Soriano to get precautionary MRI on right elbow

JoVa goes deep again, but SWB falls
Big jerk A-Rod spoils Melky's return to the Bronx

Rafael Soriano will go for an MRI on his right elbow tomorrow, Yankee manager Joe Girardi said after the Yanks’ 3-1 win over the Royals. Soriano’s absence raised a few eyebrows this evening as David Robertson threw the 7th and Joba dominated the 8th, and Girardi said that Soriano was “a little tender…a little bit sore.” The Yanks’ manager said that after speaking with team physician Dr. Christopher Ahmad, Soriano decided to go for a “precautionary” MRI. “He didn’t feel good today,” Girardi said.

After Girardi’s presser, Soriano, who last pitched on Sunday, said he has been sore for two weeks but said he felt “fine.” Soriano has had two surgeries on his right elbow and wants to get a clean bill of health before moving forward. We will, of course, follow this story closely.

JoVa goes deep again, but SWB falls
Big jerk A-Rod spoils Melky's return to the Bronx
  • Stryker

    well then.

  • nathan

    Cash$$ gets to skate this one :-)

  • Mike Axisa

    Hopefully it’s not his opting out elbow.

    • Mike HC

      haha … I’m afraid it most likely will be if the injury is serious enough, ha

  • Greg

    Hindsight is 20/20, but Mike Dunn is dominating for the Marlins right now, that trade for Vasquez is looking pretty bad.

    • Benjamin Kabak

      That trade looked bad once they included Arodys, but what does that have to do with Soriano? Am I missing a connection?

      • Kiersten

        Soriano once pitched for the Braves and we traded Dunn to the Braves. DUH.

    • pat

      6.1 bb/9. DOMINANT.

    • Ted Nelson

      Trade does look bad, but it’s a really small sample for Dunn. His FIP is 3.35 and his ERA is 1.26 on the strength of a .133 BABIP. He may well have a strong career, but I don’t think he’ll be “dominant.” Boone Logan has also had stretches of 14 dominant innings for the Yankees… so right now that part of the deal is a wash… as is the Melky/Javy part… so we’re left with Arodys making the deal a bust for the Yankees to date.

      • Rookie

        Relievers are, of course, notorious for having short careers. So anything could happen.

        But Dunn looks like he was also dominant in a very short 2009 stint in AAA and in 47-1/3 innings in 38 appearances in 2010 with a 2.25 and 1.52 ERA and a .230 and .183 batting average against in those two years, respectively. So if he wound up being an effective reliever with a 2-something ERA for some period of time in the majors (again, who knows HOW long?) it shouldn’t surprise anyone.

        I don’t have any idea what his splits were like in the minors. (His splits in an extremely small sample size in the majors have been lights out against lefties and righties.) But at the very least, if he can stay healthy, it shouldn’t be surprising if he becomes a lights out lefty specialist who’s not bad against righties.

  • MikeD

    Well then, let’s also not forget that Soriano was only throwing 86 in his last appearance on Sunday. Joba to the 8th.

  • pat

    By all means keep pitching through elbow soreness. That usually makes it feel better.

  • greg

    i smell the DL….

  • Plank

    Paging Dr. Andrews

    • Thomas Cassidy

      Let’s hope not.

  • Big Apple

    i need an MRI on my knee…not a precautionary one…but its too damn expensive. and here these candy ass ball players are getting precautionary ones…OH THE HUMANITY!

  • adeelmd

    Cash/Girardi: So soriano, The elbow that you have had two surgeries on hurts and you haven’t been pitching great?

    Soriano: I feel fine, its just been sore

    Cash/girardi: Well that’s relief!! Why don’t I let you pitch for few more days. that way, If it keeps on hurting we will know that something is wrong!!!

    • Ted Nelson

      They didn’t let him pitch because of the soreness…

    • Rookie

      Exactly adeelmd, exactly. And the fact that Soriano pitched four days out of five from April 16th to April 20th and looked like he was struggling were nothing to worry about.

      Speaking of not being anything to worry about, Jose Contreras, who just happened to pitch four days out of five from April 17th to April 21st to an ERA of 0.00 and WHIP of 1.00 hasn’t pitched since (also because of a sore elbow) — unless you count the pitches he’s throwing while on the disabled list getting ready to come back. Funny coincidence, huh?

    • Rookie

      Wow. It was completely coincidental and unavoidable, not to mention unpredictable, that Soriano got injured after pitching four days out of five:

      Speaking of coincidences, I observed in the April 20th game thread BEFORE Girardi put Soriano in:
      April 20, 2011 at 9:18 pm
      Great move by Girardi to take Colon out and equally great move not to put Joba in — whether they win the game or not. It’s a marathon, not a sprint. If he doesn’t protect Colon and his bullpen arms better, as Joe and Mike have said, he can win some battles and lose the war as Joe Torre was so fond of doing.

      And then, still BEFORE Girardi put Soriano in:
      April 20, 2011 at 9:27 pm
      Let’s see if Girardi figures out that he has to spread the bullpen workload or not — no matter what the apparent implications may be for the outcome of this game.

