CC dominant as Yankees crush O’s


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At long last, the Yankees actually played a baseball game on Saturday. Two scheduled off days and a rain out made the week drag on, but the bats certainly didn’t show any rust. There’s only so much you can say about a game like this, so let’s quickly recap…

  • Holy offense. New York put 15 runs on the board, including a pair of homers from Russell Martin and a grand slam from Alex Rodriguez. Brett Gardner even got in on the action and put one over the fence. How about that?
  • CC Sabathia was the man tonight, making one bad pitch out of the 103 he threw. That’s the pitch Adam Jones hit for a three-run homer, but aside from that he was on cruise control, striking out seven and allowing six hits. The television gun had him up to 99 but PitchFX disagrees; the system had him topping out at 95.5 mph. Sabathia got 15 swings and misses in his eight innings of work, which is a ton in a single game. Oh, and he finally got his first win.
  • Other offensive notables: Derek Jeter singled and walked, Mark Teixeira singled, doubled, and walked twice, and Robinson Cano chipped in three hits. Jorge Posada‘s three-true outcomes season continued with a homer and three strikeouts in five plate appearances. Gardner also chipped in a double, so good for him.
  • Orioles’ reliever Josh Rupe threw at Martin after his second homer, hitting him up between his shoulder blades. That was followed by Gardner’s homer but not a retaliation plunk by mop-up man Buddy Carlyle. Martin said afterward that he had a knot in his back and Rupe knocked it out for him, which was pretty awesome. Gardner going deep immediately afterwards is the best payback a Yankees’ fan could ask for.
  • A-Rod‘s grand slam was the 22nd of his career, and he’s now one behind Lou Gehrig for the all-time record. His six RBI moved him past Carl Yastrzemski for sole possession of 12th most in baseball history.
  • Here’s the lopsided WPA Graph, and here’s the box score and video highlights.

Quick turn around, these two teams will play the second game of this improvised two-game series tomorrow afternoon at 1pm ET. Freddy Garcia goes against Jake Arrieta.

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  • http://twitter.com/stophamm3rtime dela g

    what an asskicking.

    Anyone else noticing how the “showalter” effect has rubbed off? The O’s had a really long losing streak, and then the yanks crush em tonight.

    new manager, same result for the O’s. i expect this to be the umpteenth year in a row without a winning record for them

  • PaulF

    This game was by far the most fun of the year. I think Alex Rodriguez grand slams are my favorite play in baseball.

    • Mickey Scheister

      You just knew he was

  • Pat D

    And on a related note, fuck the Angels. 1 hit off Dice-BB? Yea, I’d say the Red Sox own their sorry asses.

    • http://www.riveraveblues.com Mike Axisa

      The Angels are utterly useless, especially against the Red Sox. They fold against quality teams faster than a cheap beach chair.

      • Pat D

        So long as they do it when they play the Yankees, that’s fine.

      • http://youcantpredictbaseball.wordpress.com bexarama

        Unless it’s the Yankees :|

        • Snake Plissken

          but that’s true of the entire league.

          King Felix did an interview with ESPN in spring training and they asked him what was the highlight of his cy young year, and he said with enthusiasm, “playing the yankees!”.

          Every team and player, no matter how good or bad, shifts into overdrive when they play us.

          • http://youcantpredictbaseball.wordpress.com bexarama

            the Yankees have gotta be a pretty good team if every team only shows up to play them and they do so well year in and year out. Hmm.

    • Snake Plissken

      Sox were 9-1 vs the Halos last year.

      Sox were also 12-6 vs the Blue JAys.

      Sox finished the year 16 games above .500. Those are the two teams they feast on to get healthy.

      • http://www.twitter.com/jordansmed JGS

        Dice-K has pitched 40+ innings against five different teams:

        Seattle (4.11 ERA, and they can’t hit)
        Yankees (5.52 ERA)
        Baltimore (5.73 ERA)
        Tampa (5.83 ERA)

        Toronto (3.46 ERA)

        Yea. The only team that has seen him a lot and still can’t figure him out.

