When Derek and Alex became BFFs again

Soriano turns to an old friend for help
Game 22: No Tex, no Cap'n

To promote his upcoming book on Derek Jeter, Ian O’Connor has slowly been releasing the jucier excerpts for a public that enjoys baseball gossip. Over the weekend, we read about how Derek Jeter’s relationship with A-Rod went sour, and then we heard about Jeter’s contentious negotiations with the Yankees over his contract this past winter. It almost seemed as though O’Connor’s book was designed to knock down some myths about Jeter.

Worry not though for the latest installments do anything but that. ESPN New York today ran an extensive excerpt on the great thaw between Jeter and A-Rod and how the two became friends, thanks to Jeter’s magnanimity, as the Yankees were facing down the Twins, Angels and Phillies in October 2009. The not-so-subtle lesson O’Connor seems to imply is that Jeter’s decision to make nice with A-Rod contributed to the chemistry that led to the Yanks’ World Series win. And I always thought it was great pitching and an oppressive offense.

Meanwhile, I’ve gotten my hands on the four-page introduction to the book, and it’s, well, saccharine. O’Connor opens up with an anecdote from 2009 when John Hirschbeck, an umpire, defended Jeter after the Yankee captain blew up after a bad call at third base. It goes on to cite Jeter’s “common acts of decency” and how he is a “patron saint of clean players in an era defined by performance-enhancing drugs.” With an introduction like that, the rest of the book could just write itself.

Soriano turns to an old friend for help
Game 22: No Tex, no Cap'n
  • Regis

    Saint Jetes!

  • Tank the Frank

    I can’t wait for the chapter involving the psychoanalysis of his childhood, abandonment issues, and tipping habits. And what’s with that high fade?? We’ll delve into that one in another chapter.

  • Guest

    “At last, the captain had baptized Rodriguez a Yankee.”

    *Vomits in mouth*

    • http://youcantpredictbaseball.wordpress.com bexarama

      That part was AWWWWFUL but other than that I actually thought this was a… nice read? Of course no one will talk about it because it portrays both guys in a pretty good light.

  • Wandering Bear

    You’re seeing a shift in the perceptions of Jeter and A-Rod. A-Rod recently worked hard with Kevin Long to improve his swing and the ballclub. A-Rod had some big hits in our ’09 title run. Jeter refuses to take Kevin Long’s advice and stubbornly refuses to move down in the lineup to benefit the ballclub.

    Fans have turned against Jeter because he ain’t good anymore and he wanted the Yanks to pay him through the roof this offseason. This book is an attempt by the media to sway Yankees fans back to Jeter but it won’t work because nobody will buy it.

    • gc

      Except many fans were in Jeter’s corner during those negotiations, and many fans will always love Jeter no matter what the media or critics say. I would say that the overwhelming majority of Yankee fans don’t need to be swayed “back to Jeter,” because they never left.

      And for the umpteenth time, does anyone here know if Jeter was ever ASKED to move down in the line-up?

      • mike c

        no, nobody knows that. but don’t let that spoil your agenda

    • MikeD

      Ummmm, you’re crazy. Do you think “the media” all got together at a VFW Hall one Saturday night, and elected Ian O’Connor keeper of the Jeter flame? If Jeter’s reputation seemed not as bright of late, it is because he’s not the hitter he once was. Yet those who judge Jeter’s character based on that are the ones with the problem.

    • TicoRules

      I have yet to see a report where the team asked Jeter to move down in the lineup. Nor one where Jeter refused to do it.

      Also there is no media attempt to sway fans back to Jeter. I’ve been to three games this year and he still gets the biggest applause from the crowd. And he’s not exactly murdering the ball currently.

  • bpdelia

    Jeez. THese baseball biographies are 99% crap. These are the same peole who crowned Jeter Captain Clutchy McGritterson.

    The book “Koufax” by Sandy Koufax and someone else is probably the only GOOD baseball bio/autobio I’ve ever read.

    The excerpt I just read at ESPN is so schmaltzy and self adoring and it ends up having the EXACT opposite of it’s intended effect.

    O’COnnor thinks he is “humanizing” Jeter but he’s just contributing to the silly myth making.

    I never bought into hero’s at any point in my life, and THe whole

  • http://www.twitter.com/deanezag Zack

    Saved by the Bell: The NY Years

  • MannyGeee

    LOL, ‘Selfless A-Rod’ took two walks in the World Series… instead of hacking at shitty pitches