Jeter day-to-day with sore hip

Hughes out at least 6-8 more weeks
Yanks offense can't get going in second straight loss

When Joe Girardi removed Derek Jeter from the game in the bottom of the eighth, I assumed he had done so for defensive purposes. After all, Jeter had made the second out in the eighth and wouldn’t come up again in the ninth unless the Yanks had managed a rally. But alas, I was wrong as Girardi said after the game that Jeter left the game with a sore hip. The Yanks’ short stop, hitting .250/.308/.269 on the season, is now listed as day-to-day, and although he says his hip just got stiff and he’ll play tomorrow, I’d bet he’s going to miss a game or two. Hello, Eduardo Nuñez.

Hughes out at least 6-8 more weeks
Yanks offense can't get going in second straight loss
  • tommiesmithjohncarlos a/k/a Ridiculous Upside the Elder

    Maybe he’ll go on the DL with a hyperextended age.

    • Mister Delaware

      Dead bat.

      • tommiesmithjohncarlos a/k/a Ridiculous Upside the Elder

        Grade II sprained lifespan?

        • Esteban

          Hairline Fractured Ego.

  • Will F.

    DL please! Nunez please!

  • Tom Zig

    Gimme Ramiro Pena. He probably hits the same but fields better.

  • Will in NJ

    jetes has 2 XBHs all year. It’s more than slightly frustrating watching him play this year.

  • The Big City of Dreams

    Never thought Jeter would catch it like this

  • Kiersten

    “Heading into Tuesday night’s game, Derek Jeter’s Isolated Power was .020. That is the 2nd-lowest power output in all of baseball. Only Will Venable of the Padres is worse at .011.

    ::cries self to sleep::

    • V

      And Venable at least steals bases. So a single or walk can = a double.

    • Joseph Cecala

      Will hit a triple today, his new ISO is .032 and Jeters went down to .019.

      17 million a year


  • jorge brosada

    Sooo i’ll just say what everyone else is thinking….

    maybe this will be the sparkplug that the offense needs. Addition by subtraction?

    Girardi should try and sneak him into that 9 spot when he comes back, use his injury as the excuse and then just keep him there

  • Rookie

    It’s all so confusing…

    Our $17 million a year iconic shortstop, who (thank goodness) we avoided insulting with a $10 million a year offer, has been hitting like a player who — well — is about to turn 37 and now he’s injured?! How can that be? He’s always been so healthy and played so well.

    Just as confusing, our historically great third baseman, with seven years to go on his $30 million per year contract, playing with an oblique injury, has gone from monster to munchkin. How can it be that someone playing with a pulled muscle would play badly and not heal? I thought injured muscles heal just fine when they’re continually used and stressed.

    But it doesn’t matter since we don’t have a player we could plug into third base temporarily while ARod heals so that he could get back to playing like a monster instead of a munchkin — maybe someone with a great glove and a decent bat.

    And of course we don’t have to worry about him injuring himself further and being out longer since he’s being watched closely by the best medical advice that money can buy for the richest team in baseball. And I’m sure that they wouldn’t want to endanger a player who they’re on the hook to pay around $200 million to over the next seven years.

    And how can Freddie Garcia, who pitched lights out last year on long rest and not so well on normal rest do the same thing this year for the Yankees? It’s almost like Garcia pitches better on long rest. Nahhh…

    It’s all so confusing. Like Vizzini so famously said in The Princess Bride, “It’s inconceivable!”

  • Will (the other one)

    I’m just not ready for the hip replacement jokes.

  • Rookie


    During the remaining term of ARod’s contract:

    #1: More than once during the remaining term of ARod’s contract, the Yankees will pass on a very good player who could help them enormously — not because they don’t have the money, but because they’ve set a level for their payroll above which they fear they would look like they’re just trying to buy titles and they fear the political ramifications of letting it go too high.

    #2: A great pitcher will not join the Yankees because they don’t want to pitch for a team whose infield is manned on the left side by one (or two if it’s during the next three years) geriatric, injured players.

    • mike c

      1. will not happen

      2. will not happen either

      • Rookie

        Maybe, maybe not. But the fact that “some of the Yankee guys are getting older” moved us from Cliff Lee’s second choice after Philadelphia (which, of course, is ironic given their age) to third after the Texas Rangers.

        I wonder what Yankees Lee could have been talking about. Mariano? Hard to imagine. Posada? Since Russell Martin had already signed with the Yankees, I don’t think so. Aside from Jeter and ARod, I believe Mark Teixeira is the oldest Yankee starter. I don’t believe any other Yankee starter will be older than 31 this year. ARod turns 36 and Jeter turns 37.

