The RAB Radio Show: May 3, 2011

He's back! Yankees sign Brad Halsey
Miguel Cabrera, Yankee Killer

Everyone seems to be piling on Derek Jeter today — with reason, of course, but things have started to get out of hand. Mike and I talk the Captain and his struggles. But we brighten the mood with some guys who started slow and have turned it around. I want to say that Jeter isn’t far behind, but it’s tough to see a difference in his at-bats between Opening Day and now.

Plus, Phil Hughes, and what his clean bill of health means for him and the team.

Podcast run time 28:02

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Intro music: “Die Hard” courtesy of reader Alex Kresovich. Thanks to Tyler Wilkinson for the graphic.

He's back! Yankees sign Brad Halsey
Miguel Cabrera, Yankee Killer
  • Dimes

    I love how these guys wait till the start of season to get things worked out. What about in the off season? Winter ball? After a down year I’d be working real hard in the off season to have it fixed by spring training.

  • Daniel

    Jeter is hitting .273 in the last week…

    • David, Jr.

      How stunning, given zero extra base hits! In fact, you would have to term it electrifying!

  • Urban

    I want to believe Jeter has something left in the tank, but he’s making it hard with all those dribblers across the infield. At least with Posada, he can still power the ball over the wall, and as we saw last night when he turned on a 100 mph fastball, his bat speed is still there.

    I’m hoping for a reverse of last year, when Jeter hit .330 up through right about now, and then started slumping. Maybe he’ll hit .330 the rest of the way. Heck, I’ll take .280 with a little pop the rest of the way.

  • Mickey Scheister

    I was at that Karstens broken leg game too, Kei was lights out in relief in that game. I still remember being shocked.

  • mike_h

    Phil will definetly be back before the trade deadline, just incase he would have to be shut down the rest of the year.