Hughes cleared to increase intensity of throwing program

Game 45: Just win series
Posada Hitting? It's More Likely Than You Think.

Via George King, Phil Hughes has been cleared by the Yankees’ team doctor to pick up the intensity of his throwing program. “They have a program outlined, and there is a day I will get on the mound,” said Hughes, who admitted that he doesn’t know exactly when he’ll get back on a mound. He’s been playing catch from about 100 feet over the last two weeks or so and everything feels fine, but we won’t know if the missing velocity is back “until I get into a competitive atmosphere,” as Phil said.

Game 45: Just win series
Posada Hitting? It's More Likely Than You Think.
  • Don Juan

    That’s great news. Unfortunately, his only way back into the rotation is if someone gets hurt. CC and Bartolo are aces. AJ is inconsistent but will always be a starter. Nova and Freddy are doing their jobs quite well of late. We could use another set up guy in the pen so my guess is Hughes will go there if he returns.

    • Ted Nelson

      Not going to be easy for him to get back in after that start to the season and he definitely might end up in the pen for a while to show he can be effective against MLB hitters, but he’ll have some rehab starts to show whether he’s a rotation candidate. If he looks like Roy Halladay–not that he’s at all likely to–they’re not going to let Garcia stand between him and a rotation spot. A couple bad starts by someone else could definitely open a door, since Hughes is theoretically as much a long-term piece for the Yankees as anyone.

      • AndrewYF

        I just hope that Nova can keep from blowing up and sinking all his trade value so the Yankees can trade him in a package to the Mets for Beltran

        • CP

          Beltran doesn’t seem to fit a need for the Yankees. At least, he seems no more important than a starting pitcher.

          • CMP

            I think Beltran would fit in well at RF/DH especially of Swisher doesn’t turn things around.

            Starting pitching however, specifically a legitimate number 2 or 3 starter should remain the first priority.

        • ClementG

          I don’t see the Yankees trading Nova for a couple months of Beltran. The Yankees are fighting starting pitching depth issues. Trading one of their current starting five for Beltran doesn’t make any sense. It’s more likely Nova might be packaged for someone they believe will be a more reliable starter.

          If Hughes makes it back, though, Nova right now is the most likely to be sent to the pen, yet a series of major Fails from Garcia, or an injury to Colon, means a healthy Hughes will slip into one of their rotatation spots.

          Bottom line is Nova, for better or worse, is the more likely candidate to remain in the rotation all year. We should all hope there is no clear open spot for Hughes when he returns because that means the rotation is is doing well.

  • Gonzo

    Good for him. I hope he can come back 100%.

  • Bpdelia

    Hmmmmmm. . . Ummmmm. .. . .hmm..

    Uhh, I’m inclined to keep running novs out as he is basically looking like the upside of four years of scouting reports (solid #4 sp), im riding colon till his arm falls off because say what you like about his fb reliance, I dont see yiu is peripherals screaming regression. It would have to be garcia but only if velocity is back. Basically hughes, unlike freddy, doesn’t have the secondary stuff nor the pitching acumen that garcia does.

    Honestly im operating under rhe adsumption that hughes is coming back the same cat that left and won’t be right until next year. Sucks

    • I am not the droids you’re looking for…

      My bigger fear is he’s never right again. I think the chances of that are small, but definitely non zero. It’d be ironic if none of the big 3 pan out as Yankees starters but Nova did.

      • CMP

        If he still doesn’t have good velocity when he comes back this time, I’d be extremely concerned as will the Yankees I’m sure since it seems they don’t really have a handle on why this happened in the first place.

        At that point, I have no idea what you could do other then to send him for another battery of tests and 2nd or 3rd opinions.

        • ClementG

          If his velocity doesn’t kick back up, then the Yankees pretty much will have to either banish him to the bullpen, send him back to AAA, assuming he still has another option (Have no idea if he does) or manufacture an injury and DL him again.

          I wouldn’t trade him because he’s be at the absolute low point of any value because the receiving team wouldn’t know what they were getting, and would have to assume he’s toast. Their best chance would be to hold on to him, work on his mechancis, and how the low use he’ll end up getting in 2011 will lead to a rebound in 2012. He wouldn’t be the first young pitcher to lose a few miles off his fastball one year after heavy use, and then regain it the following season.

      • Bpdelia

        Yeah, its definately non zero, but that would be very strange. It would signal a serious not yet acute injury. Im relatively confident of a bounce back next year. But the ultimate irony is the now long history of durability issues for hughes. While many of these injuries were freakish and non arm related joba was banished l because of one dl stint and a couple months of lower velocity while hughes hasn’t had a fully healthy effective season in years. Watching joba greatly increase his gbs, his cb command and get his velocity back while hughes turns into joe blanton is depressing

        • S

          shoulder injuries>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>than hamstring pull

          • The Big City of Dreams

            Being on the dl multiple times>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>being on the dl once. I’m not overlooking the shoulder issue that Joba had but let’s be honest when looking at their careers Hughes seems like the one with health issues.

      • Bpdelia

        Mild shoulder tendinitis. Tons of guys have dealt with shoulder tendinitis. Now hughes us dealing with a much worse shoulder issue on the back of hamstring ribs, blisters etc. hughes has not been durable. In his one full uninterupted season he faded badly. I like hughes but lets not sugar coat this. Hughes has been a, huge dissapointment despite getting every chance.

        And chamberlain is starting to look like a guy with three plus oitches and a show mw change while,hughes us basically a guy without a reliable breaking pitch and no change at all.

        The chamberlain in the pen thing makes less sense to me every time he pitches

        • The Big City of Dreams

          “The chamberlain in the pen thing makes less sense to me every time he pitches”

          It doesn’t make sense at all. When Cashman spoke about Chamberlain not starting he implied there were health concerns when it comes to Joba. But yet when it comes to Hughes despite being ineffective or hurt he has always been given the benefit of the doubt.

      • Bpdelia

        Damn iphone keyboard