Yankees do not plan to pursue Carlos Silva

Sunday Night Open Thread
The Ultimate Small Sample Size

Via Jack Curry, the Yankees have no plans to pursue the recently released Carlos Silva. Larry Rothschild was Silva’s pitching coach with the Cubs last year, so I assume he had some input here. Had the Yankees not signed Kevin Millwood or watched Bartolo Colon have such a strong camp, I assume they’d be much more interested. Silva’s not great but he’s useful (3.75 FIP last year, sub-4.65 in three of the last four years) and dirt cheap since Chicago is on the hook for his $11.5M salary, save the league minimum his new team will pay.

Then again, Silva had an atrocious spring (27 runs and 34 baserunners in 17.1 IP), got into a fight with a teammate in the dugout, and trashed his pitching coach on the way out, so I can certainly see why they’d pass. It’s one thing if the guy’s a jerk and highly effective, it’s another thing if he’s just a marginal pitcher like Silva.

Sunday Night Open Thread
The Ultimate Small Sample Size
  • http://www.twitter.com/tomzig Tom Zig

    I’d rather take a flier on Ollie Perez than this guy.

  • Mickey “BadaBling King” Scheister

    He never stood a chance at gettin a deal with the Yanks, he wasn’t an All Star in 2003.

  • jsbrendog

    if he is still around in a week or two i wouldnt be against a minor league deal and tell him he will stay in the minors to see how well he does and then have him and millwood duke it out for the title of first shitty pitcher to come up in case of injury.

    i mean, come on, he passes the better than millwood test doesnt he?

    • bonestock94

      He’s too big of a douche to justify the returns. I’m sure they asked Rothschild what he’s like before they decided.

      • Ted Nelson

        The returns sort of depend on what situation they’re in, though. Right now they have plenty of depth. Assuming Millwood’s spending some time in Scranton, signing Silva and sticking him in the Scranton rotation–if that’s even something he’d agree to–would start to eat innings from a viable prospect like DJ Mitchell who could conceivably contribute about as much as Silva in 2011 and obviously has more long-term value. If in a few weeks the Yankees have burned the Colon and Millwood cards, could use yet another starter, and none of their AAA starters look ready… Silva and/or Oliver Perez might be more attractive.

        Hopefully it won’t come to that.