New design(s) added to the RAB Shop

2011 Draft: KLaw's Updated Top 50 Prospects
The RAB Radio Show: May 2, 2011

We’ve added one, well really two new designs to the RAB Shop. They’re the same image, but one looks better on items with dark colors, the other on items with light colors. Tyler Wilkinson designed both for us. Remember, you get to pick the color of the shirts, so you’re not stuck with what you see above. We have men’s, women’s, and children’s style, plus a whole line of miscellaneous items like clocks and coffee mugs and tote bags. The address:

Note: Some people have had trouble viewing the store and ordering, but you just have to clear the cookies/cache within your browser. Click tools then options, it’s in there.

Podcast Note: It’ll be up a little later today, we’re slacking this morning. Blame Osama.

2011 Draft: KLaw's Updated Top 50 Prospects
The RAB Radio Show: May 2, 2011
  • TheEvilUmpire

    Like everyone here, I’m hoping the Jesus turns into that legendary bat that he has been hyped up as when he hits the big leagues.

    If he fizzles, I’m hoping the Yanks at least give him a shot on the mound as Mariano’s successor (he’s got a strong arm after all). I’ll bet you guys could retire on the profits from “Jesus saves” t-shirts.

  • holycowboy

    this will be a great retro shirt if montero never pans out….

    • Jorge

      You can put it right next to your “Bam Bam is coming” shirt.

  • RondoBlondo

    I don’t know about this shirt. The combo of the slogan and the image of the facemask makes me think “Jesus is coming on your face.”

  • T-Dubs

    Credit to the commenter who asked for this shirt in the original RAB store post.

    • T-Dubs

      That commenter was Johnny on the Spot.

      • Johnny On The Spot

        Yes! I’m definitely getting this shirt. Just like I bought a Joba Chamberlain jersey before the 2008 season. Let’s just hope for everybody’s sanity’s Hey Zeus pans out.

        • Johnny On The Spot

          Would I be pushing my luck if I asked for a free shirt?

  • Dan Novick
  • vinny-b

    if Russell Martin maintains his pace, Jesus most assuredly is NOT coming.

    at least, not as a starting catcher for NYY.


    • Thomas

      The shirt would still be applicable, if Montero is like Varitek and never removes his mask, though

      • Kiersten


      • Yank the Frank

        If you looked like Varitek you wouldn’t remove your mask either.

  • The209

    That fundamentalists among us aren’t complaining about this shirt is the 2nd proof we’ve received today that WE ARE winning the war on terrorism.

  • Kiersten

    Please no one buy this in pink.

  • OldYanksFan

    Questions like can Martin maintain an all-star caliber year ?
    … He’s currently playing over his head, but an .800 OPS looks doable.
    Is Jeter done as a player or is pressing because of the 3000 hit milestone etc.?
    … Both. Done is a relative term, but I don’t think he bests last year.
    Can Arod stay healthy ?
    … Yes
    Can the geriatric ward of the pitching staff ,Rivera,Colon and Garcia keep it going ?
    … Mo is Mo, the other 2 won’t stay this good.
    Can Nova continue to prove he belongs at this level?
    … I think what we see is what we get.
    Will Swisher regress from his best season in 2010 ?
    … Yes, but still post around an .800 OPS
    and is Granderson for real ?
    … Yes, but not quite THIS real. .825-.850 OPS.

  • OldYanksFan

    What???? I posed the above in a different thread. WTF?

  • Greg

    Wow cleavage in the new ad on the sidebar

  • spyderx825

    thats awesome

  • Ricky

    You should make a -Too many HR? LOLWHATEVS- shirt.

  • special kid

    montero is a tank

  • Tom O

    Can we get a Jesus is Loose shirt now? And can it show him busting out of the jail cell from the Free Joba series?