Stadium parking rates set at $35 per car

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Throughout the last few years, I’ve followed the Yankee Stadium parking problems fairly closely. It fits in quite nicely with my urban planning hobby, and it also highlights the institutional problems with urban development planning in New York City. Essentially, the city added over 2500 parking spots in the South Bronx as the Yankees decreased stadium attendance and Metro-North opened a new station to serve the stadium. When the city’s Economic Development Corporation picked a company with a history of defaulting on its bond payments, well, nothing good could come of it.

As early as September, we first heard that Bronx Parking was in trouble. Their revenue stream fell far short of projections, and the company was, as recently as mid-March, in danger of defaulting on its bond payments. We had already reported in October that parking prices would increase 50 percent for 2011 with more rate hikes on the way.

Today, just a few short hours away from Opening Day and as fans from all over prepare to drive to the stadium, we know that parking prices at the Yankee Stadium lots will be $35 per car this year. That total could increase to $42 in 2013 and to $55 by 2015, Bloomberg News reported.

As the parking new percolates throughout those who rely on the garages for safe storage of their automobiles during the season, the good news for Bronx Parking and its bond holders is that the company will not default on its payment due tomorrow. For now, it can still dip into its reserve fund to meet its obligations. Still, Bronx Parking is changing the management of the garages, filing more detailed expense and revenue reports and working to improve signage along the Major Deegan to draw in more paying customers. As Juan Gonzalez of The Daily News noted, the city doesn’t expect to receive the $17 million in back rent any time soon.

For years, this parking issue has been on the minds of South Bronx residents and politicians. Those who do own cars — a small percentage of the area’s permanent residents are car-owning households — already bemoan the state of parking on game days. The city bars parking in a 10-block radius around the stadium, and while the Community Board is hoping to develop a residential parking permit plan, for now, residents must constantly move their cars during the season. It is far too expensive to park long term in the stadium lots.

Beyond those concerns though, most South Bronx residents wanted parks, not parking lots. They knew the stadium parking supply would far exceed demand and repeatedly asked the city to scale back its parking plans. Some folks think Bronx Parking should ask the Yankees to attempt to sell the spots, but with so many transit options, the number of spots is simply egregious. It was a bad planning decision five years ago, and one with which the city must live for the foreseeable future.

Pimping the RAB Tickets/TiqIQ partnership
About that 2003 stuff...
  • dkidd

    has anyone been to heritage field? is there anything marking where home plate used to be?

    • Benjamin Kabak

      I saw the park on Monday night. It’s not done yet. Too early to say. I think Heritage Field officially opens this summer.

      • dkidd

        it will be uncanny to stand where center field used to be

    • Kit

      Not much is done. Pass by it on the subway every day on my to and from work. It looks like they’ve laid down some tar and some dirt in the shape of the diamonds, but it’s still a huge mess of nothing.

      • Kit

        *On my way to and from work. Sorry about that.

  • mko

    35$ for parking…that’s f’in crazy. Wouldn’t it be awesome if nobody parked there and paid these idiots?

  • bonestock94

    Demand is too low, so increase prices. Brilliant! Apparently someone didn’t pass econ.

  • Kiersten

    Besides the obvious $32.75 price difference, riding the 4 train is just so much more fun. Especially when the Red Sox and all their asshole fans are in town.

  • YankeesJunkie

    The only people that I could see taking those parking spots are the extremely wealthy and those on business trips who can expense the cost. The owners of the parking lot better hope that that those people’s demand is quite inelastic. $35 is just ridiculous though the highest I have ever seen is $20 for the college world series.

    • Joltin’ Joe

      And that was probably in someone’s front yard

      • YankeesJunkie

        Pretty much! The stadium was right in the neighborhood. I do not how much the parking at the stadium cost, but if you had a house or a store right next to the stadium though $20 was easy. Even though parking for like $10 or even $5 or free was not too far. Honestly, if you are looking to a cheaper fun baseball event not involving the pros the CWS is one of the best places to go. The fans for the most part are really nice and the atmosphere is very fun and casual. That is one of the nice things in the Midwest is everything is lax, personality wise, and the games even when schools like LSU vs. TU are very friendly and funny even though they are intense rivalries.

