YES, DirecTV stave off blackout for now

Breaking News: Mariano Still The Greatest
Appreciating the finer notes of Coltrane

As YES and DirecTV continue to negotiate a renewal deal, the Yankees’ network will not pull its signal from DirecTV until at least Thursday, the YES Network announced this morning. While the package deal expired yesterday, the two sides have agreed to extend their negotiating deadline until Thursday, April 7. The YES Network, a RAB partner, said it granted the extension “in order to continue negotiating with the goal of reaching a new agreement.” Today’s game is on FOX but the next five games are on YES. We will continue to follow this story.

Breaking News: Mariano Still The Greatest
Appreciating the finer notes of Coltrane
  •!/AngeloInNY Angelo

    I hope they work out a deal. I’m dorming in college and the network provider is DirecTV. This sucks…

  • Angryankee

    Yes Network would lose me as a viewer if they drop direct TV… Every other provider sucks…

  • Dr. O

    I really hate when someone with no leverage what-so-ever pulls the crap YES is with this. Versus & The NHL were terribly embarrassed when Comcast tried to pull the same thing with DirecTV and considering the fact that YES Network proudly used DirecTV as a way to get themselves excellent tier placement with the other providers as their business flocked to DirecTV, they really shouldn’t be pulling this on them. Obviously DirecTV benefited from it as well, but they have met YES Network’s price since the network’s launch and its really sickening of them to use Yankee fans with DirecTV as hostages while they try to squeeze blood out of a stone that has been very good to them. Also to do it at the beginning of baseball season is super sleazy.

    • Andy in NYC

      Umm…I’m not necessarily disputing the main point of your comment, but, to be fair, Yes had nothing to do with the timing of the dispute. This is simply the end of the previous contract, which naturally was signed years ago to coincide with the start of the season/the launch of Yes. Also, I first heard about this more than a month ago.

      Yes is certainly guilty of some things, but the”timing” of this squabble is not one of them.


      • Miguel

        the negotiations could have been advertised sooner, like from the day they started showing spring training games or perhaps the night they blacked out Yankee fans from watching on ESPN. The timing of the deal is not the issue but the timing of them turning it into public knowledge. Thats really cool you knew a month ago but for millions of other people they found out first with the first YES ad on Thursday. This was done specifically to convince worried & angry Yankee fans to bomb DirecTV with calls & emails thinking they could get DirecTV to cave under the pressure of PO’d customers or ones threatening to take their business elsewhere. DirecTV also stated that YES was invited to negotiate “until a deal was struck” a few weeks back and declined stating they would get back to them when they were ready and made no contact until the first YES ad aired on Thursday and which is why DirecTV started doing the scrolls to respond.

        /Setting the record straighted’er

      • Cuso

        Fair enough. But you can be allowed to feel some modicum of diappointment with the YES people to let it get to this point. They knew the date that the contract was set to expire.

        And unless there is some unknown-to-the-public issue out there, it is YES that is holding DirecTv’s feet to the fire by demanding a higher price than any other RSN in the country.

        If this was their intended tactic from the outset, they should’ve had the contract extension negotiated months ago. Instead, they’re putting Yankees fans in the line of fire.

        /keeping it real