Game Eight: Super Nova


(AP Photo/Kathy Willens)

Yesterday’s loss was frustrating but that’s life. Games like that happen over the course of a season. The Yankees managed to score five runs without the benefit of a homer and non-Phil Hughes/Boone Logan pitchers kept the Red Sox bats at bay. Those are pretty much the only positives.

The ball goes to Ivan Nova today, who is facing most of Boston’s hitters for the first time. He made one start and one relief appearance against the Sox last year, but the only holdovers from those lineups that are starting today are J.D. Drew, David Ortiz, and Jed Lowrie. Like most pitchers, Nova thrives on facing batters than haven’t seen him before, but then again this Boston lineup isn’t filled with normal hitters. Dustin Pedroia, Carl Crawford, Adrian Gonzalez, Kevin Youkilis … those are stars of the first order, it might not matter that they’ve never seem before.

Here’s the lineup…

Brett Gardner, LF
Derek Jeter, SS
Mark Teixeira, 1B
Alex Rodriguez, 3B
Robbie Cano, 2B
Nick Swisher, RF
Curtis Granderson, CF
Eric Chavez, DH
Russell Martin, C

Ivan Nova, SP

It’s a 1:10pm ET start, and the game will be broadcast by FOX. Two FOX games in the first two weeks of the season just isn’t cool, man. Try to enjoy the game.

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  1. Pat D says:

    I don’t even have the strength to make a BuckCarver joke yet.

    I’m sure they’ll give me a reason to within about 5 minutes of first pitch.

  2. Esteban says:

    I liked the commercial on FOX of little leguers/ RBI baseball kids reenacting famous scenes from baseball hitstory.

  3. Pat D says:

    Also, I’d just like to point out that the Rangers/Orioles are playing a, get this, SINGLE ADMISSION double header today.

    Now, while this is likely due to Baltimore not having the best attendance anymore, I’d like to see this happen more often.

    Of course we know the Yankees will never do that.

  4. Poopy Pants says:

    Just DVR every game (regardless of which station it is on). Then watch the game on fast forward. It’s much better this way. You miss the dumb commentating and all the boring down time between pitches. You can fly though a game pretty quick and still take care of real and important things in life (instead of wasting 3 or 4 hours watching adult men playing a game).

  5. Cy Pettitte says:

    it’s weekends like this where I start to appreciate Kay and the gang…

    • Pat D says:

      I’m willing to give the new Sunday night team a chance. They sounded OK doing that Rangers/Red Sox game last week.

      Of course I work Sunday nights and won’t be able to hear the game anyway…

    • Chip says:

      Just be happy Joe Morgan got fired, there was absolutely nothing worse

  6. Sheepmeister says:

    So over/under 10 pitches until muting of buck and mccarver.

  7. Esteban says:

    Over/under on the length of this game: 3:40 I’ll take the over.

    • YankeesJunkie says:

      Honestly if there are over/under are Yankees/Red Sox games that are on national TV the over/under should be more like 4 hours.

  8. Jorge Posada's passion for baseball says:

    Ian Kennedy threw a good game yeterday, is it ok to start the Phil for Ian straight up trade campaign here?

  9. Pat D says:

    Motherfucker. I live in Pennsylvania, so guess what I’m seeing right now. That’s right, Phillies/Braves.

    Oh, god and looking at Eric Karros’ hair makes me want to kill myself.

  10. Cy Pettitte says:

    according to that on screen graphic, Ryan Howard is on deck

  11. Esteban says:

    Apparently Ryan Howard is on deck for the Yankees.


  12. bexarama says:

    Ryan Howard on deck?

  13. Mike Axisa says:

    Man I really hope they didn’t give up a lot for Ryan Howard.

  14. Mike Axisa says:

    Kevin Slowey to the disabled list with an arm injury, so that makes it four straight years.

  15. Esteban says:

    Did Joe Buck say Buchholz is off to a great start after one batter?

  16. Aj says:

    Love the laptops comment.

  17. Kostas says:

    I sure hope the Fox/ESPN games have better results for the Yanks than last year.

  18. I am going to kill myself with McCarver keep saying Buchholz Buckler

  19. YankeesJunkie says:

    Buccholz looked Red Sox officials in the eyes and said “That not me anymore…I discriminate against other races.” Buccholz was promptly accepted by Red Sox with open arms.

  20. Cy Pettitte says:

    nice AB Cap’n

  21. Mike Axisa says:

    Good job, Cap’n. Sun on Salty now.

  22. Pat D says:

    8 pitch AB by Jeter that ends in a walk. Nice.

  23. jorge brosada says:

    good AB Jetes

  24. mike_h says:

    come on Tex, bring em in

  25. Ryan Howard’s a Yankee? never noticed.

  26. Kostas says:

    How does a pitcher throw a ground ball to a batter?

  27. YankeesJunkie says:

    Wow, you have to get that base on curveball.

  28. Mike Axisa says:

    Meh, perfect throw.

  29. jorge brosada says:

    wow that sucks, jeter went on the right pitch. Just shitty luck

  30. YanksFan in MA says:

    Jeter needed to take 1 more step there. Went into his slide too early. Damn.

  31. Aj says:

    Fox is the worst!! Argh!

  32. Mike Axisa says:

    Mark Teixeira swung and missed at a changeup? That’s surprising … NOT.


  33. Souter Fell says:

    did anyone here the jay mohr bit on the monotonous, no inflection of Buck on the OnA show this week, it was pretty good

  34. Kostas says:

    Tex – 0 for last 8.

  35. pat says:

    This off center camera is going to fuckin kill me.

  36. mike_h says:

    I bet Crawford is still pissed about Golson throwing him out

  37. YankeesJunkie says:

    Pedroia shies away from a ball nowhere near him.

  38. Cy Pettitte says:

    ring him up…

  39. pat says:

    Ooo Pedroia shows so much emotion guys!!!

  40. AaronGuileWithASmile says:

    Hey guys, did you know that Dustin Pedroia is really really gritty?

  41. YankeesJunkie says:

    Did the strike zone suddenly become smaller between innings.

  42. Pat D says:

    Stupid elf.

  43. Mickey Scheister says:

    Awful. That outside pitch is a strike all day against the Yanks.

  44. AaronGuileWithASmile says:

    I’ll admit it, I’m terrified of Adrian Gonzalez.

  45. jorge brosada says:

    fucking ump is squeezing Nova, Bucholz got those calls…

  46. Kostas says:

    no call 3rd strike is still affecting nova.

  47. pat says:

    Don’t like that all these bosox are due to start hitting sometime soon.

  48. Mike Axisa says:

    I really wish Nova would learn to throw strikes from the stretch.

  49. YanksFan in MA says:

    I have a feeling Youkilis gets old very quickly. His body will not handle 3B well.

  50. AaronGuileWithASmile says:

    “No matter where you put him…defensively…he will always hit…”

    That doesn’t make any goddamn sense

  51. pat says:

    NAsty slider

  52. Cy Pettitte says:

    wow made Youk look pretty bad

  53. AaronGuileWithASmile says:

    That strikeout was pure grit from Youk. What an inspiration to us all.

  54. pat says:

    Bury a change plz.

  55. Cy Pettitte says:

    Nova gaining confidence

  56. danimal says:

    What a nice hook to get Youk.

    and then he blows a pitch by Ortiz…

    That boys good… he good.

  57. Esteban says:

    Papi with the incredible bat speed

  58. Chip says:

    If Nova could learn to control his change-up, he could really start striking guys out

  59. AaronGuileWithASmile says:

    Nova’s getting seriously squeezed this inning

  60. pat says:

    Teh poise!!!!

  61. Souter Fell says:

    Super Nova! Really hope this guy can turn in solid quality work.

  62. Pat D says:

    Into and out of trouble. Just don’t make it a habit.

  63. JerseyDutch says:

    Why does McCarver think you don’t you want to throw offspeed or breaking stuff to Ortiz?

  64. Cy Pettitte says:


  65. mike_h says:

    nice hit Cano!!

  66. Cy Pettitte says:

    Cano heating up!

  67. Esteban says:

    Robbie LOVES Fenway.

  68. AaronGuileWithASmile says:

    Man I love watching Cano swing.

  69. pat says:

    I don’t hit golfballs that well with my driver. Jesus christ.

  70. Kostas says:

    Robbie is getting hot….

  71. Pat D says:

    Oh, slightly off topic, but it involves the Red Sox.

    When former Sox GM Lou Gorman passed away last week, all I remember being said was that he was the “architect” of the 1986 WS team.

