Joba: ‘I have no soreness, I have no pain’

2011 Season Preview: Joba & Robertson
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Update (1:50pm): Carig reports that the MRI confirmed the oblique strain, but Joba’s well enough that he’ll play some catch as soon as tomorrow. Guess it’s not that bad of a strain.

1:32pm: Via Chad Jennings, Dan Barbarisi & Marc Carig, Joba Chamberlain isn’t feeling any pain in his injured oblique but won’t pitch until at least next week. “I feel fine,” he said. We still haven’t gotten word on the MRI results, but Joba said the team is taking the safe route by holding him off for a week, so I guess that’s a good sign. If it was bad, they probably wouldn’t even have penciled him in for next week.

I do know one thing about oblique problems: if they aren’t given proper time to heal, they can be re-injured very easily. They also hurt like a bitch, you don’t even want to take a deep breath.

2011 Season Preview: Joba & Robertson
Link Dump: Banuelos, Montero, Soriano
  • Monteroisdinero

    Good news. Didn’t want to “retread” Aceves when the Sawx cut him.

  • Urban

    Did they send these MRI results on a slow boat from China?

    They’ll go slowly here because, as you noted, oblique injuries can reoccur easily, and they can also disable a pitchers for long periods of time. It’s only Spring Training. Go easy.

  • Big Apple

    mabye its just gas…every man needs a release every now and then.

    • MannyGeee

      is that another fat joke? leave him alone, he’s ‘buff’

  • Tom in Georgia

    It’s no joke, obliques. They do come back, and they hurt like hell.

  • Accent Shallow

    /makes fat joke

    I look forward to the bullpen being a strength.

  • bonestock94

    No worries, he barely fits into the 2011 plans regardless

    • The Big City of Dreams

      You mean Joba isn’t the key to the season