        • It’sATarp

          Toronto’s team don’t understand the concept of Walks outside of Bautista.

  • hogsmog

    Awesome fact: The Yankees are not only first in baseball in home runs, but second to last (Texas has them beat) in strikeouts.

    • Pat D

      But what does it matter if they’ve stuck out so little? After all, they can only score on home runs.

      • hogsmog

        This fact is actually only awesome for Sox fans. Just look at the awful game the Yankees played today. They should have all struck out on purpose after the first and let the Os tie it up, and in the top of the ninth, have Tex sac bunt Jeter (who reached on a gutsy opposite field single) from first to second. Have the Captain of Clutch gutsily steal third on the first pitch of the next at bat for Arod to score him with a sac fly. Mo comes in, three strike outs. That’s how it should be done.

        • ecks

          You forgot the fact that Tex actually reaches base because of his grit and hustle, forcing the fielder into making a bad throw.

        • JasonScando


    • PaulF

      That must mean the Yankees FIH is really good, right?

    • http://twitter.com/tsjc68 tommiesmithjohncarlos a/k/a Ridiculous Upside the Elder

      Most homers (30th), second fewest hits (135, only behind the Nationals).


      .490 SLG (1st in all of baseball)
      .358 wOBA (3rd)

      • Pat D

        4th lowest BABIP, too, I see. Imagine what will happen when luck turns their way a bit.

  • Poopy Pants

    Na na na na hey hey hey goodbye…to Jesus Montero.

    • http://www.twitter.com/NJ_Andy NJ_Andy

      A little premature, don’t you think?

    • Pat D

      So for whom are you trading him?

    • http://riveraveblues.com Mike Axisa

      I remember when people said this after Cervelli’s hot start last year. Good times.

      • elvin

        Motero is taring it up in AAA, you think he can show up in the majors before the all-star break?

        • Poopy Pants

          Don’t you mean Aul Starr Break?

        • http://twitter.com/tsjc68 tommiesmithjohncarlos a/k/a Ridiculous Upside the Elder

          Montero probably gets called up as soon as:

          1.) Cervelli returns to the bigs healthy and then fails to hit well
          2.) The May/June deadline to set Montero’s arb/FA clocks back a year passes
          3.) All of the various tryouts/callups/demotions/DFAs/roster moves for Millwood/Silva/Prior get decided one way or the other so we have a better idea of what the 40 man roster will look like for the rest of the year (to free a spot for Montero without dumping a useful piece

          I’ll still say he’s the first position-player addition after the ASB. (All this assumes no major injuries, of course.)


          • Snake Plissken

            Is it better to have him play everyday in AAA or once every 5 days in the majors?

            • http://twitter.com/tsjc68 tommiesmithjohncarlos a/k/a Ridiculous Upside the Elder

              Meh, there’s not much left for him to do in the minors at this point. Might as well let him get accustomed to big league pitching with a start or two a week. He’ll miss the development reps behind the plate a little, but he can learn from Girardi, Peña, and Harkey up here to help offset the reps.

              • Blago

                Yeah, I have to disagree with the idea that Jesus can still progress enough behind the plate without playing there. If he could progress by just working with Girardi, Pena and Harkey, he would be up right now. Besides, what would Girardi and Pena be able to impart on him that no other minor league coach would be able to? All this while trying to steer a team to the playoffs. I don’t buy it.

          • Jerkface

            The may june deadline is for super 2 status, which adds an extra arb year. They could call Montero up now and have him for an extra year before free agency, but if he hits like he is capable would get 4 arb years instead of 3.

            • http://twitter.com/tsjc68 tommiesmithjohncarlos a/k/a Ridiculous Upside the Elder

              My bad, thanks.

          • JasonScando

            4) Next year, when Posada retires, Montero comes up as the DH and back-up catcher.

      • bakekrukow412

        Difference is Martin has some semblance of a track record. With Cervelli it was just funny.