    Was he suddenly forgiven for the Jeff Bagwell for Larry Andersen trade?

  72. YanksFan in MA says:

    A-Rod couldn’t have been running off the bat there. Wasn’t even in the picture near 2nd when they showed Ellsbury going back. Unusual, he;s normally a very good baserunner.

  73. YankeesJunkie says:

    I’ll take that!

  74. JerseyDutch says:

    “The Yankees get a cheap run.” WTF was that about, McCarver?

  75. danimal says:

    That’s how you manufacture runs right there… make Uncle Jeb pay for that error.

  76. pat says:

    Are you fuckin kidding me there with that 1-2?

  77. Cy Pettitte says:

    Bucholz’s strike zone is huge compared to Nova’s

  78. YankeesJunkie says:

    Really! Nova hasn’t gotten anything on the outside!

  79. YanksFan in MA says:

    If that was off the end of the bat my god Cano has pop. Ball was smoked.

  80. jorge brosada says:

    bucholz getting all the outside calls that Nova didn’t. Bullshit..

  81. Cy Pettitte says:

    Grandy needs to take a page from Martin’s book w/ a delayed steal

  82. Cy Pettitte says:

    Chavez! I like him already

  83. mike_h says:

    nice hit Chavez!!!!!!!!!!!!

  84. cjc says:

    very nice very nice

  85. The Fallen Phoenix says:

    Can Joe Buck sound more bored than he already does?

  86. pat says:

    Yea baby. Chavez= beast.

  87. AaronGuileWithASmile says:

    True Yankeee ™

  88. Esteban says:

    There you go EC

  89. Mike Axisa says:

    Zombie with the oppo double.

  90. Alex S says:

    wooh! go Chavez!

  91. jorge brosada says:


  92. YankeesJunkie says:

    Nice start in pinstripes for Chavez.

  93. mbonzo says:

    Could Buck be any more interested in this game? (/sarcasm)

  94. Kostas says:

    Chavez could turn out to be a very good pick up…

  95. Pat D says:

    Way to earn your (pin)stripes, Eric.

  96. Jonathan says:

    Damn Russell…all you had to do was hit it the other way….

  97. AaronGuileWithASmile says:

    Bad baserunning. Why push it in the 2nd inning?

  98. pat says:

    Curtis should have lowered the boomstick.

  99. YankeesJunkie says:

    Well played…

  100. jorge brosada says:

    God dammit…

  101. danimal says:

    the best part about this inning is how much he’s laboring right now. He’s going deep in every count, and we’re getting doubles and walks, not HRs. I’ll take that.

  102. Mike Axisa says:

    Bah, hold up Grandy.

  103. mbonzo says:

    I would have loved to see Granderson take out Salty there.

  104. Esteban says:

    Damnit Tim, that look back wasn’t what caused Grandy to get thrown out.

    • Kostas says:

      Yes it was. didn’t know that looking back for 1 second or less will slow a runner down by minimum 3 steps rather than it just being a poor decision by Granderson. #FoxSchoolofBaseball.

      We all can only wish to be consistently wrong about baseball as Tim McCarver and his irrational hyperbole.

      • Esteban says:

        I’m not sure it was a bad decision, because Youkilis was playing back, but yeah, how did McCarver come to that conclusion after looking at the replay 4 times?

  105. Jonathan says:

    I need to follow my own advice and mute this shit. Granderson is out by a mile and McCarver is all over him for slightly looking back.

  106. Pat D says:

    Did Gardner just take another pitch right down the middle?

  107. YankeesJunkie says:

    Good to see the Yanks score a couple runs off an error.

  108. jorge brosada says:

    definitely should be 3-0

  109. Esteban says:

    Looks like whatever Buchholz throws will be called a strike.

  110. JerseyDutch says:

    Getting a little tired of watching Brett look at strike three.

  111. Jonathan says:

    Is there a way to get backwards K’s for a career? or backwards K percentage?

  112. JDDZip says:

    It was a good play by Youk he was playing back and got him cant blame grandy for being aggressive with his speed

  113. Cy Pettitte says:

    Let’s hope Nova starts getting the outside calls this inning

  114. AaronGuileWithASmile says:

    Yup, nothing says “perfect start for the Red Sox” like a 2-0 deficit in the second inning.

    Excellent work as usual, Buck.

  115. cjc says:

    strike 1

  116. Cy Pettitte says:

    Fox commentators + Nova’s strike zone = me close to throwing TV out the windows

    • YankeesJunkie says:

      The Fox announcers seem especially terrible today for some reason. I can usually deal with the a little better.

  117. YankeesJunkie says:

    Damn! Robbie almost had that.

  118. cjc says:

    terrible jump from Cano must have been fooled by the spin

  119. jorge brosada says:

    Ack, Cano should have had it..

  120. Mike Myers says:

    Is it just me or does chaves look exactly like that person in the add behind home plate.

  121. Jonathan says:

    Um…Robbie should have jumped up instead of forward trying to deek sp? Drew

  122. Aj says:

    Yes Joe Buck, he went back to first to “tag”.

  123. YanksFan in MA says:

    Damn that could have easily been 2. Cano got a little crossed up and got no lift on the jump.

  124. Will (the other one) says:

    Sure would’ve been nice for Nova to get that first strike called there. You know, the one right in the wheelhouse.

  125. Jonathan says:

    ya McCarver…not many people have a better catcher overall then Salty…except maybe…90% of the league.

  126. AaronGuileWithASmile says:

    Huge pitch

  127. Kostas says:

    Ok survey. Who uses more cliches in broadcasting baseball – Buck/McCarver, Joe Morgan, Sterling/Waldman?

  128. Cy Pettitte says:

    now would be a good time for Nova to “throw a ground ball” like Bucholz can

  129. Mike Myers says:

    yeah gardy!

  130. pat says:

    Thank god. I would have crapped if that POS blooped in.

  131. Aj says:

    Good thing Johnny Damon wasn’t in left on that play. It would’ve been ugly.

  132. jorge brosada says:

    Loving that Gardner defense!

    • The Fallen Phoenix says:

      Meh, that was a really odd route. Good thing he has the speed to make up for mistakes like that.

      (Not that I’m complaining.)

  133. YankeesJunkie says:

    What a hustle play by Gardner. Jones would still be running to that ball right now.

  134. Skip says:

    More ground balls by Nova would be nice…I know that’s his game so this many pop-ups concerns me. Not to the point where I’m worried of course, just saying.

  135. AaronGuileWithASmile says:

    So does Carl Crawford have a sperm tattooed on his neck? I’ve always wondered what that thing is supposed to be.

  136. Jonathan says:

    wow blue….get off your knees your blowing the game

  137. Esteban says:

    This umpire is terrrrrrible. Emphasis on rrrrr

  138. YanksFan in MA says:

    Where are these pitches? I mean honestly the ump has missed about 5-6 strikes already.

  139. Cy Pettitte says:

    well that was….. unorthodox….

  140. Esteban says:

    Captain Jetes! Still has some tricks up his sleeve I suppose.

  141. Total Dominication says:

    Let’s go blow this one open.

  142. YankeesJunkie says:

    Another day, another nice play by Jeter. Nova looks pretty decent thus far.

  143. jorge brosada says:

    good play by DJ and Alex

  144. danimal says:


    Hah I don’t think he even tagged him.

    Either way, what terrible umpiring… and Nova still manages to get out of it

  145. YanksFan in MA says:

    Love that Fox has to check if he was out. Yea pretty sure he was and nobody argued there. I can’t stand watching nationally televised Yankees games. I get a lot of road announcers on the Extra Innings package and they aren’t nearly as insufferable as this.

    • AaronGuileWithASmile says:

      Actually, on the first replay it looked like A-Rod may have missed the tag.

      Whatever, I’ll take it.

      • YanksFan in MA says:

        But was it really egregious enough to immediately question it as they were going to commercial? Replay looks like he was out. And like they are saying now, nobody argued and yet they spend the first 2 minutes of the Yankees AB talking about it but no mention of the awful strike zone thus far.

        • danimal says:

          This reminds me of listening to a Bill Walton announced game. just obnoxious as all hell, and says block headed things.

  146. danimal says:

    $10 Girardi is out screaming at Gooch by the 5th

  147. Cy Pettitte says:

    this ump is doing everything in his power to ensure we don’t get length out of Nova

  148. Jonathan says:

    A few years ago jeter and Arod wouldn’t make that play..but now they’re friends again and that makes them better players with more chemistry…..

  149. Mike Myers says:

    How many grass commercials are they going to dump on us?

