Yankees fall to Red Sox, drop third straight


There’s just not much to be happy about in Yankeeland right now. They lost yet another frustrating game full of sloppy play and a limp offensive attack that started rallies but just didn’t finish them. There’s really not much more to say than that, that’s been the script for close to two weeks now.

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Off The Hook

Nine. Nine of the Yankees’ 39 batters had a three ball count tonight. Do you know how many reached base? Three. Nick Swisher and Alex Rodriguez drew walks, and Derek Jeter reached when Kevin Youkilis booted a rather routine ground ball. So really it should have been just the two walks and seven outs. Coming into today, American League batters have reached base in 56.2% of the plate appearances in which they had a three ball count. Furthermore, the Yankees had four 3-0 counts and got on base exactly zero times. AL batters have a .956 .737 OBP (!!!) in 3-0 counts this year. Clay Buchholz threw a first pitch strike to three (!!!) of the first dozen men he faced, and just two reached base (including Jeter on the error).

Seriously, no one can say the Yankees didn’t have their chances on Friday. They had another crappy game with men in scoring position (1-for-7), and they left the tying run on base in each of the last two innings. They also stranded the go-ahead run in scoring position in the fifth, but that was still kinda early. The offense has been in a funk for what, two full weeks now? It’s frustrating beyond belief, especially when it comes to all those runners left on base. I mean, Buchholz got 17 swings-and-misses out of 110 pitches, which is ridiculous, but he keep falling behind in the count and the Yankees just didn’t make him pay.

Big Bad Bartolo

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Bartolo Colon made one terrible pitch tonight, that’s really it. A fastball that was supposed to be down-and-in to Adrian Gonzalez sailed over the plate belt high before sailing deep into the second deck in right field. That happens, I’m not going to lose any sleep over a solo homer in the fourth inning. The next batter, Kevin Youkilis, reached base on a wild pitch after striking out, then David Ortiz drew a walk. J.D. Drew reached on a fielder’s choice after the out was made at second on an infield grounder. Another walk and an RBI ground out later, and bam, Boston was up two-zip.

Two runs in six innings is what you’d take out of Colon every day of the week, but why he was sent back out to start the seventh is beyond me. He was already at 100 pitches on a nose, the most pitches he’s thrown in a game in almost exactly three years (June 1st, 2008 was the last time he eclipsed the century mark), and then a single scooted beyond Robinson Cano to leadoff the inning. It wasn’t exactly a banner night for Cano with the glove either, there were a few of those singles just beyond his reach that looked like outs off the bat. But anyway, in comes Joba Chamberlain, a double play is muffed (by Cano, who botched the transfer), then a sac fly and homer lead to a three-run deficit.

Pure garbage. If you’re willing to bring Joba into the game that inning, bring him in with a clean slate to start the frame. The Yankees aren’t getting brownie points by squeezing another out or two our of Colon. The defense was pretty awful yet again, though give Bartolo credit for six good innings. That’s a performance that usually leads to a win.

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Russell Martin hit a homer, so hooray for that. Curtis Granderson tripled to dead center, Swisher doubled to the opposite field, and A-Rod and Cano pulled off a gorgeous (and huge given the situation) double steal in the eight. That’s pretty much it for the good news, so let’s just leave it at that.

Bah, the Yankees suck right now. They’ve lost three in row, four of the last six, and seven of the last time. Since April 25th (an admittedly arbitrary endpoint), they’re just 8-10. Every team goes through slumps and what not, but that doesn’t mean we can’t be angry about it. If they’re running into bad luck and stuff, then fine. But fundamental mistakes and poor hitting when ahead in the count, I’m sorry, that’s on them. They need to play better.

WPA Graph & Box Score has the box score and the video highlights, FanGraphs the nerdy score.

Up Next

Same two teams tomorrow night in the rare Saturday night game at home. Blame FOX, who will broadcast the game. CC Sabathia toes the rubber against Josh Beckett.

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  • Jon

    The way this team is playing is very reminisce of last season. Un-reliable offense and they just cant seem to string together more than 3 wins in a row.

    The worst part about it is, this is some of the best pitching the yanks have had in years.

