  • bonestock94

    “I’m going to be buried in these pinstipes.”

    What a fucking beast, awesome quote.

    • BigDavey88

      Ditto. That quote made me want him to be the Yankee first baseman for the next 10 years.

      Kind of.

  • Mike c

    Can Tex play 3rd? I know he’s so good at 1B that it’s sacrilege, but if he can be serviceable on the other side he’d add more value, regardless of pujols

    • Tom Zig

      Sure let’s just have everyone else on the diamond play out of position. Granderson can be the catcher, Gardner will pitch. Swisher at SS…

      • Poopy Pants

        Your comment makes no sense.

        • Steve H

          Makes sense to me.

        • BigDavey88


          I hope this is a case of double sarcasm.

        • peter and wendy

          Poopy Pants, I thought you were sick of being a baseball/sports/Yankees fan. What happened?

    • A.D.

      If he could really play 3B at this point he’d be a MLB 3B

  • OldYanksFan

    If you use $4.5m/WAR baseline, to be worth $250m, Albert would need to post a 55 WAR the remainder of his career.

    He has posted around 75 WAR in 10 years, ages 21-30, so 55 WAR from age 32 on, isn’t unreasonable, but it’s certainly not a no brainer. This of course, assumes 8+ years of health, averaging 6-7 WAR/yr, and no radical decline.

    There is no doubt he is the best player in baseball. If he remains healthy, he may be in the top 5 in baseball history. If he ages like Aaron, he could be top 3.

    But I think $250 is risky.
    Those that say $300m are basing this on past performance, not projected future performance.

    I can see someone going $240… but no more.

    The Yankees are willing to pay for ‘Legacy’.
    I would say the ‘Jeter Legacy’ cost us $25m or so.
    The ‘ARod Legacy’ cost us $50m or so.
    These 2 contracts were not based on (projected) production, but rather on their historical significance. The Yankees are unique in this fashion. I don’t think other teams can afford to do this.

    If I’m Theo, I let AGon walk, and offer Pujols 8/$240m.
    In Fenway, I’m betting 50 HRs/yr minimum.

    • Mike Axisa

      50 HR a year, MINIMUM? One player in the last three seasons has hit 50+ homers, and it wasn’t Pujols. In fact, he has zero career 50 homer seasons. Pujols won’t be doing that on a yearly basis no matter what park he’s in.

      • Poopy Pants

        He wrote that Pujols will do that, not Gonzalez.

        • Mike Axisa

          Yeah I know, I realized that after I posted my original comment.

        • Poopy Pants

          You edited your comment.

    • A.D.

      If I’m Theo, I let AGon walk

      Wouldn’t be the worst plan figure between Gonzalez, Fielder, and Pujols they’re going to end up getting a good 1B

      • Preston

        The guy is fun to watch, but I wouldn’t give any kind of long term deal to Prince.

    • Steve H

      Gonzalez for 7/$154>>>>Pujols for 8/$240

    • NJ Andy

      “There is no doubt he is the best player in baseball. If he remains healthy, he may be in the top 5 in baseball history. If he ages like Aaron, he could be top 3.”

      Not to take away from Pujols, but I don’t think he’s quite at the level you’re talking about just yet.

      A-Rod’s career WAR through age 30: 84.2
      Pujol’s carrer WAR through age 30: 80.7

      He’s certainly the best player in baseball at this moment, but he’s got nagging injury concerns and age catches up to every ball player (not named Mo).

      I agree with the rest of your points: he’s absolutely a huge risk for the kind of contract he’s asking. He’s not worth $300 million, you’re right to point out that he’s no guarantee to stay healthy. However, even his past performance isn’t quite on the level of Mantle or Ruth. I really think he’s just the perfect narrative: the white knight who didn’t(doesn’t) do steroids but still destroys the baseball. In many ways, he’s what Alex was supposed to be: the best ball player, who’s also humble, and never cheats. Just playing for love of the game. I almost hope Albert doesn’t get his contract, since it will do nothing but tarnish his reputation. “He cares more about money than about his team, more about his contract than winning.” especially when teammates (Holliday) are willing to defer part of their payment to keep Albert around.

      • hogsmog

        Do not forget that Arod broke into the majors 3 years before Pujols, and accumulated 8.7 WAR during that time.

        • NJ Andy

          True. But only one of those three years was valuable. If anything, it’s a sign in Alex’s favor. A 9 WAR season in the majors is certainly preferable to a season in the minors.

