Yankees bring back Kanekoa Texeira


The Yankees have claimed Kanekoa Texeira off waivers according to the Royals, but credit Mike Ashmore for first having it. Conor Orr says Phil Hughes has been placed on the 60-day disabled list to make room on the 40-man roster. Texeira came to the Yankees in the Nick Swisher trade three winters ago, but he went to Seattle in the 2009 Rule 5 Draft before bouncing to Kansas City. I wrote about him in last week’s mailbag, and the short version is that it’s a fine depth move but one that will hardly have much impact. Welcome back, Kanekoa.

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  • BaltimoreYankee

    I think the Yanks are just trying to corner the market on players spelled something like “Teixeira”.

  • Urban

    These are aways good moves. Depth is good. It’s been a big part of the Yankees bullpen strategy since the Girardi era began and it’s worked.

  • Cy Pettitte

    so they got the Hawaiian Mitre?

  • Drew

    I asked the question about him in last weeks mailbag. They should be asking me when the world going to end, not that old fart.

    • Drew

      Or they should call me “Nostradrewmas”

  • http://RAB Leo in Houston

    He has a 5+ ERA in AAA this year. I question this move. Carlyle, Flores, Pope, Kontos, Brackman, Wordekemper, Whelan and Norton. Plus some starters. Pendleton and Noesi look good already.

    • Mister Delaware

      You can’t question this move because there hasn’t been any corresponding move other than the paper shift of Hughes. If they pass on a later claim or drop someone you like from SWB, sure, but right now its zero downside/harm.

  • Accent Shallow

    All glory to Mini-Tex!

  • Undertakers dong

    I’m glad they brought back Marks brother from another mother.

    • Lucas Apostoleris

      With a different last name

  • cranky

    If there’s “nothing wrong” with Hughes and he’s “fine” (which is all we’ve heard all along the way), how do the Yanks justify putting him on the 60-day disabled list? As far as we know, Hughes is not injured.