    • YanksFan

      Unfortunately not really. As someone says below who lives in NJ & in my case living on LI. I work in NYC so I have a monthly ticket but my wife & son can come. He’s only 7 so the LIRR is $14 round trip. Will go to $24 when he’s a little older. Now add in the subway from Penn. 1 train to Shuttle to 4. Train is $2.25 for each of us & round trip is $13.50. So there really is no difference in cost.

      Then factor in that the LIRR is every 1/2 hr. & I can take the main line. Where I used to live the train would be every hour. Now you have to make sure you get to Penn on time. That can be a hassle & you may have to leave a game early b/c of it.

      While I do not want to pay $35 it may be easier in the scheme of things. If you live in the 5 boroughs you can take the subway.

    • Bob Michaels

      I`ll stay home and watch on TV.

  • Pat D

    So this is what I can expect to pay when I drive in from PA for a game this year? Hooray.

    And I say this with full confidence because my dad won’t want to be hassled by parking somewhere else and then riding in on the subway or something else like that.

    • Monteroisdinero

      Go to Scranton and see Montero/Golson/Vasquez/Laird/pitching staff. You can do the whole thing-parking/food/field level seats for $35.

      watch the yanks on TV

      • Pat D

        I want to do that. I also want to see Scranton when they play Lehigh Valley, since that is closer to where I live.

        But my dad hasn’t been to the new stadium yet, either, so I want to get him there finally.

  • Suba

    $35?????? I can’t wait to not park at the stadium anymore! What an f-ing joke. People can’t run a company right so fans have to pay the price. Someone should be killed!

  • Tony S

    Not everyone can or wants to take a train to the game. The idea of taking the subway is not an attractive one to me. The parking garages if pkg’d with season ticket holders could work. In terms of price $35 is steep but if you see show on broadway your paying about the same. It is the cost of going to the City.

    • Colombo

      But you aren’t going to the city, you are going to the Bronx. I wouldn’t expect Manhattan prices in Staten Island,Brooklyn or Queens, so why would I expect it in the Bronx?

      And the 4 train to the stadium really is the best option. Cheap, somewhat reliable, plus it allows you to interact with fellow fans.

      • Colombo

        By 4 train, I meant public transportation in general (Metro North, etc.)

        • Tony S

          Whats more NYC than the NY Yankees???

      • Tony S

        I dont want to interact with other fans. I want to get in & get out. Their is nothing better than getting in my car in my driveway & driving to the game. Driving to a train station is not convient for someone in NJ. Driving to Penn station in NWk taking a train to mid town & then taking a subway to the game is not convient for me. I rather pay the 35.00

  • Duabe

    The parking is certainly a problem and getting worse. One year my brother drove down from Schenectady with his family for a game, but they left early to come and get me to go to dinner at Mariano’s restaurant. My brother found his car blocked in and he couldn’t get out. He asked people over and over if it was their car, but over an hour later, the owner finally came and drove off. Not a, “Sorry I blocked you” – nothing. By the time he got to my house, it was too late for our reservation and we never got to Mariano’s restaurant.

    That was my brother’s last chance to go to Mariano’s – he passed away last June. Now we’ll never have that memory.

  • usty

    It’s still cheaper for two people to drive in and park then it is for me and a friend to take NJ Transit and a subway combined. ~$60 round trip for 2 people from where I live vs $50 in tolls/parking plus gas and you’re not a slave to train schedules. The increase sucks but I don’t know if it will kill the driving that much. Especially when you have more than 2 people coming from Jersey. It’s significantly cheaper still.