  • Humbug

    About that .956 OBP–that only measures plate appearances that ended on 3-0, not all PAs that included a 3-0 pitch. If the batter doesn’t swing and an autostrike is called, that doesn’t go into the 3-0 category anymore, meaning the only things there are walks or guys who swing on 3-0 and make outs. Since guys swinging on 3-0 are pretty rare as it is, no kidding the walks vastly outnumber the outs and the OBP is ridiculously high. That’s not to excuse the Yankees tonight who didn’t get on base, but it’s not like they blew three 96.5% chances.

    • Mike Axisa

      You’re right, I looked at the wrong line. It’s a .737 OBP after 3-0.

  • It’sATarp

    how much longer would you give posada?

    • Tom Zig

      I don’t know but that damn glue factory keeps calling.

    • psk

      If Chavez is really back in 2-3 weeks then I would love to see him play vs. Righties. Then again, does Posada even have a hit this year vs a lefty?

      • forensic

        0-24 vs. lefties.

  • Ken

    Wow. I just got back home from the game. Even though the Yankees lost, the atmosphere was crazy till the Tex pop up. Then I heard profanity and Red Sox fans scream in joy. There was this one girl who was a red sox fan who kept screaming for them the whole time. And her boyfriend is a yankee fan XD

  • Dan

    Who is going to step up and be the kid who puts the bullet in Ol’ Yeller (Jorge)? Reminds me of the Murcer/Mattingley situation in the early 80s.

    He’s my mon’s favorite Yankee, but this is brutal. If they can’t handle this, the Jeter and Arod exits are going to be monumental disasters.

  • Zack

    JOrge needs to go for the good of the team. He’s done his job, now it’s time for him to bow out gracefully and STOP dragging this lineup down.
    As for everything, our start was a fake one, just like Baltimore’s was. This isn’t going to be a team that is going to the World Series folks.

  • Dan

    Also, please trade Joba for what you can get. He is unmotivated, doesn’t listen to catchers and has no conditioning because he still doesn’t get it.

    I know he has a ton of talent and potential – even with his 2009 injury – but he is erratic given what he has and after 4 years, it is just not playing on the main stage. I usually loath trading prospects, but if someone sees him as better than a good middle reliever, take advanage and deal.

    • Esteban

      Joba’s been pretty good this year, despite what his ERA says (and one bad inning can screw up a reliever’s ERA). Where do you get unmotivated from?

  • cnight_ithaca

    Joba? He got not one, but two groundballs that should have been double plays, and a fly out to Agon. Inning over, even the Youk homer was a first row shot. Damn….

  • Peter Lacock

    I see no problem with Girardi’s decision to let Colon start the 7th on a short leash. I’d bet Colon wanted to keep playing, he earned the respect and I’d bet Joe asked him if he was up for it before sending him back out there.
    Joba is a reliever and should be able to perform equally well with a clean slate or guys on. If he can’t deal with coming in with guys on base he should be a starter.
    The constant, petty criticism of every strategic decision that doesn’t work makes me wish the Yankees would bunt much much more.

    • bklyn

      Girardi cant win. If he took colon out and joba blew up, then people would be bitching to that colon should have been left in to pitch the 7th.

    • bklyn

      Girardi cant win. If he took colon out and joba blew up, then people would be complaining that colon should have been left in to pitch the 7th.

  • V

    Ok, WTF is with the FirstName children? Jon, Ken, Dan, Zack? Please tell me these are all from the same IP address.

    • Zack

      Must be. For the record, that Zack is not this Zack.

  • bklyn

    Cano’s defense is looking real spotty this year. Lots of drop balls, bad transfers, botched double plays… And they have almost always lead to a big inning for the opponents.

  • Dan


    Joba has been basically a league replacement pitcher over the course of 2009, 2010 and this season. I’m tired of seeing him in leverage situations, and would be glad if some stupid franhcise overvalued him.

    • The Fallen Phoenix

      Except that you’re basically wrong, because he had fWARs of 1.8 and 1.4 in 2009 and 2010 – and I think it’s quite obvious by now that Joba’s stuff wasn’t all the way back in 2009 after his shoulder injury in 2008.