    • Pat D says:

      Enough until you start pleading for a return to artificial turf.

      Including for your own lawn, not just at stadiums.

  150. Skip says:

    Look at this strike zone via Gameday. Nova vs. Crawford


  151. Aj says:

    Fantasy Question: Is Ben Francisco the real deal this year in Philly?

  152. jorge brosada says:

    a fly ball from jeter, i’ll take it…

  153. Souter Fell says:

    no matter how much you want him to be safe, he was out

  154. pat says:

    Are you fucking kidding me with that outside pitch? Jesus

  155. Esteban says:

    Holy shit, the new GameDay is awesome.

  156. ShuutoHeat says:

    “If it was on his shoe.”

    Really Buck?

  157. mbonzo says:

    Was that really such a good play by Agon. I feel like announcers rave about any first baseman that can actually field their position. (not taking anything away from Agon)

    • pat says:

      The spin made it look pretty.

    • AaronGuileWithASmile says:

      It wasn’t a web gem or anything, but it was a pretty slick play. Nice job by Buchholz getting over to cover as well (not that Tex is a danger to leg out an infield single or anything.)

  158. Mike Myers says:

    A rod got him….If he touched the bag and not drew, it was a force play

  159. YankeesJunkie says:

    A-Rod continues to look great, but a .500 wOBA makes anyone looks good.

  160. AaronGuileWithASmile says:

    Cano doesn’t like being called Robbie?

    I wonder what he thinks of John Sterling then.

  161. Esteban says:

    You hear that people? No more Robbie Cano, only Robinson.

  162. pat says:

    Cano makes that play easy.

  163. Mike Myers says:

    OH SNAP….whos the better 2b?! son!

  164. Souter Fell says:

    if they say pedroia is hall of fame worthy, im turning this off

  165. danimal says:

    Small ball. Me likey. Time for a double steal?

  166. Esteban says:

    He out-gritted himself there.

  167. Mike Axisa says:

    If Cano really doesn’t like being called Robbie … I guess I’ll have to change by ways.

  168. YanksFan in MA says:

    I can’t stand hearing about Pedroia’s MVP after the seasons Jeter got jobbed with so much more impressive raw numbers. Jeter just got hosed becaused he dates movie stars and singers and thus loses all Grit Over Replacement Player value.

    • Esteban says:

      Jeter should have been shorter and balder when he had his great years.

    • Pat D says:

      Pedroia had the benefit of no one in the AL having a truly stand out season that year.

      I was leaning for Longoria or Quentin, but then both of them got hurt in August and September. I came to the conclusion I would have had to vote for Youkilis that year.

    • mbonzo says:

      Arod deserved it that year imo. Tied with the highest OPS for MVP candidates that year and 2 less stolen basses than Pedroia.

  169. Souter Fell says:

    60 pitches already… nice

  170. Cy Pettitte says:

    Bucholz at 60 pitches, hopefully he doesn’t make it to the 6th

  171. Mike Myers says:

    Fire doesnt have a rivalry with kindling….hahaha

  172. YankeesJunkie says:

    I LOLed at the commercial.

  173. Souter Fell says:

    the most threatening they could find was Jim from the Office? Better than Dane Cook I guess

  174. Jonathan says:

    costly bobble

  175. Cy Pettitte says:

    If Gardner doesn’t bobble that he’s out

  176. Mike Axisa says:

    Fewer baserunners, pls.

  177. Sheepmeister says:

    So nasty factor on gameday makes no sense. Ball at the head NF of 58, swinging strike on the inside corner NF of 13???

    explain this please

  178. Souter Fell says:

    what are the chances gonzo walks after the season?

  179. ShuutoHeat says:

    Whoa, is Youkilis actually dripping ugliness?

  180. danimal says:

    when is Yahoo gonna start updating today’s fantasy stats? Jeebis whose job is that?

  181. danimal says:

    that pitch must have had a very high nast-factor

  182. YankeesJunkie says:

    That was a great slider by Nova.

  183. pat says:

    Why didn’t Jeter go home? That was smashed right at him. I guess he was too deep in the hole.

  184. Cy Pettitte says:

    good inning considering the leadoff double I guess

  185. jorge brosada says:

    oh my god Fox announcers, get off Pedroia’s nuts please…

  186. YanksFan in MA says:

    3 IP, 1 ER, 49 pitches and getting squeezed. I’ll def take that so far.

  187. Souter Fell says:

    somehow gets enough on his throw… ugh

  188. Bob Stone says:

    Is the announcer kidding – “Cano, playing shallow right, somehow gets enough on his throw to get it to first”?? Robbie just lobbed it over to first.

    Another example of how bad these announcers are.

  189. JDDZip says:

    to be honest with you I actually like Pedroia he’s one of the few sox I respect.

  190. danimal says:

    I think Grandy’s eye has gotten a lot better since he came over.

  191. ShuutoHeat says:

    LOL Grandy just tried to take out Rosenthal.

  192. AaronGuileWithASmile says:

    The strikezone has been a joke today.

    At least Buchholz got squeezed there for once.

  193. Jonathan says:

    Out of all the missed calls the umpire has made already against us…Douche and Douchier comment on that which was CLEARLY outside and not a swing.

  194. YanksFan in MA says:

    How was that a pretty good pitch? Jesus it was 4 inches outside. I hate Buck.

  195. Jonathan says:

    Also, 70 pitches through 3….ouch. c’mon soft underbelly

  196. Mike Axisa says:

    Very nice, Grandy.

  197. Cy Pettitte says:

    nice, 10 pitch walk

  198. pat says:

    10 pitch AB ends with a walk. Wonderful. Time to put some pressure on Salty.

  199. Monteroisdinero says:

    Good ab Grandy. Hit and run time. Chavez is a dp candidate.

  200. YanksFan in MA says:

    10 pitch AB. Beautiful Curtis.

  201. ShuutoHeat says:

    Elegrant ?

    LOL Rosenthal, is Theo so amazing that you have to create a new word for him?

  202. Jonathan says:

    OMG McCarver. Just because you’re a little turd doesn’t mean every catcher needs to be 5’7.

    • Frigidevil says:

      Apparently you can’t be 6-3, 6-4 and be quick…if you play baseball. Basketball players can be that tall and quick though. Racism much?

  203. Monteroisdinero says:

    Saltalamacchia with Phil 4:13 on his chest protector.

  204. Cy Pettitte says:

    Chavez! I love you man

  205. Jonathan says:

    barely missed my ass! fucking 6 inches inside. Way to go Chavez!!!!

  206. mbonzo says:

    Did Kevin Long fix Chavez?

  207. Bob Stone says:

    Way to go Eric!!!!!

  208. swishers fauxhawk says:

    Yay Chavez.

  209. Souter Fell says:

    Crawford is so wasted in left

  210. ShuutoHeat says:

    Damn Chavez is showing everyone how to use the Green Monster/joke of a stadium.

  211. Esteban says:

    Eazy E is balling out his first game.

  212. jorge brosada says:

    Chavez!! What a beast

  213. Jonathan says:

    Can you guys imagine if we had Andruw and Chavez in their primes on this team?

  214. Xstar7 says:

    Ha, nice green monster double for Chavez.

  215. JobaWockeeZ says:

    Wow McCarver speaking the truth. That’s an out everywhere but YS3 is the biggest joke ever.

  216. pat says:

    Lol Chavez couldn’t be more blatant about just wanting to hit bloopers off the wall. Me likey.

  217. AaronGuileWithASmile says:

    Nice–Chavez looks like he’s seeing the ball really well right now.

  218. YanksFan in MA says:

    Gotta do better than last time here. Need both these runs pushed across.

  219. Jonathan says:

    Fuckin A umpire…that isn’t even remotely close

  220. danimal says:

    looked exactly like the last double. This is the 2nd all over again…

  221. Monteroisdinero says:

    Even a Yankee double gets translated into Crawford putting in hard work early in LF

  222. Kostas says:

    Chavez better DH than Posada – j/k #hyperbole, #smallsamplesize.

  223. Cy Pettitte says:


  224. mbonzo says:


  225. pat says:

    FUCK YES. Hanging breaker. GONE

  226. danimal says:


  227. YankeesJunkie says:


  228. Monteroisdinero says:

    Russell has muscle!

  229. JobaWockeeZ says:

    Announcers couldn’t be anymore excited.

  230. Jonathan says:

    Can you believe how subdued Buck just called that? That is hands down the least emotion I’ve heard of a HR

  231. Xstar7 says:


  232. Yank the Frank says:

    Russell the Muscle

  233. Bob Stone says:


  234. cjc says:

    wha a call from Joe Buck epic

  235. ShuutoHeat says:


  236. Esteban says:

    The COLTRANE bring them home!