          Either way, the point isn’t to say who’s better–Alex or Albert. The point is just that Albert isn’t head and shoulders over all of his contemporaries. He’s good, but he’ll never put up numbers like Mantle, Ruth, or Bonds.

          • Sweet Dick Willie

            Currently, he’s #5 all-time OPS.

            Ruth 1.1636
            Williams 1.1155
            Gehrig 1.0798
            Bonds 1.0512
            Pujols 1.0502

            And maybe it’s just me, but as the best offensive player in the game today, “good” does not adequately describe Mr. Pujols.

            • NJ Andy

              A fair point. I suspect he’ll end up lower on the list after his decline phase sets in, but I hadn’t realized he was 5th all time in OPS.

              I certainly he’s a great player, the best player currently playing the game. Just not head and shoulders over all of the rest.

    • Urban

      I think there’s a better chance Gonzalez might have a 50-HR season in Fenway than Pujols. He’ll end up punishing the wall and will have a high (higher?) BA and tons of doubles, but I’m not sure it would help King Albert’s HRs.

  • CMP

    Everyone was so quick to criticize Randy Levine for giving Soriano those opt out clauses but no one says anything about Cashman giving CC an opt out after this year or Tex a full no trade clause. CC’s clause is gonna cost the Yanks 3 years and around $75 million more and Tex’s no trade pretty much kills any option the Yanks might have of trading him without him extorting a few more years and a ton of money onto the end his contract. I really wonder if those clauses were deal breakers.

    • Mike Axisa

      I’d been saying CC’s opt out was stupid since the day he signed the contract. They’re NEVER good ideas.

      Tex’s no-trade clause is pretty irrelevant. The contract itself is a no-trade clause.

      • Bruno (The Manchine)

        CC probably got the opt-out to make sure we got him at all.

      • Preston

        CC’s opt out clause was the only way he was coming. He didn’t want to come here realize he hated New York and be stuck in a divided club house on an aging team. Is the opt out ideal, obviously not. But if the choice is CC with an opt out or no CC, then I’m glad we gave him the opt out. The Soriano deal is different because we gave all of that leverage and control to a non-essential player.

  • Bruno (The Manchine)

    Tex DH, Albert 1B, Posada backup C/1B/DH in 2012. I don’t see the (on-field) problem here….

    • hogsmog

      Because there is absolutely no wiggle room for Jesus in that scenario. He’s got to perform at catcher, and if he can’t, then he just doesn’t get any play time, period. No chance to try him at 1b, no chance to DH him even if he can’t make it in the field. And are you going to bench Tex to give Jesus at-bats, when the kid is still learning the ropes? You might as well spit in Tex’s face.

    • whozat

      Because both ARod and Jeter will need to either sit or DH a nontrivial amount of times in the coming years. And Jeter is signed for 4 years, ARod for 7.

      • camilo Gerardo

        expecting to land Pujols is kind of ridiculous, But Alex is back 100% from the hip surgery, And I will never want Jeter to DH; I’d like to see them make a run for Prince, though

  • Lincoln

    Is it really all that bad to have Teixeira? I understand that the people that made this “rumor” up are probably the same ones that have MLB:The Show or some form of baseball video game and have all the best players on one team so they can win…but damn people, Teixeira is a good player who plays hard and is 100% NYY. If only all teams were so lucky have players who wanted to come and STAY in NY, like the Yankees do. Take a look…Mussina, Jeter, Posada, Rivera, Teixeira, Rodriguez. I’d bet that if its up to them, Cano, Hughes, Gardner, Granderson and Swisher would WANT to remain Yankees for their career. How many players in recent years from other teams can say that once a player joins their team, they arent looking to go anywhere else? Tampa…HAHAHA. Boston…HAHAHA. Even Toronto couldnt keep Halladay. Houston didnt keep Berkman or Oswalt. Kerry Wood never would have left Chicago, if they hadnt traded him. So, lets just be happy that we have good players who want to be in pinstripes…lets develop our farms system and let the other teams recycle everybody else’s players.

    • Preston

      Well the money does help them want to be here…
      But essentially I agree with you. Mark is great, he’s going to continue to be great. Is Pujols better, yeah. But two years ago, it seemed a near certainty that Albert was staying in St. Louis (I still think there is a pretty good chance he stays). So we got Tex instead. Quite frankly if we had it to do over again, would we? If you said you could choose to get one year stop gaps at first for 2009-2010 and than sign Pujols for 10/300 would that really be better than just having Mark immediately for 8/180. I’ll take Mark and our ring in 2009. Just my opinion.

