Noesi up, Carlyle sent down


In a completely unsurprising move, the Yankees have shored up their bullpen by calling up Hector Noesi. He was scheduled to start for Triple-A Scranton today, so he’s good for 100 pitches if needed. Buddy Carlyle was send down in the corresponding move, and I’m pretty surprised that he has options left after all these years. I figured that Amaury Sanit would be the guy since he threw 80-something pitches yesterday and won’t be available for a few days. Anyway, perhaps we’ll actually get to see Noesi pitch this time, preferably in a blowout win.

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  • CMP

    Did they send Sanit back to AAA or directly to the DL after last night?

    • tommiesmithjohncarlos a/k/a Ridiculous Upside the Elder

      Eh, he’s probably available tonight, if need be. If his arm literally falls off, so be it.

      You can’t make an omelet without breaking a few Amaury Sanits.

      • CMP

        Hopefully someday, Sanit can sit back, have someone crack open a beer for him since his arm will likely be in a sling , and reminisce about the night he saved the Yankees bullpen.

        • tommiesmithjohncarlos a/k/a Ridiculous Upside the Elder

          It’s like John Henry versus the steamhammer, all over again.

          (No, not that John Henry.)

  • Xstar7

    Hector Noesi has a cooler sounding name than Buddy Carlyle.

    • Mister Delaware

      Also a cooler name than Carlyle and on the 40 man: Stevenson N. Garrison

      • tommiesmithjohncarlos a/k/a Ridiculous Upside the Elder

        I hope the N stands for “Neevison”.

  • Joe

    Is it possible Carlyle will get DFA and we add an IF like Russo or Bernier? another move seems likely this weekend

    • tommiesmithjohncarlos a/k/a Ridiculous Upside the Elder

      I wonder if we’d just DFA Sanit instead of Carlyle; Sanit probably has a better chance of clearing waivers and going back to Scranton (and Carlyle probably holds more value to the big club for the rest of 2011). It’s close, though.

      I bet we’re waiting for Raffy to be given a clean bill of health before optioning down the 8th man in the bullpen (which will be your Sanit DFA). Raffy was too sore to pitch but not sore enough to miss 15 days. Makes sense to shorten the bench as opposed to the bullpen.

      Sanit for Bernier sounds good. Bernier’s outhitting Russo by a good amount in AAA.

      • Joe

        Bernier is deff outhitting Russo but Russo could play OF too meaning he could be an IF and OF off the bench in any emergency. I don’t know why Russo isn’t valued more. Going into last year .300 minor league hitter plays basically any where. Had a rough start to this season but was something like 11-34 before DFA. What don’t they like about him?

        • tommiesmithjohncarlos a/k/a Ridiculous Upside the Elder

          But we don’t really have a pressing need for someone who plays both infield and outfield. Our three starting outfielders are all young and healthy and rarely need days off, and we already have a designated 4th outfielder.

          His flexibility is nice, but it’s not a nice thing we’re likely to actually use.

          (None of this really matters, though. Either guy is just up there to sit at the end of the bench and barely play.)

  • psk

    Why would they keep Saint up given that he will be likely unavailable most, if not all of the series? Given all the lefties in the Boston lineup is Sisco not more useful? I don’t know how hard he is throwing and he walks a a batter/inning (heard Cashman say several weeks ago that he is not throwing as well as his #’s indicate) but you at least could see a spot where they could have him picth to a lefty or two. If not him, why not Kontos or Whelan?

    • Mister Delaware

      Kontos or Whelan would necessitate a 40 man move, only reason I can see that Sanit is still hanging around.

  • scooter10

    I thought Carlyle and Pendleton pitched well while they were here. I can see where Noesi makes sense tonight but I’m not sure why we are keeping Sanit when he’s not available to pitch for a couple of days. Perhaps he has no options left?

  • Joe

    Why is Gustavo Molina still on the 40? I understand its good if a C goes down but does anyone really think he would be the Catcher called up if one goes down? Pretty sure Montero is next in line. Molina is wasting a 40 spot. When Russo got DFA I was surprised it was ahead of Molina. Russo could play 5 or 6 positions.