    • bonestock94

      I wouldn’t go that extreme, but there will be an interesting storyline if Martin’s 2011 resembles his 2007 and Montero keeps destroying AAA

    • http://twitter.com/tsjc68 tommiesmithjohncarlos a/k/a Ridiculous Upside the Elder

      Na na na na hey hey hey goodbye…to Jesus Montero.

      Goody, wake me up when Felix/Lincecum/Price/Josh Johnson/Kershaw are actually available for trade and this comment means anything to anyone.

      • Pat D


    • http://facebook.com/andrewjcalagna Drew

      Montero isn’t going anywhere. Not unless there is a man named Josh Johnson or Felix Hernadez coming to the Bronx. I wouldn’t trade Montero unless its for the best. And since Josh Johnson and King Felix aren’t coming to the Yankees anytime soon (baring some miracle by Cashman) Montero will be a Yankee for a long time.

      • Tampa Yankee

        Exactly. It’s not like the two trades we was reportedly involved in were for just anyone. It was Halladay and Lee for crying out loud. And like TSJC said above, no one of that list along with Halladay or Lee are available so Jesus is not going anywhere. Romine… yes but not Jesus.

        • http://twitter.com/tsjc68 tommiesmithjohncarlos a/k/a Ridiculous Upside the Elder

          Eh, it’s Poopy Pants. He gave it the ol’ college try.

    • Tampa Yankee

      Yeah because giving up on the best hitting prospect in all of baseball because a guy who has been injured and unproductive the last two years is on a hot streak is a great idea! F-it we might as well trade Sanchez, Romine and Murphy while we’re at it!

      • Poopy Pants

        You people are so easy to rile up. Get ahold of yourselves.
        Don’t forget Montero isn’t the only C we have coming up and there is and will be a log jam at DH for a long time.
        It would be cool to have Montero DH next year, but will Posada retire? DH might be needed to rest the old dudes in coming years, too.

        It’s nice to actually have a catcher on the team, too. You know…someone who can…catch and …throw. I know it’s not the Yankee way, but it’s nice to see.

        • Pat D

          Nice to see you admit you were baiting somewhat.

          I don’t see how there will necessarily be a DH log jam. Doesn’t matter if Posada retires or not. He’s not under contract and if he doesn’t start getting a few more hits, I doubt the Yankees bring him back next year. Even if he does, I don’t see them bringing him back.

          Yes, it is nice to have a catcher who can catch and throw. What part of keeping Montero means they have to dump Martin?

          • SteveD

            Agreed on the fact I dont see the Yankees resigning Posada. He would have to have an incredible year for them to consider it. That would mean avg. wise along with homers.

        • http://twitter.com/tsjc68 tommiesmithjohncarlos a/k/a Ridiculous Upside the Elder

          You people are so easy to rile up. Get ahold of yourselves.

          Your silly attempts to rile people up are becoming increasingly banal. Get ahold of yourself.

          Don’t forget Montero isn’t the only C we have coming up and there is and will be a log jam at DH for a long time.

          Don’t forget that the other C’s we have coming up aren’t on Montero’s stratosphere and all those potential DH’s who would theoretically be logjamming the position years in the future are all currently playing other positions quite well and will all have their contracts expire around the time that Montero will be entering his prime. Trading the consensus best hitting prospect in the high minors just because there might-might, mind you-be a DH logjam at for a 2-4 year period a few years from now when that dynamite hitting prospect is still under team control and not even at his physical peak yet is pretty ridiculous, which is why the notion will only be entertained for super-premium pitching options like Lee/Halladay/Felix/Lincecum/Price/Johnson/et. al., as was mentioned to you (repeatedly).

          It would be cool to have Montero DH next year, but will Posada retire?


          I don’t give a shit.

          DH might be needed to rest the old dudes in coming years, too.

          Asked and answered.

          It’s nice to actually have a catcher on the team, too.

          Even nicer to have two.

          • Sean C

            ALL of this, goddamnit.

  • Snake Plissken

    Yanks now have a 5 games lead in the loss column against the rest of the division.

