Yankees put Hughes on anti-inflammatory medication

Millwood superficially strong in Double-A start
Game 14: CC FTW

Via Brian Heyman, the Yankees have placed Phil Hughes on anti-inflammatory medication even though all parties involve insist the right-hander is healthy. “I think you can look at every pitcher’s arm and probably see some inflammation, ” said Joe Girardi. While that’s certainly true, this is still a little concerning just because the idea of an arm injury is scary. Something clearly isn’t right with Hughes, and I suppose some inflammation is better the alternative, meaning something more serious.

Millwood superficially strong in Double-A start
Game 14: CC FTW
  • Accent Shallow

    Corticosteroids or advil?

  • Esteban

    What Ibuprofen*? Most pitchers I knew in HS and after took like 6 Advil every time they pitched, no matter what.

    *I’m sure it’s something stronger

  • It’sATarp

    so basically try everything and hope something works?

  • RobC

    I would think I corticosteroid would be injected no sense giving it systemic so probably a few days of NSAID such as ibuprofen or naproxen

  • bob

    omg roider!


    Unfortunately, even though I generally try to take a zen baseball approach, I don’t find Girardi saying that every pitcher has some inflammation very reassuring that there’s not something more seriously wrong with Hughes’ arm, especially since it seems like they’ve been slowly moving away from a mechanical problem and toward a structural one.

    This news, combined with the quote from Hughes that “After 30 pitches, there was nothing there…I felt like a reliever who had thrown four straight days” is certainly troubling.

    But, going back to zen mode again, here’s hoping rest and rebuilding arm strength is all that’s needed.

    • Tank the Frank

      It’s troubling, but it points to exactly what they think is wrong – a dead arm. I would be more worried if he was in some sort of pain during or after he pitches. I think letting him rest is a good idea, and more importantly, it’s what Hughes thinks is best. Let him come back in May, fresh, rested and strong.

  • http://twitter.com/AndrewLeighNYC Andrew

    The word “pain” has yet to be used with Hughes’ condition, so it’s weird that he’d be on anti-inflammatory meds before even going into an MRI tube. But perhaps they think this will make him feel stronger on the days he throws? Or it’s just throw a bunch of crap at the wall and see what sticks time with getting him right.

  • Urban

    Just as was the case with Feliciano, where the Yankees were saying it was nothing major, while at the same time blasting the Mets for abusing Feliciano, the Yankees suspect something. They’re just not telling us yet.

    • Nedro

      Seems like players/managers/front office types are less and less distinguishable from politicians and talking heads on 24 hr news networks. You always need to take everything they say with a pound or two of salt. If they say there’s nothing going on, there probably is, and if they say there’s something going on, but a little Advil should do the trick, well, then you’re probably looking at season-ending surgery! Just sayin, but to be fair, I’m certain there’s more to the story than you’re going to read on the internets or the Post.