  237. jorge brosada says:

    Flex those guns Russ!

  238. swishers fauxhawk says:

    I like Russell Martin.

  239. YanksFan in MA says:

    Could Buck have been even a little bit excited there? Absolutely no voice inflection at all. This is getting fuckin absurd.

  240. bobtaco says:

    Bucky Martin

  241. AaronGuileWithASmile says:


    Any radio listeners wanna share John Sterling’s homer call for Martin?

  242. Teh Comp Pick says:

    If I was a dodgers fan I’d be pretty angry my team nontendered Martin

  243. Frigidevil says:

    Wow only took Martin a week to earn his pinstripes, well done.

  244. JDDZip says:

    Question, do we trade Russel at the all star break if he keeps these numbers up for a starting pitcher and bring up Montero or keep him?

  245. Monteroisdinero says:

    reminded me of another great Yankee Fenway homer by a guy named Russell but we called him Bucky

  246. CMP says:

    Russell Martin-best free agent signing since CC and Tex.
    Sure hope this lasts.

  247. Slappy White says:

    Russell shows Muscle, followed by some French jibberish….classic John Sterling

    • AaronGuileWithASmile says:

      As you can see from my screenname, I have a soft spot for John Sterling’s unique brand of arrogant senility.

  248. JerseyDutch says:

    I’m liking this Martin guy.

  249. Souter Fell says:

    Yeah Martin, between him and Chavez, if they can stay healthy MOST of the time its gonna be fun

  250. Jonathan says:

    Classy job there Rosenthal….boo hoo for your Red Sox

  251. danimal says:

    What are the chances the Yanks keep Russel and trade away Montero, or else just keep both?

  252. Dean says:

    Yanks need a leadoff hitter. Gardner’s not cutting it.

  253. Cy Pettitte says:

    oh captain my captain

  254. Jonathan says:

    Did Jeter just get a legit hit off a righty? Buccholz is DONE..

  255. JerseyDutch says:

    Like to see that from Mr. Jetah…

  256. YankeesJunkie says:

    Buccholz is obviously the greatest pitcher known to man.

  257. jorge brosada says:

    I miss Kay…

  258. Jonathan says:

    Tex is lost….

  259. Tommy says:

    Does Joe Buck just sound bored to anybody else?

  260. swishers fauxhawk says:

    Ugh, that graphic is terrible.

  261. Jonathan says:

    haha did they really put a picture of Biggio catching for that montage?…(even rocky had a montage…MONTAGE!!!)

  262. danimal says:

    A-Rod is about to eat Buchholz’s babies

  263. Yank the Frank says:

    Alex looks locked in

  264. ShuutoHeat says:

    Time for the Centaur deathblow.

  265. Marcus says:

    Why does the 3000 hits graphic have palm trees in the background?

  266. CBean says:

    hey what’s martin’s HR call from Sterling? I haven’t heard it yet.

    • danimal says:

      I’d love to go back and look for that but this AB is about to knock buchholz out of the game…

    • danimal says:

      and theres a shot… down the line… gone… three run home run. Hit by Russel Martin. What a start he is off to. And that makes it five to one, here in the third.

      Pretty uninspired if you ask me.

  267. pat says:

    Arod is 13th alltime on the RBI list yet all of them have mysteriously come in blowouts.

    /old meme’d

  268. YankeesJunkie says:


  269. Cy Pettitte says:

    ARod is unstoppable, this year should be reaaaal good

    peace buttholz

  270. pat says:

    HAHAHAHA that has to be a reference to his alleged centaur painting

  271. JerseyDutch says:

    A-Rod studies and collects art? Is art code for ‘hot blondes?’

  272. YanksFan in MA says:

    Nice job Clay. Way to bring it today. Ha ha

  273. Jonathan says:

    No shit Buck. Let us introduce you to xFIP

  274. jorge brosada says:

    Arod is on fire

  275. Cy Pettitte says:

    Sox bullpen is gonna be decimated for tomorrow when Beckett goes 2.1 innings

  276. Cuso says:

    Gotta give a little credit to Cashman here

    the Andruw Jones Eric Chavez Russell Martin signings look pretty good about now

    • Jonathan says:

      ya we only got lucky on Chavez’s health ( so far knock on wood). The other two were quality pick ups from the get go. God I love this team. I’m rooting for Minnesota to SUCK and trade us Liriano for anyone but Montero/Manny/Sanchez

  277. CMP says:

    Hopefully the baseball gods are evening up things for Bucholtz after his miracle (fluke) season last year.

  278. mike c says:

    I never realized how much buchholz resembles beavis, it’s uncanny

  279. ShuutoHeat says:

    LOL Clay Buttholez sulking.

  280. jorge brosada says:

    “Felix Doubront from Ven-zu-ella”

  281. Cy Pettitte says:

    Olney – “Boston starting pitching to date: 7.46 ERA (worst in majors), 12 homers allowed in 41 innings.”


  282. Pat D says:

    I know we’re all a panicky over Hughes, and obviously this is such a small sample of games, but whose rotation appears in better shape as of this moment?

    • AaronGuileWithASmile says:

      The Yankees have question marks, but they have the advantage of flexibility–they have options with the 3-5 guys in the rotation.

      Boston, on the other hand, are stuck paying huge money to their worst starters.

  283. Jonathan says:

    Damn Nova….pitch with a lead man

  284. jorge brosada says:

    lame dude, if your gonna hit him, make sure it hurts

  285. ShuutoHeat says:

    Damn it Nova, don’t implode.

  286. Jonathan says:

    Looks like Nova isn’t loose after that long wait

  287. Souter Fell says:

    come roaring back?

  288. jorge brosada says:

    ack, come on Nova get some outs bro

  289. cjc says:

    this kid just keeps playing with fire

  290. Esteban says:

    Pull it together Nova.

    “The Red Sox come roaring back” -Let them score some runs before saying that. Just like Buchholz got off to a great start after getting out Gardner to start the game.

  291. Jonathan says:

    Nothing is more frustrating than giving up runs after your team scores a crooked number for you.

  292. Xstar7 says:

    I love how Joe Buck said “another base hit” even though Drew was hit by a pitch.

  293. danimal says:

    time for a GIDP now

  294. pat says:

    OMG three straight curveballs. HAHAHAHHAHAHA

  295. Cy Pettitte says:

    lol Salty

    GIDP and end it now please Ellsbury

  296. ShuutoHeat says:

    I like how Martin and Nova approached Salty, 3 straight breaking balls for a K.

  297. Monteroisdinero says:

    Shut up Buck!

  298. AaronGuileWithASmile says:

    3 straight hooks. That’s ballsy pitching, and I love it.

  299. cjc says:

    now lets get a groundball

  300. danimal says:

    nice breaking balls…

    Good morning, good afternoon, good night.

    I sorta liked that.

  301. jorge brosada says:

    there we go, DP right here would be awesome

  302. YanksFan in MA says:

    Question for Mike. Is Noesi a better prospect than Nova at the same time last year?

  303. Monteroisdinero says:

    I wish RAB would have their own plug-in play by play to listen to.

  304. danimal says:

    A generous strike? Have you ever heard of a 2 seamer idiot?

  305. Jonathan says:

    GENEROUS STRIKE?!??!??! eat a dick buck

  306. Cy Pettitte says:


  307. YankeesJunkie says:

    Can’t do that!

  308. cjc says:


  309. jorge brosada says:

    FUCK, come on man

  310. Jonathan says:

    that is fucking garbage guys

  311. Xstar7 says:

    WTF Cano

  312. Esteban says:

    Sheeeeeit. Damnit Cano.

  313. AaronGuileWithASmile says:

    Damnit, that’s a tough way to give up a run.

  314. ShuutoHeat says:

    Damn it!

  315. danimal says:

    WTF just happened? No are you kidding me? Why doesn’t he step on the bag?

    Damn it robinson.

  316. JDDZip says:

    Jesus christ its not a video game people make some mistakes

  317. Jonathan says:

    I thought Jeter would take that himself.

  318. Pat D says:

    Not standing prosperity here, Ivan.

  319. YankeesJunkie says:

    Time for Nova to pick up his fellow Dominican.

  320. AaronGuileWithASmile says:

    Nova needs to pull something out of his hat to end this inning, fast.

