Sunday Trivia and more with RAB at the Delta Dugout

2011 Draft: Tyler Beede
Dickerson day-to-day after CT scan comes back normal

As the Yankees and Mets gear up for yet another installment of the Subway Series, River Ave. Blues is pleased to announce that we will be hosting a Fan Flair challenge and New York baseball trivia contest at the Delta Dugout in Madison Square Park this Sunday afternoon.

The Delta Dugout, sponsored as you might have guessed by Delta Airlines, is becoming an annual happening around the time of the Subway Series. Open from 11 a.m. on Friday through the end of Sunday afternoon’s game, events include a Saturday night pre-game concert by Bernie Williams, an appearance by Joba Chamberlain on Saturday at noon, and an auction to benefit Harlem RBI that will begin with a Mark Teixeira appearance. (In fact, he spilled the beans via Twitter earlier this week.)

Our role in the event comes on Sunday for the Fan Flair Challenge and a subsequent pre-game trivia contest. At 11 a.m., Chris Carlin from SNY and I will be judging fans’ outfits. The Mets fan and Yankee fan with the most team-spirited based outfit will win a giveaway package to one of their favorite’s teams upcoming games. At noon, I’ll then be hosting a special edition of dugout trivia for the Fan Flair runners up with a chance to win tickets to Yankees and Mets games.

The rest of the weekend should be pretty fun too. The games will be shown on a big screen in the park with numerous food vendors. Some other famous New York baseball folk will be making some guest appearances, and batting cages and the like will be set up in the park. Stop by if you’re jonesing for some baseball before the games this weekend. For a full schedule, check out the event’s Facebook page or find out more on Delta’s website.

2011 Draft: Tyler Beede
Dickerson day-to-day after CT scan comes back normal
  • king of fruitless hypotheticals

    This is also military appreciation game this weekend?

  • Guest

    Bingo. And the thing is, Robbie is a hard worker who by all accounts really wants to be the best he can be. He works on his swing constantly. He should want to become more selective, because that would likely make him a better hitter.

    If he became a bit more selective, his OBP would go up and his slugging would go up (more at bats would end with him putting mistakes into play if he swung at fewer borderline strikes/balls).

    I wonder if he just has some tiny issues with precisely when he picks up pitches. If he picks up pitches late, maybe its hard for him to decipher which pitches are good pitches to hit from which pitches are going to be borderline.

    When he decides to swing, the fact that he can’t distinguish between great pitches to hit from borderline pitches isn’t much of a problem — at least when it comes to making SOME form of contact. He has a beautiful swing, great plate coverage, and quick wrists, so he can find ways to square up the ball even if its further of the plate than he thought it would be out of the pitchers hands.

    But if everyone is telling him to be more patient and look for great pitches to hit, he’s forced to rely on a skill that isn’t as strong for him — early pitch recognition — and ignore a skill that’s great for him — the ability to hit pitches that initially fooled him a little bit. Maybe this makes him feel passive and like he’s taking pitches he should swing at.

    I don’t know. The theory seems a bit implausible even to me. But if he is just choosing to swing at pitchers’ pitches rather than waiting for hitters’ pitches just because he can make pretty good rather than great contact with them, that would make even less than my cock-eyed explanation.

    • Guest

      So sorry. Meant to post this in the Robbie pitch selection thread. Apologies again.

  • JCK

    Damn. That’s like a block from my office, but I only come in once every couple of weeks, and I was in last week. Ah well, maybe next time.

  • Mike S

    Hell Ken,

    Just an update on my mother’s letters from George Steinbrenner. Because she can’t donate them to the Baseball Hall of Fame she has decided to auction them individually. Her first auction just started this week and can be seen here,

    Let me know if you need any additional details.

    Thank you,
    Michael Schriner