New design added to the RAB Shop


Just a heads up, we’ve added a new design to the RAB Shop, this one about robot umpires. You might have missed our anti-bunting design since we didn’t promote it on the site, but check that one out as well. Remember, shirts are fully customizable (color, size, style, etc.), and there’s a whole range of accessories as well.

Categories : Asides, Self-Promotion
  • CMP

    The bunting shirt is great and so is the evolution from RBI to RAB shirt.

    You should have a hoodie of the “don’t bunt” sent to Girardi

  • Reggie C.

    Serious question … Would wearing “Dont F*cking bunt” get me escorted from the stadium?

    I find it hilarious but i dont want to get kicked out of the game just bc some old man or woman complains …

  • Guest

    Favorite s-hirt is definitely “Don’t f*cking bunt,” but that might have to be a TV-watchin’ shirt, since I don’t want to risk getting kicked out of the stadium.

    Too Many HR’s might be a good Stadium shirt/hoodie.

    • Guest

      * t-shirt.


  • Carl

    Heh heh. Man, the “DON’T F#CKING BUNT!” shirt is hilarious. It is.

  • Drew

    No mens zip up hoodies??? wtf mannn