  321. jorge brosada says:

    omg. Cano should have turned that DP

  322. Xstar7 says:

    Fuck you Jacoby Ellsbury

  323. Cy Pettitte says:

    kill me now

  324. Pat D says:

    Fuck you, elf.

  325. AaronGuileWithASmile says:

    Is Buck asleep?

  326. YankeesJunkie says:

    Son of a bitch

  327. Jonathan says:

    Wow guys….that’s fucking inexcusable…

  328. Mike Axisa says:

    One of these days Nova will miss a bat.

  329. cjc says:

    fuck good damn it what terrible luck has turned into 3 runs

  330. jorge brosada says:

    This is fuckiing bullshit!

  331. danimal says:

    God damnit you can’t give them extra outs. Turn the DP. ARRRRRRRRR

  332. Esteban says:

    This is not bueno

  333. Dr. O says:

    if there’s a God Joe Buck will have to say “And following the game today for those of you in the New York market, Booty Call!”

  334. Monteroisdinero says:

    Pedroia is a freak.

  335. cjc says:

    using nothing but grit and guts Pedroia has singled handedly taken the red sox to a world series victory

    for mlb network I’m Peter Gammons

  336. YankeesJunkie says:

    Yanks still have the lead time to tack on some runs on the middle relief.

  337. Cy Pettitte says:

    They better score some runs this inning to make up for that

  338. ZZ says:

    Cano cost Nova three runs. Nova is pitching with serious guts right now. Really good sign going forward. He knows how to battle.

  339. bonestock94 says:

    Can’t say I’m surprised, nova has been scuffling all day

  340. rek4gehrig says:

    Poopey head Cano

  341. JSquared says:

    Hate the covering second with a guy struggling at the plate… odds of getting Ellsbury anyway were slim… FUCK!

  342. danimal says:

    Nova is still good for 1 more… and if he can finally get a 1-2-3, maybe 2

  343. S says:

    I hope Jete and Cano apologize to Nova, those were two back to back gifts they gave the Sox

  344. Cy Pettitte says:

    the Red Sox farm system is stocked with prospects? that’s new to me

  345. pat says:

    Nope, sorry. The Sox system isn’t stacked with prospects anymore.

  346. YanksFan in MA says:

    Buck making thins up again. Sox farm system stacked. Ok.

  347. Monteroisdinero says:

    gritty try by Youkilis.

  348. Souter Fell says:

    it had to go through the glove or he would have caught it!

  349. YankeesJunkie says:

    Wow, that ball just went straight through the glove.

  350. swishers fauxhawk says:


  351. Souter Fell says:

    mouth level = little tight

  352. Dean says:

    how long until the Yanks pull the trigger for another starter? i’m guessing 3 weeks max. I think they’ll give Hughes 2 more starts.

  353. Cy Pettitte says:

    the Grandyman can’t hit lefties, give me back AJax

  354. Pat D says:

    Look at that, something off a lefty.

  355. pat says:

    FUcking Grandy. Can’t hit LHP for shit.

  356. The Fallen Phoenix says:

    Yes, Tim, that Curtis Granderson is ineffective against left-handed pitchers, all right.

  357. Will (the other one) says:

    What a beast.

  358. Esteban says:


  359. Alex S says:

    can’t hit lefties

  360. ShuutoHeat says:

    GRANDY MAN CAN!!!!!!

    Beautiful AB there, BEAUTIFUL. And what’s this? Off a lefty!?

  361. AaronGuileWithASmile says:

    Grandy hit it so hard that Joe Buck almost woke up!

  362. Xstar7 says:

    The Grandyman just bailed out Jeter and Cano.

  363. China Joe says:

    Apparently Curtis ONLY hits home runs off lefties this year

  364. danimal says:

    wow, did anyone else think that was foul? I’m not complaining…

  365. jorge brosada says:

    The Grandy man can! Ahh muchhh better

  366. YankeesJunkie says:

    Man, thank goodness Granderson is not effective against lefties.

  367. swishers fauxhawk says:

    Joe Buck announcing a damn funeral

  368. Monteroisdinero says:

    A kurtis Blow
    I want you to know
    That these are the breaks (Joe and Tim)

  369. Cy Pettitte says:

    Chavez batting 1.000, beast

  370. Souter Fell says:

    Yeah baby!!! But why does Buck’s homerun call sound like he’s doing my taxes?

    • Pat D says:

      The last time he showed excitement when a Yankee hit a home run was Jim Leyritz in ’96.

      • AaronGuileWithASmile says:

        Nope, I still remember that call. “Back…at the track…at the wall…we are tied.”

        It made his helmet catch call sound like Gus Johnson in comparison.

        • Pat D says:

          No, he had a bit of pep when he said “we are tied.”

          He never broke out of his normal voice at all during the helmet catch.

  371. Xstar7 says:

    Chavez is on fire today

  372. The Fallen Phoenix says:

    Zombies are good at hitting baseballs. #TheMoreYouKnow

  373. danimal says:

    this is friggin great!

  374. Mike Axisa says:

    Zombie doin’ work.

  375. ShuutoHeat says:

    Chavez!!! Damn he is just killing it, just said he doesn’t need the goddamn wall.

  376. Esteban says:

    Is Joe Buck trying to set a record for most subdued HR call ever? He breaks it every time the Yankees hit a HR.

  377. danimal says:

    We have now officially gotten better production out of our 10 MM spent than Sox are with their 140 MM (i.e. crawford n gonzo)

    I love it.

  378. Xstar7 says:

    Of course Joe and Tim have to mention 2004.

  379. The Fallen Phoenix says:

    Why are we talking about 2004? That was, like, seven years ago.

  380. AaronGuileWithASmile says:

    2004 is totally relevant to this discussion. Yup.

  381. jorge brosada says:

    Can’t have a fox broadcast without mentioning 2004…

  382. Cy Pettitte says:

    Yankees winning? Quick, talk about 2004

  383. Souter Fell says:

    jesus, this “play calling” is disgusting

  384. Rey22 says:

    John Sterling: “Martin…who is 0-2 today”

    …Yeah…nevermind that 3 run HR. Nothing to see here.

    • AaronGuileWithASmile says:

      Do you know who else was once 0-2? The Red Sox captain Jason Varitek, right before he led his team to sweep the next 4 games.

      /clip of Johnny Damon grand slam

  385. Pat D says:

    Judging from what all of you guys are saying, I’m glad I’m not seeing this game due to BuckCarver.

    Of course they mention 2004. It’s like a Fox mandate.

    • Urban says:

      Yeah, I just walked into my home, flipped the TV on, only to hear non-stop talk about the Red Sox in 2004.

    • danimal says:

      the camera work and graphics at least are top notch. Just gotta mute the game and listen on MLB radio or sthg.

      Its like watching a Brewer game. You just gotta get your Bob Uecker time. Dude is legendary

  386. Monteroisdinero says:

    Unusual first pitch swing by Gardy.

  387. pat says:

    Lol Halladay has 13k and 1 bb.

  388. Xstar7 says:

    Why do they have to bring the Phillies into this?

  389. Monteroisdinero says:

    And Cliff Lee is 4-6 in last 10 decisions and can’t win a world series.

  390. pat says:

    I bet Aceves signed with the Sox just so he could grow that beard.

    • AaronGuileWithASmile says:

      I bet he signed with them because he heard they made some sort of comeback in 2004.

      Seriously, I need to stop listening to Buck/McCarver or I might snap.

    • Cy Pettitte says:

      I heard the Sox let him ride his motorcycle around the bases at Fenway

  391. Monteroisdinero says:

    Yanks 7

    Pedroia 4

    can’t let that munchkin beat us today.

  392. Jonathan says:

    Jeter is ridiculous…his swing is tailor made to hit the ball the other way..but he takes all the pitches low and away and swings at all the shit up and in…it’s completely backwards.

  393. bonestock94 says:

    Can’t wait for the Arod doing steroids mention when they talk about Manny.

  394. Mike Axisa says:

    Nova needs to be on a short leash here.

  395. jorge brosada says:

    This outing for Nova has not been pretty. He hasn’t had a single clean inning

  396. S says:

    Drob about to get dry humped

  397. Slu says:

    Just decided to check the comments after the Grandy homer. I was hoping people would be done complaining about the announcers. Sadly that was not the case. Again, I hate Buck, but he not getting super excited for the Sox either. Just let it go people and enjoy the game.

    • YanksFan in MA says:

      He injects zero life into the game. Maybe we are a little paranoid based on the Yankees general treatment in media but it is pretty indisputable how awful he is. I have never met anyone who likes him as an announcer.