      “I’m not going anywhere. I got that no-trade [clause] for a reason. I’m going to be buried in these pinstripes.” Great line

      • Yanko

        Calling him great just gets under my skin a bit. When you have guys like Rivera and Arod on the team, its hard to mention Tex in the same line. Tex was a no-show for two consecutive playoffs ( I know he hit a walk off homer in 09). The shift is killing him and I dont see him adjusting to the shift. Is he going to go the opposite way any time soon? How is he dealing with the shift? Everyone in the game knows that he will have to go deep or find a small hole within the damn shift to get on base. Watching Mark is becoming a little painful. First its the slump, then its 10 hr in one week, then its the slump… Will he ever hit above .250 consistently? I am hung up on the shift and expect no change. Pujols is so much greater than Tex its not even a contest. Please….

        • Steve H

          Will he ever hit above .250 consistently?

          Yes. Every season of his career.

        • bexarama

          Will he ever hit above .250 consistently?
          What? He’s a career .288 hitter who hit .292 in 2009. Heck, he hit .256 last year.

          And yes, Tex is a great player. When you can hit like you did last year and have it be a huge disappointment, you are great. No, he’s not Pujols, no one is.

          This whole comment sounds like a “you” problem, frankly.

        • Preston

          “Will he ever hit above .250 consistently”, umm every year…
          I’m not saying that Tex is better than Pujols, he’s not. But we will have three years of Tex before we would have even been able to get Pujols, and then Tex will have only five years at less money left on his deal. Signing a 1B who’s been as consistent and healthy as Tex until age 36 is not a terrible risk as long term contracts go. Signing someone until he’s 42 (as you would need to do for Pujols) is very risky, no matter who the player is. So signing Tex made us better immediately and it will be a less risky move down the road. I don’t second guess it at all. And if you think watching Mark Teixeira hit is painful, how do you watch just about anybody else? He’s quite possibly the best offensive player on our team.

          • dalelama

            Yeah for three or four months months a year. As far as the post season his bat has been next to worthless.

        • Januz

          Mark Teixeira is a great player, and if he keeps going at his tradjectory he will be in the Hall of Fame (Look it up Does it mean he is Pujols? No it does not. But then again who is on Pujols level? Ruth? Mays? Ted Williams? Gehrig? Aaron? Cobb? Hornsby? Griffey jr? (By the time he is done, he may be the second best ever behind Ruth). But that in no way should take away from Tex, who may end up 2nd in home runs for a switch-hitter (Behind Mantle), plus plays outstanding defense, that may be enough to put him in the top 1% to ever play the game. Tex might be the most under-appreciated player to put on a NY uniform since Mike Bossy played for the Islanders.

  • AJ

    I love Tex’s quote.


    The Yankees were never talking about trading Tiexiera it was the media going nuts about it on MLB,fox sports,ESPN and many other outlets. It was also fans wild dreams going a little too wild, Basically it was pure speculation on the media and fans part. Personally I want to keep Tiexiera I don’t think Pujols would be that much of an upgrade over Tiexiera and Tex just might be the best defensive first basemen in the game plus I realy think Pujols is on steroids, do we realy need another roider….

  • Evan3457

    It’s just me, but it was a rational answer to the Cards’ concerns.

    Can’t sign Pujols? Trade him for a guy who’s 80% the player plus…something. A guy signed for the dollars they want to pay and the years. Who plays the same position. Who can hit in the middle of the order. Who’s a good guy, by all accounts. He’s not Pujols; Albert is significantly more valuable.

    The Yanks could’ve re-signed Pujols for high $$$ and shorter years than Albert wanted. Or they could’ve let him go and used the $23 million they’d been paying Tex for oh, Prince Fielder. Or they could’ve tried to move Montero to 1st and used the $23 million for a pitcher. Or two. Or Jeter’s eventual replacement. Or A-Rod’s. Or Granderson’s. Or something.

    No, the reason this was not rational from the start was Tex’ no-trade, and that we all knew he had no intention of agreeing to one, and that, Cashman, knowing that, wasn’t about to stir up crap with Tex to no purpose.


    Evan3457- No the reason this was never going to happen was because it was the fans and the media speculating about it, The Yankees never said a word about it. Dig me up one article wear it said the Yankees were interested in trading Tex for Pujols and may be I will believe your accusations about the Yankees motives if they even had motives in this issue to begin with.



    Harold Reynolds mentioned the possibility Monday on MLB Network. My colleague, Jon Paul Morosi, informed me of it later that night. I then stole the idea from Morosi as if I were Lindsay Lohan in a jewelry store.

