MRI inconclusive after Cervelli injures foot

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Frankie Cervelli fouled a ball off the top of his left foot early in today’s game and was then lifted an inning later. He was noticeably limping after drawing a walk to finish the at-bat. Joe Girardi said during an in-game interview that they didn’t want to risk further injury and pulled him, but a post-game CT scan and MRI came back negative and inconclusive, respectively, according to Marc Carig. Doctors will evaluate the results again, presumably soon, and until then we’re kind of in the dark about Frankie’s status.

Girardi said after the game that he didn’t know if a prolonged absence would result in some time behind the plate for Jorge Posada, though I would imagine that Jesus Montero‘s chances of making the club would increase tremendously.

John Sickels' interviews Mark Newman
Link Dump: Org. Rankings, Int'l Money, Sanchez
  • Xstar7

    In this case, is it wrong to hope Cervelli broke his foot?

    • PaulF


    • vinny-b

      i was waiting for the first idiot, to make this type statement. It didn’t take long..


      • Xstar7

        I was being sarcastic you know. >:(

    • Mattchu12

      There is a part of me that figures the longer that Montero is in the minors and the more PA’s that Martin sees, the more likely Montero gets traded for a pitcher at some point. So I’m kind of leaning towards liking the idea of having Montero start three games a week and start the year as the backup catcher so he can hit his way into the everyday role…

      In other words, I’m just a little bit hoping that Cervelli broke his foot.

  • Kiersten

    Je-sus! Je-sus!

  • Jorge

    Did anyone see Tonya Harding leaving the area?

  • Jerome S.

    So it is written…
    So it shall be.

  • The Real JobaWockeeZ

    Shit just got real. Free Jesus.

    • ultimate913

      Mad real.

      • 24fan

        The Mad Real World Son.

  • Pastadivingarod

    Baseball Jesus to be released real soon.

  • Kiko Jones

    Rootin’ for FC.