      April 20, 2011 at 9:28 pm
      (or does he resort to “It’s the eighth inning in a non-blowout game. Time for Soriano.”?)

      And then right AFTER Girardi put Soriano in:
      April 20, 2011 at 10:09 pm
      Super. Girardi chooses winning the battle and losing the war. Remember games like this when Soriano is ineffective late in the season and in the postseason or winds up getting hurt.
      And since this is the fourth day in five that he’s pitched, it wouldn’t be a surprise if he’s not effective anyway.

      As I said above (all caps added for emphasis):

      Whatever happens with Soriano, whether he returns to his form of last season tonight or is out a long time and needs surgery, this was a self inflicted wound.

    • Rookie
  • Jack Klompus

    Just a complete waste of dollars. If Soriano went down for the rest of the season it’d be the best thing to ever happen to us.

    • thumpher

      You lost me…how does losing a pitcher HELP us exactly?

      • Mike HC

        if he pitches below replacement level … not that I’m agreeing with Klompus.

    • forensic

      Hate the contract all you want. Be frustrated with his mannerisms/personality (or lack thereof) on the mound if you must.

      But, you can’t really believe that Luis Ayala would have a better season than Rafael Soriano, even despite his lack of clean innings.

    • Ted Nelson

      This comment to me summarizes everything that’s wrong with… I guess just people in general.

  • Kiersten

    You know what’s not such a great idea? Signing relievers to expensive multi-year contracts.

    • CapitalT


      Look at the Rays bargain basement pen.

  • FIPster Doofus

    Joba to teh 8th!!!!11

  • NYinTX

    Thanks a lot, Levine.

  • dennyneagleshooker

    lesson learned one day? never sign free agent relievers. ever. if we didnt trade for berkman, we’d have melacon coming out of the pen also spitting fireee

    • Avi

      I don’t know why they never gave melancon a chance.

      • Big Apple

        he had some opportunities and if I recall, he didn’t do that well.

        • Rookie

          Yeah. Melancon was only effective in three of five months in 2009 and ineffective in two appearances in 2010.

          Who could have ever imagined that just because he had been one of our highest rated prospects, held batters to a sub-200 batting average for most his time in AA and AAA and never had an ERA above 2.89 in AA or AAA that he might amount to something one day? He had his chances.

          Two bad months out of five and two bad appearances the next year? The joke’s on the Astros. If we hadn’t traded him, we were just going to designate him for assignment. Suckers…

  • Avi

    I’m gonna take a wild guess and say he doesn’t opt out if there’s something seriously wrong with his elbow.

    • Rookie

      I’m thinking you’re psychic, Avi.

  • I am not the droids you’re looking for…

    Randy’s last deal.

  • dc1874

    buy k rod from the mets…

  • Jonathan

    I know signing FA relievers to multi year deals is always stupid but c’mon. This is just ridiculous. Not even the most pessimistic of Yankee fans would think neither guy would contribute this year. I just hope it’s not another TJ. You would have to think that from now on whenever Cash/Levine have dissenting opinions and are trying to convince Hal to buy into his point of view that Cash would just smile and say “Soriano”. With all of his injury history do we even think that we got the contract insured? I can’t wait to be reading a RAB post 5 years from now that details all the players that we could have taken with our 1st round pick instead of signing Soriano. Or when that pick beats us in an actual MLB game. If he has to have major arm surgery whoever thinks up the names for all the Hurricanes will have to name his contract because it’s going to be a fucking disaster. Hell it ALREADY IS a disaster. How much better do we look with Choate for like $1MM for 2 years instead of Soriano/Feliciano for $43MM? It would be different if this was hindsight but we all knew the risks. Especially with 2 relievers in their 30’s. One who was arm raped and the other with a long history of arm problems/surgeries. At least I can fathom the Feliciano move. We clearly needed another lefty and Cash did a good job of not giving him 3 years like so many other middle relievers last year. This fucking sucks.

    • Batman

      Batman agrees

    • Ted Nelson

      “I can’t wait to be reading a RAB post 5 years from now that details all the players that we could have taken with our 1st round pick instead of signing Soriano.”

      That will be a terrible post… You can’t just assume that the Yankees would have taken one of the guys who worked out. Unless they come out and say “we would have taken player x” right after the draft, you have to look at the average return for guys they might have taken.

  • Kosmo

    it sounds like Soriano is headed to the DL.

    Maybe Kevin Whelan gets a shot ?

  • gargoyle

    See ya next spring Raffy.

  • Zack

    Sounds great. Who wants to bet those 86mph cutters affected the “he’s fine” to “uhhh MRI please”?

  • Jeff martin

    What about Mark Prior??????

  • Russelling

    Trading Michael Dunn for Javy was too much. A bag of shit is too much for that asshole.

    • Ted Nelson

      Dunn was not the most valuable piece given up in that deal. Arodys Vizcaino was.