  • SRB

    Great news- Now coming from Rochester will cost me more to park than my ticket! Yikes!

  • i_miss_bernie

    park on the street in jersey city, save the tolls, take the path eat dinner in tribeca and take the subway. you not only save the parking fee but the bridge toll as well. and the food is much better and cheaper.

  • i_miss_bernie

    last time i went to YS the game the yankees won in the bottom of the 9th so everyone left at the same time. it took over a half hour to get out of the lot and another half hour to make it to the grand concourse.

    i would never go to another game if i had to park there. and that has nothing to do with the price to park

  • Yank the Frank

    Watching them in HD is looking better and better.

  • Fair Weather Freddy

    Thank God for the Metro North station

  • FuzzyDunlop

    Its pretty funny that two face value bleacher seats would be $5 cheaper than the cost of parking. But then again the cost of a beer is half the price of the ticket. Parking isn’t just a problem at the stadium though. Around Rockefeller Center its over $50 for 3 hrs. I can’t imagine what it would cost in parking for someone taking a road trip to NYC and staying at a midtown hotel for a weekend.

    • Frigidevil

      That’s why you stay in Jersey and take the NJT into the city.

  • Frigidevil

    You know what’s funny? They’re probably going to say something about how they’re pushing public transportation so they can say they’re more ‘green’ after quite literally deciding driving was more important than parks.

  • Monteroisdinero

    Park on the Grand Concourse and drive home on 3 tires?

    Kidding (partially)

  • Yo! I’m Chris

    It has become impossible to go and have fun at a Yankee game. In 2009 I went to about 30 games down to 10 or so last year to I don’t know how many this year. Im not paying $35 to watch them play Baltimore or KC.

  • FuzzyDunlop

    Monteroisdinero Great post

    Park on the Grand Concourse and drive home on 3 tires?

    Kidding (partially)

    If your lucky 3 tires! really lucky

  • Hall and Nokes

    It’s starting to reach the point where some enterprising fellow just up the Metro North line (like at University Heights) ought to set up a cheap lot.

  • Chris

    I went to the game yesterday and couldn’t believe it was fuckin $35 to park in this shit economy. Parking was more than my bleacher seat. I live in CT in the Danbury area. However hard to take metro north cause there is hardly Any parking available near me. I usually meet up with my friend from long island and tailgate. But now that’s 70$ combined to park in a dirty piss filled lot by the river That houses about 2 Porto potties for hundreds of people And have homeless people walking around. Good job. Way to screw the working man

  • Matt Gabriel

    We are partial season ticket holders. We were shocked when we saw the steep increases last year and appalled when we got to the Stadium for our first game this year. I wrote our season ticket manager a letter explaining how this will affect our attendance at future games and got NO RESPONSE at all. We come in from North Jersey and there are no other feasible options that will not significantly increase our travel time. So… the end result is simple economics… prices like this will prevent me from coming to future games. The Yankees claim to have no control over parking rates? Well they better get control because it will affect their bottom line as well.

  • Goober

    I used to be a 2 seat full season ticket holder…gave up my seats this year.

    Here is what is would cost me to continue to be a full season ticket holder for 2011 (section 415 $25 per seat x 2 seats)

    Parking 82 x $35 = $2870.00
    Tickets 82 x $25 x 2seats = $4100.00
    GWB Toll 82 x $8.00 = $656.00
    Gasoline 10 gallons @ $3.50 x 82 = $2870.00
    Food, soda, beer, etc. $100.00 x 82 = $8200.00

    Approximately $17,696.00 per season (7 Months, April to October) or about $2528.00 per month.

    Over 5 years thats $88,480 and 10 years is $176,960.

    Instead of going to the stadium anymore, I will buy a second home in Florida, a Corvette, and watch the games on TV.

  • Goober

    and I’ll still have some money left over for two of Charlie Sheen’s porn star women….

  • yankeeboy

    35 dollars just to park a car. that’s very expensive