Minor Moves: A Fish out of water

ST Game Thread: Some pitchers cut as Mo debuts
Predicting the Next Round of Cuts

Robert Fish has been claimed off of outright waivers by Kansas City, the Royals’ director of media relations announced via Twitter a few minutes ago. Fish, a 23-year-old lefty, had bounced around the Angels’ system for five years before the Yanks took a flyer on him in the Rule 5 draft in December. (Mike wrote up a bit on Fish at the time.)

In Spring Training, the southpaw was utterly unmemorable. He threw 4.2 innings over five appearances and gave up five earned runs on six hits, three walks and a hit batter. He struck out three and seemed destined to be cut. He’ll have a chance to make the Royals out of camp before he must be offered back to the Angels. Robert Fish, we hardly knew ye.

ST Game Thread: Some pitchers cut as Mo debuts
Predicting the Next Round of Cuts
  • ultimate913

    What’s next? Are they going to take Teixeira from us too? Oh, wait…

  • MikeD

    Huh, not sure I understand this. He’s a Rule 5 player, which means the Yankees simply could have (and surely would have) returned him to his original team and received $25,000 back (half of the claiming fee.) So by putting him on waivers, he’s claimed by some other team and the Yankees don’t get their money.

    What am I missing?

    • http://www.secondavenuesagas.com Benjamin Kabak

      I’m not sure how the money works — likely, the Royals pay the Yanks for the waiver claim. But I do know that a Rule 5 pick cannot be returned to his former team until he clears waivers. Fish didn’t clear waivers, and thus, he ends up in Kansas City for now.

      • mbonzo

        Nailed it.

        “4. If a club decides not to keep a player selected in the Major League Phase of the Rule 5 draft on its MLB 25-man Active List (or MLB 15-day or 60-day Disabled List), the player must be placed on Outright Assignment Waivers, where any of the other 29 MLB clubs can claim the player for the $25,000 Rule 5 waiver price and assume the Rule 5 obligations.”

      • MikeD

        Thanks. Didn’t realize the player had to go on waivers first, although that also makes sense now that I think it about it. The whole idea behind the Rule 5 is to give these players a chance to make the Majors, so if another team is interested in his services, all the better. The Yankees get their money from the Royals, and I would assume the Royals will get that money back if they decide to return him to the Angels. Since he’s a lefty, seems more likely, though, that the Royals will find a way to keep him since they are in rebuilding mode.

    • bonestock94

      Maybe that has to be during the regular season? Wild guess.

    • mbonzo

      Pretty sure he has to clear waivers before he gets returned. Yanks should still get their money back if Fish doesn’t end up on the Royals.

    • Mike HC

      Good luck trying to figure out all of MLB’s rules. And for every rule, there are exceptions that can always be made and/or the league custom renders the rule pointless.

  • dennis

    garrison should soon follow

  • Esteban

    Robert Fish is on the all aquatic all star team, along with Mike Trout, Tim Salmon, Catfish Hunter, Kevin Bass, Tim Codd (a minor leaguer), and Jess Pike, Marlon Byrd. They should play for the Marlins too.


    • Stuckey

      You forgot Callix Crabbe, Mike Carp, George Haddock, Art Herring, Bobby Sturgeon, Chester Guppy, Art Garibaldi, Reyes Dorado, Edmund Zander, Sid Bream, and Stuart Marlin.

      /the internet is an amazing thing’d

      • Betty Lizard

        I am extremely happy with these lists.

    • Mike Myers


  • Kiko Jones

    I thought this article was about the lead from the animated series Bob and Margaret