Where there’s smoke: Yanks keeping an eye on Liriano

Spring Training Game Thread: The First of Many
2011 AL East Sleepers

Via Bob Nightengale, the Yankees are keeping a close eye on Twins’ lefty Francisco Liriano, and the Twinkies are keeping tabs on some Yankees’ prospects. We first heard about Liriano potentially being available earlier this month, so this isn’t terribly surprising. The 27-year-old showed up to camp with a sore shoulder and had an MRI, but it came back clean and he threw a bullpen this week with no problems. There are concerns about Liriano’s durability but basically none with his performance: he’s a strikeout (career 9.30 K/9) and ground ball (48.2%) machine, exactly what you want. There’s no harm keeping an eye on the guy.

Spring Training Game Thread: The First of Many
2011 AL East Sleepers
  • Shaun

    If he could be had for a reasonable price, I’d love for the Yankees to get him.

    • TMiller

      No Manban or Montero (Who I don’t think they have a need for) and I’m in!

      • http://twitter.com/bryanl26 Bryan L

        No Montero, Manny you have to at least consider it.

    • Urban

      He’s a lefty in the prime of his career, and was probably one of the five top pitchers in the league last year.

      What’s a reasonable price?

      • vin

        A part of me is afraid to think about what’s a reasonable price.

      • radnom

        He’s a lefty in the prime of his career, and was probably one of the five top pitchers in the league last year.

        He also has huge injury concerns, a relatively small track record and is nearing FA and the Twins have expressed interest in moving him rather then exploring an extension.

        Yes – the price will be very steep but don’t present only one side of the story like that. Of course if you only highlight his positives the trade will seem unobtainable.

      • http://www.yfsf.org AndrewYF

        Based on what the Twins eventually accepted for Johan Santana (and taking into account that Santana was a FAR superior (and healthier) pitcher to Liriano at the time of the trade):

        Melky Mesa
        Ivan Nova
        David Phelps

        • Billion$Bullpen

          Santana was also older, no way in hell he was staying, and he was at the time expensive already. They also seemed to have an issue trading him in the AL. I doubt they accept a similar return for him.

  • Reggie C.

    Would love to know which of our prospects are being zeroed in on … though i guess its easy to imagine Banuelos being on top of that watch list.

  • http://www.yfsf.org AndrewYF

    Didn’t the Twins GM say that they had no interest in trading Liriano? And don’t the Twins have him under team control for the next 3 years?

    • Urban

      I think he’s under control through 2012, so two seasons. He also has injury/health questions, so I’m sure the Twins would move him for the right package of players, especially knowing the Yankees have a need and a lot of talent.

      He won’t come cheap, but hopefully the Yankees don’t panic and trade away all their chips.

    • http://twitter.com/steveh_mandaura Steve H

      They have no good reason to move him. The one source quoted was because of their “rotation depth”. Just because you have a deep rotation doesn’t mean you trade your absolute best starter. I think the only way he gets moved is if the Twins are blown away (in which case I’m not interested), they have no reason to move him, and tons of reasons to not move him.

      • radnom

        Clearly the Yankees disagree with you. As do I. The Twins will almost definitely move Liriano over the next two years, perhaps as soon as this season’s trade deadline. Lots of factors at play, but its not an unrealistic scenario were they would have to be blown away.

  • Nemesis

    No Montero or Banuelos, Betances or Brackman I would offer….

    • NouvelleVague

      A package that didn’t contain any of them would almost assuredly contain at least 2 of Gary Sanchez/Noesi/Stoneburner/Warren/Heathcott/Romine/Phelps/Nova and then at least one other guy.

  • bpdelia

    mmm. Just to high an injury concern for me.

    I was on the fence and then he showed up to camp out of shape and complaining of a sore shoulder?

    No thanks

    • Billion$Bullpen


  • icebird753

    Betances is my favorite farmhand, just like Hughes was. I sure hope they don’t trade him, I think he’ll be a stud one day

  • David

    Somewhat suspicious of this, as it doesn’t make sense that the Twins would trade him.

    • http://dosrevival.com Joe DiMaggio’s Ego-Ghost

      They could wait until the deadline and trade him if they’re out of it, but knowing him, he could get hurt. He could also have a down year like Greinke did last season. If you trade him now, you could get good prospects, save cash and perhaps snag a MLB piece as well. If the Yanks offered Banuelos, Nova, Laird, and say, a toss in guy, they’d be all over it. That being said I wouldn’t give that much.