      Yeah, it sucks that he gave up the homer, and yes, it sucks that he couldn’t pick up his defense after it let him down, but at some point the offense needs to score runs.

      • The Fallen Phoenix

        For context, Mariano Rivera had an fWAR of 1.7 in 2010. Was he replacement-level, too?

      • Ed

        bWAR has Joba at 0.1 in ’09 and 0.2 in ’10. For ’11 he’s at 0.1 so far. So yeah, that’s basically replacement level.

  • psk

    I was shocked that Colon came out to start the 7th. He really needs to waste a pitch here and there when he is ahead 0-2 in the count, but he was solid. Agree on the horrible game in the field by Cano. That is the second time this year vs Bos he has failed to turn the dp b/c of a bad grip. Both times led to big innings. He looked a step slow or something as there were several balls that looked like he should get to (heaven forbid the guy actually dives). Swisher could not even hit a ground ball to get a lousy run in and I would have fainted if Posada got a hit off of Bard in that spot (the last two I want up in big spots and that is saying something given the state of that lineup). Finally, it’s hard to pick on Texiera but to the eye the guy rarely seems to get a big hit.

  • Drew

    This is just my gut feeling but even though it’s CC, I don’t have a good feeling going into tomorrows start. I think he’s putting extra pressure on himself to do well this year. He knows the offense is struggling, and that they haven’t given him much support this year. CC has come up in huge spots for the Yankees in the past, but it seems that he isn’t pitching as sharp as he does. I don’t think this will last at all but, I just don’t think he will be shutdown CC tomorrow. Idk what is it about Red Sox loses that get me so down on everyone on the entire team.

    • V

      He’s allowing about 1 hit per 9 more than his norm over the past seasons, and a tick more walks (.3 per 9), but otherwise… he is who he has been for the past few seasons.

      The main difference may be that in the past few seasons, he’s had utterly atrocious Aprils that have been forgotten when he’s gotten into Summer beast mode; he seems to have bypassed his normal awful April this year, and nothing says he won’t go into beast mode again.

      • V

        Actually, he had a good April and bad May in 2010. Huh. My memory did not vibe with reality. That’s a first ;-)

        • V

          But, as ‘aces’ go, Sabathia has always been an oddly inconsistent one. He will rattle off 4+ sub-3 ERA months, and 1.5-2 4-5 ERA months.

          At least he still gives innings when he throws stinkers (you will rarely ever see a 2 IP 8 ER suckathon).

        • Drew

          I’m not saying he’s not capable of a “beastmode” start tomorrow, I’m saying that the whole team is struggling right now and it wouldn’t surprise me if CC is not lights out tomorrow.

  • Ryan

    WTF Fox with Saturday night games?? Not like I have nothing to do in the afternoon and plans for Saturday night or anything…

  • Will

    Have to disagree on leaving Colon in for the 7th–I think it was the right move, and he proved it by throwing two 95-mph fastballs on the black before getting a ground ball to 2nd that should have been an out.

    Related to that, the Yankees need to have Cano re-evaluated for a concussion. This was the worst game I’ve seen him play in his entire time with the team, and it’s two in a row in which he’s been utterly, comically awful in the field. Obviously, it isn’t necessarily related to him being hit in the head, but you never know, and it reflects poorly on the organization that they are being so cavalier with a young man’s health.

    Otherwise, what to say…let’s just hope this year rounds out more like ’09 than ’08. All I know is, as beastly and awesome as the starting rotation has been, this team is not going to win a lot of games if Granderson and Gardner are the only guys in the lineup who are hitting.

    • psk

      The only thing is that Colon was already at 100 pitches and Girardi said on the post game that he was only going to face one more hitter. I’m not sure what they gain by that and I do think they need to be careful with his workload. Clearly the stuff is good and you would love for him last as long as possible. That said, if Cano turns two as he should have then it is a non issue.

  • buckfunts

    I hope they never fix the PA system.

