Millwood throws seven innings for Triple-A Scranton

Saving (or Grilling) Your Starter's Bacon
Hughes to begin rehab assignment next week

The Kevin Millwood Comeback Tour hit the Scranton/Wilkes-Barre metroplex this afternoon. The 36-year-old right-hander allowed two runs across seven innings of work, striking out three and getting nine ground balls against just one walk and three air outs. Sixty of his 95 pitches were strikes (63.2%). Donnie Collins spoke to a scout who clocked Millwood at 85-86 mph mostly, though he did touch 89 on occasion. He allowed the leadoff man to reach base in four of the first five innings, so he spent a good amount of the game working from the stretch.

Millwood’s opt-out date is just eight days away now, so the Yankees will get one more start to evaluate him before deciding what to do. My guess is that barring a total meltdown in his final minor league outing, they’ll call him up and stick him in the rotation somewhere. I guess this means Ivan Nova is officially on notice.

Saving (or Grilling) Your Starter's Bacon
Hughes to begin rehab assignment next week
  • It’sATarp

    Maybe he can tutor phil hughes on how to pitch with nothing

    • zs190

      Can he maybe teach major league hitters to hit like AAA hitters too while he’s at it, please? =)

  • JuanPabloFredMotorola a/k/a Ridiculous Upsidedown the Elder

    I got to watch a little bit of the game. He faced one of the worst offenses in AAA. Not sure what you can really expect from him in the majors, but I’m sure he is gonna get his chance.

  • Greg Corcoran

    We could actually use a guy like him for long relief/mop-up work right now. Buddy Carlyle is probably less likely to get the job done than Millwood. I don’t think Millwood has ever been in that role before, so who knows, maybe he will be successful. I would say that unless he cranks it up a bit when he hits the majors he will struggle, but luckily that middle relief role isn’t quite as important as a starter or a high leverage situation reliever. Yet another low-risk move for the Yankees. If it doesn’t work, bring on Silva for middle relief.

  • MikeD

    Freddy Garcia, Bartolo Colon, Kevin Millwood…certainly has been an interesting set of pitchers in the early going. If Brain Cashman makes this work for the first half of the year, he may deserve a statue.

    • Dr. O

      Given the theme of being fascinated with things that used to be a hot commodity, I suggest “pogs” in place of a statue.

    • Will

      “If this works for the first half of the year, he may deserve a statue”

      Why does everyone assume a trade deadline deal will suddenly solve everything. We(he) needs the pitching to hold up for the entire year.


    Seems more likely they’ll call him up and put him in the pen, sending down Carlyle or Pendelton. Nova probably has until Hughes is ready.

  • Len

    I hated the whole Joba to the pen stuff but I actually think Nova would be be better in the pen. I mean when you can only go four innings what else can you do?

  • Dan

    Please, Please, Please.

    Don’t make us go through the short leash on the young prospect, but give the over the hill vet an opportunity. Pitch Nova until there is conclusive proof that he does not have it. We are at enough risk with Garcia and Colon.Eveyone is overly concerned because Hughes can only hit 90-92 but are willing to give a guy at 85-86 the start.
    No more bandaids! No going through has beens ever again. Dammit, we are the yankees we do not have to rely on retreads. If Nova cannot make it, call up the next in line prospect. If he does not cut it bring up the next. We will not win many games when you are counting on 4.50 plus ERA guys and calling them innings eaters is only adding to the big lie.
    When 2012 season begins, there should be no questions about Hughes, Nova and another prospect or two.

    • Nedro

      I say give the “scrap-heap bunch” a bit more credit. These guys have been around and they know how to pitch. They know that can’t throw gas, yet they seem to have figured out how to do without it. Colon hadn’t pitched a game in 2 yrs. Freddy won, what, 12 games last year? Jeez, all we have to show for these guys’ 1st 2 starts is 2 wins? WTF?! Gimme a break. Maybe getting W’s on the cheap ain’t such a bad thing. Cut the old Fart a little slack, and let the kids get more practice. Then, when the wheels fall off the Model T, you can bring up something with that new car smell.

  • 23553

    If Colon can pull off another good start it could be a hard decision when Hughes comes back.

  • Monteroisdinero

    I was there. Millwood was hit pretty hard and not too many missed bats. I doubt he’ll be very effective for us unless we score 15 runs! I think it was good for Montero to catch a veteran and review pitch selection/location etc.

  • Kosmo

    of course Silva is around the bend.