Collective Bargaining Agreement Draft Rumblings

2011 Draft: Baseball America's Mock Draft v1.0
Game 37: Shakeup

I’ve mentioned before that the upcoming CBA negotiations figure to change the draft in some significant way, but I don’t know how just yet. Jeff Passan hears that an international draft “remains extremely unlikely” for this round of negotiations, but MLB will fight tooth and nail over a hard-slotting system. “It continues to be an important component of the overall reform of amateur talent acquisition we want to achieve,” said MLB’s chief labor negotiator Robert Manfred, but three agents (including Scott Boras) were very clear in saying that they don’t believe it will ever happen. Not just this year, ever. I recommend giving the entire article a read, good update on this kind of stuff.

2011 Draft: Baseball America's Mock Draft v1.0
Game 37: Shakeup
  • Jake LaMotta’s Left Hook

    No to an international draft. No other sport has one. In the NBA and NHL you can sign guys from anywhere else in the world with no problem.

    If it has to be done, combine it with the regular draft.

    • Gonzo

      Isn’t the NBA an international draft? I don’t know about hockey at all.

      • pat

        Pretty sure Hockey is international draft too. Ovie isn’t from America.

        • Gonzo

          Yeah, Ricky Rubio’s rights are still held by the T’Wolves who drafted him in ’09. Tony Parker was drafted, and so were a ton of other international basketball players.

    • Mike Axisa

      The NHL has an international draft, absolutely.

  • crawdaddy

    I think hard slots in the MLB draft will drive two sport athletes to college which in my opinion is not a good thing for MLB. The NFL and NBA are looking at draft slots too so the overall effect of MLB hard slots will be greatly influence by what those other two sports decide as these two sport athletes will have to consider all options.

    • Gonzo

      I think the thing to remember is that not many baseball players get 100% full rides in college. Football teams can offer something like 85 scholarships a year. That makes it tough for some players to choose baseball only in college.

  • dennis

    I don’t see it happening but even if they force the draft on the US kids the Yankees will then go crazy in the international side and all the Latin kids will be 16 year old millionaires while all the American kids will be forced to sign for around 100k. That’s not going to lead to problems.

    Also how many rounds can they slot. There would be no point of having all the rounds if they slot them. No 1 would sign after around round 3. This just seems too hard to do.

  • Andrew 518

    Great post, as for some reason this was an issue I was thinking alot about in the past week, I for one am against a hard slot. Don’t get me wrong, I think it regretable that the team with the top pick should be able to pick the best tallent, regardless of “signability,” but even “big” market teams lose out (see Yankees and Gerrit Cole).

    I think for the integrity of the sport however it stands that these bonuses are important in luring top tallented athletes away from other sports. For many reasons other sports right now are an easier draw to young athletes, (basketball provides the ability for imediate impact, football, well it’s football, have you seen the facilities that Divison I football players have, compare them to your average low A park).

    I propose that creating an international draft would level the playing field within the draft. More top teir players equals a better choices for top picking teams. It would also discourage the “factory farming” of tallent from places like the Dominican Republic, by that I mean signing large numbers of players that will eventually just be thrown away, (a good topic for the future).

  • A-Rod’s Wingman

    The stupidest thing about the International Draft and the hard slotting system is that every team can afford to spend big in the draft and IFA market. Look at KC’s farm…pretty much built all through the draft and big bonuses.