    • Jonathan says:

      Dear Mrs. Buck,

      Your son is MISERABLE and his partner has dementia.

      Everyone who has ever heard him

    • Pat D says:

      Joe Buck is a terrible announcer. He has stated publicly that he’d rather watch Dancing With the Stars than watch baseball games during the week.

      So why the fuck is he the de facto national baseball play by play guy? Because Fox shoves him down our throats. So if they’re going to do that, I’ll bitch about how fucking terrible he is.

    • Bob Stone says:

      Totally agree.

  398. Dela G says:

    damn, i thought ortiz hit that one out

  399. bonestock94 says:

    I think Red Sox crowds have the lowest collective IQ in all of sports. Pop up? Huge cheer. Foul tip? Huge cheer. Grounder to short? Huge cheer.

  400. swishers fauxhawk says:

    Yay, 100-year-old boat references.

  401. Bullwinkle says:

    Girardi wants Nova to get the win. He’ll leave him in until the last possible moment. Just please…NO BOONE LOGAN!!!

  402. Urban says:

    The Titanic only dominated the news that day because it happened prior to 2004.

  403. Cy Pettitte says:

    DRob up…lol

  404. pat says:

    BTW that Ortiz jersey hole is still there at YS haha.

    • S says:

      Mike I respect the hell out of you, but why do you have such a seething dislike for Nova? Did the guy kick your dog? He pitched well (should have been 7-1 right now)

  405. YankeesJunkie says:

    Nova gave it his best shot, but at least Robertson does not get dry humped.

  406. Dela G says:

    goodness, can we ever get a starter go 6 innings at fenway? It seems to never happen

  407. Bullwinkle says:


  408. jorge brosada says:

    I swear to god if Boone Logan enters this game, i will break something

  409. pat says:

    Cano I still love you the most, but that miscue was huuuuuuge.

  410. AaronGuileWithASmile says:

    Ugly outing from Nova, but you have to give him some credit for battling through. He got out of the 3rd with just one run, and he would’ve been out of the 4th if the Yankees could turn a double play.

    You could do a lot worse when you’re in Fenway with an unfriendly ump and without your best stuff.

  411. cjc says:

    a part of me wants to say tough luck kid but the bottom line is you are a major league pitcher throw strikes and pick up your teammates did I mention throw strikes

  412. Jonathan says:

    Thank the Lord for CC tomorrow. We probably won’t score any runs for him though.

  413. AnthonyNH says:

    Nova looked okay. If he got some of those strike calls this game wouldn’t be that close.

  414. Cuso says:

    c’mon. he pitched yesterday too

  415. Jonathan says:

    C’mon DRob….K or GIDP please

  416. AnthonyNH says:


  417. jorge brosada says:

    Oh come on your not gonna give Drob that call?

  418. danimal says:

    deja vu…

  419. Cy Pettitte says:

    Nice DRob

  420. Dean says:


  421. AnthonyNH says:

    Huge strikeout. Love me some robertson.

  422. Dela G says:


  423. jorge brosada says:

    thank god for Drob and his strikeout ability

  424. YankeesJunkie says:

    Nice job by Robertson.

    Note: It is the bottom of the fifth and the game been going on for almost two and half hours.

  425. Dela G says:

    what a curve ball

    swing and a miiisss

  426. pat says:

    Fuck yeah.

  427. AnthonyNH says:


  428. Bullwinkle says:

    nice nice job

  429. jorge brosada says:

    Girardi should trust D-rob more, good work by him in that inning

  430. CBean says:

    God job Birthday Boy!

  431. Cy Pettitte says:

    Put up another 5-6 runs and put Ayala/Garcia in there please

  432. CBean says:

    man, i hate seeing Ace in that ugly uniform

  433. Jonathan says:

    DRob’s intro music should be this….And he’s from Alabama so he’d probably like it



  434. Cy Pettitte says:

    Teix can’t buy one

  435. Urban says:

    Another 2004 reference.

    Have all players forgiven Millar for being a scab?

  436. danimal says:

    yup… still a d bag

  437. Souter Fell says:

    omg where’s my breath, peddy must have taken it away

  438. ShuutoHeat says:

    Came back just in time for the BuckCarver to jizz in their pants over the elf.

  439. Dean says:

    nice play by Pedroia

  440. Jonathan says:

    ya that’s way more exciting than a monster HR…fuck you guys

  441. Xstar7 says:

    Fuck you Pedroia you little shit

  442. Dela G says:

    that was a sick play

  443. Will (the other one) says:

    Hearing Tim McCarver actually cream his pants on national television makes me very, very uncomfortable.

  444. AnthonyNH says:

    Here comes the Fox team’s pedroia orgasm again.

  445. pat says:

    Millar still dyes his hair? Isn’t he like 40?

  446. jorge brosada says:

    Buckcarver just had an orgasm after that Pedroia play

  447. Urban says:


  448. ShuutoHeat says:

    Holy fuck, Yankees pick up Silva?

  449. Cy Pettitte says:

    Cano is fcuking beasting

  450. danimal says:

    this reminds me of watching a patriots game

  451. pat says:

    HAHAHAHA shit. What a bomb.

  452. AaronGuileWithASmile says:

    Don’t ya know!

    • YanksFan in MA says:

      That was crushed. Wow. I’m sure Pedroia will do something to top that like catch a line drive though.

  453. Souter Fell says:

    Hell yeah Robbie!!! Silva’s good luck?

  454. Pat D says:

    Cano’s HR was not as impressive as Pedroia’s play, I’m sure.

  455. jorge brosada says:

    No doubter, good job making up a little bit of it Robbie

  456. bonestock94 says:

    Fucking LOVE this offense, really takes away pitching anxiety

  457. Will (the other one) says:

    Go chase that one down, you balding dwarf.

  458. AnthonyNH says:

    Mr. Cano.

  459. Monteroisdinero says:

    Cano >>>> Grit

  460. pat says:

    That looked like a direct result of the drill where Long puts the cage over the outside half of the plate and the hitters have to learn to tuck their arms, barrel the ball and drive it.

  461. Slu says:

    Silva? I guess it is no risk. But still a strange move with Millwood already on board.

  462. Xstar7 says:

    Yeah Robinson. You show them who’s really the best second baseman in town.

  463. Souter Fell says:

    Cano took my breath away

  464. ShuutoHeat says:

    LOL @ Swish.

  465. Cy Pettitte says:

    where are they gonna put all these pitchers?

  466. CMP says:

    Carlos Silva??
    I think we have the market cornered on washed up shitty starters now.

  467. Total Dominication says:

    Dontcha no!

  468. Jonathan says:

    Wow Buck…all time low…That was so much more amazing than Pedroia’s play……

    there’s a shot…gone…

    Reminded me of Major League when Donnie calls the game..

    Fly ball…..caught

  469. Dela G says:

    Chavez is 3-3???


  470. AnthonyNH says:

    Robinson “don’t call me Robbie” Cano. What a swing. I’ll never get sick of that.

  471. CMP says:

    I guess they’re more concerned about Hughes than they’re letting on.

    • Pat D says:

      With Garcia, Colon, and now Millwood and Silva, it’s basically a case of “grab shit, throw against wall, see what sticks.”

      • CMP says:

        And Silva is a total asshole as a person besides being a shitty pitcher.
        We now have an 4/5 of an offensive line with Joba, CC, Colon, and Silva in the organization

    • Will (the other one) says:

      Probably, but it’s probably just as much a yet-more-insurance move for the back end of the rotation. As long as the team’s forced to go with the aging-veteran plan for the fifth rotation spot, there’s plenty of opportunity to catch lightning in a bottle from different guys, and obviously there can be no such thing as too much insurance.

    • Monteroisdinero says:

      they know almost as much as we do :-)

      feel bad for Phil

    • Total Dominication says:

      Yeah, that’s the only explanation. I mean, it’s not like there are any other weaknesses in the rotation.

  472. Mike Myers says:

    Carlos SiLVA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  473. Esteban says:

    Yankees signed Carlos Silva wtf? I guess it’s not terrible.

  474. Jonathan says:

    OMG…that’s what someone throwing strikes looks like

  475. China Joe says:

    ah, they’re mentioning Manny now. I wonder if they’ll mention 2004 now. or maybe Manny wasn’t on that team.

  476. Dela G says:

    has carl crawford always had that really wide stance?


  477. AnthonyNH says:

    Nice play Jeter. Who’s old now?

  478. Souter Fell says:

    cost us next to nothing, why not

  479. Souter Fell says:

    manny is now too weird to live, to rare to die?

