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2011 AL East Busts: part 2 of 2
Major League ManBan?

Some spare links for a rainy Sunday in the Tri-State Area…

Q&A with Kevin Long

Hitting coach Kevin Long gets a lot of rave reviews around these parts, in part because of his work with guys like Curtis Granderson and Nick Swisher, and more recently Derek Jeter. Marc Carig sat down for a chat with Long, who spoke about how and why he decided to get into coaching, the toughest part of his job, his book, and whether or not he wants to someday manage a team. Check it out, it’s a great read.

Banuelos vs. Perez

Manny Banuelos has been the talk of spring so far and why not? He’s been extremely impressive in a pair of two-inning outings despite being a 19-year-old in big league camp, but this isn’t anything new. At this time last year, Rangers’ lefty pitching prospect Martin Perez was doing the same thing, but he went from a 2.71 FIP in Single-A (with a brief, late season call-up to Double-A) in 2009 to a 4.24 FIP in Double-A in 2010, seeing his prospect stock take a hit. John Sickels compared the two, concluding that they are “different but even.” Banuelos has the higher floor and the edge in intangibles and performance, but Perez offers more projection and upside.

Penn League Report

Just wanted to take a second and point you in the direction of a new site called Penn League Report, which will be providing news, updates, and more from the short season NY-Penn League, which houses the Staten Island Yankees. It’s run by Dave Gershman of Beyond The Box Score fame, and you can follow along on Twitter at @NYPL_Report. Today he offered up a brief scouting report on Yankees farmhand Tommy Kahnle. We need more information about the lowest levels of the minor leagues, so this is a welcome addition to the blogosphere. Add to your bookmarks, RSS feeds, etcetera, etcetera.

2011 AL East Busts: part 2 of 2
Major League ManBan?
  • Total Dominication

    Since when is Manny a projected mid-rotation starter?

    • boogie down

      That’s what I was thinking.

    • Mike c

      It sounds fair, it’s really hard to project guys as ace starters unless they look like strasburg

      • jramey

        you mean their elbows explode after 50 innings?

        • Mike HC

          haha … definitely. If you don’t throw like your elbow will probably explode, then you can count out being hyped like a top of the rotation starter, ha

      • Total Dominication

        Most other prospect systems project him as a top of the rotation guy if he reaches his ceiling.

    • Tank the Frank

      Yeah, there may not be much projection for Manny physically, but there still is for his stuff, I think. A LHP who can hit 96mph, potential for a plus changeup and plus curveball (pitches that have already flashed plus), and already has excellent command and feel for pitching at 19 is a top of the rotation starter in my book.

  • Nostra-Artist

    John Sickels compared the two, concluding that they are “different but even.” Banuelos has the higher floor and the edge in intangibles and performance, but Perez offers more projection and upside.

    “Even”? Who would you rather have right now in your system? This is a good example of why you can keep projection/upside, I’ll take results.

    On a related note, in their ‘all-time prospect busts’ series BP has Cameron Maybin and Matt Weiters on the list already. Ouch.

    • Jerome S.

      That’s harsh. I’d give Weiters two more years, at least.

      • Nostra-Artist

        To be fair, Goldman had Weiters as a bust as an elite player. Saying his numbers in the minors haven’t translated to the majors, which is accurate. He’s not saying Weiters won’t be a serviceable major leaguer, just a bust in terms of being elite.

        • Tank the Frank

          Even that’s unfair after two seasons in the bigs don’t you think? All the tools are still there. It wouldn’t shock me at all if three seasons from now we’re talking about him as the elite catcher in the AL.

          • Mike HC

            Well, maybe that is why he considers him a bust. Because people still think he will turn into an elite catcher when his MLB numbers just don’t support that.

            • Mike Axisa

              It’s been a year and a half. Brett Gardner has more than 100 more PA than Weiters. The kid’s still a baby, give him time.

            • Tank the Frank

              I don’t think anyone should be labeled a bust after one full season. That term gets thrown around too much.

              Like love, and epic.

            • The Real JobaWockeeZ

              Then someone like Doc Halladay would be a bust if we’re only considering their first years.

              • JGS

                In 2000, Halladay gave up 6+ earned runs eight times in thirteen starts. His 10.64 ERA that year is the all time record (minimum 40 innings–yea, no full-time reliever has ever had a season that bad either). Since then, well–he has given up 6+ ER eight times in his last 183 starts dating back to 2004.

          • Nostra-Artist

            Two years is a bit early, but the list of busts were filled with guys who had all the tools in the world. Sometimes it just doesn’t translate. Let’s see what happens with him this year with Buck. Lots of guys on that team underperformed under Trembley, who was asleep at the wheel.

          • NJYankeeFan

            Wieters is another reason Montero should be given at least another half year if not more in AAA. The expectations for high level prospects are just ridiculous and for some of these guys, once they lose their confidence, it’s sometimes not easy to get it back.

            • Tank the Frank

              That’s definitely a concern. Early big league failure is tough to overcome sometimes. I think that’s why the Yankees like how Montero overcame is early struggles in Triple-A.

            • Zack

              How does going back to AAA for half a season help him keep his confidence if he gets called up in July and struggles?

            • Mike Axisa

              Expectations aren’t going to change if he goes back to the minors. At some point you have to give the kid a shot and let him work through it. Expectations are on the fans, not the players.

              • NJYankeeFan

                True, expectations aren’t gonna change if he goes back to the minors but he might be more prepared to succeed with a little more seasoning. My point is there’s no sense in rushing him and while expectations are on the fans and media, failing to live up to them has often gotten the best of even veteran players let alone a 21 year old.
                If Cash and Girardi think he’s ready, I’d be in favor of giving keeping him on the roster provided he’s gonna get ABs, but in a case like this, I think you need to err on the side of caution.

  • Andrew Brotherton

    Yeah I don’t get the comparison either. Manny B is just a little bit of minor league seasoning and a bit of tweaking from having a plus change-up and a plus curve to go along with his already plus fastball and command, and already has a spotless delivery and intangibles and he gives the nod to Perez because of 2 inches? I’m not seeing it.

    • Mike Myers

      Thats what she said! Zing!

      • fire levine

        Its not only height could be perez has better stuff ie more movement on his fastball or something

  • pat

    Is it just me, or does it seem like there were a lot more televised ST games last year?

    • Nostra-Artist

      Is it just me

      Yes. It’s just YOU.

      • pat

        Be careful what you wish for.

        wait, what?

    • Matt montero

      Yea i was thinking the same thing! But, at least for me, it is more a schedule and work problem. This is the most work I’ve ever had and I’ve only seen half of a game because I was always busy with friends.