    • radnom

      but does anyone really think he would be the Catcher called up if one goes down? Pretty sure Montero is next in line.

      Not if they only need a replacement for a couple days.

      Just consider it an empty spot on the roster. If they remove Molina and replace him with someone semi-valuable then they will have to DFA that person to eventually make room for Montero.

    • Am I the only Kevin?

      40 man roster DFA moves are also timed to be done when teams are least likely to pick them up. For example, two days ago Cash could have looked at other teams rosters and injuries and decided that a certain team was likely to claim an emergency-type 3rd catcher, but a AAAA utility infielder was likely to go unclaimed. We have plenty of 40 man DFA fodder (Sanit, Molina, Pendleton, etc.), but as fungible as they are Cash would rather not lose any of them.

      • http://RAB Leo in Houston

        To include Pendleton with Sanit and Molina is crazy. If Cashman didn’t like Pendleton a lot why not just trade with Astros 5 weeks ago. Both Casman and Astros GM Ed Wade were quoted extensively that both Yankees and Astros wanted Pendleton. Sanit and/or Molina might clear waivers–no way Pendleton clears even 10 teams through waivers. You’ll be waiting all year if you think Lance Pendleton will be put on waivers. Traded maybe DFA-very unlikely.

      • http://RAB Leo in Houston

        BTW i just watched Pendleton via internet. 78% strikes, 3 K’s, 3 hits, no runs in Pawtucket. He looked like a big leaguer to me. One hit was ruled such but probably an E6, Red Sox announcer thought so too.
        I think Pendleton was on a pitch count.

  • M-Three

    Justing sending Carlyle down is not good enough for me. He should be DFA from the 40-man. We shouldn’t be wasting a spot on the 40-man roster for a guy who has been nothing short of a complete bum over his MLB career. I would rather that spot be used for a young reliever with good stuff. Also, I pray that Girardi actually uses Noesi this time and not make him sit in the pen to rout. Don’t just make him a mop-up guy.

    • tommiesmithjohncarlos a/k/a Ridiculous Upside the Elder

      We shouldn’t be wasting a spot on the 40-man roster for a guy who has been nothing short of a complete bum over his MLB career. I would rather that spot be used for a young reliever with good stuff.

      A.) Not every spot on the 40-man roster need be filled constantly with MLB regulars or stud prospects. Some of those spots should be used for fungible guys who can serve some minor role to the big league club (like, say, a utility infielder who collects dust because your regular infielders are studs who play every day, or the 7th man in the bullpen who rarely sees action and only pitches low-leverage innings, making him pretty interchangeable with other pitchers). No team in baseball stacks their entire 40-man with guys they are counting on either in the present or for the future. Doing so would leave you with no functional roster flexibility.

      B.) Which young reliever with good stuff that currently exists in the Yankee farm system would you like? Who did you have in mind? Name him, and I bet we can all instantly think of several reasons why it’s not the right time to add that player.

    • Jerome S.

      While we’re complaining, what’s with this 7:00 game? We should play it NOW. Get rid of Selig.

  • M-Three

    How about Kevin Whelan? He has got much better stuff than Carlyle and actually has some upset. Plus, I am looking at this in a way to save the amount of appearances that Joba and D-Rob are making. Both of them have appeared in almost half the game so far and to me that might be way too much. I would rather give another kid with good stuff a shot to help the pen than a guy who serves no use to the Yanks. Carlyle should be sent down to Double-A and knocked off the 40 man roster.

    • tommiesmithjohncarlos a/k/a Ridiculous Upside the Elder

      Whelan would be nice, but he’s still only got 17 innings at Scranton this year, on the heels of two much spottier years between Scranton and Trenton in ’09 and ’10. This is the first time he’s really been able to keep the walks down, and it’s an SSS. And he’s still relatively new to pitching.

      I expect Whelan up at some point this summer, but I can understand the team taking a wait and see approach with him since it’s only May.

      Add to that the fact that Carlyle has actually pitched well for us this year (albeit also in an SSS), and I see why they chose Noesi (who is fresh and doesn’t require DFAing Carlyle and possibly losing the inventory) over making a move to add Whelan right this minute.


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