    • It’sATarp

      to be fair we’ve played like 5 less games due to the rain

  • Skip

    So I’m watching the replay of the game on MLB.tv because I missed it live. When Tex slid into 2nd for his first inning double he was jawing at the SS. They must have some bad blood there, the team was fired up from the beginning. WIth this Martin HBP in the 9th, the Yanks are going to be firing on all cylinders tomorrow.

    I just hope no Yankees get hurt tomorrow.

    • http://twitter.com/tsjc68 tommiesmithjohncarlos a/k/a Ridiculous Upside the Elder

      It looked more to me like Andino was jawing at Tex and not vice versa.

      • Pat D

        Seemed like Andino thought Teix was sliding at him and not the base and then he didn’t like the way Teix stood up while he was still holding the tag down on him.

        Seemed as if Teix just ignored him. As if in his head he was saying, “I’m Mark Teixeira and you’re not.”

  • elvin

    Todays game shows how da yankee players look out for each other, it started with teixeiras double in da 1st inning, he exchanged words with the “no-name” 2nd baseman of the orioles, and all hell broke loose

    • Poopy Pants

      You’re wright. Dey really kno how to plae like a teem.

      • bonestock94

        You’re one to poke fun, his spelling is about as sound as your logic.

    • Eric

      Yeah, except the “no-name 2nd baseman” played SS.

  • Plank


    (not currently showing his 6 RBI game)

    If things go as expected this year, Arod will be in the top 10 for RBI by the end of the season. I would put his odds of being the career leader in RBI at over 50% by the time he retires.

    • Pat D

      I could have sworn I heard someone say that with tonight’s game he was now top 10 all time for RBI.

      Jeez, either I wasn’t paying full attention or someone screwed up big time.

    • http://www.twitter.com/jordansmed JGS

      Barring catastrophic injury, it’s almost 100%. He is only 450 away, and signed for 6.9 more years. Even if he declines a lot, as long as he is batting in the middle of the lineup, he will get plenty of RBIs.

      • Plank

        I don’t think you can ignore the possibility of catastrophic injury for a player’s age 36-42 years.

        If Jeter keeps batting leadoff, that will hurt his RBI numbers, too ;)

    • YankeesJunkie

      As long as A-Rod stays healthy he will not only beat the record he will shatter it. At 1847 ribbies as of tonight and nearly 7 years left of contracted years it would not surprise me to see him get to 2400 or 2500. While that 500-600 more ribbies if A-Rod is healthy he still has 2-3 seasons where he can easily knock in 120 per year. He is going to re write the record books until possibly Albert Pujols. After that there is no one that really pops to mind.

      • http://danielslifka.wordpress.com Jerome S.

        Jesus Montero, bro.

      • Plank

        I think you are underestimating how big the cliff players fall off of in their late 30s to early 40s. Alex Rodriguez’s contract is bad (from ownership’s POV, for Arod, it’s great), not because of the money but because of the years.

        If Arod can play in 100 games and be league average at DH at age 42, it will be miraculous.

        • YankeesJunkie

          I understand that players when they get older can fall off a cliff, but A-Rod looks like he is headed for an 30/100 season if not more. Also, if anyone can still play well into their 40s it would be A-Rod, but it is still highly doubtful.

          • Plank

            I don’t think anyone had a problem with the first 5-6 years of Arod’s deal, it’s the 4-5 years after that. We are in year 4 of his 10 year contract. Unless Arod plays better than any other human who has ever played the game ever (besides Bonds) he won’t be an effective player in the last few years of this deal.

            Saying he plays well in his last year is highly doubtful isn’t strong enough. It is so close to impossible that he plays well in his age 42 season, that counting on him to be anything other than a drag on the lineup any time he plays is wishful thinking.

            • Epy0n

              I mean it is A-Rod though..

            • Rookie


          • http://twitter.com/JoeRo23 The Honorable Congressman Mondesi

            Jeter looked to be declining a bit in his age 33-34 seasons and then had a great age 35 season in 2009 before his decline appears to have continued and accelerated in his age 36 and 37 seasons (2010-2011).