  • steve s

    Alot of anti-Posada comments (rightfully so) but Swisher is killing us and Tex is looking more like the post-steroid Giambi with the bat than looking like the pre-free agent Tex. Since Tex isn’t going anywhere the only possible ways to improve the lineup right now are to replace Posada and Swisher. Posada is an easy one because you can bring up Montero. To replace Swisher you are going to need to go outside the system. Twins (going nowhere) would probably be interested in some prospects (especially catching prospects based on Mauer’s continued physical slide) and Cuddyer would be my target to bring a professional RBI bat back into the 6 or 7 hole.

    • Kosmo

      Yanks are well aware Swisher has zero trade value at this time and I doubt a team like the Twins who are cost conscious would want him.Cuddyer in MO would not be an upgrade.
      I do have my eye on Glen Perkins a LHRP who seems to have found a niche in the Twins bullpen.

    • Matt Imbrogno

      1. Tex is on his way to a career high OPS+ right now.
      2. Michael Cuddyer is not nearly as good a player as Nick Swisher. Pass one million times.

      • Matt Imbrogno

        Addendum to number one: third highest career OPS+ (152 in ’08, 149 in ’07, 148 now); this pace would also see him reach his second highest career wRC+.

    • Mike Axisa

      Michael Cuddyer sucks man, and he’s being paid more than Swisher. And Mr. “professional RBI bat” has a total of five RBI in 140 PA this year. That’s fewer than Brett Gardner, who was terrible for a month and is hitting ninth.

      Cuddyer’s hitting .121/.216/.152 with RISP this year.

      • Pat D

        Why must you always ruin someone’s idea with your pesky facts?

  • Wil Nieves Number 1 Fan

    I take no issue with letting Colon go back out for the 7th. He was still throwing gas and had two strikes on Salty. I don’t blame Girardi for leaving Colon in, and I don’t blame Girardi for calling on Joba. Joba just simply do his job.

  • CMP

    It’s way to early to panic but they are playing some ugly ball right now. What makes thngs worse is they’re wasting quality starts from Colon, Garcia and AJ and who knows how long they can keep this up.

    This year is reminding a great deal of 2005 when Tino and Bernie were fading and they got excellent unexpected starting pitching from Small and Chacon and a big boost from newly called up Cano and Wang. Casting is now open for the roles of Cano and Wang.

  • Mike HC

    I just hope we don’t start rushing guys up Joba style, or making panic trades (which I don’t think Cashman will do, Levine though?), or something like that no matter how the season continues to unfold. It looks like it will be a dog fight all year. No need to mess with the future.

  • steve s

    1. Tex is 0 for his last 28 against the Red Sox and has repeatedley failed in the clutch this year. Where has his high OPS+ been in the last 10 games?

    2. You must be kidding if think a a guy as versatile as Cuddyer (who admittedly could use a change of scenery and a better home park to hit in than Target Field), with a real rightfielder’s arm and being a vastly superior post-season performer than Swisher isn’t a significant upgrade over the 2008 version of Swisher we are seeing this year.

    3. For Kosmo,I wasn’t suggesting that the Twins would take Swisher in a trade for Cuddyer, but they probaly would be interested in Romine.

    • steve s

      The foregoing was supposed to be a reply to the Matt and Kosmo comments above.

    • Matt Imbrogno

      1. Tex is 0 for his last 28 against the Red Sox and has repeatedley failed in the clutch this year. Where has his high OPS+ been in the last 10 games?

      He’s got a .788 OPS in his last ten games which, while not quite Tex-level, is certainly better than the rest of the team. As for “clutch”, Tex is OPSing 1.108 in High Leverage situations (per B-R) and if we want to only semi-contextualize it, he’s OPSing 1.210 w/RISP.

      2. You must be kidding if think a a guy as versatile as Cuddyer (who admittedly could use a change of scenery and a better home park to hit in than Target Field), with a real rightfielder’s arm and being a vastly superior post-season performer than Swisher isn’t a significant upgrade over the 2008 version of Swisher we are seeing this year.

      In his awful year in Chicago, Swish still put up a 92 OPS+; Cuddyer’s sitting at 79 right now (Swisher’s currently at 81). Swisher’s 2008 wOBA: .325. Cuddyer’s 2011 wOBA: .290 (Swisher’s 2011 wOBA is .297). Where’s the significant upgrade?

