Touring the Yankees clubhouse, sorta


I haven’t had a chance to take a tour of the New Stadium yet, but if it’s anything like the tours of the Old Stadium, they take you into the clubhouse but you weren’t able to roam around. They roped you off close to the door and that was it. The new clubhouse is apparently gigantic, which isn’t surprising, and Marc Carig recently took us on a little tour of the place. The veterans get the prime real estate near the door to the player’s only lounge, etc., and Phil Hughes moved into Andy Pettitte‘s locker while Ivan Nova took Hughes’ old spot. If those two can fill those pair of shoes, it would be amazing. Anyway, check it out, gives you a nice little visual of the clubhouse.

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  • mike_h

    dude, seriously you haven’t been on the tour yet, the clubhouse is the best part.