Feliciano to be shut down for ten days

The RAB Radio Show: March 29, 2011
Bean counter or ballplayer?

Via Wally Matthews, the Yankees are shutting down lefty reliever Pedro Feliciano for ten days in an effort to battle an injury now described as soreness in a muscle behind his left shoulder. He won’t pick up a ball in that time, so it seems like it’ll be at least three weeks before he returns to the big league team. As for his replacement, right now it’s a toss up between Steve Garrison and Luis Ayala, though I imagine the former is the favorite since he’s a fellow lefty and on the 40-man. Let’s hope the ten days does the trick and Feliciano makes it back before the end of the April.

The RAB Radio Show: March 29, 2011
Bean counter or ballplayer?
  • jsbrendog


  • Monteroisdinero

    A muscle is better than a shoulder or elbow (joint). It will heal.

    I just can’t believe it’s not the oblique!

  • Jericho Spade

    Don’t worry Marte will be back midseason!

    In all seriousness, I would hope they would take the next best option and not simply take a lefty for the sake of another lefty. Early in the year, a second reliever who can go multiple innings would be much more beneficial, since starters are still adjusting early in the season.

  • Fair Weather Freddy

    I like what I saw from Ayala. He kinda slings the ball and it gets up there sneaky fast. Hard for the hitter to pick it up right away

  • mike

    Not a big deal – if anything it should help in the long run, and maybe Garrison/Logan can show the Yanks something by stepping up during this short time Feliciano is away

    • king of fruitless hypotheticals

      what happened to logan, and where will he be next week?