        So despite the fact that it’s already led at least one pitcher to prioritize the Yankees lower on their destination list, maybe no other pitcher who would help the Yankees will choose another team because of concerns about who’s manning the left side of the Yankees’ infield for the next seven years.

        And maybe the Steinbrenners will make exceptions every time a front line starter who could help the team is available over the next seven years, and not care if the payroll is $250 million or $300 million, and basically not care about the ammunition that gives Bud Selig and the rest of MLB to make the luxury tax bite even harder, and not care about increased accusations that they’re just trying to buy titles. That’s certainly possible.

        But it would be a change from their current approach — where the only reason Soriano was an option was because they had money left that had been budgeted for Cliff Lee.

      • Rookie

        Here’s the link about the Yankees’ not even being Cliff Lee’s second choice because “some of the Yankees are getting older”:

        • Mister Delaware

          You know that’s been widely debunked, right? Phillies are older than the Yankees meaning Clifflee is dumb.

          • Benjamin Kabak

            Although Cliff Lee didn’t do a great job articulating it, Rookie’s right. The Yankees have far more long-term commitments to older players that could end up hamstringing the club down the line.

  • Joseph Cecala

    Reads Title and is happy

    Continues to read

    “he says his hip just got stiff and he’ll play tomorrow”

    Is no longer happy

  • dan l

    Look at Jeter’s numbers after the second inning to see just how special he is!

  • Anonymous

    We DDoS’d Jeter’s bat last year, and now, were hacking his legs.

  • Thomas Cassidy

    Man, what I would give if the Yankees could sign Reyes(assuming he can stay healthy).

    • mike c

      they could sign him, but they won’t do it… if you thought carl crawford was overpaid wait till you see reyes’s deal

      • Thomas Cassidy

        I wouldn’t give Reyes anything over 13 million a year. I would offer up five years at 12.5 million and an option for a sixth year. I know some team like the Giants, Red Sox, Tigers, or even the Orioles throwing 18m a year at him. That’s way too much for Reyes. But it isn’t my money or my contract. More power to Reyes.

    • TheMick

      Reyes will return to his lazy ways once he gets a new contract.

  • Guest

    A-Rod is just one HR short of tying Cal for most HR’s by a SS ever.

    I’m just saying’d.

    • Thomas Cassidy

      A-Rod is not a shortstop. He plays third base. He will be in the hall of fame as a third baseman, and he will play the majority of his career as a third basemen. I don’t why people still refer to him as a “SS.”

      • Guest

        Of course you’re right thats its not a SS. I wasn’t being particularly serious (hence the tongue in cheek sign-off). At his size age, he would likely be a gong show trying to field balls where he had to range to his left or right at SS.

        That said, its pretty incredible to think that a healthy A-Rod, if he had a week of playing time at SS and plays out his contract (which he will) without a precipitous decline (much more questionable) would be the all-time leader in HR’s by a SS and HR’s by a 3B. Doesn’t cease to amaze me.

      • V

        I have to wonder, though, if ARod might still be a better defensive SS than Jeter…

        • mike c

          maybe until his hip explodes

  • A-Rod’s Wingman

    There was a piece on them maybe acquiring Jose Reyes. At this point, I just hope Jeter goes gracefully after his 3000th hit. I guess I may as well hope for the Mariners trading Felix for Joba, though.

    • Thomas Cassidy

      He is going to have a horrible end to his career if he keeps this up and that’s the last thing I want to see from him.

  • Monteroisdinero

    Jeter was running a bit funny down the line last night. Heck-if he can’t beat out the topper/swing bunt to 3rd, he coudn’t hit .200 this year.

    Ready for Nunez and Montero. Posada will get hurt soon too.

  • CapitalT

    Are those Jeter’s numbers or did you mistakenly post Adam Everett’s career #s?

  • Bpdelia

    I’m relatively confident that if this is the new jeter he will retire after next season. Jeter is not going to finish out his contact batting ninth putting up a 650 to 700 ops

  • I am not the droids you’re looking for…

    Paging Wally Pipp. Mr. Pipp please come to the reception area.

    So that makes Pena or Nunez = Lou Gehrig right? Or something like that.

  • Bpdelia

    Too bad pena and nunez werent one person. Nunez does not appear to be a reliable fielder but its possible he can be a league avg offensive player. I could see .265/.335/.400 for him.

    Pena with 500 abs? Im very confident he (offensively) would be the very worst everyday player in baseball.

    • David, Jr.

      You could be right about all of that. However, I would wait and see if Nunez’s fielding improves with more playing time.

      • Bpdelia

        Fair enough. Ive never been a jeter hater nor booster. Bur his range is so poor that he has to b far above avg offensively. The yankees arent good enough to carry a below avg hitter who is also the worst gielder at hi position in the gsme. Without DRASTIC prolonged consistent improvement jeter will have to be replaced