    • Jack says:

      One of God’s own prototypes. A high powered mutant of some kind never even considered for mass production.

  480. Jonathan says:

    I posted it too late but thoughts on DRob’s intro music??


  481. Dela G says:

    d-rop mows em down… nice

  482. Will (the other one) says:

    D-Rob needs a little fireman’s helmet for the post-game interview.

  483. ShuutoHeat says:

    DRob showing the Bossux relievers how its supposed to be done.

  484. CBean says:

    Good inning by D-Rob.

  485. AaronGuileWithASmile says:

    I’ve officially given up on Buck/McCarver in favor of the radio.

    So was that Granderson catch as awesome as Sterling made it out to be?

  486. Souter Fell says:

    he’s warm enough

  487. CMP says:

    Does anyone know who does the catering for the Yankees?
    I’d like to buy some stock with Silva in the fold to go along with CC, Joba and Colon.

  488. Esteban says:

    That’s it, I’m over Aceves. I want the Yankees to kill him now.

  489. China Joe says:

    haha..I like Colon in the pen watching Joba warm up. “You look great, bro. What’s the name of your trainer?”

  490. Cy Pettitte says:

    Chavez didn’t get a hit? what a bum

  491. Dela G says:

    i actually 100% agree with mccarver on manny

  492. Cy Pettitte says:

    Russell Has Muscle

  493. Rey22 says:

    The Muscle!

  494. The Fallen Phoenix says:

    Russel Martin is good at baseball.

  495. Alex S says:

    fuckin love Martin

  496. AnthonyNH says:

    Russell the Muscle!

  497. jorge brosada says:

    Russell Martin….holy shit!

  498. Jonathan says:

    FOX should hire Ben Stein. At least his monotone is funny.

  499. Urban says:

    Brian Cashman’s bad off-season continues with the signing of Russell Martin. Oh, wait….

  500. Monteroisdinero says:

    Oooooo la la

  501. rbizzler says:

    Man, I love Ace, but Eff you buddy.

  502. Sean C says:

    That was a true Yankee right there.

  503. Erica says:



    WOW. WOW. WOW.

  504. Esteban says:

    How pissed is Theo about losing out on Martin?

  505. AaronGuileWithASmile says:

    Hahahahaha what in the name of God is Sterling talking about?

  506. Dela G says:


  507. Total Dominication says:

    Holy shit Russell.

  508. Total Dominication says:

    A-rod mention.

  509. Urban says:

    Ahh, there it is. We knew A-Rod and steroids would be linked by Buck at some point.

  510. Reggie C. says:

    Where’s the grit?

  511. rek4gehrig says:

    Russ is my latest hearthrob :-))

  512. Cy Pettitte says:

    the White Wakefield warming in the pen

  513. Fachoinanyy says:

    There is Bucks connectin with steroids and arod!!

  514. danimal says:

    I am so vehemently against exactly what Ken Rosenthal just said right there…

    You, Ken, are wiping out an entire generation of basebally players. AHHH I hate you Ken

    • AnthonyNH says:

      I think I hate Ken Rosenthal more than McCarver. I’m surprised he doesn’t piss more people off.

    • Pat D says:

      What did he say?

      And what color is his bowtie?

      • danimal says:

        He said that he doesn’t vote for any “confirmed or admitted” steroid users for the HOF and that he doesn’t like voting for the HOF anymore because you don’t know who did and didn’t take steroids.

        It’s hard to know who did what. His concern is that we are wiping out an entire generation of players from the hall of fame, and he’s not sure that’s what the fans want…

        And of course, the idiot McCarver immediately equates that to Alex Rodriguez not being a hall of famer… that was his immediate first conclusion after Rosenthal said that.

        AHHHHH I hate it.

        • Pat D says:

          I understand his moral dilemma.

          But if he really was so concerned about what the fans want/think, I’m sure there are ways he could find out.

          • danimal says:

            yeah I do too.

            But I think writers should poll their readers and ask them what they think, almost like an electoral vote. If you write for a paper or website, and the majority of your readers think you should forget the steroids and vote, then forget the steroids and vote…

            just ask them.

      • danimal says:

        and no image, so no color bowtie.

      • AnthonyNH says:

        I hate everything he says and does. He said he doesn’t vote for steroid users to get into the hall of fame. I especially hate him because of that interview with Jeter after a playoff game in 2009. He kept bringing up what a disappointment the year before was and Jeter ripped him a new one.

        • danimal says:

          yeah… he’s just worthless. One of those guys who never played an inning of pro baseball in his life and thinks he can be an armchair manager. What a piece of guano.

          • Pat D says:

            At least he doesn’t sound quite as robotic as he did a few years ago.

            But I’ve regarded him as an idiot ever since the article he wrote after ARod opted out, where he said the deal is done but he didn’t know with whom, but that there had to be a deal in place because otherwise there would be no way ARod would opt out.

            Yea. Idiot.

  515. Monteroisdinero says:

    This game has JoSoMo written all over it.

  516. bonestock94 says:

    2 over the monster, what a beast. Hell of a start.

  517. Ryan says:

    Seriously, is Joe Buck sick? He is usually bad, but I’ve never heard it this bad, he sounds like he’s just coming out of a coma.

  518. jorge brosada says:

    not the best day for Garder, but with the way the rest of this offense is going it’s just me nitpicking i guess

  519. Jonathan says:

    Jesus Derek. how many check swings on pitches way up and in can you have in one season?

  520. rek4gehrig says:

    JoSoMo time

  521. Dean says:

    I think Jeter needs to go back to his old stance. Or, use a lighter bat. He looks terrible.

  522. bonestock94 says:

    God I hate Jeter at-bats, please don’t let it be four years of this

  523. Dela G says:

    Fab Four???

    moron tim

  524. Monteroisdinero says:

    Joba with the mitre hairstyle. Looks awful.

  525. rbizzler says:

    Joba, just don’t hit Youker in the head.

  526. pat says:

    Was that 2nd pitch a changeup?

  527. pat says:

    That wasn’t a swing?

  528. Nigel Bangs says:

    97? holy hot gun!

  529. AaronGuileWithASmile says:

    97 from Joba?


  530. BavarianYankee says:

    it’s already unbelievable what Russell Martin has done in his short stint here. If he can only do 60-70% of that the rest of the season, then I have no doubt he’ll be our catcher for years. My prediction for Montero right now: he won’t be in the Yankee organization on Opening Day 2012, they’ll trade him for a pitcher. Time to cash in that chip I guess.

  531. The Fallen Phoenix says:

    Those gritty small-market Red Sox, exploiting all the loopholes to compete with the big, bad large-market Yankees!

  532. Rey22 says:

    Dammit, I was hoping FOX would switch over to the Yankee game after the Braves/Phillies one was done.

  533. Esteban says:

    Joba bringing the filth.

  534. jorge brosada says:

    Damn, Youk looks terrible. I love it

  535. Cy Pettitte says:

    how big of a slap in the face would it be for AGon if they signed Pujols and let him go? lol

  536. Mike HC says:

    How is Joba not starting? We are signing Millwood, Silva, Garcia, Colon. We are all just waiting for AJ to implode, and Hughes is throwing in the 80′s coming off a season where he had a strong 6 starts in the beginning and then terrible from then on out. Again, how is Joba not starting? I don’t think I will ever get it.

    • pat says:

      Yanks must think his arm can’t handle it. Whether or not relieving is more stressful than starting is another thing, but it has to be some sort of health concern.

    • The Big City of Dreams says:

      I won’t get over it either and even though I can’t get hyped about him being a reliever it’s good to see him pitching well.

  537. Monteroisdinero says:

    Did I miss Swish in the fan cave?

  538. Dela G says:

    joba bringin the heat today

  539. YanksFan in MA says:

    If they win this game 9-4 this is going to be a big waste of the bullpen. I see no reason to use Soriano or Mo here. Problem is lack of options to pitch anybody else.

  540. YankeesJunkie says:

    Who is pitching the 8th? Soriano seems the likely answer, but wouldn’t it just be better to get Garcia in for two innings.

  541. mike c says:

    joba looking good, throwing heat

  542. YankeesJunkie says:


  543. Reggie C. says:

    Kinda dont want to see AYALA get in this game.

    Who else is available not named Soriano or Mo?

  544. Nigel Bangs says:

    Ugh. Tim McCarver.

  545. jorge brosada says:

    Joba’s stuff looks filthy

  546. Jonathan says:

    get that motherfucker in the rotation please

    • Reggie C. says:

      Heh. Hughes should sit next to Joba and figure out something about executing an off-speed pitch.