      And how much would Cuddyer’s “versatility” help when he’s bad everywhere in the field? Swisher is, at worst, just slightly below average in right field. Cuddyer also has a career platoon split of nearly .100 points of OPS, Swisher’s difference is fewer than .030 points.

      • forensic

        RISP, 2 outs: .611 OPS (.167 BA)
        Close and late: .638 OPS (.174 BA)
        Innings 4-6: .708 OPS
        Innings 7-9: .824 OPS (.194 BA)

        Walks don’t drive in runs.

        Cherry picking stats is fun…

        • Matt Imbrogno

          RISP, 2 outs: .611 OPS (.167 BA)

          And a .444 OBP. It’s almost like he’s not expanding the zone on bad pitches or pitchers are pitching around him in those situations…

          Close and late: .638 OPS (.174 BA)

          .462 OBP. Hmm, wonder if guys are pitching around Tex in big spots…

          Innings 7-9: .824 OPS (.194 BA)

          .405 OBP. Huh. This looks like a pattern.

          Sure, the walks may not drive in runs but he’s helping to start and/or sustain rallies by not making outs. How helpful would it be if he wasn’t taking walks but was instead expanding the zone, swinging at bad pitches when these numbers are (at the very least) hinting that he’s being pitched around? I’d much rather he avoid making outs in these spots.

          • forensic

            You know walks are all well and good, but you need hits sometimes to drive in and score runs, and when the lineup sucks, certain people are looked to to change the tide, and Tex is one of them. Walks or not, he needs to hit the ball sometimes instead of just watching it fly by. That’s the same thing Gardner gets raked over coals for doing, except he doesn’t flail at low changeup after low changeup.

            There are plenty of people on offense to blame, and Tex isn’t too high up on my list either, but he is one of the guys that should be looked to for getting things back in the right direction, and hoping for ball 4 isn’t doing that. I don’t think that’s too much to ask for from someone of his periodic talent level and high salary.

            • forensic

              Though I will say that 0-28 against Boston suddenly bumps him up a slight bit more toward the top of the list. I didn’t realize it was that terrible recently.

              • Mike Axisa

                Four of those at-bats are recent. The other 24 came a month ago.

                • forensic

                  Try to shine it up all you want (though it was 5 AB’s last night), but starting with the game before that Boston series last month he’s hitting .239 with an .818 OPS (the whole season minus 5 games).

    • Kosmo

      I thought you were suggesting a Swisher trade for Cuddyer.My bad.
      Cervelli and Logan for Perkins and Cuddyer would be alright with me.
      Where did you hear Cuddyer could use a change of scenery??

      • Matt Imbrogno

        Why would you want to acquire Glen Perkins? He is the definition of “not a good pitcher.”

        • Mike Axisa

          Meh, I’ve always liked him.

      • steve s

        I didn’t read or hear anything particular about Cuddyer needing a change; just inferring from looking at his performance this year and the general offensive problems all the Twins hitters have had with Target as their home park. I see the Twins and White Sox as the 2 most likely to break-up their current rosters so Yanks should be figuring out what they like from those rosters (both pitching and outfield) and start putting things in motion.

        • Matt Imbrogno

          The Yankees do not need outfielders. And if they did, they could do much, much better than Michael Cuddyer.

      • El Anonimo

        I prefer calling up Justin Maxwell than acquiring Cuddyer.

  • Carl

    Thought I’d bring this up to remind the Yankees offense of what they look like right now. http://maaadddog.files.wordpre.....3/shit.jpg

  • first time lawng time

    I feel like if the SP and offense sucked right now it might be easier to handle.
    But we’re getting quality SP and blowing with either bad BP or terrible offense. We can’t waste quality starts.

  • Kevin

    Here’s a quick fix for the Yankees lineup


    • first time lawng time

      Get rid of Jeter and only put in Tex if it’s against a pitcher that doesn’t throw a change up.

    • forensic

      I think they might be required to have more than three batters in the lineup.

      • Matt Imbrogno

        Psh, ghost runners.

        • forensic

          As long as it’s not Gardner getting CS again…

          • Matt Imbrogno

            Easy now; I think you’re asking for a bit too much.