    Albert Pujols for Mark Teixeira.
    And, if that doesn’t work, Pujols for Ryan Howard.

    Think it’s nuts? Think again.

    Pujols for Teixeira is a way out for the Cardinals, who are running out of time in their quest to meet Pujols’ deadline for a new contract by the start of spring training.

    Teixeira for Pujols also is a way out for the Yankees, who lost the offseason to the Red Sox and need a major splash to divert attention from their scary-thin rotation.

    Heck, the deal even would be a way out for Pujols, who not only would get his money, but also would leave St. Louis with his reputation intact. His parting gift to the Cardinals would be Teixeira, a first baseman who is nearly at his level.

    The Yankees could agree to pay Pujols $30 million per season as a condition of the trade; they’re already paying Teixeira $22.5 million annually, and they’re the geniuses who caused all this trouble by awarding the sun, moon and the stars to Alex Rodriguez, to the tune of $27.5 million a year.

    If the Yankees acquired Pujols, they would effectively counter the Red Sox’s acquisition of Adrian Gonzalez — and then some. Heck, they might even start filling those expensive seats in the lower deck of Yankee Stadium, the ones that are about as affordable as Dubai.

    The Cardinals also would be huge winners, landing a worthy replacement for Pujols, 31, at a more reasonable price. Teixeira, who turns 31 in April, is owed $135 million over the next six years — a contract the Cardinals gladly would give Pujols if only he would agree to a discount, which he most certainly will not.

    There’s a catch. Of course, there’s a catch. But I’ve even got an answer to the catch, that human roadblock who represents Teixeira, Scott Boras.

    Pujols, represented by Dan Lozano, has enough service time to veto any trade. Judging from his current stance, he is comfortable leaving St. Louis for the right price. I’m guessing for Yankee money, he’d bolt now.

    Teixeira would be a tougher sell. He chose the Yankees as a free agent. He probably would not want to leave. And he, too, is armed with a no-trade clause.

    For Teixeira to even consider a deal, he would need to be, uh, properly recognized. As in properly compensated. As in extended, perhaps at least two more years at some monster number, say $27 million per year.
    Boras, who also represents the Cardinals’ other big-money slugger, left fielder Matt Holliday, could “work” with the Cardinals to defer part of Holliday’s contract; Holliday already has said in an interview with ESPN Radio he would defer money for Pujols.Voila!

    The Cardinals would live happily ever after.

    Of course, with Boras, it’s never that easy. The Cardinals would need a fallback position. Which is where the Phillies enter the picture.
    Teixeira is a switch-hitter and better defender than Howard, but Howard wouldn’t be a bad

    alternative. He’s a native of St. Louis, one of the game’s most prolific sluggers. Cardinals fans might find him even easier to embrace than Teixeira, who is a little bland and robotic.

    The Phillies, meanwhile, would kill to make such a deal. Pujols in Citizens Bank Park would be even more frightening than Pujols in Yankee Stadium. And don’t talk to me about money.

    The Phils keep telling us they’re maxed out financially, then go add another $20 million ace. They actually would save $4 million this season in a Howard-for-Pujols exchange. They could use that money to keep right-hander Joe Blanton or perhaps make other moves.

    If the Phillies do not yet regret their remaining six-year, $145 million commitment to Howard, they might soon; Howard, 31, is a big man who could decline rapidly. The Phils would be better off paying Pujols more money on a longer deal.

    Howard also has a limited no-trade clause, the details of which are not known. Not to worry; the Cardinals would have other potential partners if they could not reach agreement with either the Yankees or Phillies.

    The Tigers owe Miguel Cabrera $106 million over the next five years, though that deal suddenly looks good for the club — Cabrera is not yet 28 — and Pujols might balk at a deal to Detroit.

    Then there are the Red Sox. Sources say they are set to sign Gonzalez to a seven-year, $164 million extension, but will wait until after Opening Day to announce the deal, enabling them to save on the luxury tax.

    Think the Sox would renege on Gonzalez if they could trade him for Pujols — and keep Pujols away from the Yankees? We all should be so jilted as Gonzalez would be in such a scenario. He would still get his money, only it would be from St. Louis, not Boston.

    The Cardinals need to snap to attention while they still retain a measure of control. They will lose that control if Pujols becomes a free agent. And there is one more advantage to the idea of a trade, an advantage that should seal all but the deal.

    Trade Pujols, and he won’t become a Cub.