      • The Big City of Dreams says:

        lol, you know what’s crazy ppl we’re saying that last yr but instead it was joba should sit next to hughes and….

        Is it too much to ask to have both of these guys excel at the same time.

    • The Big City of Dreams says:

      He’ll be in the rotation it just won’t be on the Yankees

  547. AaronGuileWithASmile says:

    I don’t remember the last time that Joba has looked so good.

  548. Justin says:

    Great 7th inning for Joba! He is throwing some heat rox!

  549. Mike Axisa says:

    I say go to Ayala for the eighth and ninth, then tomorrow you can go bananas with CC, Soriano, and Mo since they have Monday off.

    • Pat D says:

      Get Garcia some work?

    • The Fallen Phoenix says:

      I’d be okay with Freddy Garcia for two innings, too. I mean, figure the Yankees can score at least a couple of runs off Wakefield.

      And if you can’t trust Garcia for even two innings, he has no business being on the Yankees roster (let alone in the rotation).

  550. Juice says:

    I would make love to Joba if he pitches like that all year.

  551. Dela G says:

    great job, bullpen

  552. Reggie C. says:

    Do you go TWO innings with Joba?

  553. jorge brosada says:

    watching knuckleballers pitch is so amusing to me

  554. ShuutoHeat says:

    Fucking moronic crowd.

  555. Jonathan says:

    We need a couple of tack on runs so we can go with Ayala/Garcia

  556. Will (the other one) says:

    I know this is probably really old news, but can someone fill me in on the deal with Rosenthal and the bowties? Is he trying to do some sort of Craig Sager thing, or is there an actual significance to it?

  557. Monteroisdinero says:

    Sox have the most goatees in baseball?


  558. Rey22 says:

    Yankees wanna make this game interesting again.

  559. Pat D says:

    Hot pink shirt and olive green pants.

    Gotta love golf wardrobe.

  560. jorge brosada says:

    Right, the Texas rangers are the best team ever after 6 games…

  561. mbonzo says:

    8th inning… where F&^& is Soriano? I thought he was our 8th inning guy?

  562. Jonathan says:

    OMG…McCarver and Buck…Boston has TOO MUCH TALENT…And the Rangers are the best team in baseball and ever. yet we have pitching problems…they have almost no pitching at all or a legit first baseman. Do they even watch baseball?

    • Fachoinanyy says:

      Im glad somekne else heard that, i thought i lost my mind. I literally cannot believe they said that, im stunned.

    • Jonathan says:

      At least we have CC and AJ looks like 2009 AJ. They have CJ Wilson coming off a 1098351357 innings jump. Colby Lewis who won’t do 2010 again. Then a bunch of question marks with Holland and who knows who else will be in the rotation…

    • danimal says:

      I would argue for Philadelphia being the best team in baseball. I would not look to the Rangers or Red Sox for that honor.

      • Fachoinanyy says:

        Buck said the rangers were the best team EVER.

        Let that sink in.

        Also boston has too much talent thats why they stated 1-6.

        • danimal says:

          hahah. I had to rewind the DVR to hear that. Good god he said it. Is he fricking serious?

          Hyperbole could not be any more exaggerated.

      • Jonathan says:

        The phillies have a garbage bullpen and what…1 above average hitter?

        Planco is a terrible 3rd baseman.
        Rollins can’t even get a OBP over .300 most of the time
        Utley is out
        Howard is pretty good but obviously very flawed
        Ruiz is ok but that OBP is artificially inflated by hitting in the 8 hole
        RF Fransisco right now…ugh
        Victorino is pretty good but is very inconsistent
        Ibanez is 100 years old

        • danimal says:

          haha you sound about as biased as those Red Sox blogs when they predict a world series winner.

          They have former MVP’s, Ibanez is solid, Victorino is solid, and they have the best rotation I’ve ever seen in my adult life. It’s like when you do a video game fantasy draft.

          No team has ever been perfect.

          • Jonathan says:

            I sound biased? how is anything i said not true? Ibanez had a 1.8 WAR and is getting older. He’s below average. And former MVPS??? REALLY? You’re basing it off former MVPS….ARod alone has more MVPS than their ENTIRE FUCKING TEAM!!! And both of those MVPs have regressed horribly. Rollins wOBA for the last two years is .316 and .317…that’s terrible. And Howard had a 2 WAR year last year…Nobody said anyone was perfect. But the Phillies are far from it.

    • JerseyDutch says:

      But they aren’t biased against the Yanks cuz no broadcasters are biased.

  563. Fachoinanyy says:

    Too much talent?

    Best team EVER?!?!?

    Are they trying to be terrible, my god this is insane….

  564. AnthonyNH says:

    okay. That’s enough ayala.

  565. jorge brosada says:

    Oh come on Ayala. My blood pressure doesnt need this shit

  566. Dela G says:

    who the fuck is this ayala guy

    DFA him, now

  567. Erica says:

    Let’s get Soriano in, because… I mean, he IS the 8th inning guy. Right Girardi? RIGHT??? RIGHT?!

  568. AnthonyNH says:

    Swisher doesn’t make it look very easy to play outfield.

  569. Monteroisdinero says:

    What a relief. Now Pedroia can’t beat us with a gritty 6 run homer in the 9th.

  570. Monteroisdinero says:

    Tex bats righty but Swish doesn’t. Interesting.

  571. Cy Pettitte says:

    I wanna chill in the fan cave with Swish….

  572. Ryan says:

    I know he’s a yankee fan, but I can’t stand looking at the stupid grin of that fancave guy. Could they have found a guy that looks more like a goon?

  573. JerseyDutch says:

    Wakefield is annoying.

  574. Justin says:

    I completely agree Ryan. When I saw his face just before I lost it.

  575. Wil Nieves Number 1 Fan says:

    Just flipped on the game. Anything I need to know that gameday couldn’t tell me? LIKE HOW CUTE DOES CHAVEZ LOOK IN A YANKEE UNIFORM, hAyYyyyy!

  576. Jonathan says:

    Damn…I always eat my marshmallows too quick in my Lucky Charms. I get stuck with just the regular stuff at the end.

  577. Cy Pettitte says:

    if Pedroia hits a 6 run leadoff home run here I will lose it

  578. JerseyDutch says:

    Gene’s looking a hell of lot healthier than last year.

  579. JSquared says:

    and the crowd goes wild!! hahaha

  580. Dale Mohorcic says:

    If Pedroia starts to wear number “1/2″ I will be happy.

  581. CBean says:

    i like how they keep talking about how Nova couldn’t get through 5, but no mention of the laptop thief and how he couldn’t get through 4.

  582. danimal says:

    Do you think we see a rotation shift with Hughes moving down to Trenton for a couple wks?

  583. pat says:

    Ortiz hasn’t caught up with a fastball all day.

  584. Cy Pettitte says:

    Thank Mo

  585. Wil Nieves Number 1 Fan says:

    Wow didn’t expect that DP. Noiiicceee!

  586. JerseyDutch says:

    Yeah, baby!

  587. Teh Comp Pick says:

    Game ending DP. Jeter to Cano. That has to be the least gritty middle infield in the game and I love it.

  588. Wil Nieves Number 1 Fan says:

    Joe Buck is so excited.

  589. Esteban says:

    That sounded like Buck was announcing the end of the second inning.

  590. pat says:

    Robinson made that look pretty gd easy.

  591. YanksFan in MA says:

    Thanks God. Joe had hand on the button there.

    Again, you wouldn’t even know the game was over by Buck’s call. Like it was the 2nd inning. He is TERRRRRIBLE.

  592. Monteroisdinero says:

    Yanks beat the Sox and their Fox announcers.

    Beckett-the Nation turns its lonely eyes to you.

  593. JDDZip says:

    I never liked Joe Buck, but he use to have some excitement in his voice. They need to replace both of them

    • Wil Nieves Number 1 Fan says:

      They need to replace Buck and kill McCarver.

    • Jenny says:

      he use to have some excitement in his voice.

      He still does, but it only surfaces when the Yanks are losing.

      When the Yanks are winning, he’s completely dejected and depressed.

  594. danimal says:


  595. Jonathan says:

    Somebody tell me please that you saw what danimal was saying about the Phillies

    • danimal says:

      Man you are so smart. You know everything about baseball. What’s a WAR? Is that like a home run? Please enlighten me with all of your advanced knowledge…

  596. JerseyDutch says:

    Boston can keep their grit. We have moxie.

    Moxie >>> grit

  597. mbonzo says:


  598. Dela G says:

    another day, another red sox loss

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