  • first time lawng time

    There really is no reason to be confident that this team won’t lose its next two games. I don’t think they stand a chance vs Beckett and Lester. Kinda sad that they just can’t win at the moment.

    • Matt Imbrogno

      You know they historically pound Beckett, right?

      • Mike Axisa

        Nuh uh, not four weeks ago they didn’t.

        • Chris

          He’s started 23 games against the Yankees (in the regular season) and pitched 140.1 innings. In that time he has a 5.90 ERA.

          I’ll take the larger sample size.

      • forensic

        They historically pound Buchholz too. I think all history is out the window with the current offensive suckiness going on.

      • first time lawng time

        Yeah I know that, but with the way he’s pitched the entire year an the way our offense has been lately, I don’t think we stand a chance. That just me though.

  • Slu

    Blah blah, FIP, fWAR, run support, peripherals indicate he pitched better, etc. Fact is Joba very often chokes in a big spot and is very inconsistent. Rational or not, I am sick of watching it and would like to see him traded or relegated to mop up duty.

    • Jerome S.

      rational or not

      that invalidates your entire statement.

      Joba Chamberlain, 2010 Clutch rating: 0.1


  • jackstrawelf

    The coaching n scouting suck they have great players but not great people in charge of them, I knew it was over when swisher was inthe lineup, he sucked in two postseasons should have traded him when stock was high

  • General Tsao

    There’s no fight in this ballclub. Swisher goes up there in a big spot, strikes out on a pitch out of the zone and just starts grinning like a dummy. There aren’t any Paul O’Neills in that dugout. There are no Hideki Matsuis or Johnny Damons to get clutch hits when it matters. Teixera got 3-1 meatball after 3-1 meatball and couldn’t hit a flyball out of the infield. Somebody has to hold a team meeting and light a fire under the team, that’s the only way we can turn it around.

  • Pat D

    I really can’t wait until the Yankees go on a winning streak, because I’ll be thrilled to see what all you gloom-baggers complain about at that time.

  • Patrick

    Two things infuriated me about last night’s game…well more than two..but these are at the top of the list:

    1. Gardner. His speed on the bases is negated by his awful instincts. He is a terrible base runner. He should have been on 3rd and scoring on a Sac fly. That run cost the Yankees dearly.If that was Gardner on 3rd in the ninth intead of Grandy–he would have stayed at 3rd on the wild pitch. Total waste of speed.

    2. Cano. His defense has been pretty rough all year.Last year he was brilliant. Last night’s botch of a DP cost the Yankees 3 runs and the game. Brutal. That didn’t go in the books as an error–but that was the gaffe that cost the game.

    Basically, the Yankees aren’t doing the little things that are needed to win games. Gardner’s baserunning and Cano’s defense are but two examples. It’s a shame because the starting pitching has been lights out and deserves a better fate.

    • 42yankee

      What about Tex, Swisher, Jeter, A-Rod, Posada and the rest of the bums that can’t even get the runner in from 3rd, because they strike-out or pop-up. Swish really ticked me off last nite whenhe K’ed with RISP and smile after he struck-out. Send these clowns on they’re way if they don’t or can’t play the game. I’m sure the guys from Scranton would do better. They couldn’t do any worse.. The whole team except for “”some”” of the pitchers stink to high heaven.

  • 42yankee

    This offense stinks. The pitching has been above average, but the Heavy Hitters in the line-up stink. Tex, Swisher, A-Rod, Posada, Jeter, etc, etc. Tex was not worth the money or time involved, Swisher, maybe Ozzie was right about his ability. He looks to be a flash in the pan. How much longer is Giardi going to keep putting Posada and Swisher in the line-up. When Swisher had a big grin on his face after he struck out, that sealed his doom with me. I still believe that we should have signed Adam Dunn for the DH slot, and sent Posada down the road kicking rocks & singing cowboy songs, and he could carry Swisher’s bags with him. I will admit Gardner screwed up at least twice last nite on balls that got away form the 1st baseman, and the catcher. The 1st & 3rd bases coaches are at fault too, so what if he gets thrown out. The hitters are getting hits to bring him in anyway.. Go Yanks. Hate to think it, but the way the Yankees are hitting it could be a sweep.