            It’s obviously just a coincidence that you could say the same thing about A-Rod right now (he looked to be declining a bit in his age 33-34 seasons and now looks to be primed for a great age 35 season), I just bring it up to illustrate how quickly players in their mid-late 30s tend to decline. If you’d told people after the ’09 season that Jeter would OPS+ 90 in 2010 and look like he might be cooked early in 2011, they wouldn’t have believed it, since he was coming off a 125 OPS+ campaign in which he looked resurgent in the field.

            A-Rod is freaking awesome and I sincerely hope he’s superhuman and stays productive into his late 30s and early 40s, but it’s incredibly unlikely to happen. Add to the normal trends the fact that the guy already has a bit of an injury red-flag with the hip issue and the outlook is a little scary. 7 years is a long time, just because the guy looks good today doesn’t mean he will a few years from now and we have to be careful not to let last night’s results (meant in a generic sense, not meant about the actual game last night) have too much influence on our analysis.

            • Rookie

              Interesting point. If Jeter doesn’t make an almost unprecedented recovery for a shortstop his age, then he will have been like a super nova star that flames out right before it becomes a red dwarf or black hole or what have you.

              And that pattern is far more likely for ARod than a sustained period of excellence through age 42 — no matter how awesome he looked and no matter how incredible his bat speed appeared last night when he caught up with that high fastball for a grand slam — especially given his existing injury history. Even without an injury history, I think it would be unprecedented in the history of baseball — Baroid Bond aside.

        • Rookie


  • Monteroisdinero

    But back to Montero….talked to Wynegar/Alldred and a bullpen catcher (Ryan Baker I think) about Montero’s D and they all said he is improving all the time and see no issues as a major league catcher. They cringed when I mentioned corner OF possibility which didn’t surprise me. I also talked to Andy Sisco-a giant of a guy (6’10”) who was extremely nice. Turns out he is a good buddy of Lincecum since they are both from Washington State. I joked with him that if he can throw strike 1 he will put himself ahead of Logan.

    • murakami

      Good info. Yeah I’ve seen a bit of Montero as you and I discussed and he is much better behind the plate than is generally assumed. The Spring Training Jesus is not representative, neither behind or at the plate.

      Speaking of MiL catching prospects, I’m headed to Lakewood next week to get my first look at Gary Sanchez, who is back behind the plate (post ab strain/oblique or whatever ailed him). Heathcott, DeLeon, Flores, Sosa, JR Murphy, and hopefully Burawa, Greene will be in that mix.

    • Zack

      That’s good, because I was expecting the Yankees coaches & bullpen catcher to tell fans that Jesus sucks behind the plate.

      • zs190


  • Monteroisdinero

    Now only Swish (surprising) and Jeets (not surprising) are starters without a HR.

    • http://Www.or.ly JM

      Aaaaand Swish is on my fantasy team… Such is life. I’m sure he’ll rebound though and go through a period where he basically carries the team.

      Happy thoughts.

  • Mickey Scheister

    I loved Martin after the game, he actually said “Thanks” for the beaning. Brett Gardner just drove that ball into the Baltimore night, how do you spell retaliation? A Gritty HR from Gardner, of all people, it felt glorious!

    • Monteroisdinero

      no wrist injury-just a bad start to the season-lots of players have them.

      • Mickey Scheister

        If Gardner is inspired by seeing someone in front of him get plunked and it gives him the B-12 and lidocaine power, he should envision or watch that Martin AB before each of his at bats. I did not expect that, but it felt great! Well done Gardner!

        • fire levine

          Hit jeter in front of gardner and make sure jeter gets plunked every time, since he’s all about the team and its the only way he can get on base.
          Jeter gets plunked, gardner muscles one out. Next I’ll be taking on world peace

          • Rookie

            Awesome solution. Maybe you can focus on the Middle East and Islamofascism when your schedule allows.

          • Rookie

            During the offseason, of course.

  • SamVa

    Gardner still looked lost at the plate IMO

    • Jim S

      Really? After a double and hr? Sarcasm?