Open Thread: March 2nd Camp Notes


Too lazy to throw overhand. (AP Photo/Margaret Bowles)

Today’s round-up…

  • The Yankees beat the Astros 6-5 this afternoon after Russell Martin coaxed a walk-off walk out of former Yankees farmhand Lance Pendleton. A.J. Burnett showed off some new mechanics with two scoreless innings, but David Phelps fell victim to some poor defense in a four (unearned) run inning. Derek Jeter actually hit two balls in the air, hard too, one into Michael Bourn’s glove and another into the grass for a single. The Yankees scored four in the ninth to tie (Melky Mesa had the game-tying two-run single) and a fifth to win. Here’s the box score.
  • CC Sabathia, Mark Prior, Bartolo Colon, Dellin Betances, and Pedro Feliciano all threw side sessions this morning as scheduled. Romulo Sanchez and Warner Madrigal threw simulated games with Austin Krum and Doug Bernier standing in as batters. (Chad Jennings)
  • Martin is wearing a brace around his surgically repaired knee, but he’ll again serve as the designated hitter tomorrow and then catch in Friday’s game. (Dan Barbarisi & Marc Carig)
  • Old buddy Chad Gaudin will be starting for the Nationals against the Yanks on Saturday. Jamie Shields and Clay Buchholz will the opposing starters on Thursday and Friday, respectively. (Carig)

This is your open thread for the night. Today’s game is being replayed on YES starting at 7pm ET, and MLB Network is replaying this afternoon’s Royals-Dodgers game starting at 9pm ET. The Devils, Islanders, and Knicks will all be playing regular season games that actually mean something. Anything goes, so have at it.


  1. squishy jello person says:

    I need a Russell Martin shirt.

  2. Drew says:

    They beat the Astros not the Pirates.

  3. The Real JobaWockeeZ says:

    I’m late but the Mark Newman interview was pure gold. First it’s reassuring knowing that if Montero wins the backup spot he’ll get adequate playing time. Makes me feel better if something serious happened to Cervelli.

    And I may be very late to this but now I know the Yankees have their own defensive metrics. I’ve always assumed so but it’s pretty cool to know that.

  4. Brooklyn Ed says:

    soo.. does anybody noticed that Justin Maxwell bats like A-Rod? I seriously thought it was A-Rod, until Kay mentioned it was Maxwell.

  5. Monteroisdinero says:

    Headin’ down to Tampa tomorrow after work and have tix for Saturday and Monday. Excited to see a great Gaudin/CC matchup on Saturday! Hoping for a hey-bomb from hey-sus!

  6. Thomas says:

    So I am watching UConn and West Virginia and the color commentator said this about WVU’s Casey Mitchell, “He is a mercurial player. He is like the little girl with the curl. When he’s hot, he is really hot and when he’s cold, he is really cold.”

    Where did this guy go the Michael Kay school of broadcasting!?!?!

    The play-by-play guy response, “I have no idea what you’re talking about.”

    By the way, GO UCONN!!!!!

  7. Golson's Rocket Arm says:

    Is there a video of the walk off walk?

  8. Esteban says:

    I’m finally back in NY and can actually see a game post-Melo trade. Good to see the hot shooting start, bad to see they’re still utilizing the “don’t play any defense” approach to defense.

    • Xstar7 says:

      I never liked the Knicks that much even though generally I am a New York sports guy. I don’t like how all their great players (A’mare, Carmelo, Billups) they had to buy or trade from other teams. What makes them any better than the Heat in that regard? And I know I’m starting to sound like Yankees haters but you can’t truly say the Yankees bought all their best players from other teams because they haven’t. Derek Jeter, Mariano Rivera, Andy Pettite, Jorge Posada, Phil Hughes, Bernie Williams, all these guys who were instrumental in the Yankees success in recent years came from within. And then you look how other successful basketball teams are built. The Bull’s Derrick Rose and Joakim Noah they drafted themselves. The Lakers Drafted Kobe Bryant, Derek Fisher, and Andrew Bynum. Even the Celtics who even though probably wouldn’t have been champs 3 years ago without KG and Ray Allen, drafted and brought up Rondo and Pierce, who are arguably their best players right now, themselves. The Knicks don’t have a single exceptional player on their team who they didn’t get from somewhere else (Fields and Douglas are good for rookies but are unproven.) Teams like the Knicks are setting a bad example for the NBA. That you dont have to draft good players and try to get the best picks. You just need to lure other teams superstars to play on your team.

      • Sweet Dick Willie says:

        The Lakers Drafted Kobe Bryant,

        Nitpick: The Charlotte Hornets drafted Kobe.

