The RAB Radio Show: April 22, 2011

Silva set to throw batting practice
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The Yanks head to Baltimore for a series with the tumbling Orioles. Normally we’d dive into a preview of the series, but the Yankees just played the Orioles last week. Instead, Mike and I take on a topic that made its rounds yesterday: expanded playoffs. Mike’s in favor of it, and I am not. We lay out our reasons and arguments. It gets into issues such as relocation, expansion, and contraction as well.

Podcast run time 30:06

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Intro music: “Die Hard” courtesy of reader Alex Kresovich. Thanks to Tyler Wilkinson for the graphic.

Silva set to throw batting practice
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  • mike_h

    Nice podcast! Dont be afraid to talk about baseball topics on Yankee off days, this was a good topic.

    Totally agree with Mike on the appeal of a Wildcard round in the postseason. The 2009 game 163 Tigers vs Twins was a damn good game to watch.

    I dont see how it could be a 3 game series due to travel, so a 1 game game would be best.

    The only option for expansion that makes sense is Montreal

  • Guest

    One game playoff between two wild cards has my total support. Main reason: a one game play-off with a short turn around to the start of the divisional series would actually strengthen the regular season, not weaken it.

    Look at the Yanks this year. Win the division, CC starts game 1 of the division series and will def go twice if the series goes 5. Win the wild card and not only do you go home if you lose one game to Dave Price or Jon Lester, even if you win the playoff game, AJ starts game 1 of the div series on the road. Plus, CC probably pitches only once even if the series goes five.

    You think Girardi is resting his starters in September if those are his options? I don’t.

    So yeah, a worse team might have a shot at winning the title by getting hot at the right time, and this indeed does not seem fair. But it would bring a lot more juice back to September penant races since everyone will fight like hell to avoid being one of the wild card teams.