Yankees sign Yadil Mujica


Via Matt Eddy, the Yankees have signed Cuban-born shortstop Yadil Mujica. Mujica defected in 2009 after hitting .358/.432/.440 with the National Team, and he’s somewhere around 25 years old,  perhaps as old as 27. I’m sure the Yankees know for certain. I can’t find anything else about the guy, but if he was some hotshot prospect, the info would be out there. Consider a minor league depth move until further notice.

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    • YankeesJunkie says:

      Someone had a scouting report on the open thread about him that you should check out. It seems like a depth move, and considering what else the Yankees have for reserve infielders it is really not that bad to add another player to that crap shoot.

  1. SamVa says:

    Jeter to LF

  2. SamVa says:

    How is his name pronounced?

  3. Richard Deegan says:

    Ya dill (stress on last sylable)
    Moo he cah (stress on the “he”

  4. Castro says:

    Thank, heavens. I’ve been waiting for this signing. I’m from Cuba and have some pretty good connections, and this guy is perhaps the greatest shortstop the country has ever produced. Good stealth signing.

    Remember this day.

  5. jb says:

    Does Johnny Ola know about this guy?

  6. Virginia Yank says:

    Here’s a little bit if information on Mujica.


    This says he’s probably 26. Another site says the same.

  7. Real Deal Fan says:

    Inernational Scouting Director Donny Rowland stoled Mojica. They got him for $35,000. This guy was offered over 2 million a year ago. Great Job boys!!!!

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