      • Stuckey says:

        “Teams like the Knicks are setting a bad example for the NBA. That you dont have to draft good players and try to get the best picks.”

        14 teams draft in the lottery every year, a lot of the same years many years in row, but the NBA has remained as top heavy (Lakers, Celtics, Spurs, Bulls) as any league in professional sports.

        The Bulls spent a decade post-Jordan picking in the top half of the lottery and finally succeeded with a few in a row.

        The Spurs purposely tanked to get the backbone of their championship teams.

        Rondo was a 21st pick and wasn’t an immediate star.

        The Lakers took long(er) shots on high school players because they always manage to buy or trade for stars.

        I think under closer examination the “draft model” isn’t quite as attractive as it might seem at first glance.

        • Xstar7 says:

          Do the Knicks partake in the draft lottery often? If so they have gotten pretty unlucky since they struck gold with Patrick Ewing.

          • Stuckey says:

            Mostly in the upper (7-14) half.

            But no, the Knicks have not drafted very well post-Ewing.

            People need to also keep in mind how hamstrung Isiah Thomas made the current front office.

            Trading away 3 lottery picks, and picking up enough veterans so they never qualified at the lower portion (1-4).

        • MannyGee says:

          areed… the Celtics took a LOT of lottery picks post Pierce to try and find that gold. The best of the lot was Kendrick Perkins… the real value of those lottery/high school guys (Perkins, Jefferson, Green) was to make trades for Ray Allen and KG. one of their most productive guys (aside from the aforementioned Rondo) was a late 2nd round pick in Glen Davis…

          Can’t hate on the Knicks for doing what the ‘big kids on the block’ are doing, because the success factors are there…

      • The Real JobaWockeeZ says:

        When I’m surrounded by arguably the best shooter in NBA history, one of the better PFs ever and a scorer like Pierce I can have 372507230537 assists per game too.

        He shoots like 40 percent form the field. He has the hitters surrounding him to get his RBI’s. There’s a lot of PG’s better like Rose, Williams, Westbrook, Paul, etc…

        • Xstar7 says:

          I think Rajon Rondo is overrated too. But you can’t deny that he’s an integral part of the Celtic’s game.

        • Steve H says:

          Rondo’s shooting %:

          07-08: 49.2%
          08-09: 50.5%
          09-10: 50.8%
          10-11: 50.7%

          • The Real JobaWockeeZ says:

            I’ll stand corrected by if you’re into basketball stats his PER is only a 18. That’s pretty good but not close to being a top PG in the game.

            And I bet his rating is all the assists.

          • Sayid J. says:

            His shooting percentages are actually quite good, but only as a result of his inability to shoot jump shots or 3 pointers. He is so bad from outside the lane, he almost never shoots. As a result, he mostly takes layups. Hence, 50% FG

            • Steve H says:

              55% of his his shots are jump shots. And it’s not his inability to shoot jumpers or 3′s that leads to his high FG%, it’s his ability to get to the hoop. A layup is always going to be a higher percentage shot than a jumper, so if you can get to the hoop, you might as well. He’s not a good shooter by any means, but he’s a great player with or without the Big (long past their primes) 3.

        • MannyGee says:

          agreed… Rose and CP are infinately better than Rondo, Williams & Westbrook are questionable for me. Difference being, the team around them…

      • Zack says:

        “Teams like the Knicks are setting a bad example for the NBA.”

        Teams like the Grizzles, who trade Pau Gasol for his little brother and a draft pick; the Suns, who trade players based on salaries alone so the owner can save a few million; and the Clippers, who’s owner heckles his own players and has numerous discrimination claims are 10x worst than the Knicks.

        • Steve H says:

          Suns, who trade players based on salaries alone so the owner can save a few million;

          The Suns actually sold the Rondo pick to the Celtics for a few million bucks. The Knicks have done nothing wrong in how they built their team (since they got rid of Isiah of course).

        • Xstar7 says:

          In case you haven’t noticed, all those teams seem to be doing reasonably well these days. The Grizzlies are competing for the 8th seed in the Western conference. The Suns haven’t completely fallen apart since A’mare Stouemire’s departure and are playing above .500 ball. And the Clippers look to be on the rise with that exciting young player Blake Griffin. Those teams may not be managed well but that is completely aside from the fact that the Knicks have taken ALL of their notable players from other teams. In fact, at least the Heat already had Dwayne Wade. The Knicks could never do anything on their own and went out and took talent from other teams while giving up who knows how many picks and a talented young core. Teams aren’t supposed to be good forever. Not even the Yankees. Teams are supposed to have droughts of succes every now and then. And the way to get out of them is to get lucky in the draft and get some good/great players THEN if they turn out well you convince and sign other good players to surround them. The Knicks suffer from impatience and just had to go all out to get as much talent as they could now without thinking of the future. This messes up the natural order of things and is not a good trend for the NBA.

