The RAB Radio Show: March 21, 2011

Handicapping the back-of-the-rotation battle
The Flip

We’re all talked out on the fourth and fifth starter battles, so we move onto what is perhaps the one remaining questions of the spring. Who will bat leadoff? The Yankees have placed Gardner in that spot for the past couple of games, and the beat crew seems increasingly convinced that’s how Girardi will fill out his lineup card on March 31. Mike and I muse on the issue.

Podcast run time 29:06

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Intro music: “Die Hard” courtesy of reader Alex Kresovich.

Handicapping the back-of-the-rotation battle
The Flip
  • Chip

    Can’t way I’m wild about the new intro music

    • Joe Pawlikowski

      Eh, we’re never going to please everyone.

    •!/iiKeane JobaWockeeZ

      Ehh I thought it was better than the last one.

      • Tom Zig


      • Benjamin Kabak

        Also it’s all of 10-20 seconds.

  • Jericho Spade

    If Jeter is batting second, Gardner better get used to running on pitch 1 of every Jeter at bat to avoid the double play.

    • Monteroisdinero

      unless Jeter takes until strike 1 and gives Gardy a chance to steal-unlikely but…

      • king of fruitless hypotheticals

        nah. i don’t want jeter waiting…if he takes more walks, his obp could rise.

        •!/iiKeane JobaWockeeZ

          His walk rate barely changed from his .400 OBP season to his 3.30 or whatever it was. He needs to start hitting again.

          • king of fruitless hypotheticals

            i thought the stupidity of not wanting obp to rise would be sufficient–my bad: i too closely camoflauged my sarcasm with dumb. that one’s on me :(

            on a serious note, i’d rather see a left handed Swisher behind him.

            i checked Jeter v Swish just to make sure i wasn’t engaging in some /withmyowneyes’d transgression, but Swisher beat Jeter in avg, obg and (by a lot) slugging).

            who would benefit from an infielder covering second on a steal–Jeter or Swisher?

            • Monteroisdinero

              Hard to say. Jeter hits more grounders so he benefits there-and he hits them to every infielder. Swish is more likely to pull a grounder so SS would be covering more against righty pitchers. I like a lefty after Gardy because it gives the catcher a slightly increased challenge of picking up the runner and stepping to the left to avoid the batter on the throw down.

              /Captain to the 9 hole!

              • king of fruitless hypotheticals

                yeah, but Jeter isn’t batting ninth!

                that would be like batting Arod 8th…wtf would ever do that???

  • mike_h

    Swisher batted better in the #2 hole, because Tex is behind him so pitchers tend to have to pitch to Swisher. I dont like batting Gardner in the lead off cause it hurts Swisher

    •!/iiKeane JobaWockeeZ

      Protection doesn’t exist.

    • Monteroisdinero

      Gardner stole 47 with Jeter behind him (most of the time) and injuries. If he bats leadoff and stays healthy..

      60 SB’s?

  • Jimmy McNulty

    Gardner will hit doubles, triples, and hopefully four or five HRs.