          • Steve H says:

            The Knicks are no different or worse than any other team, maybe (recently) just a little more successful at getting things done. And I am not a Knicks fan.

          • Zack says:

            “Reasonably well”….hmmm imagine the Grizzles WITH Pau Gasol. Imagine the Suns if they didn’t blow up their team because of $, now with a 37 year old PG & no future. Well the Clippers have Griffin so its ok if their owner is a racist and known heckler of his own players.

            The worst team not getting the #1 pick (Celtics getting #5 in the Oden/Durant draft) messes up the natural order of how drafts work as well.

            But the Knicks signing a FA & drafting/scouting well (Chandler/Gallo) to get another player is ruining the NBA. People have to stop acting like Melo is the first player to ever dictate a trade. There was talk about Kobe playing in Italy instead of playing for the Hornets, that ruined the NBA.

            • Steve H says:

              Imagine if the Suns had taken Rondo, let him apprentice under Nash for a year or two, and then traded Nash to rebuild their team? Their owner is among the worst.

          • Xstar7 says:

            Just look at Michael Jordan and the 90′s era Bulls. In his first six years in the league he was a beast but his team never made it far in the playoffs. They said he couldn’t lead his team to a championship. But he stuck with the Bulls and overtime they got better signing good players like Bill Cartwright and John Paxton and drafting Scottie Pippen(who by the way was only a great player because of Jordan’s guidance. Don’t believe me? The man said it himself in his hall of fame exceptance speech.) Then the Bulls had their first three peat and signed Dennis Rodman later to propel them to their second. Nowadays if a struggling team comes across a superstar in the draft but can’t win a championship within the players contract, the player moves to a big market team to increase their chances of winning and leaving their old team in the dust (cough Lebron James/Carmelo Anthony cough). Some people may find this business savvy and smart, but many others like me dont take it too well.

            • Zack says:

              So at what age is it OK to leave your team to win a championship? 30? 32? 35?
              And what if your owner trades away draft picks for 2-3m? You should stick around? And what if your team is full of aging vets – should you sign up for 3 more years just because?

              • Xstar7 says:

                Not everyone wins a championship. You have to accept that fact. Not even if you’re team is really good. Example: The 1996-1997 and 1997-1998 Utah Jazz. John Stockton (probably the greatest point guard ever not named Magic Johnson) played for the Jazz his entire career through thick and thin and when his team made it to the finals 2 straight years and could’ve won both times, they ended losing each to the Jordan led Bulls. Example of a player who jumped teams and never won a championship: Charles Barkley. When things didn’t work out for him in Philadelphia he moved to the Suns and made it to the finals only to lose. Then moved to the Rockets and didn’t have success there either. That’s just the way things are.

            • Steve H says:

              Scottie Pippen(who by the way was only a great player because of Jordan’s guidance

              Don’t care who said it, that’s patently false.

              • Xstar7 says:

                I said it. And it’s not patently false. Jordan was Pippen’s mentor and helped him refine his skills during his early years and throughout his career. He still would have been a good player without Jordan. But Jordan made him great.

                • theyankeewarrior says:

                  Pippen was great. Would have been a 20 pt scorer and lock down defender without MJ. Other people in the NBA are motivators, not just the best player ever.

  9. Nemesis says:

    Mike,here are pics that you can clearly see that Phil has gained weight…

  10. Nemesis says:

    Manny Banuelos interview with Kim Jones

    • I was surprised how well he spoke English, I was expecting a Robbie accent

    • Operation Killer B's says:

      Holy crap he looks even younger then 19 and sounds like he is 15. But he sounds good, says all the right things and he sounds really excited to just be there and have the opportunity to play with these guys.

  11. Xstar7 says:

    For anyone that’s interested, tonight is the 49th anniversary of Wilt Chamberlain’s 100 point game against the Knicks.

  12. bonestock94 says:

    Who the heck is Justin Maxwell!?

  13. Buster, Buster Posey (sung to the tune of Lady Gaga’s Paparazzi)


  14. Stratman9652 says:

    Anyone else think Russell Martin looks a bit like Ray Liotta?

  15. Sayid J. says:

    Kills me to see Anthony Randolph put up 19pts and 10 rebounds tonight. I understand he might have never gotten a shot with the Knicks, but it’s frustrating to see a young talent be given away as a sunk cost.

  16. tampaRob says:

    Who’s scheduled for Yanks on Friday and sat?

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